Saturday, March 31, 2007

Atlanta Braves Baseball - March 30, 2007

The Flower Child won two tickets on AM-940/WMAC Radio for the March 30, 2007 game where the Braves played the White Socks. Anytime the Flower Child travels to Atlanta, he usually stops in Griffin, Georgia. The picture above shows a great place to eat. They have some of the best Hamburgers, as well as a full service menu. Manhattan's is on the North side of Griffin, on U. S. Highway 41.
Of course no trip to the Tuner Field would be complete with making a photo record. Here is the entrance at 755 Hank Aaron Drive in Southeast Atlanta, Georgia.
In keeping with true Brave tradition, there is a drum to help the fans focus on the game. This one is quite large, but it is heard throughout the Stadium.
Part of the pre-game ritual is to insure that the diamond has the correct amount of moisture to eliminate any unnecessary dust. The grounds crew at Turner Field has to be one of the best. This turf simply looks grand.

Thanks to a kind Usher, we had our photograph taken. The Braves lost, but it was an excellent opportunity to enjoy a nice Spring Evening in Atlanta. The temperature as we left the Field was a mild 57 degrees. Admittedly the tickets did not cost the Flower Child anything; however, visitors to Turner Field need to be aware that the most reasonable parking price is $12.00. This is up from $10.00 last year. No Baseball game would be complete without Dry Roasted Peanuts so the whole evening cost $18.50. I did not include the cost of the meal at Manhattan's because no matter where we are we usually eat a nice meal on Friday evenings.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Napier House
Macon, Georgia
"A Proposal for Consideration"

This is a view of the Napier House at the Corner of Napier Avenue and Blackmon which would either be destroyed or moved to make way for the proposed New Central High School in Macon, Georgia. The "Napier House" is on the National Historic Register and was constructed prior to the Civil War if I have my information correct. You can ascertain that this image is very current in as much as it was taken at about 10:37 A.M., Thursday, March 29, 2007. The red vehicle is the transport used by "The Flower Child" to travel to this site.
The Napier House 'Front View" with the required public notification sign required by law to be displayed when a property is being considered for a building project.
The Grand Looking "Napier House" from the Southwest corner.
It appears that the "Napier House" has been divided into five apartments, with only one actually being utilized by a tenant in as much as only power distribution panel has a meter installed.
Now, for the interesting aspect of this Blog. The Flower Child proposes that the "Napier House" be renovated at this location and be used as the Headquarters of the Bibb County School System. Of course that would mean that the current downtown location would have to be sold. However, having the Headquarters near the New Show Case of Public Education in Bibb County would result in numerous benefits for the entire population of Bibb County. The New Central High School Students involved in "Information Technology" could intern at the School System Headquarters. The International Baccalaureate (IB) Students would have an appropriate site to meet for presentations to the Testing Group. Additionally, this site on Napier Avenue would also allow our Elected School Board Members to conduct meetings in the Auditorium of the New Central High School when it is known that such meetings will generate large crowds.
Additionally, the Good folks at the Historical Society would be pleased that this "Grand Landmark" would be preserved and continue to serve all of Society for years to come.
I consider this a Win, Win Situation for everyone. Of course this is something to consider. No matter what is done to the Napier House, Moved or Renovated on Site, it will cost money. If it is moved it will even cost more. I can not see any advantage to moving it and then still having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars when it can be left at the current location and renovated.
I am confident that the New Central High School can be constructed in such a manner that a Courtyard on the West, North and East Sides of the Napier House can be enjoyed by Students, Faculty and the Community at Large.
Central High School
Macon, Georgia
Rebuild Project
Other than the Napier House at the Corner of Blackmon and Napier Avenue this is the only other house that has been reported as being of significant importance to derail the proposed construction project regarding a New Central High School in Macon, Georgia. There are about fourteen dwellings other than the Napier House that would be destroyed to make way for the construction project.

This is an image of one of about eleven duplex apartment homes that would be destroyed to make way for this project. It would appear that no one lives here. Please see the next picture.

