Monday, August 31, 2009

Jaycee Lee Dugard
Antioch, California
My local print media here in Macon, Georgia contained this Headline on Page 2A this morning, August 31, 2009: "California police expand search in kidnapping case."
In the past week we have all heard how the White House working through our Attorney General is poised to investigate recent CIA activity in connection with obtaining information from terrorist. You can learn more about this activity at:
The article has this headline: "Attorney general appointing Prosecutor in CIA interrogations." The article goes on to state that Attorney General Holder tapped Assistant U. S. Attorney John Durham to lead the review.
As a citizen of this great country I am aware that it is the President's duty to investigate wrong doings through the office of the Attorney General. This is the America Way.
What I do have a concern about today is how our Government at all levels manages to sweep under the rug, so to speak, the grave injustices that our own Citizens inflict on fellow Citizens.
We are all watching and reading about the Jaycee Lee Dugard situation in Antioch, California. This is an event that is also tragic. As I understand it, this young girl was kidnapped some eighteen years ago and forced to live in deplorable circumstances. I am confident that our Justice System will now seek appropriate resolution to this situation, but why did it go on for so long?
Once the "Investigation of CIA Interrogations" is complete maybe we can have a full scale investigation into the lack of apparent oversight of our nations kidnappers/rapist. Now, please be aware that these events not only happen in California, but elsewhere in our Nation.
During a recent report I heard or read I learned that someone in Antioch, California reported unusual events/sounds coming from the property where the alledged kidnapper lived. Local authorities visited the homeowner and warned him that the tents may be an infraction on Zoning Laws. At no time did the local authority even attempt to view for himself/herself the actual situation in the backyard. What a shame!!!!
I can not comprehend or even appreciate how in the Great State of California, which has fifty- three members of the U. S. House and two fairly powerful Senators has displayed much concern about the welfare of their citizens.
We have Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer as well as District 7 Representative George Miller and the District 10 Congress, which as currently vacant who seem to have a blind eye as to what is/has happened in Antioch, California.
Additionally, from what I have heard/read, the activity in the alledged kidnapper's back yard has been reported time and again.
Thus my suggestion that it is time for a full scale investigation into this miscarriage of Justice in Antioch, California. To add to the situation I am amazed that our Current Speaker of the House, who presents herself as the cure for all of our Nation's troubles, has been neglect or at least a party to the neglect that we are all learning about that has/is evident in the California enforcement system.
May I suggest that it just may be possible that some, if not all of these fine lawmakers are so busy with the big picture that they are/have overlooked the sad plight of Jaycee Lee Dugard.
Thus, in closing, once the CIA investigation is complete that an investigation into the enforcement of laws in every state of the land concerning citizens who are on various list such as anyone who has been identified as "Being a Threat to Children" be launched. This investigation must be done in a timely manner. In fact, maybe We The People should demand an investigation now and be confident that our Government at all levels is also concerned about U. S. Citizens as they appear to be concerned about those who appear to be ready to do great damage to our country. Yes, I am talking about the Terrorist, both foreign and domestic.
"We The People" deserve better that what we are watching and also reading about.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Edward M (Ted) Kennedy
As I watched the Funeral Mass yesterday I heard a quote from Luke 12 verse 48. Depending on which version of Holy Scripture that you appreciate the words are something like this:
"For everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked."
It is not my purpose to debate Holy Scripture however I would like to simply point out that there many Citizens of any Country that dedicate their lives to Public Service for the benefit of their Fellow Citizens. Senator Ted Kennedy and his brothers, who made the ultimate sacrifice, John F (a.k.a. Jack) and Robert, during their service to the United States of America certainly are to be appreciated by all of us. Edward served as a Senator from his State during the period 1962 through 2009.
We do not now know if any of the Kennedy Family will new serve as the next Senator to replace Ted, but we do know that the Kennedy Family has well over fifty years of Service to our Nation in the U. S. Congress. I state this fact to simply point out that there is no current Family, that I know of, that has given so much to the United States of America. To those who have given so much of their lives to insure our Freedoms, including our Nation's Past and Current Heroes, as well as those who have given so much to Govern our United States of America, we all, You and I owe a resounding "Thank You!!"
As I also heard during my viewing of the Dike-New Hartford versus Aplington-Parkersburg High School Foot Ball game on ESPN when a Commentator made this remark: "When You Give, You Grow."
"When You Give, You Grow," is certainly a comment that I can correctly apply to the Kennedy Family. Yes, they have given much.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wonderful Week
Warner Robins, Georgia Little League
Aplington Parkersburg, Iowa Football


