Sunday, April 27, 2008

Recycling Communications Towers

The question today is what happens to the many, many Communications Towers that adorn our landscape at this time when the technology for communications becomes even more advanced that what we enjoy today. What will happen to these Towers when they are no longer needed. I am sure that the land owners where these towers are constructed are receiving a rental fee, which they should. That stated, are there rules and regulations on the books on a national basis that requires that unused towers be dismantled and recycled? The Flower Child would like to know. If any reader of this blog has an answer, please leave a comment here.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


The Public Broadcasting Network will commence the broadcast of a ten part Mini-Series entitled "CARRIER" on Sunday evening at 9:00 P.M. Eastern Daylight Savings Time. This Mini-Series was filmed in 2005 and features the deloyment of the USS Nimitz (CVN-68) to the Iraq Area of Operations. A total of seventeen photojournalist including the Director were embedded with the crew for this six month deployment. I, the Flower Child, watched the 30 minute pre-view of this Mini-Series and based on what I saw, it is a must see. Please take the time on Sunday, April 27 to see for your self. Each of the ten parts is a stand alone epic, but you can be certain that the Flower Child will watch each program.

The Carrier shown above is the USS Nimitz. This Carrier is currently returning to the United States of America from yet another deployment to the Far East to support the mission of the United States in the War on Terrorism.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Yes, respect can be a difficult word to live by. Recent events in the life of the Flower Child have caused me to consider the many aspects of this word as I continue to enjoy life as but one member of the Human Race.
  • Advanced Education. With the Spring Commencement Season soon to start everyone is talking about where they are going to College. Yes, we need educated members of our Society. Conversely, we need dedicated members of our Society to be plumbers, electricial workers, and the list goes on and on. My point being that not everyone should achieve a College Education. I respect the labors of all. Most especially in the Spring when the pollen falls and I can turn on my Central Air Conditioning System to remain cool, without the pollen getting into my breathing system. In summary, we need people of all vocations to enable our society to succeed. I say again, I do respect all vocations. The most important aspect of a person is how they conduct themselves. An honest plumber, an honest doctor, no matter the profession is to be held in high esteem. Besides, Doctors are available on Sunday. Just go to the Emergency Room. Have any of you ever sought the services of a Plumber on a Sunday?
  • School Zones. Respect for the Young Citizens that attend our facilities who are in training to become future adult citizens deserve our respect at all times. How often do you travel through a School Zone and observe the speed limit to observe those self-serving fellow members of our Society speed through these Zones without regard for the safety of these Future Citizens in Training.
  • Achieving a Standard of Living. In these current days of high energy prices and rice wars at our local food retailers we all need to take a break to really think about our own motives and our own wants. When you call to have a "service organization" repair or check out your home's heating and/or cooling systems are you so self driven that the service needs to be done NOW? With energy prices at their current level, I am confident that our respected service organizations plan their trips to safe energy. Of course they could run back and forth across their service area and waste high priced energy and pass the cost on to the customer. But that would also be senseless. They would have to reduce the number of service calls they could make in a day because of the excessive travel times generated by this random system. Emergencies would require a break from the norm, but service appointments just to please one self-centered customer who wants their service now is just that, providing service to one self-entered customer. One self-centered customer who does not respect Society, much less the organization in business to make a profit. Talk about making a profit, we need to examine how our Governments expend our resources. No one in government has to be responsible for making a profit, yet we the people must. At least the organization many of us work for or have worked for must make a profit to simply stay in business. If they desire to increase their business they need even more profit, which in most cases results in more openings for new employees.
  • Government Budgets. This is the time of the year when City, County and Education Organizations commence their annual Budget Cycles. The current situation of high energy prices and the resultant increases in all the goods and services we have all grown to enjoy will simply cost us more than ever before. That stated, what can be done. I would enjoin each and every governmental agency to seriously look at how cost can be cut. The people who staff our Law Enforcement Agencies need first priority when it comes to funding. Education needs a top priority also. That stated, there are ways to achieve budget harmony within the means of the tax digest. Just one example, Please drive by the Georgia State Blind Academy on Vineville Avenue in Macon, Georgia any Friday afternoon at the time when they Scholars are preparing to spend time with their families. You would be shocked to see the large number of School System Buses that are only partially full. Could smaller vehicles be employed to transport these worthy scholars? Just a thought and we all know that image is everything. One fifty passenger school bus with a few scholars appears to be a waste of resources when this type of activity is viewed by the dedicated and also worthy taxpayers. Something for our duly elected School Board Members to consider. An to be fair, something for all of our duly elected officials to consider when they expend dollar resources on behalf of the "common good" of all peoples.

Yes, the word respect is certainly germane in every aspect of each of our lives. There is not a citizen alive today that can meet all their needs all by themselves. We must appreciate others for what they accomplish so that our needs are met. As we prepare for the future we all may have to reduce our list of "wants" to a more manageable level. After all if we want to remain employed and travel to the work place we just may need more money set aside for energy. Additionally, we may have to re-evaluate our food budget. We can continue eating as we have or we can simply reduce our food intake to live with fewer dollars available to expend on food. I know that in the case of the "Flower Child, that a reduction of food intake may allow him to get down to a more healthy weight.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Petroleos de Venezula, S. A. (PDVSA)

This sign is located at 1924 Hardeman Avenue in Macon, Georgia. Please note that there are no prices indicated for the grades of fuel. The Flower Child's question today is: "Has the Motoring Public become so angry with fuel prices that they have stopped acquiring Gasoline or Diesel Fuel from this particular Outlet?"