This image clearly displays the state of disrepair of the roof of the duplex that you just viewed above. Note the Florida Blue Canvas.

Admittedly change and progress can cause concerns, but I, The Flower Child would encourage you to visit the site of the proposed New Central High School and ascertain for yourself the situation regarding these homes.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

March 29, 1975
Evacuation of Danang by Sea Begins
I found the following information on the World Wide Web:
On 25 March, the following ships were alerted for imminent evacuation operations in South Vietnam:

SS American Racer
SS Green Forest
SS Green Port
SS Green Wave
SS Pioneer Commander
SS Pioneer Contender
SS Transcolorado USNS
Greenville Victory
USNS Sgt Andrew Miller
USNS Sgt. Truman Kimbro

Noncombatants were chosen for the mission because the Paris Agreement prohibited the entry of U.S. Navy or other military forces into the country.

With the arrival at Danang of Pioneer Contender on 27 March, the massive U.S. sea evacuation of I and II Corps began. During the next several days four of the five barge-pulling tugs and Sgt. Andrew Miller, Pioneer Commander, and American Challenger put in at the port. The vessels embarked U.S. Consulate, MSC, and other American personnel and thousands of desperate Vietnamese soldiers and civilians. When the larger ships were filled to capacity with 5,000 to 8,000 passengers, they individually sailed for Cam Ranh Bay further down the coast.
By 30 March order in the city of Danang and in the harbor had completely broken down. Armed South Vietnamese deserters fired on civilians and each other, the enemy fired on the American vessels and sent sappers ahead to destroy port facilities, and refugees sought to board any boat or craft afloat. The hundreds of vessels traversing the harbor endangered the safety of all. Weighing these factors, the remaining U.S. and Vietnamese Navy ships loaded all the people they could and steamed for the south. MSC ships carried over 30,000 refugees from Danang in the four-day operation. American Challenger stayed offshore to pick up stragglers until day's end on 30 March, when the North Vietnamese overran Danang.
Project 09
After becoming aware of the fact that the High School Graduating Class of 2009 just may be the largest graduating class in history, a class of 3.2 million two members of the Sophmore Class of Mount de Sales Academy in Macon, Georgia launched "Project 09" by establishing a Facebook Group. Since then they have established a Web Site for the purpose of promoting Project 09 and having students in every state of the United States of America becoming involved. Think about this my friends, two students launching a project and also promoting "Special Olympics" with the funds they generate from the Sale of T-Shirts. If you would like to learn more about this great program the Flower Child would humbly suggest that you visit:
Think about this my dear readers!! In two more years this class will be attending College, attending trade schools and even entering the labor force. They may even become involved in the political process. I sincerely hope so!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring Time Beauty in Middle Georgia

Thank You for your Visit to the Flower Child's Gardens here in West Bibb County, Georgia. I hope that you enjoyed the Spring Time beauty that abounds here.
United States Navy History

March 27, 1794 - President George Washington signs "an act to provide a naval armament." By authorizing the construction of six frigates (what we would call "cruisers" today) the Third Congress in effect creates the U.S. Navy. The immediate issue is the need to protect the large American merchant fleet from continuous and increasing attacks by the North African "Barbary pirate" states of Morocco, Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli-as well as from aggressive high-seas practices of the British. The ships are designed by Mr. Joshua Humphreys, a Philadelphia Quaker and an innovative naval architect, and are to be built at six different cities. The contract for one of these ships, to be named the CONSTITUTION, is given to Edmund Hartt's shipyard in Boston, Massachusetts. The "Flower Child" thought you would like to know.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Cornus florida

