Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Gator's
The 2009 Georgia versus Florida Football game is now history. Several of my peers have taken me to task because I am a Gator Fan. I became a Gator Fan when I observed Tim Tebow's acceptance speech at the 2007 Heisman Trophy Presentation. He stated his priorities as:
  1. Faith
  2. Family
  3. Education
  4. Football

I can not think of a better set of priorities for our Young Citizens to emulate.

Iowa Hawkeyes Play a Dynamic Fourth Quarter
I am taking a break from the Florida-Georgia Game. I have just finished watching the Iowa versus Indiana Game from the Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City, Iowa.
This is the only Stadium named for a Heisman Trophy Winner and there is a statue of Nile Kinnick in the plaza of the stadium.
Nile Kinnick's life was shortened by a tragic crash in the water during his training during World War II to become a U. S. Navy Pilot.
Nile Kennick's statue at the stadium which bears his name displays him as a scholar with a book bag. Those who knew him felt that this would be the most appropriate way to honor this Hero.
To read Nile's Heisman Trophy Award speech please visit:
To learn more about this stadium in Iowa City, Iowa please visit:
Of course you may like to know why I am so interested in the Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City. My cousin was the foreman for the construction company which completed the 89 million dollar renovation in August 2006.
Now You Know.
Now I must get on with the Tim Tebow Show.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Veteran's Day 2009

As we prepare for Veteran's Day 2009 and participate in various programs to Honor our Past Heroes and also our Current Heroes I post this entry today to simply remind everyone that it is essential that we appreciate what the millions of enlisted personel have accomplished in the defense of this Country and what they have accomplished so that we may continue to enjoy our way of life.
Following is the story that relates to this image:

SOUTH CHINA SEA (Oct. 29, 2009) Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class Carigo A. Rula, directs a Marine Corps CH-53E Sea Stallion helicopter from the flight deck of the amphibious dock landing ship USS Harpers Ferry (LSD 49) during landing qualifications. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Joshua J. Wahl/Released)
Please be aware that I, the Flower Child, am very aware of the enlisted personnel of all services who are truely our Nation's Heroes. Thank You!!!
School Spirit Abounds in Middle Georgia
Stratford Academy's Final Home Football Game

This morning as I gathered my thoughts and consumed my Coffee, I looked out the window to witness a gathering of many cars on the street near my West Bibb County, Georgia Home.
Considering that it was a Friday Morning and the Football season is reaching the peak of interest I suspected that it was a gathering of Scholars from a nearby Academy.
As I gathered my morning issue of "The Telegraph" from the driveway I ascertained that it was a Breakfast for the Scholars at the home of one of the Academy's Football players. Once the daylight lighted the area I took a series of photographs for this Post.

After I had completed the street scene, four Scholars approached their transportation and I asked them for permission to take a picture. I even encouraged them to turn their faces sideways, but they had no problem with me capturing this image.
I appreciate this display of "School Spirit" by these Scholars and their cheerful attitude at an early hour. I share this story simply to let everyone know that there are plenty of good people in our Community.
Of course I wished them well at tonight's Football game. Go Eagles!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween 2009
The Sunday, October 25, 2009 post on The World This Week related the fun that was had at the "Down by the River Party" that I attended with my Bride. After everyone had their fill of the delightful Smores the Jack Lanterns were lit as the sky grew dark. Everyone enjoyed these carved pumpkins. Can you determine the carved out images?
Please post your answers in the comments section of this Post.

In conclusion, I wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween. Enjoy the evening. I am ready for the Trick or Treaters, but please be aware that I might be slow in getting to the door as I will be watching the Florida-Georgia Game.
Thank You!!!!

William Segal's Art
Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences
My post on October 3, 2009 was about the opening of the William Segal Gallery at the Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences on Forsyth Road, Macon, Georgia. I promised that I would feature more work by this artist who was born in Macon, Georgia. Mr. Segal's friend, Ken Burns was at the Gallery Opening. Enjoy the five pictures I have included here. We were allowed to take pictures of the paintings as long as we did not use flash photography. Additionally, I did not feel that it was appropriate to use a tripod because that would interfere with the other guest at the opening. Thus these images were taken by simply holding the camera.

