Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Challenge

Most of the Readers who visit "The World This Week" know that the Flower Child often issues appropriate Challenges.
This picture was taken within the limits of Bibb County Georgia. You have until Midnight, Sunday, May 9, 2010 to leave your comment as to the location of this Eagle in Bibb County.
Please leave your reply in the comment section below. As always the winner will receive a free lunch as the guest of the Flower Child at a location within Bibb County as determined by the Flower Child.
Please also be aware that this Challenge ends on Sunday, May 9th, which is also Mother's Day.
Enjoy the Search!!!!
Alan Is A Candidate

At 9:01:57 A.M. on Thursday, April 29, 2010 Alan had completed the paper work and also paid the Qualification Fee to be a Candidate for Post 8 on the Bibb County Board of Education.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Learning is a Life Long Process

The Flower Child Is Still Learning
The last two days have been a real revelation for me. I found out that I am still learning new information.

Friday, April 23, 2010:
  • As I was waited for my Drugs at my local market I visited the Deli Department. I took note of the Cheese Display which featured some upscale Swiss cheese. I noted the container to learn that the Cheese had been imported from Finland. I was shocked to learn this information in as much as I always thought that Swiss Cheese came from Switzerland. Before this revelation I had enjoyed Sub Sandwiches as my mind processed images of Alpine Mountains.
  • After I acquired my drugs I returned to my home. During the transit I enjoyed the afternoon talk radio show that I frequently listen to. My listening pleasure was interrupted with an announcement: "Men to you wake up at night to urinate?" Duh!!! I sincerely hope so. I know that I do. The other option would be to try to sleep in a wet bed!!!
  • Last evening I took the opportunity to visit a local dining establishment here in Bibb County Georgia. I enjoyed the food very much. Prior to my departure I visited the Male "Restroom" to tidy up my hands and lips. The "ribs" were great. Once inside the restroom I read the required sign: "Employees Must Wash Their Hands...........!!!" In as much as this was my purpose I placed one hand under the soap dispenser and I engaged the dispenser with my other hand. I was amazed to view the output of the dispenser. The amount of soap was not enough to even clean the surface of my little finger nail. After rinsing my hands and wiping my lips clean I departed the "Restroom" wondering how the employees could clean their hands after visiting the "Restroom!" I did report this to the person in the "Dining Establishment's Office" prior to my egress from the establishment. I am left to wonder if the soap dispenser is working today. You can be sure that I will visit the restroom of any dining facility before I place my order. After all, I expect any food I consume to be prepared by "clean hands." I would encourage others to visit the restroom prior to placing an order in any dining facility. I am confident that somewhere in Middle Georgia there are dining establishment that have functioning soap dispensers.

Saturday, April 24, 2010:

  • Today I once again ventured out to perform some essential errands. I departed my home and there was a slight amount of rain falling. Just enough to require the operation of the Windshield Wipers on my vehicle. I have always been a firm believer of practicing defensive driving. Thus, if I need to operate the wipers I will also engage the headlights. A basic defensive driving essential. Well, I was shocked again as I traveled the busy Tucker Road here in West Bibb County. A fair number of drivers had the Windshield Wipers in operation, yet they displayed no knowledge of the basic defensive driving practice of operating the headlights. I am not talking about uneducated vehicle operators here. These drivers appeared to be educated enough that they had the funds to acquire some fairly expensive transportation. As I compose this Post I recall more than one Lexus, a Mercedes or two and even a BMW. I would humbly suggest that if you have the income to acquire any vehicle such as this and have the wipers in operation it would also be appropriate to engage the headlights.

I think that I will have a relaxing evening and reflect on all the knowledge that I have acquired the last two days.

I wish you all an enjoyable evening!!!!

NFL Draft Day in Saint Louis, Missouri

The other day my Son, number 7 in this pose sent me a picture which featured a Jason Smith of the Rams. I do not really follow the Rams all that much, but I was determined to learn more about Number 77.
An internet search revealed this site which I read to learn more. My Son attended the NFL Draft Party in Saint Louis and what I learned about Jason Smith impressed me very much. You are invited to visit:

Friday, April 23, 2010

"We Can Do Better"

The following is a summary of my Talking Points which I developed for my "Mix In The Morning" interview on FM 100.9 and also broadcast on Television on Channel Six.


