Friday, November 30, 2012

Tattnall Square Park
Macon, Georgia
Tree Planting Day
November 28, 2012

It was my good fortune to attend the Tree Planting Day at Tattnall Square Park in Macon, Georgia.  This planting day was the result of many organizations volunteering to provide funds, services and people power.

Professor Andrew Silver, of Mercer University saw the need to revitalize this over a century public square in Macon, Georgia.  During the planting day he informed us that the current trees were planted about 100 years ago.  Some of these trees are now in need of replacements.  Thus the planting of about 160 trees in this public space.

Mercer University provided the funds to place
an irrigation system so that each new tree
would have an abundant source of water.

Here a worker is establishing a water
basin to capture natural rains.

In addition to the trees the landscape plan
called for the placement of flowering plants as well
as green foliage to enhance the beauty of the Park.
This is a Yuletide Camellia Shrub.

This is a Cast Iron Plant.

This is an Oak Leaf Hydrangea.

The plant in the center is a Fatsia.

A wall around a planting garden to allow Park Visitors
to sit a spell and enjoy the beauty.

Eleven Shovels for the Tree Planters.

A view of the Alexander II Scholars who participated in the
Tree Planting.

The Tree Planting Expert from Macon State College.
He demonstrated the proper planting technique to
the Alexander School Scholars.  You will see his
class in later pictures of this  Blog Post.

Professor Silver lending his expertise to the project.

This picture and the five that follow will show to
properly plant a young tree.  The Scholars from
Alexander II School were excellent workers and also
dedicated to the task.

Then on to a much bigger tree.  Here you see the civic leaders
and others observing the preparation of the balled tree for

One, Two, Three, shovel in the soil!!!!

Then the Scholars from Alexander II were given the opportunity
to complete the task.

Because of the efforts of several business organization, civic minded charities this project of making Tattnall Square Park a Botanical Garden is just starting.  Local Governments, local Scholars, and local civic minded individuals all pitched in to make this a project that everyone in Central Georgia can be proud of, both today and in the future.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cox Communications
Standards of Service
Middle Georgia Region

Some time in early November 2012 I called the Cox Communications phone number to ask that a new "cable box" be installed on the back side of the Garage where I live because the old cable box was splitting apart.  After almost 20 years of exposure to the elements I suspected that it had outlived the shelf life of the product.

Some time about a week later I again called Cox Communications to ascertain why a "Technician" had not yet replaced the box.  I was informed that there was no record of my initial call.  We agreed that a box should be installed.  It was a busy week so I was informed that the box would be replaced next week.  "Next Week" was established as November 21, 2012.

No problem.  The service call did not require anyone to be at home.  Well after dark while were participating in Thanksgiving Eve events we received a call from two of our Neighbors.  There was an unidentified person walking around our home with a flashlight.  This unidentified person did not hear and/or failed to respond to a query so the Sheriff's Office was called.  When we returned home the box had not been replaced and our Neighbors informed us that the Sheriff's Office did respond.  I then determined that the Technician departed the scene after the Sheriff confronted him/her.

On Thanksgiving Day I again called Cox Communications and advised them of the events that had transpired.  It was agreed that the Technician would replace the box on Monday, November 26th.  No problem.  Monday arrived and when the TV went off I went outside and determined that the Technician had arrived and he was performing his task. 

I did ask the Technician to let me know when the task was complete so that I could check if everything was working properly.  Some time later I ascertained that the Technician had departed so I proceeded to see the results of his work.

Nice New Exterior Box
Twice the size of the box replaced
No problem

This is what I saw
Two naked wires
I considered this a poor performance
of the technician

Another view of the useless wires
I had no idea of the purpose of these two wires.  Again I called Cox Communications.  I talked to a "Supervisor" this time.  I briefly explained the situation.  I was told that the problem would be resolved quickly.

As I was enjoying my late lunch I looked out the Window and ascertained that the naked wires were being removed by the same Technician as the one who replaced the box earlier today, November 26, 2012.

It would have been very appropriate for the Technician to perform the task in a professional manner the first time.

During my conversation with the "Order Taker" on Thanksgiving day she tried to tell me that maybe the technician of the prior evening was handicapped and could not hear my Neighbors asking for the indentification.   I suspect that if the Technician had been handicapped that they would have displayed an appropriate sign.  So much for that.  It is sometimes very funny to attempt to relate with "Order Takers."  While they always have a response they are usually not well thought out.

I trust that the new cable box installed will last almost as long as the first one installed almost some 20 years ago.  I hope so.  Maybe by then I will have forgotten about the November 2012 Standards of Service displayed by Cox Communications. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012
The pictures in this post were taken on Thursday, November 22, 2012 after I had completed the decoration for the Thanksgiving Dinner we hosted at our home.  My Bride was busy with last minute details in the kitchen.  I had decided that in addition of My Bride and Family I had a lot to be very Thankful for.  This post will feature some of these Blessings.

A nice retreat in the corner of the Master Bedroom where I
often reflect on the Goodness that My God has
provided to me.

A peaceful retreat where we can refresh ourselves

The Grand Children's Suite when they visit us

The Guest Room.  You can see pictures of our two sons and also
our First Grandchild

The 421 Flag was the company that I trained
with in U. S. Navy Boot Camp.
I graduated in November 1961
The white star is the
academic achievement
award our company earned

Hats from each of the four ships that I served in

USS Ranger (CVA-61)
USS Sellers (DDG-11)
USS John Paul Jones (DDG-32)
USS Hull (DD-945)

The Dining Room Table

The centerpiece is fresh fruit and
vegetables placed in
a Kraut Cutter

The new living room suite which was
acquired after the 2010 home flooding

Two of several Thanksgiving Cactus which
decorate the family room

The Breakfast Room table ready for the
Thanksgiving Meal

Pictures of each of the ships I served in during my
twenty-one year career in the U. S. Navy
placed in the library

The framed Shellback Certificate I earned while in
USS Ranger (CVA-61).  We were operating with U-2 planes
and had crossed the equator therefore an initiation
was required.  I am a trusty Shellback.  This happened
in May of 1964

This is the SS United States.  I traveled from New York to Southhampton, England
in the Fall of 1966 for duty on the Staff of U. S. Navy Forces Europe located
in London, England.

As I reflect on my life thus far I know that I have been well Blessed.  I have a lot of Blessing to be Thankful for during my 72 years of life.