Yes, this has been a wonderful week. As I walked the driveway to collect my copy of "The Telegraph" here in Macon I saw this sight. I immediately returned to the house and collected my camera to get this shot. As they say in photography, timing is everything. There was a light mist and the mood the streetlight cast was wonderful. To wonderful to pass up.
Just as it has been this past week courtesy of ESPN. Most of you know that I have become an avid ESPN viewer, especially when the Boys and Girls from Warner Robins, Georgia are featured in the National Little League Baseball and National Little League Softball Series which is covered by ESPN. Now to be fair, the Girls Softball Team did capture the World title this year, 2009. The Boys Baseball Team were eliminated in a semi-final game by a team from San Diego, California. Still great games and both of these teams represented the City of Warner Robins, the State of Georgia and the Southeast Region very well. As I watched the ESPN coverage of the Little League Baseball Games this past week I could not help but view the promotions for the Friday Night High School Games of the Week which would be broadcast on ESPN.
Most of you may recall the tragic Tornado that almost destroyed Parkersburg, Iowa in early 2008. Many more will undoubtedly recall the tragic events of late June 2009 when a young man walked into the weight training room in Parkersburg and shot the Football Coach. These are two of the reasons that ESPN featured Aplington Parkersburg, Iowa as a featured High School Football Game to broadcast on National Television.
In addition to being a great football coach, Ed Thomas was a leader in Parkersburg and he led the City in the rebuild. The focus was to rebuild the Football Field and the High School which was also destroyed by the Tornado. With this motivation and the dedication of the citizens of Parkersburg, all 1900 of them, almost all of the homes have been rebuilt. What amazed me was the fact that in this town which educates 263 High School Kids at this time, they rebuilt the High School in less than fifteen months at a cost of 18 million. The football field was totally redone and looked like it belonged on a Big Ten Campus. As I watched the game I learned that the Staff from the University of Iowa had indeed painted the field for the Opening Game of 2009.
One of the Players on the Aplington Parkersburg team is a brother of the alledged Killer of Coach Ed Thomas. The Thomas Family has reached out to this Family and forgiveness is in the heart of the entire Town of Parkersburg and the High School known as Aplington Parkersburg.
If I heard correctly this High School has 123 boys and fields a Football Team of 93 Players. In addition to that fact, the High School Band has eight Football Players which were also featured on the ESPN Broadcast.
Coach Ed Thomas and the Parkersburg Community mentored and developed four young men who currently play in the National Football League. As the ESPN Commentators mentioned, such success for a small town program is totally unheard of, except for the young men mentored by Coach Ed Thomas and the Community of Parkersburg, Iowa.
The Tornado also destroyed the local grocery store. The former owners were wiped out and they decided to sell the business. A Young Man, a football player on the Detroit Team, who matured under the leadership of Coach Ed Thomas decided to rebuild the grocery store. This local Hero and His Brother have build a new food store and it is appropriately named "Brothers Market" and it serves the citizens of Parkersburg. In fact footage of the Store and the Interior Display was also included in the ESPN Game broadcast.
So, Thank You, ESPN. You have served the citizens of the United States of America, and the World in an excellent manner. As most of us know, Small town America is the bedrock of our Society that is often overlooked. But, Warner Robins, Georgia and Aplington Parkersburg, Iowa are but a few of a large number of communities that display team work and are the hallmark of America. This team work is what makes America Great and ESPN, as a Sports Newwork, you could not have served our World any better than to feature Little League Baseball and Softball and High School Football from the Heartland.
Thank You. There is light in the World but you must be there and/or watching at the correct time to observe it.
By the way, Aplington-Parkersburg did win the game 30-14 over Dike-New Hartford which is a mere fifteen miles away.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Taking Woodstock
Take a Fun Trip
The Flower Child did it. Today he attended the Cinema and viewed this latest Ang Lee masterpiece. Although I was old enough in 1969 to participate in Woodstock I was in England. The movie focused on the young man who had the star role and how it impacted his family. It was, indeed a great movie. To learn more about the first Woodstock please visit:
As I viewed this movie I thought about the "Summer of Love" which was set in Francisco in 1967. To learn more about this event please visit:
Of course I also recalled being informed about a festival which was a local event. It happened in Bryon. Please visit:
Then the one my own parents informed me of which happened in Wadena, Iowa along the banks of the Volga River. Please visit:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

2009 Little League Base Ball
Semi-Final Game
Team Southeast versus Team West
ESPN at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Daylight Savings Time

Team West - Chula Vista, California

Team Southeast, Warner Robins, Georgia

I suspect that almost every television set in Middle Georgia and all sets in Warner Robins will be tuned to ESPN at 8:00 P. M. this evening as the twelve young men from Warner Robins take on the twelve young men from Chula Vista, California in a Semi-Final Game of the 2009 Little League World Series from Williamsport, PA.
I believe that everyone will recall the 2007 World Championship Game where the young men from the Same Little League Association in Warner Robins won the World Title and how they displayed true Sportsmanship to the young men from Japan as the team from the Southeast U. S. A. became the World Champions in Williamsport, PA.
This evenings game promises to be an interesting game to watch. I remain impressed with all the teams from the U. S. A. and from around the World. The Human Interest stories that the ESPN staff have obtained from the players has certainly increased the interest of viewing the games. Additionally these efforts has allowed everyone in the World to appreciate the fact that no matter what country you are from, that baseball and young men playing the game crosses all barriers.
Photographs obtained from Little League World Series Baseball Website.

