Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Number Ten in a Ten Part Series
Progress Report Number One

You are viewing Interstate 75 in South Bibb County, Georgia. This image was taken from the approach to the Bridge which travels over I-75 and it is also a part of the SGT. KELLEY COURTNEY Interchange. This interchange was named as a Memorial to Sgt. Courtney who lost his life on October 30, 2006 while stationed with the U. S. Marines and on duty outside of Fallujah, Iraq.

All of the above pictures were taken as I, the Flower Child, prepared to publish my End of the Year Blog Entries for 2008. This is the Number One Progress Story for the entire region of Central Georgia. You did not hear much about this project while it was being designed or the early states of construction completed. Certainly, this project did not raise the level of concern that the famed I-16/I-75 Intersection in the City of Macon has for the past ten some years.
This project is Progress. One has to only consider what has been happening in South Bibb County and the Counties to the South. We have seen the Kumho Tire Plant Project, the Sara Lee Distribution Center and the potential for additional development in the future.
In Twiggs County and Houston County we have seen the Georgia DOT redesign several Interstate Exits/Entrances to facilitate recent development. The I-16 project that comes to mind is the enhanced Interstate Sixteen/Georgia Ninety-Six project to handle the Academy Sports Distribution Center Traffic. In Houston County we have all watched as the Richard Russell and the additional Interchange for the Georgia Agricultural Exposition Center being constructed and now achieving full operational status.
I do believe that industry looks for long term thinking local governments who wish to enhance the employment opportunities for their Citizens. The recent events I have listed in the two paragraphs above certainly bear witness to this fact.
Yet, those who govern in Macon, Georgia appear to be looking progress in the eye and denying any potential for future employment opportunities. What a shame!
Now you all know why that this Blog Entry is Progress Report Number One. I am confident that South Bibb County will see plenty of growth and positive development as a result of this I-75/I-475 Project which is also very near a True Heroes Interchange, The Sgt Kelley Courtney Memorial Interchange.

Number Nine in a Ten Part Series
Progress Report Number Two

I am confident that most readers here will remember a few years ago where the Members of the Garden Clubs of Georgia lobbied our Georgia Lawmakers to restrict bill board companies from cutting down trees along our Interstate, Federal and State Highways. The Georgia Lawmakers did what they had to do and kept the Garden Clubbers Happy. No one is now allowed to cut down trees in front of their Highway Billboards.
Well the outcome was predictable. The Signs were erected on very tall pylons so that the signs have now become an eyesore. Just goes to show what you wish for may not be in the best interest of all Citizens.

We all know that recent events have resulted in some business organizations down sizing their advertising budget so we now have the pleasure of observing these wonderful tall plyons with their message that "They Are Available."

More recently we have all observed the plethora of "Communication Towers" that have been erected to facilitate rapid communications within our Society. The erection of these towers and the rent the companies pay the landowners surely enhances the economy for the land owners and the men and women who erect these facilitators of communications.

The question and also concern that the Flower Child would like to broach today is: "Who will take down these potentially rust covered eyesores once this system of rapid communication is replaced?"

In as much as these communication towers are in abundance here in Central Georgia and are located in various counties what regulations do the companies who erect and use them have to adhere to? What are the provisions of Georgia Law which require that they be removed from the landscape once they no longer serve any viable function? In fact I observed at least six of these marvelous towers on a twenty-five mile segment of Interstate 16 yesterday between Danville, Georgia and Dublin, Georgia.
Interesting questions. I will forward this Blog to our esteemed State Lawmakers for their comments.
I remain confident that the time will come when these Communication Towers no longer serve any useful purpose. I have fond memories of "Eight Track" Tape Players from way back in the late 60s and early 70s. In fact I had an Eight Track Tape Player in my 1971 Ford Maverick when I first relocated to Macon, Georgia.
We all must admit that time proceeds on. The question today is have we made provisions in our Zoning Regulations to required the deconstruction of these Communication towers when they are no longer serving a useful purpose. Just as the Tall Plyon Billboards now appear obsolete because of our economic situation we simply must plan ahead.
One More Progress Report to Go before we Salute 2009 at Midnight, December 31, 2008.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Number Eight in a Ten Part Series
Progress Report Number Three

