Friday, September 30, 2011

Go Fish Georgia

During our recent visit we participated in several interactive activities.  Here is our Grandaughter fishing.  Enjoy the Video!!!

I suspect that as our Grandchildren grow older that we will visit "Go Fish Georgia" many times.  They enjoyed their first visit.

Education Center
(478) 988-6701

During the Month of July we took our Grandchildren to the GoFish Education Center in Perry, Georgia.  

Before you travel to Perry to visit this fun, yet very educational Center I would recommend that you visit the WebSite to ascertain the days/hours that they are open.  There is not much to write about because in this situation I certainly believe that one picture is worth a 1000 words.  Thus this Entry is over 6000 words long.

As You can ascertain, both of these Children enjoyed the visit!!!!  

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Honoring Our Nations


Several years ago, The Federated Garden Clubs of Macon, Inc. dedicated this Blue Star Memorial Marker at the Rest Stop on I-75 Southbound on Veterans Day.  The Blue Star Memorial Marker program is a project of the National Garden Clubs, Inc.  The Blue Star Program was first established in 1945 in the State of New Jersey.

The Blue Star Memorial Marker Program honors all Veterans "Who Have Served,"  "Who Are Serving," and those who "Will Serve our Nation in the Future."

The above picture was captured at 8:36 A.M. on September 28th, 2011.  The Pine Ridge Garden Club in Macon, Georgia determined that the landscaping for this Memorial Marker needed to be appropriately upgraded.  Therefore the Garden Club agreed to expend $135.00 at their September Meeting.  By the time all of the required items were purchased a total of $162.00 was expended for this project.

The Landscaping Project took three Purple Muhly Grass plants and three Gold Mop Cypress plants.  Two rolls of edging and three bags of garden soil and seven bags of large pine bark nuggets.

As a member of the Pine Ridge Garden Club, I volunteered my time to conduct this landscaping project.  As indicated above, I commenced at 8:36 A.M. and the final picture was taken at 11:34 A.M. 

The Hostesses at the Macon Welcome Center even saw to it that I had Coffee to consume as I worked on this project.  One of them even took this picture of the completed landscaping.

Any  landscaping project worth performing must also have a bit of "bling."  Here I am modeling my Stainless Steel Shovel with a close up of the six plants.  The light on the right side of the circle illuminates the U. S. Flag which is at the top of the pole.

I enjoyed performing this project and would remind My Readers here that Veterans Day 2011 will soon be here.  I completed this landscape scheme so that this "Blue Star Memorial Marker" will always look good for the thousands of travelers who pass through this Rest Area each day.  Additionally, the planting should remain colorful and vibrant for years to come as we all pause during our travels to Honor our Heroes.

"May God Continue to Bless America"

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

22nd Annual Photography Contest

2011 Georgia National Fair

Perry, Georgia

 Displayed on the red and yellow covered tables are the 795 entries that were judged on Saturday, September 24, 2011 as the Photography Contest  Staff prepared for the 2011 Georgia National Fair.  These images were entered in the Advanced and Open Divisions of the Photography Contest.

The 975 Beginner Entries will be judged on Saturday, October 1, 2011.    In order to participate in this contest you must reside within the State of Georgia.

I, the originator of this Blog am also a Part-Time employee of the Georgia National Fair.  I am the Contest Chairperson.  In 1999 I started working for the Fair as a Picture Handler.  I have served as the Photo Contest  Chairperson for the last two or three years.  It is always interesting to meet the photographers and to view their work when they turn them.  The show is pre-judged and all the entries are on display, along with the earned awards when the Fair opens.  This year the Fair will open on Thursday, October 6, 2011 at 4:00 P.M. right after the opening ceremonies.

Of course I would urge everyone who is interested in the Hobby of Photography to visit the Fair and to view the 1770 Photography Entries.  In addition the Fair is always a wholesome adventure for citizens from all over Georgia to attend.

The World This Week
Visitor Report
for the
Previous Seven Days

It is always interesting to view the audience that visits this Blog.  Yesteray I opened the Statistics Tab and viewed the country of orgin count.  In the last seven days the following numbers visited from the countries listed:

United States of America - 191
Indonesia - 8
Canada - 8
China - 6
India - 5
Latvia - 5
United Kingdom - 4
Malaysia - 3
Russia - 3
Brazil -2

When I originated this Blog I felt that the title should be inviting.  I certainly think that I selected an appropriate title for this Blog.