Should you desire to learn more about Mr. William Segal or see the entire Gallery I would encourage you to visit this site:
The William Segal Gallery will remain at the Museum through January 3, 2010.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Alan's Story
The Genesis of The Flower Child

Alan was born in a Farm House on Clayton Ridge between Guttenberg and Clayton, Iowa. Both of these towns are on the Mississippi River in Clayton County. Alan was the first child born which would later become a family with six children - three boys and three girls.

The young family moved in the Winter of 1941 to another Farm near the Ceres Church off of U. S. Highway 52 which runs between Guttenberg and Garnavillo, Iowa. The date of this photo is unknown but it appears that I was standing in field of oats.

Because I was a February Baby I usually celebrated my Birthdays with snow on the ground. This picture was taken on my Third Birthday. It would appear that I was camera shy at this age. At least I was not looking at the camera when my Mom snapped this picture. I have fond memories of my Mom taking the family pictures with a Kodak Box Camera. Considering the time frame of our young family with four of us being born in 1940, 1941, 1942 and 1944 we are all well documented. My Mom kept "Birthday Books" on all of us.

I attended this one room country school which was on the corner of My parents 80 acre farm. Although it was not up hill both ways to and from school we did walk to school. We carried our lunch and because our home was so close to the school we had to also carry the pail of water that we all consumed during each school day. Thus we always knew that our drinking water was safe because a sample had to be sent into the State of Iowa Water Testing Lab each school year.

I attended this school for the first seven years of my formal public education.

I graduated from Garnavillo Community School in May of 1958. I scored at the 98th precentile on the Iowa State Test each of my high school years. I understand that these test now have a new name - "The Iowa Test of Basic Skills."
This summary is provided for your reading pleasure just in case you ever wondered how the Flower Child was educated.
Now you know!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Let's Go Down To The River!!

One of my Bride's Uncles owns some property along the River South of Macon, Georgia. Each Fall a group gathers there to relax and enjoy the scene. Of course we also enjoy the fellowship and the opportunity to eat "Smores!!"

The Flower Child and His Bride!!

A Gathering of Cousins!!

Time to Reflect!!!

This Was Good. Can I Have Another?

Of course there is always action for the Younger Ones!!!

Baptism - U. S. Navy Style

SASEBO, Japan (Sept. 17, 2009) Lt. John Madea holds his daughter as she is baptized with holy water from the ship's bell of the amphibious dock landing ship USS Tortuga (LSD 46). This is the fourth person baptized aboard Tortuga since the ship's christening in 1988, and her name will be inscribed inside the bell as a tradition of the U.S. Navy. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Geronimo Aquino/Released)
I, the Flower Child share this Navy tradition with the readers here to let all know that Sailors are also part of humanity.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Homecoming 2009

Proud Sailors of the USS Ronald Reagan participate in Home Coming Ceremonies as this Great Carrier returns to San Diego, California after a major deployment. The USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) returned on October 21, 2009.
These heroes in our War on Terrorism have just completed a five month deployment to the Western Pacific Ocean. These Heroes, just as those in the U. S. Army, the U. S. Marine Corps, the U. S. Coast Guard and the U. S. Air Force are ready and willing to give their own lives for their fellow mankind.
Thank You!!!