By now you may be wondering and maybe even concerned about the Flower Child. It appears that he is posting information about Macon, Georgia while he resides in the safe confines of West Bibb County, Georgia. While this is true there are those who are certainly endeavoring to annex more property into Macon, Georgia. Some even discuss consolidation of the City of Macon, Georgia with the entire County we know as Bibb.
No matter what developes or happens in the future during the current times of economic hardship there is a vested interest that every Citizen of Middle Georgia must consider. Macon is the Center of our Great State of Georgia. If we desire to see progress we all must be concerned. Some have been born here and enjoy what they grew up experiencing. Some have made a choice and decided to live here in Macon, some in Bibb County and even more in Middle Georgia. To this end we all have a vested, and yes even vital interest in what happens in the future.
How many years have Candidates sought public office on the bloated Macon City Council and have espoused the need for an adequate and yes, even appropriate pay scale for our Public Servants who serve us all. When I state Public Servants in the previous sentence I am referring to those who are pledged to "Serve and Protect" such as the Police and Fire Departments in the City of Macon. These dedicated public servants must be respected and appreciated. Additionally they need to be reimbursed with an adequate pay scale. Those on patrol in the Police Department and those awaiting a call to Fight a Fire in the Fire Department are the Public Servants who are ready in a second to give their lives for the safety and protection of us all. To underpay them is a great injustice that we all have witnessed for far too long.
In summary, rather than just talk about these items during Campaigns, those who win the elections must actually step up to the plate and "Lead By Example." We can ask for no less.
It is indeed a great shame that we do not appreciate "These Public Servants" while the duly elected City Council Members expend any good will toward themselves once they are elected on discussions regarding "Pensions for Themselves."

Number Seven in a Ten Part Series
Progress Report Number Four

Several of my recent post to this ten part series have questioned the progress that we are either enjoying or even not receiving here in Middle Georgia because of many and various situations. It would appear that People and/or Government does not Care.
Today we will focus on "The Big House" at 2321 Vineville Avenue in Macon, Georgia. This private endeavor appears to be actually be what we need here in Middle Georgia. A group of concerned, dedicated and caring Citizens are actually developing this site as a Tribute to "The Allman Brothers Band."
This is the type of progress that will enable Macon and Middle Georgia to flourish. I highlight this "The Big House Foundation" today to simply point out what can and should be accomplished here in Macon and Middle Georgia. Well Done!!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Number Six in a Ten Part Series
Progress Report Number Five

The previous Blog Post featured progress that has happened in the past seven months in the residential area behind this the former "Westgate Shopping Center" in Macon, Georgia.

This area once hosted the first enclosed Shopping Mall in Georgia. Then it was reconstructed as a strip shopping area with Home Depot and WalMart as the main attractions. Both of these large grey box retailers have moved on to other sections/areas of Macon and/or Bibb County. The question is: Why????

I am confident that their are many theories as to why this happened. But that is not the problem that I would like to focus on as I post this Blog Entry. What has our Main Stream Media and our Local Governments done to expose this situation. I have the feeling that too many are simply throwing up their arms and saying that they are powerless. I may not be too intelligent, but I was always told that no one can solve a problem unless they first admit that there is a problem. I think we have a problem and we all need to admit it. Only then can the problem and/or problems be resolved.

Number Five in a Ten Part Series
Progress Report Number Six

Everyone in Middle Georgia remembers the Mother's Day 2008 Tornado. This is a picture of one of the streets in Macon, Georgia just West of the former Westgate Shopping Center. The Flower Child walked this street on the Monday Morning after the Tornado to ascertain if a fellow Church Member was alive and well. There were power lines on the street, trees down and even punctured roofs. The scene was a total mess, totally impassable by auto or pickup truck.
This is a picture taken on December 26th, 2008 and shows the total transformation that has happened to this area. It is acknowledged that our Federal, State and Local Governments stepped up to the plate, but the bulk of the reconstruction was executed by contractors, utilities and the homeowners themselves. The days after the Tornado saw a plethora of news coverage of this area. The Flower Child takes this opportunity today to simply point out that Progress has been carried out with little current fanfare. I say "Well Done" to everyone who made this reconstruction possible.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Post Number Four of a Ten Part Series
Progress Report Number Seven

Finally, an example of visible Progress to Enjoy here in Macon, Georgia. After several years of debate and jockeying around between developers, the Mayor and the City Council of Macon, Georgia we are able to see real Progress. The Construction firm even erected a Christmas Tree on the upper level of the building so that Christmas could be celebrated as the Workers labored this December.