This lovely looking Spring Bloom is also known as Dog Wood

"The white leaves that look like petals on this flowering dogwood are actually bracts that protect the small green buds of the true dogwood flower. Most species of dogwood are trees or shrubs with simple leaves, but a few species, such as the flowering dogwood, are popular for their ornamental value. Many songbirds and small mammals eat the fruit of the dogwood, and the wood of several species of dogwood is used in making furniture." This information was obtained from the World Wide Web. The images for this post were taken by "Flower Child" near his home in West Bibb County, Georgia. In order to get great outdoor photographs it is recommended that the pictures be taken without bright sunlight. These images were taken before the sun was visible at 7:39 A.M.
Although the Cherry Blossom Festival is now over, the real beauty of Spring in Middle Georgia is just beginning to unfold. The Dogwood Trees, the Azaleas and the Bridal Wreath are just beginning to display their beauty in the Gardens.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Soli Deo Gloria

Glory to God Alone
Today the Flower Child attended the Mustang Car Show which is now a fixture at the Macon, Georgia Cherry Blossom Festival. On the rear window of one of the about 130 entries I noticed the SDG and I decided to take a picture. What a grand witness. Here is a neat yellow Mustang owned by someone who must certainly love the Lord. I looked up the meaning of this phrase before I composed this Blog. According to one source on the World Wide Web this is the History of "SDG."

J S Bach appended these initials at the end of each of his Cantatas scores.
for Soli Deo Gloria, to the Glory of God alone,

Friday, March 23, 2007

Growth in Bibb County
The other day I posted a rather long Blog on this very subject. Today I shall attempt to clarify some of the comments:
  • Still engaged in the Civil War. This is not unique to Bibb County. Our current lawmakers in this session are very involved. The Apology for Slavery and the designation of April as Confederate Heritage Month. Neither of these ideas appear to focus on the future.
  • Family Connections and the Alledged Good-Old-Boy Network. It would be very interesting to review the list of contributors to the campaigns of various current office holders. Even in Bibb County, running for an elected postion is not a cheap endeavor. I am well aware that many currently in elected office are not connected to "Family" in a birth sense or have been involved in the "Alledged Good-Old Boy Network" as far as such involvement is a matter of public knowledge. Thus my statement, who is contributing to the election funds and who of our elected officials feels obligated to perform in a certain manner.
  • Regarding my "We have never done it that way before" statement, I certainly think that the current quagmire regarding a smaller "City Council" fits into this situation. Additionally, I often get the impression that it simply can not be done any other way than the way we have been doing things for decades. Case in point: Several of our elected public servants on the Macon City Council and the majority of the Bibb County School Board are reluctant to communicate with the Voters and Taxpayers via E-Mail. This is a shame. It certainly flys against the concept of "Servant Leadership" which I discussed in my recent post regarding Growth. Here we have a system of communication that some desire to avoid.
  • During my previous discussion of "Respect for our Neighbors" I addressed my concern regarding charity. Additionally, we continue to foster an environment that there are two levels of citizenship in Bibb County. Until we level the playing field and expect all of our citizens to participate in the process we will continue to have two societies in Macon. Those who are in power and establish themselves as the "Rulers" and those who provide the tax dollars so they can continue to be "The Rulers."
  1. The recent events surrounding the "Love Offerings by Judges and/or Clerks in the Bibb County Court House." If I read correctly a Judge is now enjoying a retirement funded by the Bibb County Tax Payers.
  2. The heirs of a certain deceased Bibb County Leader currently in receipt of retirement payments on behalf of the deceased.
  3. The Mayor of Macon enjoying the benefits of many visits to "Sister Cities." As Parents of this individual I would think the Parents (Tax Payers) of Macon would quite having Sisters for the Mayor to associate with. This family is far too large already. In this case the old adage may be appropriate: "Power Corrupts." The history of the complete phrase is as I found out on the World Wide Web:

This arose as a quotation by Lord Acton in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887:
"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."

I suspect that the majority who read this will agree with me, "The Flower Child" that we have certainly jumped the track as regards "Servant Leadership." I am also aware that there is also a concept entitled "Servant Citizens," and as I consider this phrase, I certainly feel that it is very appropriate that "We the People" strive to let our voices be heard. Certainly hard to do when "The rulers" and those elected officials appear to not desire communication from the very People who elected them.