I trust that everyone is having a wonderful day and always remember that every day which allows you to the Sunrise is going to be a Great Day; or at least much better than the alternative.  That is not to make light of millions of citizens in this world that experiencing hunger, illness or other trouble.

Weatherby Plantation
Macon, Georgia USA

Ingress Lane Repair

During the past two or three years we have heard lot about "Shovel Ready" projects to be completed to improve the economic stability of our United States of America.  I would like to report that the Sub-Division where I reside is doing a small part to restore America to the greatness that we all once knew.

We recently let a contract with a small business firm operated by Mike Cox for the repair of the Cobblestone Street that borders our Entrance Gardens.  The repair was completed today, September 27th, 2011 on time and on budget.

 Prior to the official Drive opening ceremonies I took this picture at 7:54:15 A.M. so that we would have an official record of what the project looked like prior to the opening ceremony.

Another view to display the new patterned Cobblestone in comparision with the existing Cobblestone.

Hopefully the installation of this "French Drain" style drainage system will prevent water collecting under the Cobblestone and allow the repaired Cobblestone Ingress to remain intact for many years to come.

Here you are viewing the Contractor removing the traffic diversion markers that were employed during the repair project.

As you can ascertain here the opening ceremonies were quite informal and required no dignitaries to be present.  This celebration did observe all safety regulations and the Ingress portion of the Weatherby Drive was officially opened at 8:01:17 A.M.

Monday, September 26, 2011

"Ask Your Doctor If Your Heart Is Healthy Enough For Sexual Activity!!"


"Seek Medical Attention If You Experience An Erection Which Last Longer Than Four Hours!!"

I am confident that each of us has heard these statements during the 4:00 P.M. through 8:00 P.M.   I have noted that they are usually presented during the evening news.

What I am waiting for next is for my GrandSon or my GrandDaughter to ask me what these statements mean.  I would submit that our young people quickly pick up on phrases that they hear when they observe the electronic media.

While I realize that these statements are essential to see certain products I would suggest that the "pill" makers/marketers consider how they would inform their own Children and/or Grandchildren of what these statements mean.

While I support appropriate sex education for children, I am aware that these statements are made to promote the sale of "pills" to help males continue to be teenagers during their sexual activity.

This is not a crisis that requires more laws from our Federal Government; but it does point out the need for a "common sense" approach toward marketing. 

We all can be sure that young citizens as young as four years old hear these statements and probably wonder what all of this means.  Someday they will ask their parents, grandparents or caregivers.  I am waiting for the day some five or six year old ask their School Teacher what these comments mean. 

In summary, Children are alert and hear a lot.  Children are always ready to ask questions!!  I suspect that my answer when these questions are asked of me will relate to the fact that older males need assistance, in some cases, to allow them to function.  Depending on their age I will go into detail.

One thing for certain, my own Grandchildren reside on a farm so they witness first hand the activity of "boy cows" as they interact with the heifers and cows.

Certainly something to consider.  Are we providing too much information?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Customer Service
at a
Middle Georgia Medical Complex

Yes, I was seeing red when I departed this Medical Complex several days ago.  I was the duty driver because my spouse was informed that it was a requirement for someone else to do the driving due to the nature of the procedure. 

As is normal for a lot for medical organizations, we were given a Customer Survey to complete regarding our visit.

All of the Survey Questions received positive responses except for the two I will discuss here.

Question 2:  "I was treated in a caring courteous manner."