I understand the word "ethics" in life to mean to be able to discern what is wrong or what is right.
Ethics in one's personal life is probably far different that Ethics for Governmental Workers and our duly Elected Lawmakers.
Thus the conversation could go on, and on for days. A more simple approach to defining "Ethics" would be for everyone to apply the "Golden Rule" in every aspect of their lives.
So you are wondering why is the Flower Child bringing up this subject today. Recent observations of individuals in my life, social, religious, work place, and hobby organizations of which I am a member of cause me to consider how everyone, myself included, should conduct their daily affairs.
I could even discuss ethics in a marriage relationship here. As I see it, ethics, involves everyone in every facet of their daily lives. It is not an item or concept that should even be turned off or turned on only when it is convenient.
During a recent appearance to the U. S. Congress our President was called a lier. As you know this caused an avalanche of commentary in the media.
I could go on with more examples of situations where the lack of ethics is causing many of the problems in our society today. Some would call this situation a result of "sin." I would certainly agree.
The sad thing about this "not telling the truth" is that the lie is usually found out. Then the person who has not told the truth certainly looses creditability. Certainly not a good situation for a person who is in a position of trust, which is all of us.
During the recent "Drug Awareness" event I attended the keynote speaker gave us all the three "Cs" to guide us in our daily lives. I think that living by these "three Cs" is germane for every human being on this planet. They are:
  • Character
  • Courage
  • Commitment

I suspect that every adult who is reading this Blog Post already knows the definition of these individual words. I also know that it is often difficult to live up to these expectations. That stated, I trust that everyone desires to be known by his or her peers as a trustworthy person who can be counted on to assist one another when the need calls for assistance. This is the concept that Soldiers and Marines employ when they are in battle. They defend each other and they look out for each other. Of course this applies to individuals in their daily lives. I like to have people that I can trust around me at all times.

Reflecting back to the "Drug Awareness" program of a few days ago, we all need to know that we are judged by the company we keep. In that regard, I hope that I am in a circle of friends, neighbors, family, fellow church members and fellow citizens that I can trust.

The keynote speaker concluded his talk to us by telling us this key fact which should remind us of what life is all about: "The Road to success is not straight. The Road has all kinds of hazards."

So the reason for this Blog Post today is simple. I certainly appreciate the truth and look forward to hearing the truth in all situations. One thing is for certain, I do not appreciate being misled. I am also confident that the majority of humankind does not appreciate being misled.
I have fond memories of when my own children were in their youth and I suspected them of telling a lie. I often compared them to the "former lead singer for a music group known as 'Air Supply."' In other words, I knew they were blowing hot air and when I told them this they knew that I was on to the real situation. I am extremely grateful that these dear children are now grown up and are extremely trustworthy.
So, if I ever break out a recording of any music by "Air Supply" or even mention the musical group in your presence you know where I am coming from.
Thank You!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Drug Awareness
Last evening it was my good fortune to attend "The Mentors Project of Bibb County, Inc." Drug Awareness Program at Miller Middle School here in Macon, Georgia.
The Keynote speaker was Dr. Wallace Keese of Fort Valley State University. In addition to his talk he had visual examples of what drugs can do to your body. A very powerful display which should cause anyone to think about the consequences of doing drugs.
The entertainment for the evening consisted of several vocal groups and a soloist. One group from Bibb County's Central High School left a lasting impression on me. They had a rap about doing well in school and how everyone should follow their dream.
As I left the Program the protege who attended with me had this brief, yet powerful summary of the evening: "That Was Good Info."
That consise statement proved to me that the system works.
Thank You!!! I would urge everyone to consider Mentoring a Student. It is a very rewarding experience.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kids Yule Love
For over twenty years the citizens of Middle Georgia have supported a wonderful organization known as "Kids Yule Love" by making generous donations for a very worth while cause.
This organization faces many challenges this Christmas Season. The Web Site for Kids Yule Love has recently been updated and I found it very easy to use.
The Site also provides a history of this dynamic organization and allows online donations as well as complete information about the plethora of organizations which are drop-off points for toys for Children. Additionally there are many organizations which sponsor "Kids Yule Love."
Check out this Web Site to learn more about this Organization:
Admittedly we have not yet passed the Halloween Season, but please remember that Christmas will be here very soon. Thank You!!!!
U. S. Navy

