Friday, August 31, 2007

Upscale Sandwich Shoppe

Last September 17, 2006 I posted a Blog concerning an Upscale Sandwich Shop in North Bibb County. Today I thought that it would be an appropriate opportunity to check on the progress of this establishment. Therefore The Flower Child drove out Riverside Drive in North Bibb County and was amazed to view the construction. I could not enter the construction area, but I was able to stop on the side of the Road and capture this image. This is a set of buildings just South of the new Dillard's Department Store.

This topic generated a letter to "The Telegraph" here in Macon. One writer responded that an Upscale Sandwich Shop would most likely be applicable to a sandwich shop as a fine restaurant. I quote, "The whiter the table linens, the heavier the eating utensils and the harder the menu is to read, the more likely that the portions are small and the prices too high." So the question can be answered in four words: Small servings, big prices.

I even had one gentlemen respond to my Blog with this Comment: "I'm taking you up on your offer to buy me the first sandwich if such a shop is ever constructed!"

Needless to say, his comment and letter is still in my "Things to Do Folder." I will take him to buy the first Sandwich from the Upscale Sandwich Shop. Now you know why I felt it essential that I check on the progress of this Construction Project.

By the way, each of the fine folks listed above will receive a copy of this Blog via U. S. Mail. As the Grand Opening of the Upscale Sandwich Shoppe approaches, I will contact them and make the appropriate arrangements to purchase the first three Sandwiches.

Somewhere in the Center displayed above there must surely be a space for this Shoppe. I hope so.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Wonderful World
Enjoying Nathan's Hotdogs on a Sunday Afternoon: $10.00
Sharing a Sunday Afternoon with your Children: $100.00
Enjoying the 2007 ESPN Little League Pre-Game Coverage: $1000.00
Watching the 2007 ABC World Championship Game on a Plasma Wide Screen Television that automatically changed the channel so we could watch the Warner Robins American Little League All-Stars win the World Championship: Priceless

Saturday, August 25, 2007

2007 Champions - United States of America
Little League Baseball Team
Warner Robins, Georgia

25 August 2007. Congratulations and Well Done. What more needs to be stated other than the fact the the Governor of Georgia and the First Lady of Georgia were in Williamsport today to cheer you on. Best Wishes for the Champions of the United States of America as they now prepare to play in the World Championship Game on Sunday, August 26th.
Photo obtained from Little League Website.
Williamsport and Warner Robins
August 25, 2007. This is a day that will remain in the hearts and minds of twelve young men from Warner Robins, Georgia. This is the day that they will face a team of like minded young men from Texas. They will play for the Title of United States of America Champions - 2007 Little League Baseball at Williamsport, PA. These twelve young men have captured the hearts of all who reside in Middle Georgia, even the State of Georgia and certainly all who reside in the Southeast United States. They represent these areas in as much as they captured the "Best of the Best" in competition as they progressed to the Little League World Series. Today, after excelling in play at Williamsport they will be focused on winning the Championship, the best Little League Baseball Team in the United States of America. I salute:
Dalton Carriker
Hunter Jackson
Hunt Smith
Zane Conlon
Nick Martens
Taylor Lay
David Umphreyville
Micah Wells
Keaton Allen
Clint Wynn
Kendall Scott
Payton Purvis
Manager - Mickey Lay and Coach Mike Smith, Team Moms and of course the parents of these Warner Robins, Georgia American Little League All-Stars have certainly performed and also represented them selves well. Additionally, they have represented their Family, their School, their City, their State and also the Southeast Region in an noteworthy manner. To turn on ESPN and ABC Television and observe these All-Stars in action is wonderful. From the plethora of recent home-runs and double plays one would think that these were players displaying the skill level of major league players.
I have enjoyed this, the 2007 Little League World Series and wish the Warner Robins American Little League All-Stars the greatest of success as they play the United States of America Championship Game, today, August 25, 2007.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Middle Georgia

The Rose Park Labyrinth at the Intersection of Orange and Columbus Streets, Macon, Georgia
If you visit Washington Park and stand in the Southwest corner and look South you can view this door decor at the Washington Library. This is at the Intersection of Washington Avenue and College Street.
Remember Flower Child's mantra, look around you as you travel through downtown Macon. Better still, take the time to walk and enjoy.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Falling Tree Damaged Dodge

On August 15th I published an article about "Crotch Trees in Middle Georgia" and also discussed how I had personal knowledge of dangerous trees. As I was reviewing the "Flower Child's Shoe Box Filling System of Interesting Images" today I came to these two pictures.

