Thursday, March 22, 2018

Lucy Craft Laney
Woman's History Month
March 20, 2018
Washington Avenue
Presbyterian Church
Macon, Georgia

This past Tuesday, March 20th I attended a Lecture and Luncheon conducted at the Washington Avenue Presbyterian Church where Dr. Kent Leslie a renown expert on "Women's Studies and History" who received her doctorate from Emory University presented a very informative talk about the impact of Lucy Craft Laney on Education, not only in Georgia but in the entire United States of America.

Lucy Craft Laney focused on Education for all - to give all an opportunity.  She herself had a classical education and because of her love for all three Lincoln Free Schools were established here in Macon, Georgia with cooperation from "The Washington Avenue Presbyterian Church."

One of Ms. Craft's quotes was placed on the Pulpit at the Church for all attendees to see:

"God has no better dirt to make the finest Lady of the Land than He did Me."

As a very young girl, Ms. Craft played with children at the site of the current Hay House here in Macon.  Of course that was before the Hay House was constructed.  She could read by age four.

Ms. Craft worked to erase the concept that "Boys and Books Do Not Mix."  There is a museum in Augusta, Georgia as well as a High School there which bears her name.  Ms. Craft was born on 13 April 1854 in Macon, Georgia.  To learn more about this pioneer educator please visit:

After Dr. Leslie's presentation we enjoyed a delightful Lunch prepared by Kenneth Maye the Pastor of Washington Avenue Presbyterian Church.  We also learned that this year, 2018 Washington Avenue Presbyterian Church will be celebrating 180 years of service to God and the Community of Macon.  Everyone was invited to participate in this celebration.

Monday, March 05, 2018

Bibb Republican Party
February 2018 Meeting

I attended the 22 February 2018 Meeting.  Two candidates for the upcoming Elections in 2018 presented their campaigns to us.  The first speaker was Tracy Jordan who is seeking to the next Insurance Commissioner for the State of Georgia.

Tracy presented her campaign literature to each attendee.  During her discussion with us she made the following key points:
  • I am not a politician.
  • I will bring business management skills to the office of Insurance Commissioner.
  • I will establish reimbursement reform which will assist in keeping community hospitals open and able to provide the needed services to Georgia Citizens.
  • I will establish appropriate reimbursement.
Tracy informed us that she recognizes the problems but will find solutions that work.  She will require that Insurance Companies live up to their contracts.  She pledged to be an advocate for Georgia Citizens which are the consumers.  She will focus on Customer Service.

Now, I will include a brief bio of Tracy so that you can readily ascertain that she knows of the current situation and the problems that face the Georgia Consumer.
  • A Licensed Pharmacist in a small town so she is aware of current health care reimbursements.
  • She has spent 27 years as a pharmacist after graduation from the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy.
  • She has spent these 27 years helping sick people get better.
  • She is aware of the struggles that Georgia Consumers have experienced as they fight their insurance companies for claim payments and timely reimbursements.
  • She will serve the people and make sure that insurance providers keep their promises!
It is my opinion that Tracy Jordan knows from personal experience the problems that we Georgia Consumers experience.

Her campaign literature included this contact information:

The next person to conduct a conversation with us was Richard Wood who is seeking re-election as the Georgia State School Superintendent.  

I will present his key points:
  • No focusing on Test.  During his current time as the Superintendent the number of required test has been reduced.  There are more that can be eliminated.
  • His primary goal is to make relationships with students.  Education must be a people serving program.
  • Reading is the first vital subject that our Students (Scholars) must master.
  • Math is the next vital subject to be mastered.
In addition to teaching Reading and Math the entire scope of the STEM emphasis which is a USA Wide priority we need to:

Realize that the Knowledge and ability to function in the area of Fine Arts is essential for a well developed Citizen in our Society.  Band, Music, as well as appreciation of art, printed, painted or photographed is essential for a Society to be caring and compassionate.

Richard also discussed the concept of Team Work.  Just as Scholars learn in Sports, Team Work is essential in the academic classroom.