Only time will tell if this project will achieve the intended purpose of capturing the Convention and Trade Show activity that the Convention and Visitors Bureau as well as the local Citizens expect to help Macon, Georgia Grow. Let us all hope so!!!

This image was acquired from across Coliseum Drive looking North and just East of the current Macon Centreplex

Post Number Three of a Ten Part Series
Progress Report Number Eight

This is an interesting area in Macon, Georgia. Years ago this Plaza housed an A&P Food Store, a Unit of the Bibb County Library System, an Exclusive Fabric Store and a host of other retail outlets.

The Flower Child has fond memories of obtaining necessary Do It Yourself (DIY) supplies from a locally owned Hardware Store when he was much younger and his Children attended the nearby Rosa Taylor Elementary School.

This Photo taken on December 26, 2008 clearly shows that this once well regarded mecca of retail activity has been in decline in recent years. I do believe that a United States Post Office and a Child Support Recovery Unit still operate out of this once famed "Riverside Plaza Shopping Center."

Progress can be painful, but is this the type of progress we really need in any City, let alone, Macon, Georgia?
Post Number Two of a Ten Part Series
Progress Report Number Nine

Finally the Road Improvement Project we all know as Mercer University Drive (MUD) or Georgia Highway 74 in the vicinity of Interstate 475 Bypass in West Bibb County appears to be reaching a conclusion. The Flower Child has fond memories of the Soviet Union of some years ago where every project they embarked on was known as a "Five Year Project." This project on MUD has taken well over five years but the end is in sight. Thus it's ranking as Number Nine on this Progress Blog.

Every year as we draw close to the end of the current year various Media Organizations focus on the Top Ten Stories, the Top Ten Images, the Top Ten Movies, etc.
Today the Flower Child will start his own top ten as we count down to December 31, 2008 and watch for the arrival of 2009.
Progress Report Number Ten
During the past ten years, can it be that long, we have all witnessed by reading and viewing about the troubled "Forest Hill Road Project" which has been in the planning stages for far too long. Today we will focus on a concept which I will entitle "Pride of Ownership." As you view the following images I feel that you will quickly ascertain that the "Pride of Ownership" factor is lacking.

This is a view of the West Side of Forest Hill Road in the vicinity of 717. I understand that the yellow ribbons are not to honor our Nation's Heroes who have served and returned home. I believe that the yellow ribbons are around threes which have been designated for removal. By clicking on the sign on the left side of the trees you can also ascertain that it needs washing. Not a very good image as it is. No "Pride of Ownership" from the Flower Child's point of view.

This is a view on the East Side of Forest Hill Road as you approach a Church on the Right Hand Side. A close look will reveal an unauthorized dumping of a well used automobile tire.

This is a very interesting shot of a tree that just got tired of life and fell down. The property owner apparently does not care about the potential danger of this debris so close to Forest Hill Road.

This is a shot of an SUV rounding the corner in the area of 461 Forest Hill Road and clearly shows how close the fallen tree is to the road way. Just think of a defensive driver having to turn to the right to avoid an oncoming car that is hugging and/or even crossing the Center Line.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have a Blessed Christmas 2008

It is snowing in the Pacific Northwest. It is raining and sleeting in New England. The Midwest of the United States of America is suffering from blizzards and we are all viewing this on the Electronic Media. Everyone is trying to get home for Christmas and thousands of flights are being cancelled because of the weather.

The economy around the World is suffering and merchants are suffering because of the lack of Holiday Spending. All of this and consider all the problems that each of may be experiencing it is probably difficult to event mutter the words "Merry Christmas" this year. I just heard that our unemployed workers has reached the same level as in the early 1980s.

