Sunday, September 30, 2007

Anger or Marketing

I only saw red when I first saw this sign the other day. This afternoon I actually drove to the parking lot where I first saw this sign. Yes, it was still there. So I captured the image with the intent of posting it on this Blog.

As the title of this Blog indicates, I think that this may be a scheme developed by unhappy teen-age children. They can place their parent or parents in a vehicle and drive through this area and drop them off while keeping the vehicle moving, as instructed by this appropriately erected sign.


Is this sign posted at this parking lot as part of a marketing scheme by the Medical Center of Central Georgia as a way of obtaining adult patients. If the parents are dropped off and slide across the parking lot they will certainly have to be transported to the Medical Center for appropriate care. This level of care will most likely be determined by the speed of the vehicle as they are dropped off. I would think that a parent ejected from a vehicle moving at ten miles an hours would require less treatment than a parent ejected from a vehicle that is moving 45 miles per hour.

Needless to say, this sign has certainly caused me to seriously think how fortunate I am, in as much as my Childen are now fully functioning adults. I seriously think that I do not have much to fear, although this sign must certainly cause a lot of concern by "Parents" who must occupy vehicles that travel through this parking lot.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Are We Having Fun Yet??????

During the 2007, Georgia State Fair an attempt was made to break a World Record with the largest number of people performing at a "Kazoo Concert." The instruments were free and the local music store also provided free passes to gain entrance to the Georgia State Fair. The attempt was made in the evening of September 27th and everyone in attendance had a splendid time. The director of "The Macon Symphony" was in attendance as well as the Son of the famous Otis Redding, Jr. A good time was had by all as we also enjoyed a "Battle of Two Local High School Bands."
As stated above, it was an excellent, fun filled evening. Unfortunately the good folks of Macon and Middle Georgia, who often relate that there is nothing to do here in Middle Georgia choose to remain in their recliners and no World Record for attendees performing in a "Kazoo Concert" was broken.
As we entered the Concert Venue, Luther Williams Baseball Park, we had to sign in and each person was given a Kazoo. After a Kazoo lesson, we waited for the grandstand to fill up. It has now been verified according to a news report in "The Telegraph," that 2002 attended this attempt to break the World Record event. It is unfortunate that we did not set a new record, but it can not be attributed to a lack of publicity. The Flower Child is glad and also happy that he attended this event. The picture that goes with this Blog is of a Friend who also enjoyed the evening. Well, as the Atlanta Braves are now saying, "Wait Until Next Year!!!!!!"

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Flower Child's Georgia State Fair Winner

The Flower Child is happy that he received a First Place Award in the Child's Tea Table Setting at the Standard Flower Show at the Georgia State Fair this Year. The flowers in the arrangement are a bit different than the arrangement that was judged, but the arrangement and composition are the same.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Flower Child's Pink Angel Trumpet Flowers

Several days ago you were able to enjoy some lovely yellow-orange Angel Trumpet Flowers which were, and still are in full bloom in the Flower Child's East Gardens at his home in West Bibb County, Georgia. Today you can also see a plethora of Pink Angel Trumpets in full bloom. Enjoy!!!!
Christmas Toys May Cost More

Christmas 2007 May Cost More. The Headline for an article in the Sunday Issue of "The Telegraph" on page 4F contained this Lead In: "Safety recalls may lead to higher toy prices this holiday." In an article written by Sue Stock of the McClatchy Newspapers we were informed that recent recalls of toys may cause a shortage of toys for our Wonderful Children this Christmas Season. Or, should I say the Winter Holidays to be politically correct. During the tender youth phrase of my own two Sons, I often marveled on how they used their minds to enjoy the boxes that the gifts came in. I was amazed at the creative talents each of these young boys had. They could build forts, stack boxs and cut the ends out (with appropriate adult help) and crawl through them. The possibilities seemed endless.

The Flower Child would like to suggest that maybe this year we could focus on what Kids enjoy instead of a plethora of stuff which is quickly discarded for the boxes. This may be the year when the American Paper Companies could fabricate boxs safe from lead and all the other harmful items we have learned of in recent months.