As I recall it this Mini-Van was damaged one night in either 1989 or 1990 as we traveled home from a meeting at Church with a thunder storm very near Rosa Taylor Elementary School in Macon, Georgia when this tree fell in front of us. You can see where the tree crossed the windshield. There was no time to stop to avoid this accident. Thus you can now view for yourself why the Flower Child has a deep and abiding respect for trees and is alert to report dangerous ones that are near the roads we all travel.

2007 Little League World Series
The Warner Robins American Little League Twelve will participate in their First Little League World Series Game this evening. These young citizens have represented Warner Robins well, they have represented Georgia well, and now as they participate in the World Series they will also have the opportunity to represent the Southeast United States.
You can be certain that the Flower Child will be watching each of their games. That stated, you can also be sure that I will be watching the games of their opponents in the schedule as they progress through Pool Play.
The local Middle Georgia Media is doing a superior job in keeping us all informed with images and print from Williamsport. Congratulations to these fine young citizens and have fun as you enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity.
You will note that "The Flower Child" has attempted to use your uniform colors in the production of this Blog.
Go!!!!! Team!!!!! Go!!!!!
Napier House
Macon, Georgia
Today, August 17th the Flower Child would like to share some good news. In fact it is Great News. During the Bibb County School Board Meeting last evening, representatives from the Macon Historic Foundation were able to report that the Foundation had made progress in the drive to save "Napier House."
You may recall that on March 29th the Flower Child presented a photo display on this very Blog which clearly presented Napier House in it's present condition and at it's present location. Then on April 4th there was an update which contained "A Proposal for Consideration."
It is always Great News when a landmark with such history can be preserved. This is a gift that is very much needed. If we become a society that neglects our heritage, we indeed have become a Society of "Self Centered" Citizens with no respect for this heritage which allows us all to enjoy our freedoms today.
Thank You!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Crotch Trees in Middle Georgia????

During a recent Bibb County Commission Town Hall Meeting I expressed my concern about the danger of allowing "Crotch Trees" to flourish with out regard to the potential danger these trees pose to the citizens who travel the Streets and Roads in our area.

This tree is at the intersection of Tucker Road and Twin Oaks Drive. The tree is in the Northeast quadrant of this intersection. A close inspection will reveal that the center section of the tree crown has been removed to allow utility lines to transmit energy to the homes in this area.
The unfortunate aspect of this type of thinking is that when the limbs become dead, and some on this tree appear to already very unhealthy; they just may fall on any vehicle that happens to be passing at an inappropriate time. Not very pleasant if you are the person in the vehicle that happens to be struck by the falling tree or branch.
I have personal experience in this regard. Fortunately, for myself and my family the falling tree only did $6300.00 worth of damage to our vehicle in the late 80s or early 90s as we traveled on Rosa Taylor Blvd during a storm. None in the vehicle were hurt, but we were scared.
I still have vivid memories of that event. Then, also in the 90s, as I traveled to work one evening I observed all manner of flashing lights on Forsyth Road in the area just West of Wesleyan College only to later to learn that a falling tree had taken the life of a person who was traveling at the wrong time and was struck by this falling tree.
Yes, my dear readers, these type accidents do happen. It would appear to me that if a tree is in poor health that the appropriate procedure would be to remove it and replace it with a young tree properly sited so that it does not grow up under a utility line. My thinking may be faulty, but then again, I have always been proactive, rather than reactive. My Dad always taught me that it is much more effective to have secure stable doors on the horse barn and keep the horses inside versus repairing the barn door after the horse got out. But then, some think that I was raised wrong.
One of the examples I cited during this same Town Hall meeting was the lovely Cherry Trees that had been placed under the utility lines on Northside Drive in West Bibb County North of the Fickling Farm. These young trees were placed there so that in a few years they may replace the maturing Cherry Trees that are showing signs of aging. A great concept, but more Crotch Trees in Waiting.
When I was younger and experienced dental health problems I never met a Dentist that did not recommend "root canals" for teeth with defective interiors. Yet we have citizens here in Bibb County that feel that it is totally incorrect to replace an old defective tree which could possibly take some unfortunate citizens life with a young tree in a timely manner. But then, maybe the individual/s who own the tree in the above picture could acquire a certified Tree Surgeon to replace the dead pulp which this tree has. Who knows the cost and would it be effective? The Flower Child does not know. One thing the Flower Child does know is that it is much more effective and also more cost efficient to plan ahead. By replacing defective and dangerous trees now, we have the potential to enjoy real beauty in the future.
Thank You!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Progress in West Bibb County, Georgia
Proposed Day Care Center Denied