The reponse sent to the Medical Organization included these comments:
I was the driver required to be with my spouse for this procedure. We did arrive ahead of the appointed time. No problem. We read the sign that indicated that no matter the arrival time (or words) in that manner, we would be processed by the appropriate Doctor in the order of arrival. We appreciated the fact that different Doctors were using the Center.
After a considerable period of waiting with no information flow we were informed upon visiting the “desk” that the "Good Doctor" was late. It would have been very appropriate for the Office Staff to share this information. However, we were led to believe that the "Good Doctor" did not even tell the Center Staff of his problem regarding his arrival time.
As you can appreciate, that attitude is not the best for generating “Customer Appreciation” regarding the delay of the procedure, much less postive responses to any Customer Survey.
We did arrive well ahead of the appointment time of 10:30 A. M. After additional liaison with the “office staff, A Nurse visited me, the Duty Driver to carefully inform me that I could be at the bedside of my spouse  prior to the procedure and that soon the "Good Doctor "would be executing the procedure with my Bride. At that point I indicated that it would serve no useful purpose to be in the same space with the "Good Doctor" and my spouse.  I was properly upset and I had determined that it would serve no useful purpose to “vent my anger” to the Doctor prior to him executing the procedure.
I was finally informed while I participated in normal “Waiting Room” activities that the  "Good Doctor"  was about to commence the procedure. I made a note of the time and ascertained that it was now about 13:43 P.M. Certainly not very near 10:30 A.M. At no time was I told that I could escape the “Waiting Room” to procure proper nourishment.
I believe that it was about 14:07 P.M. when I was informed that the procedure was concluded and that I should proceed to the after care room to learn of the results and receive the appropriate care instructions regarding my spouse.

Question Number 8 on the Survey Form stated:  "The Center personnel were organized."

These statements were submitted in response to this statement:
While the nursing staff and the center receptionist staff were well organized, I am of the old school. The Doctor must have been unorganized, or at the least did not care about the Patient and/or the “Required Duty Driver” by his inattention to detail regarding the necessity to keep the Office Staff/Nursing Staff informed about his cavalier attitude toward providing “Excellent Customer Service” to both the Patient and the Required Duty Driver.
By the way, I can appreciate the need for a Duty Driver for patients undergoing this procedure. What I can not appreciate is the cavalier attitude of the Doctor who was guilty of not providing timely information to the Office Staff and/or the Nursing Staff at the “Medical Organization that provided the testing" on my spouse. 
I can also appreciate the fact that a Doctor may be late for pre-established times set to perform procedures; however I think that I am sure that the “Good Doctor” had/has an appropriate communications device where he could have communicated this lateness to the Receptionist/Nurses at the Medical Organization.

I would suggest that I suspect that the “Good Doctor” is in a partnership with others and that they probably own this Medical Organization . As such the “Good Doctor” in this situation certainly did not generate “good thoughts” on the part of the “Duty Driver for the Patient.
I submit these comments for the improvement of service and the upgrading of communications between the Doctors at this Medical Organization  and the patients who must have their procedures performed here.
As an adult who decided to live in Middle Georgia in 1981, I am not ready to accept what I consider inadequate service/poor customer service from any organization that receives “funds” based on my citizenship in this Great United States of America.
By the way, this Medical Organization  was very prompt in informing my spouse  on the Friday prior to the procedure that we should bring a check in the sum of $__.___ to cover the cost that would not be covered by Insurance.
In this regard, this Medical Organization receives “high marks” for being  timely, accurate and efficient. It is regrettable that the situation was not the same on Monday, September 19th, 2011.
Maybe, after this Customer Service  Survey is received and hopefully read by all concerned; that the level of customer care and service will be enhanced so that future patients and/or their respective Duty Drivers will not be victimized such as was recently experienced.  

Again, timely communications would have improved this “negative survey report.” Additionally, I am certainly aware that Doctors have emergencies that require priority treatment be rendered to needy patients. That, however does not prevent timely information flow in this the era of “rapid digital communications.”
It is not my purpose in posting this Blog Entry  to recommend corrective procedures in as much as I suspect that the appropriate Staff/Doctors are well aware of what needs to be done. However, I hope that corrective actions can be accomplished in a timely and effective manner. 
I realize that corrective actions regarding improper and/or poor customer service cannot be implemented unless the customer addresses the issue/s.  Such is the purpose of this Post.

Friday, September 23, 2011

ObamaCare Information

I recently received this message from a Friend who keeps himself informed and I quote it here:

"The per person Medicare insurance premium will increase from the present
monthly fee of $96.40, rising to: $104.20 in 2012; $120.20 in 2013; And
$247.00 [yes: $247.] in 2014. These are provisions incorporated in the Obamacare
legislation, purposely delayed so as not to 'confuse' the 2012 re-election campaigns."