This may also be an appropriate opportunity to have families get together and play marbles, board games that are now in the closet, and even outdoor events such as hop-scotch. Why, even Santa could get in on the act and provide each home with age appropriate stilts.

I think that we Americans are up to the challenge. We can have the best Christmas yet, if we all pitch in and use our imaginations.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

2007 Georgia State Fair
Macon, Georgia
25 September through 30 September
Central City Park

This is the Flower Child's entry Division III, Section A - Artistic Crafts, Class 1 "And Hear the Leafy Garden Shake." The Autumn Colors and the Garden Tools are a part of this design to support the Class name, which is a quote from a poem by Robert Lewis Stevenson. The 2007 Autumn Flower Show is a Tribute to the Georgia State Fair 152nd Anniversary. The Show is titled "Fall Arts Extravaganza" and is sponsored by The Federated Garden Clubs of Macon, Inc.
If you have never visited a Standard Flower Show or just want to bask in the lovely Flower Show exhibits, plan now to attend this Beautiful Show which is being held in the Long Building at Central City Park in Macon.

Of course no visit to the Georgia State Fair would be complete unless you also visit the Round Building at Central City Park. The Middle Georgia Camera Club in cooperation with the Georgia State Fair is conducting a Photography Show. There are three Divisions, Beginner, Advanced and Open depending on the skill level of the Contestants. This show has already been Judged and you are also invited to visit this display to see for yourself the winning entries which are shown above. These entries are the best of Show Winners in each of the three Divisions, and each Division has a Color and a Monochrome Winner.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Angel Trumpet Flowers

On September 12 you were able to view the Flower Child modeling the lovely Angel Trumpet Plants that abound in the Gardens at his West Bibb County Home. He also stated that the blooms should be present in 7 to 10 days. Here it is, eight days later and you can see the plethora of Blooms. Lovely Flowers, but difficult to obtain an award winning image because the blooms are large and hang down. Their beauty and the fragrance make them keepers. You can be sure that these Angel Trumpet Plants and Flowers will always have a home in the Garden of The Flower Child.
One close-up of two blooms. Please note the long green pods that will also soon become blossoms. This one plant has about 25 blooms and bloom pods. The other nine plants in the Garden will be blooming soon. On a cool, damp morning the great fragrance can be present fifty feet away from the plants.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Otis Redding, Jr

Thank You!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Found It!!!!!!

For about two years now the leadership of Monroe and Bibb County in Middle Georgia have been having discussions and even meetings about the property lines between Monroe and Bibb County quite near where the Bass ProShop Warehouse and Retail Store now is located. From what the Flower Child has been able to discern, the situation has caused heated discussions because with more new development some County will receive a windfall of Sales Tax Income from the new retail establishments which are sure to follow.

From what I have read in the local print media, the problem is focused on the fact that no one knows for sure where the property line is. This sounds rather amusing. I am confident that some County has been receiving property tax payments for the land in question.

The resolution to the problem seems rather simple to me. Who has been receiving the property tax payments in the past? Once that information is acquired it would appear that everyone should now be content. Not So!!!!!

Today the Flower Child launched an inquiry to ascertain just what may be the solution to the problem. First I traveled up Riverside Drive past the new development in North Bibb County. I then turned left on "New Forsyth" Road. Please be aware that I think this is also the road that my then young sons often traveled on sordid week-end adventures many years ago to acquired information on who may have had the fastest car. I seem to recall that this road was also known as Spur 19. But, then the Flower Child may be incorrect. I traveled in a North direction and observed the Bass ProShop on my left. I kept looking for County designation signs. I finally reached Pate Road. I turned around and returned to Bass Road, still looking for the County designation signs. None in sight. I then traveled North toward Atlanta, Georgia on I-75. Many hundred yards North of the Bass ProShop Warehouse and Retail Store I observed the sign which is contained in this Blog. I do believe that I found it!!!! After all, would the Federal Government place a County Designation Sign at an incorrect location?