On August 13, 2007, the Flower Child attended a meeting of the Macon-Bibb County Planning and Zoning Commission at Macon's Historic City Hall. The second item on the agenda was a Proposed Day Care Center at Zebulon Road/Foster Road/Bass Road in West Bibb County. The proposed facility to be constructed on the Northwest Corner of this intersection which is bordered by single family homes on the West and North sides of the six acre parcel of land. The proposed facility to serve up to 267 Children on a daily basis during the normal work week.
I gave the following statement after the agent for the developer gave his presentation. I spoke in favor of the project with the following comments:
"Greetings, For several years the land owner/potential developers have requested approval of several projects. Admittedly, change can be painful!!

Each succeeding project appears to be more invasive than the previous.

The problem you face is "What development will be the most appropriate" while still meeting the critical criteria of 'the most benefit for the citizens' or to put it another way 'The common good.'

Looking back, maybe it would be appropriate to resurrect the "Funeral Home" project, a nice dignified and also relatively quite project.

In closing, your actions on this Board maybe more critical for the long term future of Bibb County than the actions of City Council and/or the County Commissioners.

After a considerable amount of comment from both sides of this issue the four Commissioners spoke out concerning their potential vote on this request. I was taken back to hear the comments of one Commissioner who spoke to the need to deny this request because of the grief he had experienced concerning this project.

The Commission went on to deny the request. The report in the local print media "The Telegraph" contained the following quote from the Commissioner who I heard during the meeting:

"I am going to surprise everyone. I am going to vote against this," Patton said, adding that some day "it's inevitable that the property will have a commercial use.

"I am going to vote 'no' because I'm tired of getting letters at home from anonymous people who threaten my family," Patton said. "I'm tired of having my integrity impugned in what I thought was a terribly unfair way. So I'm going to cave in. I'm going to do what everybody else here is doing and I'm going to represent my selfish interests and I'm going to vote 'no.' "

Admittedly those who spoke against this project were concerned about traffic patterns, the abundance of playing children in a residential area and the fact that this area has no commercial activity. All well meaning statements. However from the Flower Child's point of view the Senior Citizen Complex on the South side of Zebulon Road about two blocks to the East is a Commercial Venture. Admittedly there are single family homes in the complex, but there are also Apartments and Assisted Living Quarters in Apartment like structures in this complex, which is known as Carlyle Place. Nothing wrong with that. We need these type of facilities, but to stand up at a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting and state that there is no Commerical Development in the immediate area is simply a play on words, and an incorrect one at that.

Now from a future point of view. Yes, maybe a long term future point of view. Most opposing the Day-Care Project were Senior Citizens. Some even older than the Flower Child. At least they looked older than I. I am confident that they, just like I, will eventually pass on. Then their homes will be placed on the market to allow the heirs to receive their inheritance, that is if the heirs do not desire to live there themselves. Think with me for a moment! Who will buy these homes in an excellent Public School District or also very close to the Private Academies which abound in West Bibb County. I would suspect that it will be Young Families with children. Because of the appreciated values of these same homes that were discussed at the Hearing on August 13th will be beyond the means of single income families, I am confident that the buyers will look for areas where "Day Care" is available for their Children.