His personal goal as well as for the goal of all involved in education is to Keep Focused - What is Best for the Kids.
  • We must prepare kids for life.  A personal finance course is essential.  Admittedly this should be a family function, but it is a requirement that Educators must address.
  • Our emphasis on dual enrollment cuts college cost.
  • American History is essential for the development of responsible citizens.
  • College or University is a requirement for certain careers, however -
  • Technical Schools are also critical.
  • Many do not realize that Georgia is usually number 1 in the USA as regarding Technical Education, but Wisconsin is second.  This does change back and forth.  What many do not know is that Wisconsin and Georgia compete in this area very well.
  • In 2017 we had 35,000 Technical School Graduates that were certified in their field of study.  They were ready for jobs in the construction/electrical/plumbing and other trade industries.

  • Georgia is number one in the field of Computer Science.  (This bodes well for the selection of Augusta, Georgia for the Cyber Security Program recently announced by the Federal Government).
Admittedly, while we are doing well, we have a lot to yet be accomplish.  However we are doing well.

  • A continuing goal is to improve the High School Graduation Rate.
  • Cursive writing is important.
  • Education has had to do some of the things that should have been or should be taught in the home.
  • As regards School Security - We need to be pro-active.  Current Georgia Law allows the School District to establish local policy.
  • Physical Education is necessary.  Physical activity is necessary to maintain a healthy scholar and to also allow physical development.
Richard informed us that he is anti micro management.  Local School Districts are best positioned to know what is vital for their systems.  His emphasis will continue to be providing support

As he concluded his discussion with us he left us all to also consider these concepts:

Technical Schools do not need college educated teachers.

Colleges or Universities that produce poor teachers can lose their ability to train teachers.

Documentation of poor teachers, etc. can eliminate tenure.

The Teacher is the Number 1 Tool in Education, Not Technology.

Remember the May 22, 2018 Primary.  Vote!!

For additional information about Richard Woods for Georgia School Superintendent please visit:
This Post published by the editor of this Blog, Alan F. E. Thiese, who is a citizen of Macon-Bibb County, Georgia.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Beautiful Spring
Yesterday, February 27th I decided to capture some of the beauty that surrounds my Home.  I have one red bud in front of a Bradford Pear.  I took this series and just loved the pictures I was able to take so I share them here today.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Alan's Visit to Rose Hill
February 20, 2018
In an earlier entry today I placed 18 pictures on this Blog that I took during a Camera Club Field trip on 10 February.  Today I took charged batteries and finished taking the pictures that I missed out on 10 February.  The weather was much like we had on the previous trip so I am now satisfied with my photographic experiences at Rose Hill.


Rose Hill Cemetery
Macon, Georgia
On Saturday, February 10, 2018 several members of the Middle Georgia Camera Club conducted a Field Trip to Rose Hill.  The weather was misty and overcast.  A perfect day for the subject matter.  Today I share 18 pictures that I have edited by sharpening and adding emphasis with a software program.  I took a total of 65 pictures before my batteries ran out.  

I had visited Rose Hill before, but our Club President was very informed about where the best views were so this Field Trip was a real learning experience for me.
Macon, Georgia

On February 5, 2018 I decided to capture some interesting pictures of downtown Macon.  I selected the Golden Hour of the evening to take these five pictures. 
This was taken at the Corner of Martin Luther King and Poplar.
I found the color of the structure and the texture of the post
between the windows very interesting.

I then turned around to take a picture of a new loft apartment
complex and the former Macon Rescue Building at the
foot of Poplar.  I liked the evening glow on the red brick
structures.  Unfortunately the shadow on the bottom of this
picture is a minor distraction.

The railroad coaling tower on Seventh Street is always an interesting
subject to capture.  Again, I tried to capture the warmness of
the structure.

A few tears ago I took this same picture of the Domes of
Macon.  This time I had to move to the left because of
a few trees growing from my former vantage point.  Again, the warmness of
the evening Sun provided the glow I was attempting to

I captured this view from the West Side of I-75 at Hardeman
Avenue.  When I was in the Navy here in Macon I worked
in the Federal Building on College Street, which is barely
showing along the top of the loft apartments in the foreground.
These lofts and the current fire station on Madison Street
provide a nice foreground in this picture.


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Third Old City
Flower Festival
January 2014
hosted by
First Presbyterian Church

I took these pictures on 18 January 2014.  Please note that I have no photographs of the First or Second Old City Flower Festivals which were hosted by Saint Joseph's Catholic Church in 2012 and Christ Episcopal Church in 2013.