More Good News

SOUTH CHINA SEA (Oct. 20, 2009) Quartermaster 2nd Class Matthew M. Brook raises the American flag as the amphibious dock landing ship USS Harpers Ferry (LSD 49) gets underway. Harpers Ferry, the amphibious dock landing ship USS Tortuga (LSD 46) and the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (31st MEU) are participating in Amphibious Landing Exercise (PHIBLEX) 2009. PHIBLEX is designed to improve interoperability, increase readiness and develop professional relationships between the U.S. military and the Armed Forces of the Philippines. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Joshua J. Wahl/Released)

NORFOLK (Oct. 19, 2009) Gas Turbine System technician (Mechanical) 3rd Class Kimberly Embrick kisses her son during her return to Norfolk Naval Station after a seven-month deployment aboard the guided-missile destroyer USS James E. Williams (DDG 95). (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Desiree Green/Released)

SAN DIEGO (Oct. 19, 2009) Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) the Honorable Ray Mabus visits with wounded service members during a tour of the Comprehensive Combat and Complex Casualty Care Unit at Naval Medical Hospital Balboa. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kevin S. O'Brien/Released)

I, the Flower Child publish these pictures and the related stories simply to let everyone know that our Nation's Warriors have a very human side. They serve us well and have the usual obligations to Family and perform their task under all conditions. As we prepare for Veteran's Day 2009 in November I would urge you to send a care package to a deployed Warrior. There are many organizations which support our Heroes. I know of many Church Groups here in Middle Georgia who routinely send Care Packages. Support one of these projects today!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"The Church"
I am sure that most everyone who reads "The World This Week" knows that the Flower Child attends a Church.
This past Sunday, October 18, 2009 the Sermon was about "What is The Church?"
We learned that there are several valid concepts pertaining to this question. The Pastor focused on three with the promise that this was at least a two part Sermon.
  1. "We are in God's image." Just check out the first book of the Bible. We are expected to love, show joy and reflect God for other people.
  2. As Christians we "Are a Great Nation." All will be blessed through you (us). This was God's promise to Abram. "We (you) are blessed so we can be a blessing to others."
  3. A Church is a group of Christians - a chosen race, a holy nation. We are commanded to proclaim to others. We are to share the good news of the Kingdom of God. To share the news of God's grace for all peoplekind. We are a link between God and the people of the World. We are all priest!

I suspect that the Sermon this Sunday, October October 25 will conclude this series of "What is The Church?"

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Providence Canyon State Park
Georgia's Little Grand Canyon

On Saturday, October 17, 2009 several members of the Middle Georgia Camera Club conducted a Field Trip to Providence Canyon State Park near Lumpkin, Georgia. It was a cool day with no sun which made for the ability to acquire vivid color images of this Canyon which is the result of soil erosion because of poor farming practices.
The State Park covers over 1100 acres and is an interesting place to visit. I acquired over 100 pictures. The floor of the canyon is 150 feet below the canyon rim.

This is a view from one of the overlooks near the canyon rim. The colors were amazing. I was impressed with the number of out of state visitors to this park. I noted automobiles from Indiana, Ohio, Florida and Alabama.

Another view from a rim overlook station. Should you desire to learn more about this interesting place please visit:
I have lived in Georgia 34 years and am still learning about this Great State. The Flower Child recommends that you also take the time to visit more of the interesting Parks and other sites in the State.

Beautiful Georgia

During my recent travels to the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia I have observed this beautiful planting of flowers on Interstate 75 between exit 146 and 144 just West of Warner Robins, Georgia.
On October 14, 2009 my Bride traveled to South Georgia to attend a District Meeting of the Garden Clubs of Georgia. Upon her return home she handed me a flyer about the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Garden Clubs of Georgia program to beautify the Highways of Georgia. Anyone in Georgia who owns an automobile can purchase a special Wildflower License Plant for the sum of one time donation of $25.00 and this generates funding for the Wildflower planting program excutied by the Department of Transportation. We decided that the Cone Flower would be most appropriate and I obtained the special plate on Friday, October 16, 2009.

You also can be a part of this program by obtaining this plate or the Yellow Daisy plate to support the beautification of Georgia.