Therefore, as the Flower Child views the decision to Deny the Day-Care center as meeting the needs of the current home owners in the area of the proposed project they may have just denied their own heirs an acceptable and appropriate market value on these same homes upon their demise from Planet Earth. Thus, as I spoke in my comments to the Commissioners, which I printed above; the common good may not have been served at all when this project was denied.

I agree with the Commissioner who stated that some day the property will have a commercial use. I submit that it is unfortunate that those who opposed this project were looking at the short term future. The long term future for this area just may have been more appropriately served if the project had been approved.

Thank You!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Common Sense

In 1776, Thomas Paine published "Common Sense." His writings were focused on the situation of the time, however his introduction appears to have merit today as we consider employing "Common Sense" in the State of Georgia. His article was entitled:

"Thoughts on the Present State of American Affairs"

"IN the following pages I offer nothing more than simple facts, plain arguments, and common sense: and have no other preliminaries to settle with the reader, than that he will divest himself of prejudice and prepossession, and suffer his reason and his feelings to determine for themselves that he will put on, or rather that he will not put off, the true character of a man, and generously enlarge his views beyond the present day."

By now you may be asking yourself why does the Flower Child show a picture of a pair of "Air Conditioning Compressors" for a Blog entitled Common Sense. Please bear with me for a moment. These Compressors are running flat out today, August 10, 2007 here in Bibb County to cool a small portion of a Public School. I am also aware that the expected temperature in Bibb County will reach 105 degrees with a possible "Heat Index" number of 111.
Most citizens will agree that August is usually the hottest month of the year, especially here in Middle Georgia. Fact of the matter, the current situation as I view the evening Weather Reports, August is quite hot in a major portion of our United States. But that is another problem.
My concern today is why do school children in Georgia have to commence their education in August, when the temperatures are usually the hottest? This causes a lot of unnecessary expense to the citizens of Georgia, cooling homes and also cooling school buildings. School could start after Labor Day.
Now if Georgia had the reputation of having a stellar education system which other states attempted to emulate the extra expense of cooling buildings could be justified. However, we all know that with a bit of Common Sense we could easily re-invent the School System Calendar so that Children would not be subject to hot bus rides (Have you seen a Yellow bus with Factory Air?) and the idea of attending classes during the most uncomfortable month of the year. Admittedly the cool weather of Winter can be uncomfortable, but that can be corrected by laying clothing. Conversely, being uncomfortable in the Summer cannot be corrected by taking off clothing.
So, today the Flower Child is recommending that a bit of "Common Sense" be applied to the establishment of the education calendar. As energy cost continue to increase a bit of planning now may just help reduce our dependence on resources that we consume to cool buildings that could well remain hot until September each year. Yes, this would take an adjustment on our current scheduling of Summer Schooling for our educators, an adjustment to our current way of thinking that appears to be devoid of Common Sense and finally, allow our Students to participate in the plethora of Fun Summer Activities that Children can enjoy if they live in States where School does indeed begin after Labor Day each Year.
The Flower Child admits that this post was prompted by the recent victory of the Warner Robins Little League Base Ball Players who recently won the State of Georgia Championship and just last evening the Southeastern U.S.A. Championship. These young scholars should not have to even be concerned about School at this time, yet they will be involved in Little League World Series activities through August 30th. What a shame that we in Georgia have to require that our Students Study in the Sultry Summer Season. Again, I remind my readers, if Georgia had a reputation as a leader in producing excellent test results for the majority of our Students, the current schedule just may be justifiable. As it is, I would humbly suggest that maybe we should think outside of the box that we are currently enclosed in.
My final comment - Just last year 2006, the Little League World Championship Winners from North Columbus, Georgia experienced the same situation. I respectfully submit that the opportunity to meet young people from around the World and to also participate in such an event as the World Series of Little League Baseball is far more valuable than 20 some days of class room work in the month of August.
Middle Georgia Challenge