I am certain that every citizen, rich or poor in Bibb County is a valuable person. As such, we all have the responsibility to share our comments in a positive manner. Yet, we also must be honest enough to realize that there are times when we must present what is considered incorrect.

The early patriots who threw crates of Tea in the Boston Harbor created a sacred legacy that we need to continue.

In conclusion, please remember that we have so very much to be Thankful for here in Middle Georgia. It is just a shame that we are holding ourselves back because of Leadership which is often "Self Centered" and/or in high positions for their own personal gain.

We will never flourish if we do not eliminate the errors of the past. Look Forward or as we all stated a few years ago, "Forward Macon!!!!!!"

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bibb County Growth
The March 22 issue of our local Newspaper, "The Telegraph" reported that Bibb County has only grown by 1% in the last six years. This is not shocking news, but it is news that should be causing our duly elected leaders in the City and the County to take a look at what is going on. Everyone in Middle Georgia is aware that most of the counties surrounding Bibb are growing and everyone has an opinion as to why. My comments today will present my ideas as well as consider and also present the ideas of others.
One of the most informative editorial pieces I have viewed recently was a "Talk Back" segment done by Catherine Meeks on WMAZ-TV. She expressed a very valid concern about the lack of "Servant Leadership" here in Middle Georgia. She reminded us that as we prepare to vote in upcoming elections that we should seek out those candidate who will work to solve problems for the whole of our local area. True Servant Leadership (or words to that effect) was what she asked for.
Now you and I know that the past is the past. We must simply get on with improving the situation we are faced with. Does that mean we should continue doing the same stupid things that have failed in the past and expect new, exciting, and also different results? You and I know the answer to this question.
Now for some of Flower Child's observations after I inform you that I chose to live here when I retired from the U. S. Navy in 1981. I have observed our Middle Georgia area as a displaced Yankee, so now before you quickly inform me to return to the good life back up North; please be aware that other parts of our great Nation also face challenges. It just must be remembered that how a local society resolves the problems they face is what is important and vital to our future.
  • I often get the impression that we here in Bibb County are still engaged in the Civil War of the 1860s. Of course our own Georgia Lawmakers appear to be leading the way in this effort during the current session
  • Far too many here in Bibb County seem to rely on family connections and the alledged good-old-boy network to conduct day to day business. This can certainly curtail any new ideas ever being implemented. I often hear of progressive communities who are growing because they allow themselves to think out side of the box.
  • I have been a member of several local civic and hobby related organizations where the consistent mantra was "We have never done it that way before." Note that I stated "I have been a member." Who needs to be involved in any organization that does not want to grow.
  • Admittedly, we in Bibb County enjoy a plethora of activites that are great quality of life activities; yet we downplay our wonderful resources. We down play our wonderful resources when we do not reflute the idle gossip of those who have not participated or are not involved in the plethora of cultural and/or fun activities that abound in our area.
  • As a society, we in Bibb County, do not respect our Neighbors. Only when we respect all of society will we ever prosper. Yes, we all participate in charity to others, but the fact remains that it is often done from the attitude of the Have People providing for the Have Nots. There is no respect for others when this type of charity continues.
  • Far too many feel that if you want to have fun or enjoy cultural activities you have to travel away from Bibb County. Yet I have to say that I seldom see these mal-contents attend the cultural events in Macon. A few examples would be our successful yet local Symphony or the Youth Acting Company (YAC). Speaking of the YAC, I must state here and now that their recent production of "Charlotte's Web" was awesome!!
  • Now, going back to Servant Leadership, the role model that I consider most appropriate would be the late "Emory Green" who was the Chairman of the Bibb County Commission. He was known for solving problems in a most effective way while not seeking the glory and honor that far too many of our current elected officials now aspire to.