Public Education in Bibb County, Georgia
Good Day, Dear Readers of the World This Week, published by the Flower Child here in West Bibb County, Georgia.
The following is a copy of an E-Mail that I sent to our Elected School Board Members, the local print and electronic media, duly elected government leaders for the City of Macon, Georgia, the County Commissioners and also the elected leaders of our Bibb County delegation to the State of Georgia, both Senators as well as Representatives. It is only by having all levels of government working together that we can expect any improvements in our education system here in Bibb County.

"Please note that a lot of leaders are also in receipt of this message. They, as well as you on the Board and in the Media need to focus on improving our System.

We all improve or we all suffer. The choices our School Board implements and/or establishes will have a long term impact on our System.

As Betty Phillips indicated the other day in a Viewpoints editoral in "The Telegraph" the time to improve our System is now or words in that manner.

Unfortunately our Ms. Patterson does not have a link on the School Board Web Site where we the bill payers can communicate directly with her. I do recall such a link in years gone by. But the current method of discussing the class size waiver with only four board members in attendance at each of two meetings is simply un-American. We the People are being short changed and our duly elected leaders on the School Board, Yes, you, are now part of the problem. You could meet as a full board, but then you would have to be open to the Media and also the Citizens. Yes, We The People!!!

What a shame.

Now, for the main focus of this message. I often wonder "Where is Ron Clark when you need him?"

Some of you may recall a few years ago when a made for TV movie about this great educator was featured on Television.

Since then he has been instrumental in the establishment of a "Ron Clark Academy" in Southwest Atlanta, Georgia.

To sum up the movie, a rural South School Teacher moved to New York City and labored in a very poor area at what we would call an inferior school. Within a short period of time he turned one class around.

The rest is of course history.

Now you know the balance of the story.

So my Question today is: Where is Ron Clark when you Need Him?

Of course I am upset at what I hear and read about concerning our School System. Am I angry, as some have accused me of being? Of course not. We simply need to function at a higher level. We have been enabling and functioning within the concept of being politically correct for far too long. We have recently seen a decrease in the number of schools meeting AYP (Annual Yearly Progress) in Bibb County. Our High School Graduation rate is nothing to brag about and we have always excused the results with the insane comment that we have so many Children who live below the poverty guidelines established by our Federal Government. And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, we certainly do not have the time to expend on resolving this issue over the long term. Yesterday was too late to take corrective action. The time for patience is over. We the People have already waited too long.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Ron Clark Story certainly debunks these concepts and excuses. Again, As Betty Phillips has pointed out, Now is the time to reform education here in Wonderful Bibb County, Georgia. To wait any longer is simply driving one more keg of nails into the coffin of an otherwise dynamic future for our Education System let along all of the students who are attempting to acquire an education in our "Public" or as some state "Government" School System.

Now, for one more request, will someone on our School Board provide Ms. Patterson a copy of this message and also other messages that you and your peers may have received in recent days.

At a National Level we have a President who tells us that we have a transparent government, while at the same time here in Bibb County our School Board, which by the way is also duly elected, strive to keep their meetings private and totally unaccountable to the Citizens who are funding the sham education system that is currently in operation here in Bibb County. We all know that we indeed deserve better that the product we are currently in receipt of.

What a shame that you, our duly elected School Board Members and the hirelings that you employ to lead our System even have the idea that you do not have to be accountable.

Some of you may recall that when I recently ran for Public Office on the Board of Bibb County Commissioners that I promoted the concept of "Our School Board needs the power to set the tax rate" Way back then, the School System had to go to the County commissioners with their annual budget. Long Story short. You now have that authority. That excuse has now been kicked to the curb. My concept at that time was why have two levels of incompetence to vote out of office. Now that you have taxing authority we the people only have one level of incompetence to vote out of office.

Just in case you need a quick review about Ron Clark and/or the successful Academy now in operation in Atlanta, Georgia; please visit:

I am also confident that there is an abundance of information from other successful Education Organizations that could be utilized to improve our system. That stated, once you (for all of us) adopt a plan, I would encourage you to follow through on that plan rather than adopting a "new and improved" plan in a few short years.