From Time to Time, the Flower Child has posted an image here on "The World This Week," with a reward to the individual who can correctly identify that image. I have recently been verbally chastised because I do not allow the significant other of the "Winner" to participate in the reward, which has been a meal out in the Middle Georgia area. The Flower Child takes all chastisement seriously and has now formulated a plan to eliminate this potential crisis regarding the relationships of the contest winner/s.
Thus, this Contest. Two images with the Winner and one guest being treated to a Meal somewhere in Middle Georgia . The Flower Child reserves the right to make the selection. Previous Challenge Winners have enjoyed meals at "Pig in The Pit" on Bass Road and "Five Guys - Burgers and Fries" on Tom Hill Jr. Blvd in Macon.
You must post your two answers in the Comments Section of this Blog. I will not reveal any of the answers until the Challenge is closed, which will be Midnight, August 20, 2007. So that does not confuse anyone, the Challenge will close one minute after 2359 on August 20, 2007.
You must correctly identify both of the images and where they are located in Middle Georgia. There will be no clues published and in case of any tie, the first to post both correct answers will be declared the Winner.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Central Air Conditioning Maintenance

Several days ago I was outside in the cool of the evening and I observed the two "Condensate Tubes" which serve to drain water from the two Air Conditioning Systems which keep my home cool. I reside in a two story house so two systems are more efficient to operate. You can observe that the tube shown above is dripping water from the Air Conditioning Coil. This is as it should be. I then looked at the other Condensate Tube, which serves the downstairs Air Conditioning Coil and noted that the soil was very dry at the end of the discharge tube. A quick survey with the aid of a long flat screwdriver indicated that the tube was plugged with dirt. This afternoon I acquired some number nine wire to run back in the line in the hope of cleaning it out. I determined that the line was fairly plugged. I then investigated the line from under the house because this unit is in the crawl space. The line was sagging and I determined that I should cut the plastic line and attempt to flush out the line with water. This I did and the line is now clear. Tomorrow I will reroute the line and also place it so that it has a down hill slope with proper support so that it will not sag. The reason I am publishing this blog is to urge all of the readers to check the condensate tube to see if the system is actually draining the water which drips off of the coils in the air cooling chamber of your Air Conditioning system. If the water can not drain away, you are certainly recycling the humidity back into your living space. This will also make your equipment run more using more energy.
Please note that I did not attempt to flush out the plugged condensate tube by back flushing it. Doing so may messed up the Air Conditioning Coil inside the Air Handling Chamber under my home. I flushed it with running water with the flow going the same direction as the condensate should have been flowing. It did not take much pressure to flush out the line.

I have also investigated the Internet to ascertain what else can be done to keep the energy cost as low as possible during these hot and humid days here in Middle Georgia. I found this site:

What the Home Owner Should Do:

  • Clean or replace the AC filters monthly. Dirty air filters cause the AC unit to work harder than necessary. The energy bill can act as a monthly reminder to do this—change the air filter before sending out the bill.

  • Keep the grass around the AC trimmed, being careful not to blow debris or grass clippings into the AC. Make sure landscaping does not block the outdoor air conditioner components. Four to five feet of open air between any shrubs or trees and the AC unit will ensure proper airflow. Blocked AC units have a harder time taking in air to cool the home, which means higher energy costs.

  • Shade the outdoor AC unit. Air in a shaded space is typically five to six degrees cooler than the surrounding air, which means the AC will have an easier time cooling the air before pumping it into the home. Air conditioners with proper shading can be up to 10 percent more efficient over a cooling season, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

  • Insulate ducts. Sealing ducts will save energy and money year round. First, seal the duct joints and leaks with mastic tape or sealer. Plain duct tape is not recommended because it will dry out and peel off over time. Wrap the ducts with low-cost, foil-faced R08 rated fiberglass insulation (recommended for cold climates like Iowa), and seal the insulation seams with regular duct tape. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, insulating ducts in the typical American home costs about $250, but the improvement will pay for itself in energy savings in two and a half years. Even the added cost of hiring a professional to install the insulation will be repaid with the energy savings.

