Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Are Adults in Charge?

Earlier today I published a Blog Post about Adult Behavior.  For several days I have observed the scenes displayed in the three pictures that are published in this Blog Post.  So my question is:  "Are Adults in Charge?"

I doubt it very much that the individuals running for public office are even aware of the placement of these signs.  However I would suggest that possibly "Adults" placed them at this intersection.  Please review these pictures.  Does it appear that an Adult was in charge of the campaign sign placement?

 Of course I would submit that no child was left on their own to place these signs.  It is simply too dangerous to expect that a child would have done this.  No decent parent would have their children engage in such dangerous projects.

 You can certainly ascertain where these pictures were taken.  For those who may not know, I do reside in West Bibb County Georgia.  I frequently travel these roads and these signs have been present for several days.

I would suggest that candidates instruct their avid supporters as regards Campaign Sign placement.  That would eliminate many distractions that we all tolerate during any political season.   This is a safety issue.  Admittedly, it may not be as severe as using a Cell Phone or Texting while operating a vehicle on the roads/highways; however is does constitute a visual distraction.


Dan Singman said...

Good post. Did you pick up the signs? They are considered litter by the state and anyone can pick up litter... just look out for ignorant law enforcement officers who might be in someone's back pocket.

Alan said...

No. I normally vote against the individuals who have supporters who do not respect the rules/laws/etc. I also think that many of my peers also look who has campaign staff/support who violate the current rules and also vote against them.