Yes, I lived through the 1980s and do not recall any problem in obtaining work. I had just retired from the U. S. Navy and was happily employed at a local Nursing Home here in Middle Georgia. While I was the third highest paid at $5.00 per hour I managed to survive. I did mow lawns and do other yard work on the side so that my family could have those things necessary to sustain life.

Well, I have news for everyone here, Merry Christmas 2008. We have much to be thankful for and much to appreciate if we focus on the good that surrounds us. Times may be difficult, but let me remind you that most citizens on planet earth have a more difficult time than we here in the U. S. A. Additionally, I can quickly recall the events of the "Great Depression of the 1930s" as relayed to me by my parents.

My Dad's favorite story was about shredding corn in the fall. He worked for 50 cents a day and the meals that were served to the workers as they traveled from farm to farm on Clayton Ridge in Clayton County in Northeast Iowa. Not a bad deal, 50 cents a day and plenty of food, until you realized that he concluded the saga with this phrase, "I wore out a $1.00 pair of leather gloves each day."

So we think we have it difficult!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas

As we all gather with family and friends this Christmas let us all remember that "The Best Is Yet To Come." I am looking forward to the Christmas Eve Worship Service at the Church and the singing of the song "Silent Night, Holy Night."

I say again: "Merry Christmas." Have a "Blessed Christmas."

Monday, December 22, 2008

Comedy Road Show Taping
Monday, December 22, 2008
Everyone knows that the Flower Child usually participates in the abundance of activities conducted at "The Grand Opera House" in Macon, Georgia especially if they require no exchange of cash for admittance.
The Flower Child and His Bride attended the Comedy Road Show Taping. In order to garner the good seats we arrived early enough to be in line when the doors opened. We were a few rows back on the main level, which for this event was prime seating. Before the performance commenced I was conducting social intercourse with a fellow attendee. I casually mentioned that in view of this being a comedy event that I noted there was no one from Macon's City Council present. A North Macon Matron seated to my left quickly pointed out that we are at "The Grand" and this was not the usual venue for the circus. I quickly agreed with this observation because the Host of the Comedy Road Show, a Mr. Harland Williams was proceeding to the stage.
The taping was a grand affair and everyone in attendance had a great time.

Friday, December 19, 2008

U. S. Navy Uniforms

Most of you know that the "Flower Child" served in the U. S. Navy some years ago. The above picture shows two Sailors working the Chart desk on a Modern Aircraft Carrier. These two Sailors are performing their task and also wearing the "Working Uniform" that I proudly wore until I made Chief Petty officer.
This picture shows the new "Navy Camo" modeled by the Master Chief of the U. S. Navy as he prepares to serve "Chow" onboard a Gator Freighter.

Some view this new camo as a step forward. As a retiree I have fond memories of the old style "Work Uniform," and I will always remember how the trousers could be made into a "Life Preserver" should the need develop.

Time will tell if the New Navy Camo is a winner. Remember you saw it first on the Flower Child's Blog - The World This Week.

2008 Christmas Tree
128 Weatherby Drive

You have already viewed the Christmas Tree at the Flower Child's Home. This tree has been placed in the Family Room and features decor that is of interest to smaller children. Have a Blessed Christmas.

