Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Alan's Visit to Rose Hill
February 20, 2018
In an earlier entry today I placed 18 pictures on this Blog that I took during a Camera Club Field trip on 10 February.  Today I took charged batteries and finished taking the pictures that I missed out on 10 February.  The weather was much like we had on the previous trip so I am now satisfied with my photographic experiences at Rose Hill.


Rose Hill Cemetery
Macon, Georgia
On Saturday, February 10, 2018 several members of the Middle Georgia Camera Club conducted a Field Trip to Rose Hill.  The weather was misty and overcast.  A perfect day for the subject matter.  Today I share 18 pictures that I have edited by sharpening and adding emphasis with a software program.  I took a total of 65 pictures before my batteries ran out.  

I had visited Rose Hill before, but our Club President was very informed about where the best views were so this Field Trip was a real learning experience for me.
Macon, Georgia

On February 5, 2018 I decided to capture some interesting pictures of downtown Macon.  I selected the Golden Hour of the evening to take these five pictures. 
This was taken at the Corner of Martin Luther King and Poplar.
I found the color of the structure and the texture of the post
between the windows very interesting.

I then turned around to take a picture of a new loft apartment
complex and the former Macon Rescue Building at the
foot of Poplar.  I liked the evening glow on the red brick
structures.  Unfortunately the shadow on the bottom of this
picture is a minor distraction.

The railroad coaling tower on Seventh Street is always an interesting
subject to capture.  Again, I tried to capture the warmness of
the structure.

A few tears ago I took this same picture of the Domes of
Macon.  This time I had to move to the left because of
a few trees growing from my former vantage point.  Again, the warmness of
the evening Sun provided the glow I was attempting to

I captured this view from the West Side of I-75 at Hardeman
Avenue.  When I was in the Navy here in Macon I worked
in the Federal Building on College Street, which is barely
showing along the top of the loft apartments in the foreground.
These lofts and the current fire station on Madison Street
provide a nice foreground in this picture.


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Third Old City
Flower Festival
January 2014
hosted by
First Presbyterian Church

I took these pictures on 18 January 2014.  Please note that I have no photographs of the First or Second Old City Flower Festivals which were hosted by Saint Joseph's Catholic Church in 2012 and Christ Episcopal Church in 2013.