As I prepared to include the above information in a Blog Post here I checked it out in Snopes.  Here is the information I found on the Snopes website and I quote here:

"However, the per person monthly Medicare insurance premium will be increased from the 2009 premium of $96.40 to $104.20 in 2010 and to $120.20 for the
year 2011, AND a yearly increase to a wonderful $247.00 in 2014."

As stated above, this is a monthly deduction from the monthly Social Security Payments that Senior Citizens receive.  I would suggest that it is the Democrats that are striving to have Senior Citizens consume Alpo or some other dog food so that they can continue to obtain the drugs that they may need.  I say this because it is the Democrats that normally tell Senior Citizens that it is the Republicans that want to deprive the Senior Citizens a proper standard of living.

So much for all this hype that it is the Republicans that want to throw Grandma and Grandpa under the bus!!!!!

I am therefore posting this information here so that all may see the impact of the ObamaCare Law that had to be approved so we could see what it contained.  From my own point of view I do not like what it contained.  I would suggest that it contains a poisen pill that No Citizen of the United States of America should have to swallow.  The fact that it would be deducted from the monthly Social Security Payments to Citizens makes it difficult to dispute.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Peace Through Power"


"Pax Per Patens"

I recall that during my brief twenty one year tour in the U. S. Navy in the 1960s and 1970s the mantra for our Service was "Peace Through Power."  

Now, depending if you read the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post our current President's "Apology Tour" during his first months in office is fact or fiction.

I make this post today after I recently heard on various media outlets that our President is working within the frame work of the United Nations to resolve an Israel/Palestine problem. 

I have heard that our President is regarded as a "Paper Tiger" because of the many problems we currently face in the United States of America.  My research using Wikipedia indicates that the definition of Paper Tiger is:

"In appearance it is very powerful but in reality it is nothing to be afraid of; it is a paper tiger. Outwardly a tiger, it is made of paper, unable to withstand the wind and the rain. I believe that is nothing but a paper tiger."

So my concern today, as but one Citizen of the United States of America is:  "How can our President expect the Statesmen of the World to comply/listen to his recommendations when we currently have so many crisis in our own U. S. A.?"

Peace Through Power came to my mine as I have listened/viewed the recent media reports.  So to make an interesting comparision regarding Leadership I will submit this concept:

A Parent strives to be the Child's Friend!!!  Sounds great!!!  However to be an effective Parent one must also respect the Child and be willing to do the correct things as regards discipline.  The Child also has to realize that the Parent is in Charge.  A Parent who is "weak" or full of threats but never expects an appropriate outcome to a child's misbehavior can not expect the child to comply with appropriate/desired behavior.

Even more dramatic is the fact that how can a parent expect a Child to do what is right and good if the parent is not performing in a right and good manner.  I suspect that far too often the Child emulates what they witness. 

While this comparision may sound a bit offbase or even not germane; the concept of Leadership is evident.  In order to lead effectively in the World Arena our President must exude "Power" and the capacity to back up that Power. 

Here we are, deeply in debt and possibly drawing down our defense forces so the World may indeed be ready to consider the United States of America as a "Paper Tiger."  There are some who already think that we have lost respect in the World Arena.

I am not ready for that!!!!   In that regard, far too many have served and perished in our brief 235 year history to simply throw in the towel now.  Looking forward I can still see a "Proud United States of America once again!!"

"Peace Through Power"

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Freedom Of Speech"

"Equal Protection Under the Law"

Today my Post will focus on recent events in Macon, Georgia and yes, Bibb County Georgia.  Recently a citizen filed an ethics complaint against a duly elected leader on the Macon, Georgia City Council.  This city council member alledgedly made inappropriate comments on a "Face Book" page.  I do not know if these comments were made by the Council Member or if someone was attempting to sway public opinion by making inappropriate comments.  What I do know, as reported by the media is that a Judge dismissed the Compliant because posting what appeared to be inappropriate comments on Face Book or even other Social Media is considered exercising one's right to "Freedom Of Speech."

As a defender of our Country for over twenty-one years I can certainly say that I appreciate my "Freedom of Speech" rights.  Thus this post.  What I do not understand and I may have missed the information, or it was never reported: "Was the Council Member responsible for the inappropriate comments?"  I would like to think that this Council Member is the victim of an inappropriate "prank."  I suspect that the People of Macon and Bibb County will never know the truth regarding this matter.