Middle Georgia Car Wash
December 18, 2008

The weather on Thursday, December 18, 2008 was perfect for many outdoor activities. The Flower Child took this great opportunity to perform some much needed cleaning.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bailouts and/or Rescue
Pensions for the elected officials of Macon, Georgia seems like a wonderful idea and a concept that just might allow a better class of politicians in the future. That stated, the current scheme on the table in Macon, Georgia would also include the Mayor who recently departed a successful "Law Practice" to also be a Servant of the People.
Admittedly the Flower Child is not on the inside of this scheme. The Flower Child is aware of the U. S. Department of Labor requirement that Business Organizations who have Pension Funds for employees must submit annual reports as to pension fund stability and assets. The Flower Child does not know if these requirements apply to governmental organizations. But the Flower Child does know that if the Department of Labor actuaries determine that a fund is underfunded then the sponsoring organization must contribute adequate funds to bring the pension fund up to standards.
As most know, the Flower Child is the beneficiary of one such Pension Fund. The Funds for my pension are available and every year all my peers and I receive a report indicating the fund balance and the expenditures for the current year as well as the balance on hand for future payments.
Can you now think forward to what would happen if the actuaries for the City of Macon Pension Fund determine that the fund was underfunded? Would the Fund Beneficaries join together to bring the fund up to date? I do not think so. I believe that the City of Macon would be required to bring the fund balance up to date. Thus the Tax Payers of the City of Macon would be on the hook to generate the funds. This sounds like an excellent opportunity for the Members of City Council and even the Mayor to have a rock solid guarantee on their potential Pension Payments in the future. Even though they would be volunteer participants by initially funding their respective Pensions, the taxpayers of Macon would essentially be guaranteeing the solvency for the long term future.
The Flower Child may be totally incorrect, but this sounds like a wonderful scheme and if the City of Macon adopts this concept I want to be one of the first to buy into it. Even though I, the Flower Child currently reside in Bibb County I am well aware that some day I just may reside in the City of Macon.
So the question is: "Does the City Pension Fund fall within the rules and standards established by the United States Government for Private Business Organizations?" If so, then someone would be Bailing Out and/or Rescuing the City Pension Fund when and if at some time in the future the actuaries determine that it is underfunded.
So before we allow our City of Macon to establish a program with potentially dangerous results I, the Flower Child would encourage adequate investigation into the long term responsibilities/requirements.
After all, should Macon and Bibb consolidate this well meaning program and could also have a negative impact on all of us who proudly call Bibb County Home.
Thank You!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nativity Scenes

When I first moved to Georgia in 1971 I lived in a Mobile Home in Jones County off of Highway 49. As I prepared for Christmas I decided that I needed a Nativity Scene. I visited a Craft Shop on Shirling Drive in Shirlington Plaza and acquired the scene you are viewing above. I have appreciated this set every year since then.

This Scene was given to my Family by my Mother some 25 years ago. This is the original straw.
As we all prepare for Christmas 2008, may I remind you that the Real Reason for the Season is what you have just viewed above. Have a Blessed Christmas!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Typhoon Cobra
18 December 1944. Typhoon Cobra struck many Ships of the United States Navy as they struggled to remain afloat. Visit this link to learn all about this event:
During a reunion of the USS Hull (DD 945) a few years ago I had the fortunate opportunity to meet some of the Heroes of the USS Hull (DD 350) who lived to tell about this Typhoon Cobra.
I, the Flower Child, post this entry today to simply remind the readers here that many, many young men gave all so that we might all enjoy the Freedoms of the United States of America.
Thank You!!!!
Christmas 2008
The Lutheran Church of the
Holy Trinity
Macon, Georgia

You are viewing the Christmas Tree at The Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity, 1899 Tucker Road, Macon, Georgia. The decorations on this tree, as well as the past thirty plus years feature Chrismons.
For additional information about Chrismon Decorations please visit:
The Flower Child will also take this opportunity to Wish You and Your Family a Blessed Christmas.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas 2008
Middle Georgia

The 2008 Christmas Tree has finally been acquired, erected and decorated. Here you see the fourteen foot tall Leyland Cypress that stands proudly in our Foyer. We decided to keep things simple this year in view of everything that is going on in the Global Community.
Some may consider the lighting retro in as much as we placed Red, Blue and Green C7 lights on the tree. You may remember these from many, many years ago. We also placed Candy Apple Red and Aztec Gold Krebs ornaments on the tree. Due to the size of the tree we place three Krebs of the same color on one hook. The Christmas by Krebs Ornaments have an interesting history. You can read all about Krebs here:
Have a Blessed Christmas. Should you desire to see the Christmas Tree in a larger image, simply click on the tree. Thank You!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We Remember
December 7th, 1941

