Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Slow Exposure
Photography Contest

Several months ago I was informed of a "Slow Exposure" Photography Contest sponsored by a group of citizens in Pike County, Georgia.  It seems that over ten years ago they decided to promote their part of Georgia by organizating a Photography Contest.  This is the tenth year and they received entries from across the United States of America as well as from other countries.  They have several renown photographers jury the entries and during the last half of September each year they have a show.

I entered six images and today I was informed that none of my entries were accepted.  Never the less I enjoyed the shooting experience and I focused on rural Georgia, which is the mantra of the Show.

 "Cat House"

" Forgotten C.S.A. Warrior"
" Fried Chicken Starts Here"

 "Springhill Cemetery and Church"

 "Tractor Show"

"You Call, We Haul"

I suspect that I will participate in this fun, and also challenging event next year.  To learn more about this Show Please visit:

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Macon, Georgia U.S.A.
Joshua Cup
Coffee Shop

This establishment closed on Friday, July 27, 2012.  Rest In Peace!!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Georgia versus Florida
Softball Tournament
Friday, July 27, 2012

This morning I traveled to the Southeastern Region Little League Field in Warner Robins, Georgia to witness the first game that "Team Georgia" was to play in the Regional Tournament.   The first game scheduled for Thursday, July 26, 2012 was postponed because of a massive lightening/possible thunder storm. 

 My purpose in attending this event was to take some action photographs and to hone my skills in this type of situation.

 I believe I took several shots of each girl in the starting line-up.  I tried to get action shots.  The challenge of this endeavor was to start clicking once the pitcher was ready to throw the ball.

 There were plenty of "Georgia" fans in the stands.  Team Georgia is from the Western Little League in Macon, Georgia so the travel was not very difficult.

 One of the Georgia pitchers.  I was glad I was able to capture the ball in flight on this shot.

This is a shot of the Florida Pitcher just before she hit the ball.

She did hit the ball.  The final score of this game was Georgia 2 - Florida 7 at the conclusion of the regulation six innings of play.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Freedom Rock
Rural Iowa
West of Des Moines
South of Interstate 80

Every year when I visit the State of My Birth I usually visit the "Freedom Rock."

 This 2012 view features the Sullivan Brothers - all five of them who perished on their ship during World War II.

 My Bride and I.

 Our Friends in Altoona, Iowa. 
They were our tour guides around Des Moines

 We were both shipmates on the USS Ranger (CVA-61) during a Western Pacific deployment in 1963,  We did not know each other at the time.  We both enlisted from Iowa.  We connected via a USS Ranger Reunion Website.

 This and  the following three scenes were taken at the Artist Office/Gallery in the nearby town.  When you first drive up to park here you would swear that the Artist is painting the garage door.

As always, the visit to the Freedom Rock is very special. 
2012 Rain Fall
West Bibb County
Georgia, U. S. A.

Prior the first day of 2012 I acquired a simple Rain Gauge.  Not exactly the perfect gauge used by the Weather Service but accurate enough to record the rain that falls on my property.  Thus far this year we have had:

January - 2.75 inches
February - 2.65 inches
March - 1.75 inches
April - .80 inches
May - 2.00 inches
June -5.20 inches

Total so far:  15.15 inches.

Friday, July 20, 2012

40th Annual Fourth of July
Garnavillo, Iowa U. S. A.

I have often heard that if you desire to celebrate the Fourth of July in the proper manner that you need to visit a small town in America.  Garnavillo, Iowa has been celebrating for forty years.  I was able to observe this parade which lasted for one hour in Garnavillo down U. S. Highway 52.  The population of this small town is 700 citizens.  Of course the parade has entries from across Clayton County.  Each town has fire trucks in the parade as well as business organizations.  Most of the pictures do not need an explanation.  Enjoy this opportunity to see what makes America Great.

 This earth mover is manufactured in the town of Elkader, Iowa which is also the county seat of Clayton County.  For your information Clayton County is the one county in Iowa that does not have a traffic light.  The other 98 counties have them.

 Of course no parade in Iowa is complete without a few tractors.  This John Deere was the newest tractor in the parade.  For your information, the modern farm tractor was first developed in the nearby town of Frolich, Iowa.  It was demonstrated in 1892.  The inventor was bought out by a firm known as "The Waterloo Boy" which was later bought out by John Deere.

 Two local 4-H Clubs had interesting floats in the parade.  These round bales were decorated for this parade.

 The oldest tractor in the parade.  It was a Farmall and the signature color in later years was bright red.

 It is interesting to note that the town of Garnavillo has seven fire fighting machines/rescue units.  This volunteer department, like others in most of Iowa are proud of their accomplishments and their ability to save lives and eliminate fires.

 After the parade the local youth participated in a "fire fighting competition."  There were many teams that participated in this event.

As I departed the parade route I turned around to capture this shot.  This accurately displays what life in the United States of America is all about. 

The city park was filled with food vendors and a family of four could enjoy a wonderful locally prepared meal from various civic organizations for less than fifteen dollors.  I enjoyed a hamburger sandwich with all the trimings as well as a lemonade at the Knights of Columbus food stand.