· I am a Concerned U. S. Citizen – 21 years in Iowa and 36 years in Georgia.
· I have been a Team Player during 21 Years in the Navy and 16 Years as a Brown and Williamson Employee
· I realize that being a Member of the School Board requires Team Work
· Involved in Educational Matters as a Volunteer Rolling Reader for 8 Years, reading at Weir, Morgan, Bruce and Vineville Academy
· Involved in the Bibb County School System Mentor’s Project
· I realize that I can serve to be a part of the Solution to the Problems facing Education versus being Part of the Problem
· Involved in many youth activities – Little League, Soccer, Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting
· As a career Sailor I learned the value of managing limited financial resources, just as many thousands of Military Volunteers still do.

Goals When Elected:

· I will be an Advocate for the Public Education System in Bibb County and the State by expressing appropriate concerns with our Duly Elected Georgia Lawmakers. For example eliminating Music from the Schools when everyone acknowledges that Music assist our youth with Brain Development.
· Advocate with our State Lawmakers about Unfunded Mandates. For example Merit Pay for Teachers.
· I pledge to be accessible to all Bibb County Citizens via E-Mail to hear their concerns and to represent them to the best of my ability as a Member of the School Board
· Participate in Community Events within Bibb County where I can stress the importance of Parenting which provides for the great education of our future citizens.
· Promote Open and Honest Communication with the Citizens of Bibb via the Electronic and Print Media. When events happen that require providing accurate information we must do better. (For example the Bloomfield Middle School Weapon Incident and the Howard Middle School Incident). Providing timely information helps reduce rumor and false information from spreading.

Points of Concern:

· Promoting the fact that a Child learns more in the first three years of life than they will the balance of their life.
· Promote the Stay in School to our Scholars can become useful and productive citizens to function in the dynamic careers of the future.
· I also know that the task facing School Boards across the Nation to provide a great education with decreasing financial resources is a major challenge.
· Regarding Transportation – Do we really need multiple buses running in the same Neighborhoods to transport Scholars to High School, Middle School and Elementary School? I think that we can raise the standards of student behavior to the point that all ages can ride in the same bus. The “Ron Clark Story” broadcast displayed that high standards do produce results.
· In Bibb County the immediately Challenges include:

The need to provide an excellent education in the face of decreasing funds.

The hiring of a replacement for Ms. Patterson.

· I realize that I do not now know all the answers, nor will I ever know all the answers regarding education, however I will pledge to do my best by studying the issues. When I obligate myself to a project or a task I will follow through.

In conclusion I am looking forward to the Challenge of serving on the Bibb County School Board on the County Wide Seat.

Alan F. E. Thiese

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grand Dad Skills
Now that I will have a Grandson living nearby I am honing my skills in various games that Boys of all ages enjoy.

Even though he is only a bit over one year old, I have decided that I must start practicing now so that when he is ready for the Game of Marbles that I also will be skilled enough to beat him.

Earth Day 2010
In preparation for Earth Day 2010 the Flower Child removed the weeds in the lawn along the right of way of his property in West Bibb County with a gardening trowel on Wednesday, April 21, 2010.
No chemicals were used during this evolution.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Post 8 (Bibb County At Large) Bibb County School Board Candidate

At 12:47 P.M. I filed the required document known as: State Ethics Commission Declaration of Intention to Accept Campaign Contributions. I have thus announced my Campaign to run for the Post 8 Seat on the Bibb County School Board during the 2010 Election Cycle.
The theme of the Campaign is: We Can Do Better!! I believe that it the duty and responsibility of a Citizen to become a part of the solution rather than be a part of the problem.
Our Bibb County Schools are faced with many challenges, however I am confident that "We Can Do Better!!"
When elected I pledge to strive for Open and Honest Communication to the Citizens of Bibb County regarding education concerns in the Bibb School System.
I am seeking the Post 8, County Wide seat currently held by Mr. Albert J. Abrams. Mr. Abrams cannot serve an additional term. I believe that Together we can improve the Bibb County System. Please be aware that the Primary Election is July 20, 2010. Of course I will appreciate Your Vote. If you are not a registered Voter please register not later than June 21, 2010.
Thank You!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Flower Child's Gardens