Scenes from December 7th 2008
We remember Pearl Harbor

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Survival Kit

Every time there is potential for bad weather such as terrible storms or even flooding possibilities we are all informed that we should check out our Survival Kits. We are also are reminded to have adequate fresh batteries for our portable radios so we can listen to the latest information available on the Radio.
Who here among us can recall every hearing weather or storm information on the Radio? Yes, the local electronic media did an excellent on the recent "Mother's Day Tornado" here in Middle Georgia; but most of the time you will simply be tuning into a radio station with 24 hour music or 24 hour talk replayed from the previous week if and when a storm strikes us during a week-end.
With the recent forecast of wicked weather in the Upper Mid-West and the remote potential that it could travel to the Southeast United States, I the Flower Child updated my Survival Kit this very morning.
If and when the power is out I can pick up my Flashlight with the new batteries, find my stash of Cashews and wash them down with my Merlot. After executing this procedure I will most likely not care how long the power is out.
This post also allows me to recall one Winter in the Far North United States. We did have electricity, but the power was out. The roads were also closed because of the six to eight foot snow drifts. The wood stove was providing heat and we had a cellar full of food. My Dad, who was than a smoker ran out of "Prince Albert" in the can. In order to maintain his habit he resorted so rolling his cigarette using tea leaves. You can not appreciate the aroma of tea leaf smoke until you experience it. It was not very pleasant.
In closing this Blog Post I would remind everyone to inventory their personal Survival Kit and replenish it with what is appropriate for your individual and/or family situation.
Now, if the snow does not extend to Middle Georgia I can always utilize this Kit prior to the expiration of the product Shelf Life. Have a great day.

Living the Good Life
As I enjoyed the SEC Championship Football game last Saturday I saw with my own eyes the Happy Faces on the Florida Gators after they won the Game. They went into the Game ranked beneath their competition.
There are a lot of situations where people can be Happy or Sad, depending on their situation. So let us consider for a few moments what makes a happy individual.
This morning I read my local print media from cover to cover which is my normal routine. John Rosemond who writes a column on Good Parenting clearly stated what I personally lived and did not appreciate when I was a mere child. Mr. Rosemond stated that one step to raising a child who will be well-equipped to have a successful adult life. He stated: "Put your child into a meaningful role in your family; one that is defined in terms of responsibilities known as chores. By the time your child is 4 years old, he should be contributing significant time and effort on a daily basis to the maintenance of the household." While this concept may be considered rocket science to "modern child development gurus" it was well understood my adults of the generation that raised me.
I next read the article about three Bulldogs being named to the All-SEC first team in College Football. An interesting article to be sure. The most interesting aspect of this Associated Press article was the bit about Tim Tebow and what he stated after the Gators loss to Mississippi earlier this Football Season. In his post game comments he made it quite clear that the loss was his responsibility. He vowed that no one would play harder the rest of the way.
Well, we all know the end of that story. Tim Tebow took responsibility for his own actions and accomplished the goal of winning the SEC last Saturday by outplaying Alabama. Yes there was some regret and sorrow after the Mississippi loss but the motivation of the Gators after that event is clearly visible. Every Florida Gator had a Happy Face last Saturday. Most likely they are still smiling this week.
All of this stated to lead into the final segments of this Blog Post. For some time now I have observed that our Good Friends down by Dublin are experiencing growth and enjoying a "New Downtown Dublin." I see this in the print media and also the ads that these firms from Dublin are placing on our local "Electronic Media."
Yet we here in Macon and even Bibb County appear to be challenged when faced with what we must do to improve the lot in life of our Citizens. From my point of view we have far too many elected leaders who say the correct things and appear to do the right things to maintain what they consider peace in the family. These leaders act as if they must keep everyone happy at the expense of us all. Sometimes Leadership requires doing the unpopular things for the good of all peoples. Just at Tim Tebow vowed to work harder after the loss to Mississippi he is now able to wear a Happy Face. Was Tim very popular with his Team Mates at the time of this loss? I do not know, but you can be sure that they are all proud of what they, The Gators accomplished because of Tim's Leadership style.
Tim Tebow did not make excuses for the loss. He took responsibility and joined with his team mates to make an even better Football Team the Best in the SEC. Something that our elected leaders should be able to comprehend instead of making excuses. Just the other day I heard an interesting concept and definition of the word "excuse." An excuse is a lie to one's self as to why a certain event was not accomplished. We need to stop lying to ourselves and leap out and accomplish what may seem impossible. Then, and only then will be happy. We can then have appropriate self esteem and be happy with our individual accomplishments. If we are part of a team, the team will also be able to don a "Happy Face" when the goal is achieved.
Look into the eyes of a four, five or six year old when they have accomplished a task that they have been working on for some time. The path to the accomplishment may have been difficult, but the reward, the Happy Face, will have been well worth it.
I will never forget the closing comment of mature beyond his years, the young Tim Tebow, this past Sunday Morning during an ESPN Segment about the SEC Game of the previous evening. Young Tim stated something like: We are a Band of Brothers as he answered the question on why the Gators were able to accomplish the victory over Alabama. He closed the interview with a broad smile and the words: "God Bless."
Ladies and Gentlemen, That is What Happiness Is."