Then a recent " rookie prank" at a local fire house has resulted in a demotion (please note some media outlets are reporting a termination)  and for  others "appropriate" disciplinary action.  I would submit that the individuals who conducted this rookie prank also should be protected under the same "Freedom Of Speech" considerations as the aforementioned "Face Book" poster and/or victim.

So my question is:  "Do Not the individuals who may have participated in the 'rookie prank" have the same rights?"

Admittedly, I, the Flower Child am not an Attorney but on the surface this appears to be a situation where the "Equal Protection Under The Law" provisions have not been equally applied. 

As I comtemplate the contents of this Post while I compose my thoughts I could not help but recall that our Macon-Bibb County Fire Department is essentially managed by the City of Macon and of course under the "Members of the Macon, Georgia City Council."  Oh, yes I know that our Mayor is the top elected official in the City of Macon; however, I also think that the Members of the City Council should lead by example and not seek out special treatment because of the "Freedom Of Speech" concept, which is granted by our system of Laws in the United States of America.

I can not comprehend where any duly elected leader feels that they are not bound by ethics of the human race.  After all they are to be leaders by example.  As I mentioned in a prior paragraph I am not sure that it has been determined if the City Council member was set up or not.  That stated to simply assure the readers here that it would be nice to know.

Now as regards the Fire People and their Leaders, they may not have fired a gun.  I read one report where a "firecracker" was ignited to mimic the sound of a discharging firearm.  Who will ever know the truth about that?

In conclusion I will simply state: 

 Oh what a tangled web we weave, 
 When first we practise to deceive!

Please be aware that my research indicates that this phrase was stated by Sir Walter Scott.

Monday, September 19, 2011

2011 Ocmulgee Indian Celebration

As the 2:00 P.M. Displays concluded the Participants conducted the appropriate "Flag Ceremony."  I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to attend this event at the Ocmulgee National Monument in Macon, Georgia.

All of the participants allowed anyone with a camera to take pictures.  Thus they shared their Heritage with thousands of Visitors to this 2011 Celebration.  I knew that the American Indians have a proud legacy of service in our U. S. Military.  I was impressed with their Color Guard Cememony.  After the posting of the colors they invited all Veterans to participate in the procession out of the Arena.

The Honor Guard was made up of two Marine Veterans and two Army Veterans.  They certainly represented their respective services in an excellent manner.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Twelve Wounded,
One Dead"

One would expect to see this headline in a newspaper and the following story relating to the War on Terror in Afghanistan.

Unfortunately this could be the headline in the Macon, Georgia U.S.A. Newspaper relating to the shootings and the one death over the past three weeks.

As you can suspect, everyone is trying to resolve the problem and correct the matter.  Everyone has an opinion on what needs to be done and almost everyone knows who is to blame for the current situation.  Education, One Parent Families, Poverty and a list of  other causes have been discussed in the local media.  All of the elected officials are discussing ways to resolve the issue.

So, today the Flower Child will post a few thoughts on this tragic situation.  Sin has been in our World since Eve and Adam thought they could gain all knowledge if they but ate of the apple.  We have all heard of how one of their Sons murdered his own Sibling.  So killing and sin are not new.  What is new is the level of activity we are currently experiencing in Macon, Georgia, and yes, to some degree, Middle Georgia.

We all know that our Congressional District is the most obese, least educated and stricken with poverty.  Georgia ranks near the bottom in educational achievement of it's Scholars.  Georgia ranks as one of the poorest States in the U. S. A.  The list goes on and on.

So you may wonder why!!!!   As I stated above Sin has been with us for generations.  So, what has caused the current emphasis on killing, shooting, and other crimes against our fellow peoplekind?