Grancy Graybeard or Fringe Tree

Everyone who reads this Blog "The World This Week" know that I enjoy Flowers. These two are currently in Bloom in the Gardens. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What Is Going On?
For several weeks now I have contemplated the current situation regarding our United States of America.
As most know, I have been active with my communications with our duly elected leaders. I recently attended one of each session regarding the property tax roll-backs conducted by the Bibb Board of Education, the Bibb County Commissioners and the City of Macon, Georgia. While I am not now a resident of the City I also know that Macon's situation can soon become a concern for all those who reside in Middle Georgia.
In addition to the local Governments, the State of Georgia and also our Federal Government are facing dynamic challenges. The lack of sales tax revenue has caused severe problems for the State of Georgia while the Federal Government is expending financial resources it does not have at this time.
I have often heard the comment that our governments at all levels are "Spending Money Like a Drunken Sailor" I can assure you that such is not the case. As a Retired Sailor I can assure you that the Bar Keeper knew when to cut us Sailors off. When we ran out of money so did the flow of adult beverages. Unfortunately our lawmakers have not been cut off by "We The People."
In one sense, "We The People," are the Bar Keepers. That stated, "We The People," have failed in the execution of our responsibilities. As I contemplate the future, maybe "We The People" can step up to the plate and commence executing our responsibilities this November 2010. We can become involved and vote for appropriate candidates who will realize that we cannot continue as we currently are.
While we do not know for sure who initially made the statement: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result" I would suggest that now is the time to adopt a new mantra or concept. We must change our ways and become involved in our government at all levels before our current generation of duly elected leaders become an even greater millstone around our necks.
Most of you know that I am a proud Grand Dad of several Grand Children. I would like to be able to think that when they grow up that they will also have the same opportunities as I have enjoyed in my life. Given the current economic situation and the rate that our Governments are expending money I can not foresee this as being possible unless drastic action is accomplished very quickly.
I firmly believe that we as a Nation cannot spend our way out of debt!! I may be viewed as a traditionalist but I will state that I have never heard of a Society being able to spend their way out of debt. Correct me if I am incorrect. I await your guidance and reply to this statement.
From my own point of view, many who have gone on before us have given their lives to protect the United States of America, many are currently defending our very way of life, and I suspect that many more in the future will also do so. How can we as a Nation simply ignore their sacrifice of their lives for the common good we now have.
When I state the word "Sacrifice" I use it as a verb. Many have endured the loss of their lives so that we can be a free country.
Our Children and our Grand Children certainly deserve a future such as we currently enjoy. We simply cannot let our Nation flounder because of the self-centered actions of too many of our current duly elected leaders.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beauty Abounds In Middle Georgia
Flower Child's Gardens

Spring in Middle Georgia would not be complete without an abundance of Azaleas. The builder of our Home planted many, but through the years we have added more. They are a bit late this year. I can recall when they were in bloom during some of the past Cherry Blossom Festivals.

This is a view of the blooms in the East Garden. The red blooms always command attention. I hope that you enjoy these pictures.

I have always appreciated Bridal Wreath Blooms. I have fond memories of these shrubs from my Childhood in the Holy Land - a.k.a. Northeast Iowa.

Just behind this display of Bridal Wreath Blooms you can see the Spring foliage of the Burning Bushes which also adorn the East Gardens. The Bridal Wreath provide white beauty in the Spring while the Burning Bushes provide red beauty in the Fall.

This picture features the base trunks of a Crape Myrtle Shrub. I do not know the name of this Shrub, but I do know that some Crape Myrtles grow to a height of sixty feet. This one is at least twenty-five feet tall. Like the Burning Bush it does not bloom in Spring, but provides Summer Time beauty.
I try to have something in bloom every month of the year.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ingleside Villiage Pizza
Macon, Georgia

My Cousin recently visited Macon during the Cherry Blossom Festival. We took him to the "best" pizza establishment in Macon. Of course we had to obtain a picture for his memory box. Shown here, after we had consummed our Pizza and Adult Beverages, is our Serving Wench.
I learned the term "Serving Wench" years ago from a family member who has attended many Renaissance Festivals.

My Cousin who currently resides in the Twin Cities has lived there over 30 years. Prior to that he resided in Chicago. He indicated to me that the Pizza he consumed at Ingleside Villiage was the best he had ever eaten. He also informed me that he had consumed a lot of Pizza, especially in Chicago during his eight years in that City.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

It is Now Official
Baseball 2010 Is Here

Here You See Sailors from the many Commands at Great Lakes, Illinois hold the symbol of America during opening day at the Chicago White Sox Baseball game on April 6, 2010.