Please be aware that I learned to read using the "Ben and Alice" readers in a small one room country School many years ago. . My younger siblings learned to read using the "Dick and Jane" readers. All of us, all six of us, have been reasonably successful in our respective areas of work/employment.

Now, before any of you, my current peers consider me a thorn in your side or as an individual against "Public" and/or "Government" Schools let me remind you that many years ago I worked with Mr. Hudson of your current team when I was the President of the PTSA at Central High School at reducing drug problems there. I also have fond memories of Ms. L. Espy as she often reminded us that the motto of Central High School was "We Lead."

Some of you may not even know that my own dear Children have achieve considerable success and all four of them are products of Public Education in many areas of our great United States of America. In summary, I do have valid concepts that have worked well in other states. That stated, the question I will ask again is:

"Where is Ron Clark when You Need Him?"

I state these things so that you may not regard me as a Alan come lately having just fallen off of the Turnip Truck from Dry Branch, Georgia enroute to the Saturday Morning Farmer's Market at the foot of Poplar Street in Macon. Yes, I do know where Emery Highway is located and I do know my geography of Macon, Georgia...

Warm regards and with great concern,"

I remain,

Alan (a.k.a. "The Flower Child)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

USS Georgia (SSGN-729)

SOUDA BAY, Greece (Aug. 25, 2009) The Ohio-class guided-missile submarine USS Georgia (SSGN 729) arrives for a routine port visit to Souda Bay. Georgia, homeported at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, Ga., is on her maiden operational SSGN deployment since converting from a ballistic missile submarine to a guided-missile submarine. The boat returned to service March 28, 2008. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class John Martinez/Released)
The Flower Child has fond memories of Souda Bay, Crete. It was the Fall of 1969 as he and twenty other Sailors awaited their respective ships to pick them up for duty. At that time there was a NATO ammo depot on Souda Bay. The ships never came but the Navy did send in a cargo plane to pick us up to fly us to Palma de Mallorca Spain - Palma – The Pearl of the Balearic Islands.
We all arrived just hours before our respective ships, all of the same operating squadron, departed to return to the United States of America.
Now, to learn about the great Submarine, The USS Georgia (SSGN-729) please visit:
Every one us Citizens of the U. S. A. can be very proud of how our Navy is protecting the freedoms we all enjoy. Thank You!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ocmulgee Indian Museum
Ocmulgee National Park
Macon, Georgia

Here you see six student scholars viewing the improved displays inside the Museum. Several of the activities are also interactive which allows the visitor to actually experience the task that the Indians experienced. This Museum is certainly a worth while field trip.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ocmulgee National Monument
National Park Service
Macon, Georgia

The Great Temple Mound

The Earth Lodge

The Visitor's Center and Museum

The Trail Marker

The Opening Ceremony
Monday, August 24, 2009
The displays inside the Museum Visitor's Center were recently renovated as part of the National Park Service's goal to improve the content of the displays. The Opening Ceremony was held to signify the completion of this project. After the Ceremony I took the opportunity to view the Visitors Log and was impressed. Within the past three days this Macon, Georgia tourist attraction has had visitors from New Zealand, France and England. To learn more about this facility which is part of the National Park Service please visit:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Lutherans in U.S. approve proposal on gay clergy"
The above quote is from "The Telegraph" published in Macon, Georgia and printed in Columbus, Georgia and was delivered to my home here in West Bibb County, Georgia on Saturday, August 22, 2009.
During my almost seventy years on Planet Earth I have been a Lutheran. I was baptized as a baby in March 1940. I have always been a member of congregations of "The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod" at every location that I have lived. I have always been aware that there are many Lutheran demoninations in the United States of America. A recent internet check indicated that there are over thirty demoninations of Lutheran believers in our County.
As I read the article I discovered that the Lutherans referred to in the headline were members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and during their 2009 Convention they voted 559 to 451 to enact this historic change. A change which would allow the installation of gay pastors in local congregations, but leave the choice of calling a gay pastor up to each individual congregation.
Admittedly, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is the largest body of Lutherans in the U. S. with a membership of 4.70 million baptized members; however, please be aware that there are other Lutheran Church Organizations in the U. S. A.
The second largest Lutheran Church Body in the U. S. A. is known as "The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod" (LCMS) with a total of 2.41 million baptized members.
The third largest Lutheran Church Body in the U. S. A. is known as "The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod" (WELS) and it has a membership of almost 390,000 baptized members.
To obtain additional information abou these three Lutheran Church Demoninations please visit:
You can also see a list of the thirty some Lutheran Demoninations at:
By clicking on the name of any of these Lutheran Church Bodies you can obtain a quick review of each demonination.
While the local Newspaper headline is misleading it also presents an opportunity for all Lutherans to witness to the world. Not all Lutherans are alike, just as not all Baptist are alike. A review of the Baptist Church Demoninations in North America indicates that there are at least seventy baptist organizations.
Now to be fair, I am confident that within all major Christian religions that there are many demoninations within each broad name.
The purpose of this post is to simply remind everyone to not judge any one individual by how they look or what religions organization and/or demonination they are a member of; just as we should never judge any church body by the broad title that applies to the faith, beliefs and practices of any one specific demonination.
Now, to conclude this post, it is because of sin, men's greed, lust or quest for power that we have many demoninations and many titles for the many organizations that call themselves Christians. As we all know, the purpose of the Church that was established as "Followers of Christ" was never intended to be so many names or demoninations.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Family Fellowship
Decadent Dessert Party
The Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity
Macon, Georgia