  • Clean off dirt buildup on the indoor and outdoor coils of the central AC system. These heat exchangers between the refrigerant and the surrounding air can quickly build up impurities will hinder the coil's performance by as much as 8 percent. Both indoor and outdoor coils can be cleaned with warm, soapy water, but need to be treated gently. Before performing any maintenance, be sure to consult the manufacturer's recommendations to answer any questions about an AC unit's care.

  • Recirculate air. It is far more economical to recirculate and cool the indoor air than to draw in hot air from outside, cool it down and remove the moisture in it.
    Raise temperature settings. Each degree of temperature can represent up to 9% savings or added expense in cooling costs.

  • Keep the unit fan on “AUTO.” IT is not necessary to run the fan constantly when the air conditioner is turned on.

  • Use ceiling fans. Moving air with ceiling fans can increase the comfort range.

As I reviewed the above information I ascertained that no where was there any mention of any inspection of the Condensate Tube. As I stated above, I will reroute the tube and also insure that it is on a down hill run with plenty of support to keep it from sagging. The sagging tube is what allowed the drain to fill up with dust and grime from the cooling coils. I also understand that you can procure tablets to place in the pan under the coil which will prevent the buildup of fungus so that the condensate tube will not become plugged with crud. I will investigate the source for these tablets tomorrow and post a comment to this Blog so that everyone will know.

Until then, check out the condensate tube discharge area for your Central Air Conditioning System or Systems to ascertain if you need to do some preventative maintenance or if you need to have your Air Conditioning Contractor pay you a visit.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

During the recent Mayor and City Council campaigns in Macon, Georgia we often heard a lot about being responsible. Voters were left to sieve out the chaft and hopefully select the best candidate to become the next "Servant Leader."
In recent years we have all been exposed to a plethora of reality shows which eliminate contestants. The usual statement before being eliminated is: "The People Have Spoken."
While the reality shows are simply entertainment, the candidates winning an election have hopefully earned the Trust of the voters.
Recent local events and events on the National scene are causes for concern. Inadequate supply of toilet paper a few months ago at Fort Stewart in Southeast Georgia prompted Middle School Students in the State of Washington to ship the needed paper. Locally, the procurement and/or storage problems involving toilet paper caused Fire Department personnel to have to procure their own paper at their expense for use while on duty at the various Fire Stations.
This past week the disaster of the broken bridge captued all the media headlines and attention. Of course this is only correct and proper. Everyone needs to know of this disaster.
Our duly elected officials at all levels need to be held accountable!! If a governmental agency cannot supply something as mundane, but also necessary, as toilet paper; how can we the voters trust these same agencies to manage the "Big Stuff?" Certainly something to consider and also give some serious thought to.
All this background allowed me to quickly recall the concepts I learned in "Boot Camp" after I first joined the United States Navy. Our Company Commander informed us all that we certainly had the intelligence and necessary training background to do well in our careers, be they a one term enlistment or a twenty year career. If we could be trusted to perform out duties, we would advance and thus gain more responsibilities. Additionally we would achieve higher paygrades and make more money. Yet all of this relied on Trust.
While not totally germane to this Blog, I do recall this quote from the Parable of the Ten Minas: "I tell you that to everyone who has, more will be given, but as for the one who has nothing, even what he has will be taken away."
The Flower Child's Summary: If I cannot trust you with a little project, how can I trust you with projects that carry great risk, more responsibilities and also dangerous consequences should you perform poorly.
That sort of sounds like a parent in conversation with a teenager who wants to gain the responsibility of driving the family vehicle on our Streets and Highways.
When we place our trust in a person we place our confidence in that person. We expect that person to be reliable. Certainly the toilet paper problem is minute, unless you are the potential user who learns that the holder is empty and you have already placed yourself in the situation where you need it. The Bridge problems are very serious. In fact you could call this situation a National Disaster. Who can we trust as regards our own safety? It is difficult for the Flower Child to rely on anyone who cannot be trusted managing the small things, much less the larger serious issues that we all face.
Hopefully the sieving process is working well in Macon, Georgia.