Confederate Roses

These are not true roses, however they do bear the name of Confederate Rose. The Flower Child enjoys these plants which bloom every Fall when the weather turns cooler.

The three plant we have were obtained from my Bride's aunt many, many years ago. I really did not appreciate them or know much about them. I planted them in the shady area in the East Gardens here in our West Bibb County Home. They would spring forth each spring with a stem and a few leaves. Then one year I planted them in an area where they receive an abundance of afternoon sun.

As you can ascertain here, they grow quite tall. These are at least eight feet tall and the blooms range from pink, white or red. The interesting aspect about the flowers is that they can be several colors on the same plant. They do not overwinter. I cut them back for the first frost and they grow rapidly each Spring to provide yet another season of beauty.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Who Is Crazy?

During a recent Electronic Media broadcast I recall hearing that our Bibb County Commissioners are considering the hiring of a "Lobbyist" to interact with our duly elected leaders from Bibb County who represent us in the Georgia General Assembly each year.

I must be seriously in error to even feel that this is but another example of some crazy thinking on the part of who ever suggested this idea. I may be incorrect, but are not the members of the Bibb Delegation elected by "We The People." I seem to recall that during the campaign each of these candidates won their respective elections. I also seem to recall that each of these campaign winners pledged to represent "We The People" in the halls of the Georgia Capital!!!

Now I hear tell that we need a lobbyist. If these duly elected Lawmakers are actually representing us why do we need a lobbyist? I would like to know. Additionally, I would humbly suggest that each of these duly elected lawmakers could hold "town hall" type meetings for the people who voted them into office. I suspect that even citizens who did not vote for those currently serving would also attend these "town hall" type meetings. This is how it should work.

Our own President is aware of the economic problems we are all facing. I heard him say so during the recent "town hall" meeting in New Orleans. I can not understand how our Commissioners can even consider the hiring of a lobbyist. I simply cannot comprehend why we can not trust our duly elected lawmakers to do what is correct and proper.
Therefore I would respectfully submit that we do not need a lobbyist. Of course I may be living in what I consider a perfect world and that everyone is doing what is correct and proper. But then again, to have such contempt for our duly elected leaders that we need a lobbyist to swing their voting our way seems to run contrary to what we expected when we as citizens elected them. After all each lawmaker did receive a majority of the votes for their respective district.
Therefore, Dear Bibb County Commissioners, please evaluate the need for a lobbyist and consider how these funds could be spend right here in Bibb County for the benefit of "We The People" of Bibb County.
Or, I hate to even state this, or is the potential "lobbyist" some one near and/or dear to any of our current Bibb Delegation? Or is the potential "lobbyist" a member of any of our duly elected Commissioners families. Or, is someone suggesting this because they owe a favor to someone who helped them achieve their current status.
In any regard, it is not a prudent idea at this time, or for that matter, it is not a prudent idea at any time.
I am one citizen who believes that we should hold all of our duly elected leaders accountable. We simply do not need somebody to put a spin on a situation to garner our lawmakers attention. If these lawmakers fail us as "We The People," we have the duty to vote them out of office. From my point of view that could start right here in Bibb County.
Therefore, please excerise caution before you execute your own future and place "We The People" in harms way by expending resources (read money) that you may not have in the future to support all these ideas which now appear to be germane.
So ask your self the question: "Who Is Crazy?"

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Christmas Trees For Our Heroes
Please bear with me for a few minutes. You are a young Soldier, Marine, Airman or a Sailor and you will be deployed and away from your Family for Christmas 2009!!
You are a young child and your parent, either a Mom or a Dad is deployed and engaged in fighting the War on Terrorism. Money for house hold necessities is tight and you have already been informed that this Christmas may not be the same as last year.
Both of these challenging situations will play out often this Christmas of 2009. While I was attending the Georgia National Fair I visited the Christmas Tree Displays. The Displays featured Trees from Christmas Tree Growers from throughout Georgia as well as Christmas Trees decorated by exhibitors from several Georgia Communities. I was talking to a Christmas Tree Grower who supports a Tree Donation Program which supports our Nation's Heroes and their Families.
The Organization is known as "Christmas SPIRIT Foundation." I picked up one of their brochures and discovered the following information:
  • More than 50,000 families have received a Real Christmas Tree through the Trees for Troops program since 2005
  • Over 750 Christmas tree farmers from 27 states have contributed to the program
  • 800 volunteers assist with the program every year
  • Trees have been delivered to 53 bases and 17 countries
  • The Christmas Spirit is enhanced for all who give and receive