This is the set-up for the Family Fellowship at The Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity, Macon, Georgia.

The three cakes and the peanut butter cookies were all freshly baked this Saturday Morning in preparation for this Fun Event.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Middle Georgia Art Association
Opening Night Reception

The Flower Child and his Bride attended this gala event to ascertain how well our photographs did in the Annual Photography Competition. The Theme for 2009 was "Reflections." Here you see us with our entries. Each of us had two entries that were accepted. The gala Opening Night Reception was well attended and the work was well received.

Here you see the Flower Child beside his Honorable Mention entry entitled "Gateway Plaza." This image was captured late one evening in July 2009. The sky and clouds were just right to obtain this price winning image.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

J. Christopher's for Lunch

The Telegraph's Deal of the Day - Wednesday, 19 August

The Flower Child and his Bride enjoyed a delightful lunch at J. Christopher's on Wednesday. The "Deal of the Day" Coupon was just enough to motivate the Flower Child to travel to this fine Breakfast and Lunch establishment on Starcardia Circle off of Bass Road in North Bibb County, Georgia.
I enjoyed the Classic Club Sandwich and appreciated the fine service. The establishment was very busy and everyone appeared to be enjoying their Lunch experience. As part of the experience I did fill in the customer survey. It appears that the Owner of this establishment desires to meet the needs of the Consumer. Their survey was well developed and left plenty of room for comments from the Customer.
In summary, a great lunch time experience and certainly one that I would encourage everyone to enjoy. Excellent food and great service.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Constitutional Authority of OurPresident
Constitutional Authority of Our Nation's Lawmakers
During recent weeks I, the Flower Child, have heard many of my peers discuss "Health Care Reform" and/or "Health Care Insurance Reform" for all of the Citizens of the United States of America.
Today I finally let our Top Leaders and all of my Senators from Georgia and my Congressman have the opportunity to explain where they gain their authority to enact legislation/laws and to approve these laws.
I am awaiting their reply and look forward to the reference in the U. S. Constitution that they may cite to validate their current and/or anticipated actions regarding Health Care Reform and/or Health Care Insurance Reform.
The following is a copy of the correspondence that I just forwarded to our President, our Vice President, the two Senators from Georgia and the Eighth District Congressman.
August 19, 2009
Dear President Barack Obama
Dear Vice-President Joe Biden

Do you have the constitutional authority to approve a Federal Government take over of my Health Care? I would appreciate your comment/reply to this question. Thank You.


Alan (a.k.a. The Flower Child)

Dear Senator Saxby Chambliss
Dear Senator Johnny Isakson
Dear Congressman Jim Marshall

Do you as members of the U. S. Senate and the U. S. House of Representatives respectively have the authority to enact any legislation and/or laws to allow the Federal Government to take over the Health Care of U. S. Citizens, including myself? I would appreciate your comment/reply to this question. Thank You.

Alan (a.ka. The Flower Child)
Of course I used my real name in my E-Mail to the President and the Vice President. I also used my real name in my Fax to the above Lawmakers in Washington, D. C.
As most of you know, I did serve our Nation and all U. S. Citizens during my twenty-one year U. S. Navy Career. I feel compelled to allow those who follow me to also enjoy the freedoms of Citizenship in our Great Country. I do not comprehend how allowing our Federal Government to control every aspect of our lives will contribute to the freedoms that so many have garnered for all of us, even to the point of giving up life.
Ladies and Gentlemen, This is America. The land of the Free and also the Brave. So I ask all of you, "What have you done in recent times to preserve these freedoms for future generations of Americans?"
2009 Little League - World Champions
Warner Robins, Georgia
It took a mere one hour and fifteen minutes for the World Champion Little League Softball Team from Warner Robins, Georgia to wipe out the Southwest Champions from Crawford, Texas. It may now be appropriate for the Little League Baseball Team from Warner Robins, Georgia to adopt the mantra "Play Like the Girls" as they also step into the U. S. A. Little League Baseball World Series Pool Play this Friday, August 21, 2009.
I learned a lot today as I read Mr. Ed Grisamore's Column in "The Telegraph" published in Macon, Georgia. His Column was entitled "Where home plate began." The Column focused on the efforts of Claude Lewis and how he took over the Warner Robins Recreation Department some 52 years ago. Mr. Lewis organized and coached the city's first girls softball team. As you now know the rest is history.
Additionally, Mr. Lewis is recognized nationally as the "Father of T-Ball." Prior to reading this Column I thought it must be something in the water in Warner Robins, Georgia.
Now, we all know. Congratulations to the the new World Champions, the girls Softball Team from Warner Robins, Georgia.
Now everyone in Middle Georgia must rally around the Boys as they commence their quest for a Little League Baseball World Championship.
Beautiful Macon, Georgia