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Beat Army

And That They Did!!!!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christmas Time in West Bibb County

As most of you know, I, the Flower Child always look forward to Christmas. It is the time of the year when we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I never knew much about the Old Testament of Holy Scripture until I entered High School and participated in the "Mixed Chorus."
In the Northeast Iowa Community where I attended High School the enrollent was 126 Farm Kids. There 110 of us in "Mixed Chorus" and we performed Handel's "Messiah" every year just before our Christmas Break. Then I learned about the Holy Book of Isaiah. George F. Handel used the Book of Isaiah and the prophecies therein and the wording in Isaiah as the basis of the "Messiah," we performed. I soon grew to love the grand music and the words contained in the Messiah. Thus I have a deepened sense of what Christmas is all about. The Music of the Messiah is overwhelming and motivates me to appreciate even more the Christmas Season.
What you are viewing above is a night photograph of the Entrance door. Recently as I viewed one too many episodes of HGTV I learned that the "in" color for Christmas decor for 2008 is Copper and Turquoise. As you view the wreath you can discern these two colors.
Of course no Christmas decor would be complete with out a green wreath, white lights and a large red bow. This wreath adorns the Garage Wall.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Amazing, Amazing
I recall the "Class Reunion" Story that had a certain attendee bragging without end of all the accomplishments she had achieved, how her husband had risen to power and how her children had flawless childhoods and were now attending world renown institutions of learning. After each statement her tablemate would only say one word, "Amazing." Finally the bragging women turned the conversation over to her tablemate with a phrase like "Tell Me Darling, What Is Going On In Your Life!!!" The Tablemate's response was I recently graduated from a Charm School where I learned to simply say "Amazing" instead of "B ll Sh t."
The Local & State Section of "The Telegraph" published here in Macon, Georgia had an amazing statement credited to Candidate Jim Martin as he travels across Georgia to win a Senate seat in the December 2, 2008 election. Candidate Jim Martin gave his opponent "Saxby Chambliss" credit for the demise of the Brown and William Tobacco Company here in the Mid-State.
My first reaction after reading this aritcle was to do nothing. I felt that I should not dignify his comment/s with a response. But after considering the impact of such a statement I determined that I should do my part to let everyone know that Candidate Jim Martin is simply misleading the voters to achieve a U. S. Senate Seat.
There is a picture of candidate Jim Martin standing on Weaver Road with the Closed Tobacco Plant in the Background. To quote the photo caption - "Martin blamed plant closures like it on 'Saxby Economics," referrring to his Republican opponent in Tuesday's runoff Sen. Saxby Chambliss."
Candidate Jim Martin's statement is Amazing. It is a fact that the Democrats had as a major objective in the 1990s the goal of shutting down the Tobacco Industry. The Honorable Henry A. Waxman, Democrat, 30th District, California quickly comes to my mine. He like so many other Democrats labored hard and long to achieve the Tobacco Settlement Plant which provides a windfall of monies to the Fifty States of the United States of America over a pre-established number of years. These monies were to be used to prevent smoking. Well, we have all recently read where the States are using their monies for anything but smoking prevention.
I will conclude this Post with this comment: Candidate Jim Martin is Amazing!!!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Onboard a U. S. Navy Ship

" PERSIAN GULF (Nov. 27, 2008) Capt. Robert P. Irelan, commanding officer of the amphibious assault ship USS Iwo Jima (LHD-7), speaks to Marines and sailors before carving the turkey for the Thanksgiving dinner for Marines and Sailors aboard Iwo Jima. The 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit and Iwo Jima Strike Group are deployed to the U.S. 5th Fleet area of responsibility. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Patrick M. Johnson-Campbell/Released)"
The picture and the caption is from a U. S. Navy Website. We can all be Thankful for our Nations Warriors, Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, Coasties, and Sailors. Their dedication to their Country certainly allows us all to enjoy our lifestyle. Thank You!!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Children Welcome
The Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity
1899 Tucker Road
West Bibb County
Macon, Georgia
Today the Flower Child would like to tell you a little about the Church he attends.