You can learn more about this non-profit organization by visiting their website at:

I was impressed with the scope of operations that this organization has achieved in a mere four years. I promised the spokesperson at the Fair Booth that I would make a donation. I have and I would encourage everyone who has the ability to also do so. I can think of no better Christmas Gift to present to our Nation's Heroes or to these Families than a real live Christmas Tree.

I suggest that you donate through the Website which I referenced above or to mail a donation to:

Christmas SPIRIT Foundation

Suite 300

16020 Swingley Ridge Road

Chesterfield, MO 63017

Just think of the Christmas Spirit that you will foster by donating to this organization. Have a Blessed Christmas. I know that I am early with this request, but I remain confident that if all of us donate to this organization that Christmas will be much better for so many. Thank You!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Health Insurance in the United States of America
When will this mess end? Earlier today I learned that the price tag on "Cap and Trade" just may cost the average American Family over $1700.00.
Then as I enjoyed some of my favorite talk radio shows this afternoon I learned that the cost of insurance for an average American Family may exceed $4300.00 per year.
When will this mess end? With unemployment still a fact of life and people not getting adequate cost of living increases I have but one question. "Who will pay for all this government generosity?"
I suspect that some time the government printing presses at the U. S. Mint will have to shut down for lubrication and maintenance.
Then what will happen? The labor force is shrinking and those who work simply can not pay enough Federal Income Taxes to support us all.
What next? Maybe I should obtain a "Rosetta Stone Chinese" language course while I still have some funds.
So much for my upward mobility!!!! Of course I am hoping that the candidate of "Hope" will realize that we can not spend our way out of this mess.
Thank You!!!!
Energy Use and Our Future
in the
United States of America
Every American simply must read this information. Then every American must act. Communicate with your Congressman and your Senators today. We simply can not afford this action.

While everyone’s been focused on the health care debate, the House quietly passed the Cap and Trade legislation. Now it’s up to the Senate. One way or another it appears that our current administration is determined to bankrupt the United States of America.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Upward Mobility
Lawmakers versus "The Common Man"
In my post on this site of October 10, 2009 I discussed how my former job allowed me to experience "upward mobility." Most readers here will recognize that I did labor for an organization that had a Union right here in Macon, Georgia. Yes, I must admit that this employment opportunity and the efforts of the Union allowed me to experience "Upward Mobility."

As you enter the driveway of my current home here in West Bibb County you will note that the drive is flanked by two displays of flowers in appropriate planters. This planting is on the left side of the drive.
The planting is on the right side of the drive as you approach my home. It is lovely to look at and is certainly at the peak of beauty.

Once you approach the front door you will note these plantings. The urns were obtained in 2007 right here in Macon, Georgia. The funds required to obtain these urns was received from our U. S. Government.

This is a view of the planters on the right side of the steps. You will note the lovely Fall colors which are abundant.