In as much as I am retired I often take the opportunity to view the beauty of my adopted City, Macon, Georgia. Here you see the lovely and beautiful plant display in front of a florist shop on Ingleside Avenue in Macon, Georgia. Of course one would expect to see a lovely display in a shop such as this. That stated, this is simply one of the best in my opinion.

Today I focused on one area of Macon. The beauty of this area and the quiet streets make this neighborhood a delight to visit. I especially appreciated the well kept lawns.

2009 Little League - Softball Southeast Champions
Georgia Champions
Warner Robins, Georgia

These Ambassadors from Warner Robins, Georgia will be playing for the World Championship title this evening, August 19, 2009. This picture was obtained from the Little League - Softball Website. For individual images of each of these talented players please visit:

Southeast Little League - Baseball Champions
Georgia Champions
Warner Robins, Georgia

I obtained this picture from the Little League Website. This team will play their first Game of the 2009 U. S. A. Championship Series this Friday, August 21, 2009 against the Midwest Winner from the State of Iowa.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cocaine on Money
An electronic media report this morning informed me that ninety percent of our paper money is tainted with Cocaine. A quick search on the World Wide Web indicated that there are 261 stories on this subject.
I was most impressed with the coverage on this link:
I would consider the News from National Geographic fairly reliable. Even more shocking was the fact that the highest amount/percentage of cocaine tainted (dirty money) was in Washington, D. C.
Or maybe this should not be a shock. After all we have a large population of Lawmakers and Lobbyist in this area.

Monday, August 17, 2009

2009 Little League World Series
Williamsport, PA
The other day I posted an entry about the possibility of Georgia/Southeast Little League Team playing against Iowa/Midwest Little League Team playing in the 2009 World Series. I just checked the schedule and ascertained that Iowa will be playing Georgia at 5:00 P.M. E.T. on Friday, August 21, 2009.
It will be an interesting evening. My Bride was born and raised in Macon, Georgia while I was born and raised in Clayton County, Iowa.
To see the schedule for the entire 2009 Little League World Series -Boys please visit:
You can be certain that the Flower Child will be watching every game being played and broadcast by ESPN/ABC from Williamsport, PA.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Little League World Series
It simply does not get any better than this. Here we are at 1:56 P.M. on Saturday, August 15, 2009 and the Little League Team from Iowa has advanced to the Little League World Series. Last Evening I also watched a great game where the Little league Team from Georgia advanced to the Little league World Series.
For an Former Iowa Farm Boy and now a Retiree living in Georgia it simply does not get any better than this.
Of course it would be interesting if the teams from Iowa and Georgia met in the U. S. A. Championship. At this time I do not know who I would support. Only time will tell.
Cash for Clunkers
Yes, I know this is a two subject Blog Post. This morning as I enjoyed my Saturday Morning Coffee I read my local Newspaper. It was with great sorrow that I read that our Federal Government is tardy in paying the Car Dealers who have participated in the Cash for Clunkers Program.
As I read the article I contemplated the results of a possible Government Take-Over of Health Care/Health Care Insurance Reform which has been the subject of much activity on the National Level. Suppose we have this "Reform" and Health Care providers are kept waiting for appropriate reimbursement just as the Auto Dealers are now waiting!!! How long will we wait for appropriate reimbursement? How many Auto Dealers will have severe financial problems as they wait for promised payments? Or, for that matter, if Health Care Reform/Health Care Insurance Reform is adopted based on current proposals; how long will Health Care Organizations need to wait?
I would submit that if our Federal Government can not keep payments on a three billion dollar program that they will perform far more poorly with payments to Health Care Providers. Certainly something to consider. Recent information indicates that in 2007 the Health Care Cost in the U. S. A. was 2.4 Trillion Dollars.
Of course the standard excuse for the poor performance on paying auto dealers on a Three Billion Dollar Program is that systems are not up and running. Can you imagine how the Federal Government will mess up on payments for a 2.4 Trillion Dollar Program?
For additional information on our 2007 Health Care Cost please visit:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beauty Surrounds Us in Macon, Georgia

