Saturday, November 10, 2012

We Remember
A few minutes ago I published a Blog Post here with the images I captured today as I prepared for the dedication of the Monument/Memorial for U. S. Marine SGT Rodney M. Davis.  That post also contained a picture of the U. S. Navy Ship named after Rodney.

This series is presented to show the ceremony surrounding this Dedication.  The first picture was taken at 9:09 A.M.  People were already assembling for the 10:00 A.M. Dedication.  This entire series of pictures tells the story without any comment.

 However, I must point out that this U. S. Marine Veteran who wore a USS Rodney M. Davis Ball Cap let me take his picture.  Later during the dedication ceremony as they placed a wreath near the Monument I learned that this Hero is alive today because Rodney threw himself on the gernade that took his live; however it saved the lives of his fellow Marines, including this Gentleman.  He also spoke during the dedication ceremony.

After the ceremony was complete many took the time to speak to members of the Davis Family.  On the far left you see Rodney's older Brother.

We Remember - A day that displayed that many still care about the heroes of our Nation's Past.  A day that the Davis Family will always remember. 

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