As we all know, citizens are now voting with their pocket books. They are moving out and on. What a shame!!!! Yes, there is an elephant in the room. Yes, we need to talk about this elephant, but even more vital, we must actively participate in rebuilding the elephant or even getting the elephant out of the room. Actions speak louder than Words!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

USS New York (LPD-21)

In recent weeks I have received several E-Mails showing the USS New York (LPD-21) at sea. The fact of the matter is that she will be commissioned in 2009. What you see above is an artist conception of the ship. Many will recall that this ship has a bow made of steel that was recycled from the beams from the World Trade Center in New York which was destroyed in a vile act of terrorism against our United States of America on September 11, 2001.

Flower Child and Flowers

What you are viewing here is some wonderful Lorpetalum and Japanese Magnolia in Full Bloom in the Flower Child's Front Garden in West Bibb County, Georgia. The Azeleas and Dog Wood have also commenced their Bloom cycle. Some time in the middle of April the impressive Grancy Grey Beard also known as "The Fringe Tree" will also be in full bloom.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Musical Instruments

Most of the readers of "Flower Child's" Blog "The World This Week" know that photography is a hobby of mine. As a member of the Middle Georgia Camera Club I also participate in various on-line Photography Contest. Here is my March submission for "Musical Instruments." I sent in a total of three entries, but this is my best, so I am hoping that I will win with this one. For anyone who is interested in Photography may I suggest that you visit: MGCC.WS on the Internet to find out for yourself how much fun the hobby of photography can be. MGCC.WS equals "Middle Georgia Camera Club (dot) Web Site.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Think Pink Pan Cake Breakfast
Central City Park - Macon, Georgia

Saturday, March 24, 2007 at 7:30 A.M.

Greetings, This image was taken on Saturday, March 17, 2007 at the Think Pink Pan Cake Breakfast. For a mere $5.00 you get a wonderful breakfast. I understand that the Macon-Bibb County Fire Department has been doing the Breakfast for many years. I, the Flower Child always enjoy the opportunity to have pink pan cakes. Plus the sausage is to die for.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cherry Blossom Festival
Macon, Georgia
March 18, 2007

Flower Child's Visit to the
25th Cherry Blossom Festival

Thursday, March 15, 2007

"Think Pink"
The 25th Cherry Blossom Festival will be held from March 16, 2007 through March 25, 2007 in Macon, Georgia. There is a plethora of events on the schedule and a good number of them are free. Should you have need of a schedule or additional information, the Flower Child encourages you to visit:
Then to see the results of the "Think Pink" Wreath Contest for 2007, click on the Photo Tab and then the "Wreath Contest. There were 21 entries in this the first ever wreath contest. All will be on display in the Round Building in Central City Park, Macon, Georgia
While you are visiting the Round Building, The Flower Child would encourage you to view the Celebration of Photography Contest Display. Flower Child also has some award winners in this Contest.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oldest Minor League Baseball Stadium
Soon we who live in Middle Georgia will have the opportunity to observe Baseball Games at Luther Williams Field in Macon, Georgia. I have always heard that Luther Williams was the Second oldest Minor League baseball park in the U. S. A. Several years ago while traveling to the Great Upper Midwest I traveled through Evansville, IN and actually observed the Oldest Park. This is a view of Bosse Field in Evansville and it seats 5,000 and was first used in 1915. As we await the opening day of Macon Music I thought it appropriate to publish information about the Oldest Minor League Baseball Park because I am sure that we will soon hear and read about the Second Oldest Park very soon.
Image from the World Wide Web.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nothing to Do in
Macon, Georgia!!!!!
The Flower Child often hears fellow citizens moan the fact that there is nothing to do in Macon, Georgia. What a shame. Of course one does have to get out of the house to enjoy something other than entertainment via the Television and/or the Radio. On March 3rd, Flower Child and His Bride attended the 111th Annual Stunt at Porter Family Auditorium on the Campus of Wesleyan College. It was a delightful evening and tickets cost a mere $5.00 each for a total outlay of $10.00. This always is wholesome entertainment and I would recommend that you plan on attending in 2008 and take the whole family.