This photo clearly shows the front entrance steps and the planters with contain fatsia and sweet potato vine. The colorful burgandy plants in the concrete planters were added this Fall. They certainly add a bit of color and impact to an otherwise "green" scene.
By now you may be asking why this detail when all of my friends and neighbors already know that "The Flower Child" usually has an interesting arrangement of plants and flowers at his home.
Recently I learned in the print media that the employees of the Macon Police Department are seriously considering the establishment of a Union. I would suspect that in addition to the hazards they daily face in their employment "read service to the citizens" that they would like to at least receive a decent wage and adequate health care as well as a viable retirement program. In my short time in the Macon area I recall that these concerns have been an ongoing problem. I suspect that the Macon Law Makers are overlooking the simple fact that at this time the Macon Police Department (MPD) is providing excellent training for their officers and reaps the reward of this fine training but for a few years. Then, these young recruits obtain/acquire families and realize that they can do much better in several local Law Enforcement Agencies. Thus they leave the Macon Police Department. Yet the Macon Lawmakers who are often struggling with inadequate funds throw out the baby with the bathwater. They invest great sums in training fine Law Men and Women for other agencies. I would humbly suggest that they have had adquate opportunity to resolve these issues so it is certainly appropriate that Macon's protectors desire to establish a Union.
Yet I am aware that the Macon lawmakers appear to decry this move. Have these same Lawmakers no soul? Have they no heart for their fellow peoplekind?
I appreciate my upward mobility and I feel that it is a shame that the Macon Lawmakers refuse to accept the fact that they are indeed a party to the problem. If the Macon Lawmakers had been proactive years ago they would not have to fall back on reactive tactics now. To simply jump up and down that the Union for the Police Department is totally not needed is overlooking the fact that these servants sworn to "Serve and Protect" deserve much more than they currently receive as employees of the City of Macon.
Yet the noble Legal Profession proceeds onward. We all know that a fair number of Macon's Lawmakers are members of the Legal Profession. I have heard one proclaim that "He" is a recovering Lawyer.
Just as our Nation's leaders who led the famous "Boston Tea Party," when they tired of taxes levied without representation and went on to establish the United States of America the Members of the Macon Police Department have tired of the "Business as Usual" from the members of Macon's City Council.
Yes, I was a member of a Union when I worked for Brown and Williamson here in Macon, Georgia; but I also have a memory of our Union President informing us in an election cycle in the late 1990s that we should vote Republican because it was the Congressman of the other party that were leading the now famous "Tobacco Wars."
Based on what I have observed in my life on this earth I certainly feel that in the case of some Lawmakers their sole purpose is to keep their elected jobs without valid concern for the citizens that they should serve and that includes those who are sworn to serve and protect the citizens.
Sometimes Lawmakers must to what is right versus what is required to keep their jobs or keep the campaign contributions flowing to them so that they can continue to "serve." So the question becomes, "Who are our Lawmakers serving?"
Maybe we the voters need to evaluate that critical question prior to the next election cycle. Not only the citizens of Macon, Georgia, but citizens of every City, County, State and our own United States of America.
"We The People" certainly deserve much better than what we are currently receiving in a vast number of situations.
I consider myself a citizen who respects the well established "Rule of Law" concept which has allowed our United States of America to prosper.
You may desire to read a "Cato" report that evaluates a situation that we are all aware of and how "Trial Lawyers" have a much larger grip on our Governments than what we deserve.
I would humbly suggest that our Lawmakers who are often Lawyers rely on their passion to serve "We The People" versus their desire to simply achieve re-election. "The Common Man" and to be correct "The Common Woman" desire to have upward mobility. The option to achieve upward mobility has been the cornerstone of success in acquiring the American Dream. I cannot understand how any elected official would want to take that away from any Man or Woman.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Power Packer
A 2009 View