If this information does not resolve the conflict, may I offer this suggestion: The Flower Child obtained his current home in 1992. Before I signed the appropriate documents at closing I had the Closing Lawyer provide me a plat of the property surrounding my pending home. I still have the pins visible and surely some reliable survey firm could start at this reference point and work to the North edge of Bibb County. Why with Laser Beam technology, I am confident that the County Line could be found. The federal government has never lost it, but it appears to be local Middle Georgia problem. I would urge all involved to reach a quick resolution to this problem. I hope my research and suggestion helps.

Have a Great Day!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Future Flowers and the Flower Child

During the past year you have had the opportunity to view the plethora of "Angel Trumpet" Flowers which the Flower Child grows in the Gardens surrounding his home. Although the Angel Trumpet's have bloomed with an abundance of flowers this year, they are now getting ready for the second flush of beauty. Here you see the "Flower Child" surveying the impending beauty. In seven to ten days, each of the buds will burst forth with an "Angel Trumpet" bloom which will be about ten to twelve inches long. You can be confident that you will then again be exposed to a plethora of beauty. In the meantime, anticipate this flush, the last one of 2007.

Friday, September 07, 2007

An Example of Contempt
Of course I am seeing red. Yesterday, September 6th I had the opportunity to visit the Washington Park on Magnolia Street in the Heart of Macon, Georgia. I took the opportunity to visit this delightful spot during a break in my day from doing some volunteer work and then proceeding to a part time employment opportunity that I enjoy in Macon. During this break, which was about 11:30 A.M. I consumed a sack lunch with the additonal goal of enjoying the cool noontime breezes that abounded in Washington Park.
As I parked on the South side of Magnolia Street I could not help but note the plethora of papers strewn about near a concrete and stone bench on the North side of Washington Park. After enjoying my sack lunch I was determined to investigate the situation. On a street sign which also proclaimed this park as a Drug Free Zone there was a flyer indicating that the Park was reserved for Saturday, September 2nd, 2007 from the period of about 4:30 P.M. through 7:00 P.M. The purpose of the reservation was for the Shay-Baber Wedding. Please note that during the recent rains that the spellings above may be incorrect because some inks do run when wet.
The person making the reservation with the Macon Parks and Recreation Department was listed as a "Joy Shay.
As I walked toward College Street I picked up one of the sheets of adrift paper and noted that it was a Google Map with directions from Magnolia Street to 108 1st Street in Macon, Georgia 31201. Now if this nuptial celebration was relocated because of rain, or any other reason on Sunday, September 2nd, it would seem to me that some responsible person from the Shay Family would have collected the excess Google Maps rather than chose to let they blow around in Macon, Georgia.
Please note that the reservation was for September 2nd and I was visiting this Washington Park on Thursday, September 6th. I would have thought that four days would have been adequate time for some responsible person to have cleaned up this plethora of litter. But it would appear to me that this "Family" chose to display total disrespect and demonstrate their contempt for the City of Macon, the citizens who live in Macon, and all who visit Macon on business or social activities.
I have called the Parks and Recreation Department to voice my concern about this lack of consideration by individuals who reserve Macon's Parks. Unfortunately I was exposed to the Voice Mail and chose not to leave a message. I did contact the Macon City Hall and was able to talk directly to a "Customer Service Representative" to share my concern about the contempt of a citizen who appears to have displayed total contempt toward the Wonderful Parks we all enjoy in Macon. This Customer Service Representative listened to my concerns; but appeared to be more concerned with who was calling in the compliant versus what the problem or concern was/is.
I make this a Blog entry today to let my peers, those who love our Middle Georgia know that we have a few among us who are able to display total disrespect to the wonderful facilities that so many labor to maintain for the enjoyment and pleasure of us all.
Thank You!!!!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Summer Fun

Today the Flower Child reflects on Summer's Gone By. This is an image of his youngest Son enjoying the last days of Summer Vacation in August 1986. He was then ten years old.

Another picture from the Summer of 1986. I do not remember what the distance gesture was all about, but I do recall that this youngester liked to slide into bases during his baseball playing days.

This image was most likely taken during the Summer of 1985. Note the long hair!!! An inside shot of a Baseball Star.

Yes it is pleasant to break out the shoe boxes of pictures and recall the memories you shared with your children as they were growing up.