Monday, October 29, 2012

The Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity
Macon, Georgia

The Second Annual Celebration

 The following is a series of pictures of the activities of the day at the Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity in Macon, Georgia.

 Getting ready for the Laser Tag Fun of the Evening.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

"The Great Debate in Georgia this Election Cycle"

Vote for Amendment One - Strive educate our Scholars in a manner appropriate for them. The current system appears to not be working all that well for a lot of Georgia Scholars. Give an alternative a chance.
Vote against Amendment One - Maintain the current system and fund it at a higher level and possibly achieve the same results we have seen i...n the past thirty years.

Voting for Amendment One will mean that we may just have better Georgia Citizens in the future!
Voting against Amendment One will mean that we may have to possibly construct more jails in the future.

So the question may be asked, do we want to expend our tax dollars on education alternatives for our Scholars that may improve our education system?

do we want to expend our tax dollars on constructing more jails and funding defense lawyers? No cmplaints against lawyers. I once had an Uncle who was our Nation's Top Lawyer!!

So who wins, is it we the People who can possibly enjoy a peaceful and more safe community

or do we want to live in fear of the poorly educated/criminals who are often repeat offenders.

Will it be the Georgia Department of Education with more options to educate our Scholars


Will it be the Georgia Department of Correction with more potential for unsafe communities simply because we can not construct enough jails to keep the law breakers.

I would suggest that anyone who desires a more positive future for our Entire Society that they review the local news media in their respective town/s and/or city/s to see the murders we all hear about on a daily basis.

Yes, this is the Great Debate in Georgia this election cycle. I would suggest that everyone has to determine for themselves how they want their tax dollars expended.

Better Citizens in the Future


More Jails to house the Law Breakers.

You decide. Who do you desire for your neighbor in 2024?

The choice the potential to have a better educated citizen or

a brand new jail with all that shiny razor wire on the fence.

I will opt for the potential of having a better educated citizen!!

Thank You!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Something to Consider!!!

I am confident that most everyone has heard the public service ad concerning 7000 Scholars who drop out of High School each day.  We are told that equals one dropout every 26 seconds. 

During recent political commentary   and debates were are informed that fifty percent of College Graduates are unable to obtain employment because of a small job market.

I would suggest that many high School Scholars hear these reports and think,  "Why should I bust my self and be training for employment opporunities that are not even be  available for College Graduates?

I am glad that I am not in today's job market.  That stated, what is a young person to do? 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Historic Macon
2012 Idea House
1116 Ash Street

Sunday, October 14, 2012 was the final day to visit the 2012 Idea House, which was decorated by the "Young Patrons."  My Bride and I visited this charming home which was outfitted with upcycled furniture and interesting design concepts.  The following is a series of pictures that I capture during our visit.
 The Front Porch

The Foyer

The Kitchen
Note the charming breakfast bar

The Shopping List was focused on the Essentials

The Dining Room

The Guest Room Bath

The Guest Bedroom

A Spacious Garden

The Patio

The Living Room (Parlor)

The Master Bedroom

The Living Room (Again)

The Master Bath

During our tour of this home we were informed that the 35th Annual Flea Market sponsored by Historic Macon will be held the weekend of October 20th.  Many of the items from the idea house will be available at this Flea Market.

For more details about this Market please visit:

I was impressed by the concepts displayed in this, the 2012 Idea House.  In addition to a charming, visual treat to view the House featured a state of the art tankless water heater, a very high efficiency air conditioner system as well as pleasant and relaxing colors on the walls.