Government for We The People
Now that Middle Georgia is fully engaged in the pollen season I have become fully engaged in viewing Television each day.
The other afternoon as I was observing a cable news channel I was informed that 54% of those polled by Rasmussen thought that Obamacare should be repealed. I found this statement to be alarming.
Here we have a population that does not desire the Obamacare recently enacted by our Nation's Lawmakers and I see our Nation's Leaders, including the President telling me that this is the best thing to happen in our Country.
I simply do not understand this. How can our Government ignore the people and enact laws and programs that "We The People" do not desire? I hope that someone can explain this to me.
Thank You!!!
2010 Cherry Blossom Festival
March 20th Pink Pancake Breakfast

On March 20th my Bride and I participated in the Pancake Breakfast. As you can quickly ascertain we arrived prior to daybreak. It was a grand event, as these Breakfast always are so I enjoyed plenty of coffee.
Prior to departing the area I needed to visit the Restroom which was a nice surprise. The facilities were well attended by Members of the City of Macon's Public Works Department. They both had a cheerful attitude and certainly were a credit to themselves and their employer.
I thanked them and went on to have a very cheerful day.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Exploring Middle Georgia

On Thursday, March 25, 2010 we took the time to explore the Ocmulgee National Monument right here in Macon, Georgia.

Of course we performed our touring in the proper vehicle. There is no better ride for two Former Iowa Farm Boys than a Dodge Ram Pickup. Of course the red color is also very appropriate.
The Flower Child introduced his Cousin to the Ocmulgee Indian Conference Center after we visited the Visitor's Center. There were fifty seats in this Center. We both learned a lot of Ocmulgee Indian History.

Another Yankee Visits Georgia

Recently my Cousin visited Georgia. I was his tour guide. On March 23, 2010 we visited Andersonville National Cemetary.

On our way to the Cemetery he observed this Cabbage Patch. On our return to Macon we stopped so that he could acquire this picture.

We visited the Prisioner of War Museum and the Cemetery as well as the Camp. Here you see my Cousin posing beside one of the Shebangs (recreated) that the prisoners used to protect themselves from the weather.

My Cousin also appreciated the lovely homes that we passed on the way to Andersonville. We stopped at this one.

I even learned some "Peach History" as I read this marker. It was near the street in front of the home in the picture above.

The Peach Trees were in full bloom. I can taste the 2010 Peaches as I post this entry. The peach cobbler is always a Summer Time Treat here in Middle Georgia.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Sunday 2010
The Flower Child
The Paper Mache Eggs

Even when our own Children were small my Bride made this Easter Bunny Cake. Of course, now that there are Grand Kids the tradition continues. A delightful Easter 2010.

Paper Mache Easter Eggs - Easter 2010
Almost everyone knows that I have two great grandkids in Middle Georgia. Recently while reading my Gift Subscription to Martha Stewart Living I learned about Paper Mache Easter Eggs. I thought to myself, I can do that.
Therefore on Friday, April 2 I started my Paper Mache Easter Egg Project. Knowing that the task could be messy I took over the garage. I started out by blowing up two balloons to about ten inches across. I then cut up newspapers to apply to the balloons with an appropriate paste. I used a simple paste of one part flour and two parts of water. I dipped the newspaper strips in the paste mixture and applied it to the balloons. I used the pink Cherry Blossom Festival Schedule from "The Telegraph" for one balloon and white printed paper for the other.

This is the first step which I performed on Friday which allowed the newsprint time to dry. However by Saturday morning it was not dry enough to place the torn up tissue on with more paste so I borrowed my Bride's Blow Dryer to complete the drying process.

Here you see me on Saturday afternoon applying the green tissue paper on a balloon. Once it dried I applied a coat of "Mod Podge" so that the eggs would have a nice gloss look. Once again I used the Blow Dryer to complete the task.

Once the coating was dry I cut the top out so that I could place the "Peeps" on a bed of straw and place them on the Breakfast Room Table for the arrival of the Grand Kids on Easter Sunday Afternoon.
Of course you will have to view another Blog Post to view the finished Paper Mache Easter Eggs.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Photography During a Golden Hour
I have been told that the best building/scenic photography is most often taken during the Golden hour after sunrise or sunset. The images I have here were taken in the morning on March 20, 2010 after I participated in the Pink Pancake Breakfast during the Cherry Blossom Festival.

This is the tower of the Walter F. George School of Law on Coleman Hill in Macon, Georgia. I also like the tree branch framing that I was able to capture in this shot.

This is the portico of the Walter F. George School of Law. This side of the building overlooks Coleman Hill.

The Woodruff House as seen from the Gazabo looking North. The glow of the morning sun certainly adds to this mood of this image.

The Japanese Magnolia on Mulberry Street were on full display. I had to stop to capture this picture which was calling out to me.

There is so much to photograph, you just have to take the time to do so. I hope that you enjoy my post today.