I will confine my remarks to events that have happened in my life time.  There are many reasons as to why we as a Society are suffering today:
  1. We eliminated the Military Draft.  Our Young People no longer have to be responsible for the defense of our great Country.  Volunteers currently defend us all.
  2. We have allowed the nuclear family to be discarded.  It is no longer considered shameful to be born out of wedlock.
  3. We have encouraged the development of "Single Parent Families" with our Welfare Laws.  Admittedly emphasis in the late 90s and early 10s cut the welfare to people and required them to get a job.
  4. We have become so politically correct that we no longer as a Society have expectations of our Scholars.  We allow far too much liberty in our standards within our Education System. 
  5. I often recall what a U. S. Navy Skipper told us when we complained about our freedoms as a military unit.  We were informed that we were to defend democracy, not practice it.
  6. I am also aware that far too many regard "freedom" as a situation where citizens can do anything they desire.  Our Society has become so self centered that the good of the Society/Community is no longer a valid goal for far too many people.
  7. The "I" generation or the "Me" generation; whatever you desire to call it eliminates the need to consider the impact of a persons actions.  As long as the person gets what they desire or want there is no need to consider the impact on fellowpeople kind.
  8. Our duly elected leaders place great emphasis on personal gain.  They no longer understand the concept of "Servant Leadership."  Far to many National leaders appear to be in Congress for the life time pensions they will receive when they are no longer elected.
  9. Our local elected leaders appear in far too many cases appear to be so self centered that they no longer consider the good of the electorate.  As long as they can serve and draw a check made possible by the citizens they will use any available resource to remain in their positions of power.
  10. Unfortunately the concept that leaders of all levels need to lead by example is ignored.  It appears that far too many leaders have adopted the mantra "Do as I say, Not as I do."
  11. Our young people are seeking a life.  They desire to be on a team, yet our adult Society has provided far too few role models who can be dynamic examples.
  12. Our young people are emulating the antics of far too many adults who conduct themselves in an improper manner in the various "Social Media" outlets that are available to everyone.
  13. Our young people have learned that there are no expectations of them.  As long as they can be happy, which is their goal there is nothing to strive for.
  14. Our young people have not considered the consequences of their youthful actions.  This is caused in part by the consequences that our Society puts on our Leaders and other Adults who mess up and receive little or no discipline/consequences. 
  15. Far too often our elected leaders conduct their personal lives in such a manner that they are not demonstrating appropriate moral examples for anyone to emulate.
  16. Our young people are quick to learn from what they observe around them.  Our government has provided far too many resources as a safety net to require far too many to be able to support themselves.  Now, before you jump all over the "Flower Child" because of that statement, please remember that I served in our Military.  I did not acquire a wife or children until I was an E-5.  We were advised not to become family people until we could at least make a reasonable standard of living because of our low pay in the lower pay grades.
  17. Our young people think that they deserve everything their parents currently have.  They do not understand that you have to start with less and learn to live within limited means until the jobs/promotions allow a higher standard of living.
  18. Far too many young people think that we as a Society owe them a living.  Unfortunately this concept has become ingrained in far too many adults.
  19. We as a Society have become so involved in being Politically Correct that we really have no standards to impose on our Youth.  After all, we do not offend anyone.  Everyone should be able to do what they want/desire to do.  No longer is the impact of anyones  personal actions considered.  As long as the self, I/Me achieves the wants there is no need to even consider the impact on the Community/Society.
  20. As a Society we have set a new standard.  It is now legal to kill infants in the womb.  I would suggest that there are young people who know this.  We as adults have clearly demonstrated that to murder an unborn baby is now legal.  So what is the big deal with shooting anyone who crosses our path?
  21. It is no longer necessary to respect authority.  Every child who has ever rode an an automobile sees on a daily basis how adults ignore speed limits and other rules of the road.  I suspect that our young people quickly learn that I can break the laws just as long as I do not get caught.  Or they learn that speeding, etc. is O.K. along as no one else is harmed.
  22. We adults have done a terrible job of modeling appropriate behavior for our young to emulate.
  23. Of course the list could go on and on; but I suspect that you can comprehend what I am talking about here.
As a Society we need to come to grips with the fact that we must all work as a Team to improve our situation.  We all need to realize the we all share in the outcome/success of any attempt we embrace to stop the shooting, killing and other crimes against each other.

As a Society we need to realize that Team work is vital.  As I recently read in the comprehensive article about the deceased Southwest High School Basketball Coach, "Duck" Don Richardson; to a person, anyone who played on his teams knew what the expectations were and they all stated that his efforts paid off in their respective lives. 

I gathered from this article about "Duck" that everyone needs a morale compass to insure appropriate development as a young person to a responsible Citizen and an Adult in our Society.

Unfortunately, there are not enough Coach "Duck" Don Richardson's available today.  Our Educators, Parents and Religious Leaders are too involved being  a "Friend" to really have a valid impact on anyone.