Then on Saturday, March 10th Flower Child and His Bride participated in the Savoring Grace Fund Raiser on behalf of Mount de Sales Academy. This was billed as The "Food Event" of 2007. As ticket holders supplied because my Bride had the correct answer on the AM 940 Morning Question of The Day we enjoyed a six hour tour of In-Town Macon. We visited six sites and toured magnificant homes. The high point of the whole affair was actual cooking demonstrations at each Home, with samples of the prepared food available for all attendees to savor. Again, a Delightful day. I understand this is an Annual Event. To participate you can always contact the Mount de Sales Development Office in February of 2008. The tickets for this event were sold at $25.00 each; but as I stated we were participating because of Ticket Welfare.

Of course the easy way to find out about these delightful events in Macon is to read the local Newspaper. The Day by Day Section usually has an abundance of events and some are sure to appeal to you.

Nothing to Do In Macon, Georgia!!!!!!!!

You have to be Kidding!!!!!!!!!!!

Images from the World Wide Web

Flower Child's Flowers

March 13, 2007 and this is what is currently in full beauty in the Gardens by the "Flower Child."
Enjoy and leave your comments. Spring, What a delightful time of the Year.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

2:00 A. M.
March 11, 2007

Friday, March 09, 2007

The Google Picasa Photo Album
If you are interested in viewing the photos I have used in my recent Blogs please visit:

Thursday, March 08, 2007

2007 Cherry Blossom Festival, Macon, Georgia

Honorable Mention
Hello Everyone. Here is a picture of the "Think Pink Wreath" entered by the Flower Child in the 2007 Cherry Blossom Festival Wreath Contest. Only the top twenty-five will be on display in the Round Building in Central City Park during the Festival which will run from March 16 through March 25.
Late Breaking News: 6:49 P.M. Friday, March 9, 2007. The local television station just announced the Winners. "The Flower Child's" entry received an Honorable Mention.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Car Jacking - Crime

With the recent events here in Macon, Georgia I thought it would be very appropriate you do some research on Car Jacking. As a volunteer reader at Vineville Academy I frequently use the back streets behind the school to egress the area. I travel on the streets behind Vineville Christian Tower to return to my home via Pio-Nono Avenue. For anyone who is interested in what to do I have found a link on the Internet, which is where I also found the picture above.

I would encourage you to read this link:

This link contains a wealth of information.

Monday, March 05, 2007

"We The People"
While the 2008 Presidental Elections are twenty-two months away, we are all being bombarded with Print and Electronic Media Coverage of the upcoming election. To be fair, we are but a mere ten months away from the Primary Elections in several states and the famed Iowa caucus events.
During the last Presidental Election Cycle we all observed the youth of our Nation becoming involved in the plethora of Internet events for the various candidates. This is good. Most important, however, is the opportunities that we Senior Citizens are missing out on. We need to encourage our youth to be involved in the process. We need to let our youth participate!!! After all, few of us will ever serve in any future "War." Yet we often keep our youth from meaningful participation in the process.
We The People need to share our knowledge about the election process. We need to encourage our younger citizens to become involved in the "Grass Roots" of local politics. These young people should be encouraged to participate in Precinct, County and State Politics. Without this participation the delegates to both National Conventions in 2008 will continue to be the Senior Citizens who have often been in the saddle for too long. Maybe it is time for everyone to think outside the Box.
I certainly feel that the time is right to allow our Younger Citizens the opportunity to step up and also carry the mantle of leadership. I also feel that they could not do much worse than what we have done or what we are currently doing.
Therefore, please take the time in the next few days to let those who are younger than yourself know that they should participate in politics at the local level. The local level is where the selection process to participate in the National Political Conventions commences.
After all, we Seniors need to realize that "We The People" includes our younger citizens.
Power or Greed - Being Self Centered

In recent weeks we have all heard about Building 18 at the Army's Show Place Medical Center in Washington, D.C. Most of us know this Complex as Walter Reed Army Hospital.
The picture above is reported as a room at Mologne House, an outpatient room. The picture was on the WTOP Website and reportedly was taken on February 22, 2007.