It is difficult to think that a whole ten years has passed since the Power Packer retired from Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company here in Macon, Georgia. Many will remember the uniform we all wore prior to this one. It was a maize colored shirt with a brown trouser. The picture shown above is the uniform shirt we wore with blue trousers as the local tobacco completed an almost thirty run in Middle Georgia.
One thing that can be stated about the individuals who worked at Brown and Williamson during the late 1900s. This company gave a lot of Middle Georgia Citizens upward mobility. I as but one former Brown and Williamson Employee appreciate the good fortune that was given to me on 9 May 1983. I retired on 1 September 1999.
Most of the 3300 Brown and Williamson workers had a "handle." On my retirement my workmates presented me with a plaque which listed all the handles I had during my time at Brown and Williamson.
They were: "Power Packer" "Waldo" "Chief" "Water Boy" "Bag Boy" "Paper Boy" and "Ladder Boy"
Of course I have fond memories of my employment opportunity at Brown and Williamson. I did enjoy it!!!!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Employment Opportunities in the U. S. A.
Your Credit Report and Possible Employment
During a recent "talk radio" broadcast I learned that our Federal Law Makers my be considering the enactment of a law/or laws that would make it illegal for a potential employer to use credit report information when deciding if to hire a job applicant.
Labor Lawyers decry the current system where Employers can obtain Credit Information on a job applicant and use this credit information/report as but one tool in determining if a job candidate should be hired.
The Labor Lawyers state that this would discriminate against Minority Groups and Women the most.
Consider with me for a moment what could possibly happen if this proposed legistation concerning using Credit Report Information/Rating was banned by Federal Law in the decision process regarding the hiring of new employees.
Suppose I own a company, any company; which I do not, and I needed new workers. If I am banned from using Credit Report Information and as the Labor Lawyers state the use of same would discriminate against Minorities and Women I guess my first cut in hiring a reliable employee to work for me would be to reject any Minority and/or Woman after I had conducted the initial interview. Simple Enough!!! As the Labor Lawyers indicated, these are the most likely to bring my company failure so why hire them?
From my point of view, if I ever own a company, I would hire the best qualified and I would desire to see Credit Report Information. Reliable employees can help a business grow. If I have my personal fortune at stake I would not trust anyone who could not provide a good Credit Record. The proposed legistlation would prevent this so I would do the next best thing as regards any future hiring.
I would encourage our esteemed Law Makers to consider the consequences prior to enacting any Law/or Laws that would prevent obtaining a Credit Report on a possible/potential employee.
So my next concern is: "Would any Lawmaker on the Federal Level hire an employee to work in his/her Senate/Representative Staff without performing a complete Background Check which would include a Credit Report?"
After all these fine folks are involved in our National Security and also the Best Interest of "We The People."
I suspect that they would not let any body work for them that would possibly bring them great discredit.
Thank You!!!
Life in the U. S. Navy

Every day we hear about all the bad things that are happening in our World. However, every day good things are happening and the citizens of the World continue to enjoy life and are endeavoring to provide for their respective families. From my point of view far too many citizens in this World decry the lot of people everywhere every day. My Sibling Brother has adopted the mantra that:

"Life Is Good"
I know from first hand experience that even in the U. S. Navy that "Life is Good." Most every Sailor enjoys three hot meals every day, especially when they are on sea duty during a deployment.
NORFOLK, Va. (Oct. 8, 2009) Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Handling) Airman Michael Martin makes a sandwich aboard the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75). Truman is currently in its homeport at Naval Station Norfolk. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Justin Losack/Released)
Or to say it another way: "We U. S. Citizens have it Good."

Admittedly Sailors love their food. But there is more to life than food. Everyone knows the old saying: "Sailors are Lovers."

NORFOLK (Oct. 7, 2009) Culinary Specialist 3rd Class Corey Evans, assigned to the guided-missile frigate USS Carr (FFG 52), proposes to his girlfriend minutes after returning home from a six-month deployment. Carr was deployed to the U.S. 4th Fleet area of responsibility supporting counter-illicit trafficking and theater security cooperation objectives. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Brian Goodwin/Released)

Life Is Good!!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

2009 Photography Contest
Georgia National Fair

Here you are viewing in color the results in the Mono Section, Class Plant Life, Advanced Division the Blue Ribbon Winner with her Night Blooming Cereus. Of course, I am the Flower Child and I am happy with my Red Ribbon Winner entitled Tree Trunk.

The Water Feature in the Georgia Living Center Display in the Miller-Murphy-Howard Building at the 2009 Georgia National Fair.

The Director of the Georgia Living Center will retire after this years Georgia National Fair. The Staff of the Georgia Living Center hosted a reception on the morning of October 8th, 2009. Lora was hired before the first Fair prior to 1990 and has managed the Georgia Living Center for twenty years.