If We Do Not Stand Up Now For What Is Right And Proper, We Will Continue To Achieve The Results We Are Currently Experiencing.

We Need, As I Am Sure You Will Agree, Strong Leaders Who Can Set The Standards, Who Can Lead By Example So That Our Youth Can See And Also Respect.

In addition to the Prayers of all to assist in the resolution of our problems; we need to all be "Shining Examples of Morale Character" so that our youth can emulate appropriate behavior. 

No longer do we need the parent who is irresponsible, the elected leader who is self centered, or the educator who is not personally involved with the scholars or religious leaders who do not want to offend anyone.  Yes, Leadership is required.

2011 Georgia Governor's
Tourism Conference

 On September 12 and 13 I had a retail display at the Conference.  The focus of the display's provided by seventeen members of the Middle Georgia Arts Association was to tell the over 350 Conference attendees that Macon and Middle Georgia has a lot to offer tourist.

You can see my display which featured twelve images which I offered for sale to the attendees.

During the course of the Conference a Silent Auction was conducted to raise funds for the Georgia Convention and Visitor Bureau Scholarship.  I placed a bid on this display and was informed today that my Bid was the winner.

I will now be able to attend any 2011-2012 Concert by the Macon Symphony, as well as dine at Michaels on Mulberry and stay one night at "The Homewood Suites" here in Macon, Georgia.

I placed a Bid on this item because it was a delightful opportunity to enjoy Macon and to get away for a day!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


In Your


About 25 years ago when our Oldest Son took his Confirmation Vows he was tasked to construct a Banner to be displayed at our Church.  He chose this simple message:



Loves You!"

 I have frequently heard the adage that "One can never have too many Angels in their Life!"  I believe that it was My Brother that frequently reminded me of this simple message.

 I also consider it very proper that My Entry today feature Red, White and Blue Angels as our Nation Observes the Tenth Anniversary of September 11, 2001.

 Today, September 11, 2011 as the World Observes a  very solumn day in the History of our World I think it is very appropriate that we all take the time to reflect.  To reflect on the Blessings that all have received from Our Creator, Our God!!!
Over the years I have collected Angels and they are displayed on the Mantle in My Home.  These Angels are but half of the collection that I have.

Yes, I have many Angels in My life.  I am grateful for these Angels.

Yet, today during our Worship Service we were reminded that no matter what happens in our respective lives here on this Earth - Jesus Loves Us!!!  Jesus Loves Us So Much That He Died For My Sins.  I also heard that I can not earn Eternal Life in Heaven, it is a Gift from God, Our Creator.  God Send His Son, Jesus Christ to our Earth to Save Us All From our Sins.

So My Concern today is:  How Many Angels Do You Have In Your Life?  Or maybe I should say:  "How have you been Angel in the Life of another person on this Earth?"

Certainly something to consider and seriously think about as we all pause to reflect on this Day.  Certainly something that we can do each and every day, starting today and every day in our lives in the future.

We can simply Say:  "Jesus Christ Loved You So Much That He Died For You So That You Can Enjoy Eternal Life in Paradise."

Because of God's Love For Us, His Son Died For Us, You and I!!!  We Can Not Earn Eternal Life.  It Is A Great Gift!!!!

And the People at Worship today said:  "Amen!!!"

Certainly something to remember in each of our future days.  Smile, God Loves You as My Son So Boldly Proclaimed some twenty-five years ago.

We can build on that and remind each other that "God Loves Us So Much That He Has Saved Us From Our Sins."

I can not think of a more appropriate way to remember, reflect and memorialize our Nation's Heroes who gave all on September 11, 2001.

Thank You, God!!!

For sending the Angels into our Lives.  May we always remember that we can also be Angels in the Lives of Others.

Friday, September 09, 2011

American Pickers

"Antique Archaeology"

 After our Visit to my Wonderful Siblings in Northeast Iowa we traveled South toward Saint Louis, Missouri to spend some more time with our Youngest Son.  We had to travel through Davenport, Iowa which has a small town just North of the City and alongside the Mississippi River.  You can view the river in the background of this photo.  For those readers that are too young to know, this is a Nash Automobile of the late 40s or early 50s.

 As you can tell we visited the location of the "American Pickers."  It was a small shop and a very small parking lot.  We had to wait our turn to get into the building.  We can now say that we have been there.