You may already have heard about the Church on Tucker Road that sponsors "Trinity Woods Summer Day Camp. You are now invited to Worship with us. We have just installed a Children's Playground .
We conduct Sunday School every Sunday morning at 9:45 A.M. with a meet and greet and the Lessons commence at 10:00 A.M. Our Pastor also conducts a "Children's Sermon" prior to the Sunday Message during the 11:00 A. M. Worship Service and then the Children are excused to attend Children's Church in the Fellowship Hall.
The Worship Service is conducted at 11:00 A.M. every Sunday. Prior to Christmas we have three Mid-Week Advent Services. The dates are: 3 December, 10 December and 17 December. Each Advent Service (Preparing for Christmas) starts at 7:00 P.M. every Wednesday during Advent. We also hold a Soup Supper commencing at 6:00 P.M. prior to each Advent Service. You are Invited and Certainly Welcome to prepare for Christmas with us.

As we prepare for Thanksgiving Day 2008, we will conduct a Thanksgiving Eve Service starting at 7:00 P.M. on Wednesday, November 26, 2008.
All Are Welcome

Fair Play
You Got Yours,
Now it is My Turn
You may be wondering what the Flower Child is up to today? A Blog Post entitled "Fair Play" with the picture of a Check Book.
Most readers here know that the Flower Child is an avid reader of the print media. Especially the local version - The Telegraph published in Macon, Georgia.
Yesterday, Friday, November 21st on page 7C an article headlined "Tobacco settlement is being wasted, activists claim." Nothing new about that. Just a few years after the landmark settlement was achieved on November 23, 1998 we all read about how various states were using the proceeds of this settlement to build sidewalks, etc. The list was endless, with only a pittance being used for the publically stated purpose - Smoking Preventation, especially among the younger citizens in this Country.
I quote the Friday article, "Of the $61.5 billion divided among 46 states between 2000 and 2006, only 30 percent was spent on health care, according to federal Government Accountability Office data analyzed by the Associated Press. Less than 4 percent went to anti-smoking efforts.
States defend the myriad ways they have spent their tobacco money, which is still being paid out in annual installments and is expected to total $294 billion over 25 years in today's dollars. They note that no strings were attached to the settlement reached on Nov. 23, 1998, and that anti-smoking campaigns do not cost billions."
As I read this information I was fastinated. It seems that now, in 2008, corporate America has learned one thing. If the Politicans who are sworn to protect American citizens can misuse funds obtained under the guise of smoking prevention, that they, corporate America can now get into the Federal Treasury to line their own purses and/or the bank balances of their stock holders.
Meanwhile the Tobacco Industry is continuing to write checks to the various States for alledged "Smoking Prevention" programs. I would suggest that way back in 1998 that it was appropriate for the power brokers in Washington, D.C. and the various State Governments to milk an industry for the benefit of the respective Government projects. At the time this was all happening I was a Tobacco Company employee. We were told by various individuals, including talk radio that none other than an attorney by the name of Hugh Rodham, who was the lead Lawyer for the State of Florida in the Tobacco Settlement Case was able to garner $185,000.00 for each billable hour that he labored on behalf of the State of Florida. I am not against fair pay for a fair day's work, but to receive personal gain at this rate while publically stating that these funds would go toward Smoking Prevention was the most clever guise that has ever been delivered to the Tobacco Industry and also the Citizens of America.
So, now we have major corporations seeking "Bailout/Rescue" Funds from the Government. I would humbly suggest that the power brokers of big corporations have learned their lesson well.
After all, who set the paradigm?