Today I had the opportunity to travel out and about in the Bloomfield Area of Macon, Georgia. I was impressed to view the progress that this area has made in recovering from the terrible Mother's Day Storms of 2008.
I would urge everyone to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us all as we engage in our daily activities.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2009 Ocmulgee Indian Celebration
September 19 - 20, 2009

This is an image from the 2008 Celebration. I attended last year for the first time, but you can be confident that I will attend this event in 2009. The following is quoted from a recent Fox 24 television newscast:

"Largest gathering of Native Americas in the Southest. Around 300 Native Americans demonstrate traditional dance, music, singing, storytelling and crafts. Children can make clay pottery and take it home with them. Food vendors will be set up as well."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Congratulations - Warner Robins All Stars
Georgia Little League Champions
Well Done to the Little League Team from Georgia as they have won all three games of their Pool Play in the Southeast Region Playoffs.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mail Call
A U. S. Navy Tradition
Some of you may have recently saw or read where the U. S. Postal Service is suffering a loss of revenue because too many people are using various Electronic systems to communicate with other people.
Let me be the first to remind you that no E-Mail, Facebook entry, MySpace entry or Twitter post can take the place of a "Package From Home" when you are deployed. Here you can see the results of loving Americans as they flood their loved ones with "Care Packages."

GULF OF OMAN (Aug. 7, 2009) Information Systems Technician 3rd Class Calvin Lawson helps sort through 21,000 pounds of mail in the hangar bay of the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76). Ronald Reagan is deployed to the U.S. 5th Fleet area of responsibility. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Oliver Cole/Released)
As you can ascertain from the information, this great ship, the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) is deployed and conducting operations in the War on Terrorism. Can you imagine what eleven tons of mail looks like? You only see a portion here.
First Friday - August 7, 2009
Macon, Georgia
Macon Arts
Quite often I hear local citizens comment that their is nothing to do in Macon, Georgia. From my point of view that is a cop-out for anyone that desires to do nothing. This past Friday Evening my Bride and I attended the Opening Reception at Macon Arts at 486 First Street in downtown Macon. The Gallery featured Ceramic Artist David Morgan and Painter Michele Treesong. The reception was well attended and I had to wait to capture these images without people obstructing the view.

Of course the food table is also a featured attraction at any Gallery Opening and this event did very well with a diverse selection of tasty finger foods for everyone's taste.
Here you see three gallery opening attendees discussing the potential uses of these pottery pieces.

Mr. David Morgan who has been a potter for thirty-two years discussing his work with show attendees. An interesting, educational and fun event. The next time you hear anyone say that there is nothing to do in Macon please refer them to the Weekly "Out & About" publication provided by "The Telegraph" here in Macon, Georgia. This publication is issued every Friday and showcases the fun events of Middle Georgia.

Saturday, August 08, 2009


SAN DIEGO (Aug. 6, 2009) A Sailor assigned to the Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS Albuquerque (SSN 706) kisses his baby as he arrives in San Diego. Albuquerque has completed her change of homeport from Groton, Conn., to Naval Base Point Loma, the first homeport change in her history. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class David Quillen/Released)
Captain Michael Scott Speicher
U. S. Navy

ANBAR PROVINCE, Iraq (July 23 - 28, 2009) Marines from Task Force Personnel Recovery (TF MP) of Multi-National Force-West conduct recovery efforts at the crash site of U.S. Navy Capt. Michael Scott Speicher, whose F/A-18 was shot down over Anbar province, Iraq, Jan. 17, 1991. (U.S. Marine Corps Photo/Released)

Friday, August 07, 2009

Flower Child's Angel Trumpet Blooms

This morning as I viewed the East Gardens while bringing the morning newspaper to the house I noted that once again the Angel Trumpet Blooms were in their full beauty. In view of the time, the sun was not bright and still behind the trees I ascertained that I could capture some lovely looking images. Both of these photographs were shot with flash about 8:00 A.M.
Again, enjoy the beauty that abounds in each of our lives.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Turkey River Mall, Elkader, Iowa

During my recent trip to the Holy Land (a.k.a.) Iowa I had the opportunity to do some shopping at the Turkey River Mall.
During my browsing I found several things of great interest so I purchased them. If you look closely to the left side of this picture you will see a cabbage cutter that I purchased for the sum of $12.00. When I was a young farm boy my Mother often used a device such as this to make kraut. It was the task of us children to mash down the cut cabbage with our hands (freshly washed of course) so the the cabbage could forment and become kraut.
The next item I purchased was the silver chest with service for twelve. The flatware is stamped "Argyle Silver Plate" and was manufactured by International Silver in 1938. I acquired the flatware and the silver chest for $29.00.
The China you see in the picture was manufactured in China and is entitled "Loon Lake." I checked this out on the World Wide Web and a service for six such as shown here would cost $167.58. If I remember correctly, the Black Loon China was acquired for a cash outlay of about $65.00. Of course there is a story surrounding the purchase of the "Black Loon" China, but you will have to communicate with my Spouse for that information.
You can be confident that during my next trip to my Homeland that I will be visiting the Turkey River Mall again.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