Of course a fellow visitor asked us if we wanted our picture taken alongside the "Picker's Truck."

U. S. Navy Memories

 Several days ago I realized that in 1961, fifty years ago this week I was in Boot Camp in San Diego, California.  I had joined the Navy to avoid the Draft.  When I graduated from Boot Camp in November 1961 I received a replica of our Company Flag.  As you can ascertain, I was a member of Company 421.  If you look close at the book, our Company Memory Book, much like a High School Year book you can see that I am the first Sailor in the Second Row from the bottom of the page.

For those who desire to know what the white star above the "number 1" represents, please be aware that our Company, 421 was the Academic Honor Company of the Training Battalion we were in.  We had an Academic Trainer, a fellow recruit, who would take copious notes in all of our classes each day and while we washed our clothes and also his, he would quiz us all on the knowledge we had learned that day.  We had daily test each morning which covered the previous days training.  Our Academic Trainer was from Alaska.  I will never forget his name. His name, William A. Hemmelgarn is engraved in my mind.  All of the other recruits, all 79 of us were from Iowa. 

When I joined the Navy I weighed 132 pounds.  The minimum for a 6 foot tall Sailor was 128 so I made it in with four pounds to spare.  I was 21 1/2 years old at the time.  When I graduated from Boot Camp I weighed 145 pounds.

The Flower Child

Good Day!!!  Several months ago I posted an image here that revealed the Flower Child.  I had a back drop of Confederate Jasamine surrounding my head.

Today, as my annual Part Time Job at the Georgia National Fair commenced I noted a painting on the wall that would make a great backdrop for a picture of the Flower Child.  I had a coworker take this picture and stated that it would be on my Blog this evening.

From my point of view this picture is far more exciting and has greater impact.  Of course red always makes a picture snap.

Concert by the Mississippi River

 During my recent Holiday in Iowa I was able to attend the 312 Army Band Concert in Guttenberg, Iowa.  The venue for this event was the Bandshell located on the bank of the Mississippi River.  You can see a portion of the Pilotwheel on the facade of the Bandstand.

 This Band is headquartered in Lawrence, Kansas and they were completing their 2011 Summer Tour.

 As you can tell, the event was casual, but also high energy.  This concert was a very fitting way to complete a Wonderful Fourth of July Week in Guttenberg, Iowa.  All of the performers appeared to be having "much" fun as they played their respective instruments.  Their interaction with the crowd was outstanding. 

 I appreciated the "Never Quit" logo on the back of the Band Members Shirts.  They certainly displayed the Army work ethic in an excellent manner.  The 412 Army Band certainly represented our U. S. Army well. 

Thank You for a wonderful evening.  I would estimate that the crowd that attended this event which was promoted as "Music in the Park" was at least 250 people.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

A Sibling Outing

In the Holy Land

 During a recent visit to the Holy Land (a.k.a. Iowa) My Youngest Sibling and I enjoyed a wonderful day of bonding.  The first stop was this Shower/Viewing Platform alongside the Mississippi River.  It was constructed so that Boaters could take a break and refresh as they traveled the River and also took time to Tour the Town of Guttenberg.  This facility is about 50 feet from the shore of the River.

 This was a Pearl Button Factory in earlier times.  As you can ascertain it has now been fitted to serve as a Bed and Breakfast Facility.  It also is on the banks of the Mississippi River.

 For those who enjoyed the movie "Field of Dreams" in the early 1990s you will recognize this dwelling.

 A view of the baseball field at the Field of Dreams.  This movie site is still popular today.  It is but about 30 miles from my Birth Place.  It is located in Dubuque County, Iowa.

 Of course I had to have my picture taken here at the entrance to the "Field of Dreams."  For those who viewed this epic film you may recall the cars that had their headlights on in the late evening.  The road on the right end of this picture was where that shot was filmed.

 After a delightful Lunch provided by my Wonderful Sibling Brother we visited this Basilica in Dyersville, Iowa. 

The interior of the Basilica in Dyersville, Iowa.  This House of Worship has seating for over 1200 Saints.

I posted an exterior view of this Basilica in an earlier Blog Entry.  This Basilica has twin steeples which soar over 212 feet tall.  It is the landmark of the West Prairie of Dubuque County, Iowa.