Now, let us all focus on the title of this Blog. "Power or Greed - Being Self Centered" because we all have witnessed through the media what happens when a new individual takes over. We all have witnessed through the media what happens when a new group takes over. The "Flower Child" is aware of what happened in recent months when a New Group of Lawmakers took over the U. S. House and Senate. Offices were renovated and many had to relocate to different offices. Yet today, some of these same esteemed lawmakers are going to hold hearings on what happened at Walter Reed. I am confident that they will ascertain this fact, among others:
When a New Commander of a Major Facility takes over you can be sure that the office will be renovated. Much like the offices in the Senate and House Office Buildings in our Nation's Capitol. It is human nature that causes these events to happen. A New Leader needs new digs.
So, today, I, the Flower Child would encourage our Nation's Lawmakers to look at themselves before they throw too many stones at someone else.
Now, please do not misunderstand the Flower Child. I am all for providing nothing but the best for our U. S. Military, both in peacetime and in wartime. I am all for providing nothing but the best for our Nation's Wounded Heroes. I am also all for providing the necessary funding for our Nation's Heroes who are currently deployed in Harms Way. I have recently read that we have those currently in power that desire to defund the current War on Terrorism; while some of these Lawmakers and their peers today commence hearings on the grave situation in the Out Patient Area of Walter Reed Medical Center. Please let me know how this can happen. On one hand some want to defund the War on Terrorism and cause more of our heroes to be maimed while they seek the spotlight in decrying the deplorable conditions at Walter Reed. Can they have it both ways?
Now, to relate a personal story from my own days in the U. S. Military. Many years ago as a Chief Petty Officer on a Capital U. S. Navy Fighting Ship we were in the Chief's Mess awaiting the Admiral's Inspection. We were ready of course. We had assured ourselves that our Assigned Mess Cook had done an Excellent job in cleaning up the CPO Mess Galley. It looked spotless. In comes the Admiral, pulling his white coveralls over his uniform. He then proceeds to crawl into the Galley (a very small space) from the mess. He runs his hand and arm under the reefer and then proceeds to display for us the grease that is on his right arm sleeve. The next words out of his mouth were: "Gentlemen, You Get What You Inspect, Not Expect." I shall never forget those words.
May I add that I sincerely believe that in this day and age, far too many expect the best without ever inspecting to ascertain if the desired results are being achieved. Yes, it is time for everyone to stand tall, get out of their comfort zone and actually look at what is happening around them. All of this stated to close this blog with this comment: "I sincerely hope that our Lawmakers strive to lead by example." Most of us know that Leadership starts at the top. Let us see some!!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

USS Constitution
The United States Congress authorized the restoration of the oldest Warship of the U. S. Navy on March 4, 1925. Tha above photo courtesy of the U. S. Navy Photo archives.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Miner's Creek Road, Clayton County, Iowa

This is a snow scene during a break in the downfall on Friday, March 2, 2007. This Picture was taken about 11:00 A.M. This is a road that almost runs parallel to U. S. Highway 52. It is also just behind the bluff that overlooks Guttenberg, Iowa. It is certainly a tranquill scene that is being played out in many, many locations in the Great Upper Midwest this week.

Storm Weather Radio

Good Day. Several Days ago I posted my Talk Back Editorial I did on our Local Television Station here in Middle Georgia. The image here is but one of the models available. They are worth their purchase price because they give you an advance warning. Additionally they can wake you up from your sleep. From my point of view the investment in peace of mind is certainly worth the expenditure of funds. The Flower Child would suggest that the purchase of this type of radio would be very appropriate, especially after the Severe Weather that we all witnessed here in the States of Alabama and Georgia during the evening hours of March 1, 2007

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Winter Time Fun In the Great Upper Mid-West, U. S. A.

Even the "Flower Child" has fond memories of Winter Fun when he was a Child in the Great Upper Mid-West. Here you see a Young Farm Family enjoying the Winter Fun!!!!
Sunset at the North Pole

I hope you enjoy this photograph. I have a friend who E-Mailed me this image. I do not know the history of the image but it was entitled "Sunset at the North Pole."