HELMAND PROVINCE, Afghanistan (July 31, 2009) Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Lamonte Hammond, left, from San Diego assigned to Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, treats an Afghan child that was hit by a tractor at Nawa District in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Hammond and his unit are deployed supporting the NATO International Security Assistance Force and are participating in counter insurgency operations and training Afghan National Security Forces. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Artur Shvartsberg/Released)
When I view pictures such as this and hear the reports of what our Nation's Heroes are doing while they are engaged in the War On Terrorism, I can not help but be proud of my Country and those young Woman and Men who have volunteered to defend us all.
Thank You!!!!!
Remember "The Promise"

I am sure that everyone can remember a time of trouble in their lives. I am also sure that many will think that our current time is a time of trouble.

As I view this picture I always remember the "Great Promise," by our creator recorded in Holy Scripture, Genesis, Chapter 9. The Chapter is titled: "God's Covenant With Noah."

Certainly a positive Promise/Covenant by God and the only one we can trust.
National Healthcare Reform
National Healthcare Insurance Reform

What will happen if our Health Care in America or our Health Care Insurance in America is reformed?
Let us all take some time to consider the recent event that we all are completely aware of. This morning as I read my copy of "The Telegraph" published in Macon, Georgia and printed in Columbus, Georgia I could not help but read a small article on page on the Business Page, Page 8A. It was captioned "If you didn't do it last week, can you still get cash for clunkers?"

The following is a quote of the last paragraph: "Many still were offering the deals on Monday but say they're still not sure about the rest of the week. Others are making only verbal deals that will go through if more money comes into th program. Some are telling buyers they'll have to bring their new cars back or pay back the rebate if their applications are rejected when they are submitted to the government. And some dealers are holding off on sending trade-ins to be scrapped, just in case the deals don't work out and the buyers need their old cars back.-Associated Press"

Certainly an interesting situation. Now consider the above report and how it may impact a situation in a Hospital Operating Room once we have enacted some type of Health Care Reform or Health Care Insurance Reform.

The doctor has just finished a successful open heart surgery or even a heart transplant. The Hospital Administrator suddenly rushes in to announce that the Government has decided that patient ________ is not going to be approved for this procedure, or even worse, the Government has suddenly run out of funds to pay for the procedure and the House of Representatives has approved more funds but the approval by the Senate appears doubtful. What is the Doctor going to do.

Of course he has several choices. He can remove the stent or remove the heart and sew the patient back up or he can gamble on the outcome of the funding by the Government. He can even tell the patients family that they will have to pay our of pocket, if that is even allowed.

Or they can keep the replacement heart in the chill box and complete the operation once the funding becomes available. Certainly an interesting situation but if the Goverment can mess up some thing as simple as a "Cash for Clunkers," do I want them to manage my Health Care or even my Health Care Insurance?

Something to consider before we hand over total control of our Health Care or our Health Care Insurance to the Government.

Or is it already too late and the storm clouds gather?

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Night Blooming Cereus
The Morning After

For the past two evenings I have shared the beauty of this lovely, heavenly and fragrant flower with friends and neighbors. This is what the bloom looks like on the morning after such a lovely looking flower. Indeed, you must stay up late to enjoy the full beauty of this special Flower.
This is the first time we have had blooms on our two plants which we received as cuttings about five years ago. I have been informed that there is a possibility that they will bloom one more time this Late Summer or Early Fall.
You can be confident that if they bloom again that I will share a few pictures with you. As I strolled through the Gardens today I ascertained that the "Angel Trumpets" are developing flower buds and could possibly be blooming in a few days.
The beauty of God's Creation never ends. Enjoy Life.
USS Jason Dunham (DDG 109)
Christening Ceremony
A Bittersweet Moment

"Bath, Maine (Aug. 1, 2009) Deb Dunham, left, hugs her husband, Dan, after christening the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer Jason Dunham (DDG 109) as her daughter, Katie Dunham, looks on during a christening ceremony at General Dynamics Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine. The ship is named for her son, U.S. Marine Cpl. Jason Dunham, who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in Operation Iraqi Freedom. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Michael T. Gams/Released)"

During my time in the U. S. Navy I was never part of a Pre-Commissioning crew or a Christening Ceremony. I suspect that this one was very emotional for the family of U. S. Marine Cpl. Jason Dunham.