Friday, August 03, 2007

"Thinking Like A Thief"
As law abiding citizens we all usually feel that everyone shares our values, so we often place ourselves and/or our property in harms way. Additionally I have recently learned that the citizens of Georgia experience a high number of identification thefts. I am grateful that I have never been the victim of any crime or identify theft but I also acknowledge that I may someday be a victim. At this time I consider myself fortunate.
As I mature I have learned to carefully observe my fellow planet mates. I am often alarmed by what I observe:
  • Females placing their hand bags near the entrance of public buildings and they doing their task or errands in other sites in these buildings. A thief can quickly enter and be gone in a very brief period of time.
  • Homeowners who store ladders on the carport or the exterior walls of the house. This allows would be thieves the option of entering by second story windows to gather your stuff. Please note that second story windows are not usually wired by the alarm companies.
  • Letting newspapers pile up on your driveway or paper box while you are out of town. Anybody can quickly ascertain your absence and quickly break into your home much faster than the local law enforcement personnal can get to your home.
  • Anyone who allows the viewing of your gardening equipment to be "inventoried" while you are performing gardening task. Who knows how many weed eaters are acquired from your carport or garage when you are later away from the house, or even engaged in gardening activities in the back yard.
  • Leaving garage doors open so casual "inventory takers" can quickly inventory your stuff for a later visit when you are not home.
  • Leaving a garage door open a bit so the family pets can gain access while you are gone so that they can enter to keep dry in case of rain. A neighbor lost a nice TV when the thief learned of this system. A quick pry with a 2" by 4" popped the door open and the thief gained entry into the home and was gone with the TV within ten minutes.

Throughout my adult life I have attended many Neighborhood Watch Meetings or other types of Crime Prevention events to learn how to keep my family and myself safe. A few of the lessons I have learned at these events and by also observing human behavior are:

  • Always mail your bills, if you still us the mail for this, at the Post Office or the large secure drop boxes that are provided by the U. S. Postal Service.
  • Always respect your fellow planet mates, but be aware that some are supporting their life styles by getting your stuff.
  • Always remember to be alert and aware of your surroundings.
  • Think Like A Thief and do not allow your self to be a victim in so far as this is possible for you.

While we all want to feel safe at all times in our own life style it is imperative that we also acknowledge that there are a few who want your stuff.

Unfortunately those who ply the vocation of stealing engage their mental processes at a very high level of proficiency. They study their potential targets (victims) to get what they want and/or need.

In Summary:

  • Engage your brain to "Think Like A Thief." What things do you do, but should not do, to make yourself an attractive victim or a potential victim.
  • Take every opportunity to learn more about criminal activity in your area. Participate in Crime Prevention Activities such as Neighborhood Watch.
  • Admit that you can be a victim and think about what you can and should do should someone attempt to harm you or take your stuff.
  • Always remember that your stuff can be replaced.
  • As I learned as a young Sailor in the United States Navy: Always use the Buddy System when you go out. Not always easy, but a real nice option because as any thief will tell you, "There is strength in Numbers."

By taking a little time to think before an attack, a hold-up or exposing your identification you and I can protect ourselves more effectively. "Think Like A Thief."

Thursday, August 02, 2007

2007 Lutheran Night at the Braves

Seventeen Baseball Fans traveled from Middle Georgia to 755 Hank Aaron Blvd., in Atlanta to watch the Atlanta Braves play the Houston Astros. The score was 12 runs for the Braves and 3 for the Astros. During the pre-game activities it was announced that Lutheran Night at the Braves and Thrivent Financial had raised some 53,000.00 dollars for Lutheran Services of Georgia.
The fact that we all observed Atlanta's newest Brave, Mark Teixeria play his first game in a Braves uniform will be the memory that we all will cherish. Mark went on to thrill the crowd by hitting a Home Run and also enhancing his Run's Batted In numbers by a total of three. We also also watched with delight as another New Brave, Octavio Dotel worked a scoreless ninth inning for the Braves.
A delightful evening to be sure. Two members of the group were absent from this photo. Of course the photographer was one.