This new and modern Fuel Outlet has only been in operation for a short time, yet it appears that it has been abandoned. True, there is a sign nearby that indicates that this Fuel Outlet is for Rent. The Flower Child would like to think that this outlet is no longer operational because the buying public in our Great State and Nation is simply fed up with the National Oil Company of the Venezuela. Within the past year our local media has identified the Government of Venezuela as being friendly to Terrorist Nations. So maybe this is why our local CITGO Fuel Outlet is now out of business, even though it is a fairly new and clean facility. Please note the barred Doors and Windows. Hardly a friendly looking place to conduct Fueling Operations.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In-Ward Focused Citizens
Self Centered at All Cost
As you read in my April 22nd Blog, The Flower Child attended an Atlanta Braves Game Last Evening. A delightful Family Event.
As we traveled Georgia's Highways after the game the Flower Child turned on Radio - WSB 750 - Atlanta. We were informed in a late newscast that a Department of Transportation (DOT) was killed at Mile Marker 220 on Interstate -75 as he was positioning Warning Signs for a DOT Work Crew. My dear Readers, this is just one more senseless killing on the Highways and By-ways of Georgia.
I do not care if the driver of the Vehicle that did the killing was operating an SUV or a very small fuel efficient passenger car. I do not care if the driver was young or old. I do not care if the driver was or was not on a cell phone. I do not care to know the race of the driver that did the killing.
What I do know that somewhere in Georgia there is a Family that is in mourning because someone was not totally aware of what was going on at the time they approached Mile Marker 220 on Interstate 75. Yes, even though the accident scene had been cleared up, there were still two Mobile Television News Crews on the scene. Their Vans had their transmission equipment fully extended. I do not know what they were doing, except maybe gathering footage for a Newscast.
So my concern today is where is all the media coverage of these types of meaningless deaths? Do we have a daily body count on the evening news on something as mundane as the Traffic Deaths in Georgia? You and I know the answer. Here is an item that I gleaned from the Internet Website:

Message from the Commissioner 1996-2003 CASI Report

"The Department of Motor Vehicle Safety is proud to present the Crash Analysis, Statistics &
Information (CASI) Notebook 1996-2003. DMVS developed the CASI Notebooks to provide
straightforward, easy to understand crash information. Each page or table can be used as a stand-alone
document and can be used for print dissemination. Some topics will be several pages long while other topics
will be a single page. Topics will include crashes, injuries and fatalities, trends, basic demographics on
population and licensed drivers, rural and urban roads, young drivers and other highway safety issues in
The magnitude of the problem is almost beyond belief. In Georgia over the past eight years there
have been 2,493,352 crashes involving 4,733,494 drivers. From 1996 to 2003 the total number of drivers,
passengers and pedestrians involved in crashes is an astounding 6,664,713. In 2003, 1,610 people were
killed in motor vehicle crashes in Georgia. On average each week 31 people died in motor vehicle crashes.

Although injuries have declined the number of people injured in motor vehicle crashes in 2003 would fill
Turner Field the home of the Atlanta Braves baseball team two times over.
The Department of Motor Vehicle Safety is committed to continuing to provide this vital information
in the coming years. We are developing cost-effective means of maintaining the high quality database this
information is based on and will continue to look for new ways of providing this information to highway
safety advocates and the people of Georgia."
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is shameful. Now step outside of your own box this day and consider that if we in Georgia are killing about 1610 people each year, how many are dying on the Interstates, Highways and Byways of the whole United States of America.
Again, I flash back to the Media Coverage!!!! Where is it?
Now quickly review with me this simple fact. Death is fatal. We hear of every death that happens to our Dedicated Warriors who are serving our Country and conducting operations in the War On Terrorism.
Of course, this is as it should be. These fine Young Women and Men have stepped up to the plate to defend the entire population of our Country. They even knew what the outcome could be for their volunteering to Serve the Rest of Us. Their deaths certainly deserve to be covered. They are Heroes, everyone of them.
Yet, how do you think the Family of the killed Georgia Department of Transportation Worker feels this Morning? He or She simply went to work last evening to support his loved ones. Today he or she is dead. All because we are so self centered or caught up in our busy lives to the point that we can not slow down for just a brief few miles as we careen through our lives. The ultimate self centered, inward focused person which seem to be in far too great abundance in our society today could certainly be considered as the cause of this untimely and also tragic death.
The Department of Transportation Worker in Georgia was hired to do a job. I am confident that he or she did not expect to be run down by a driver who may not have been focused on the task at hand. After all this incident at Mile Marker 220, Interstate 75 was in Georgia, not Iraq. The Warriors defending our Great Country did indeed Volunteer to serve our great nation. Just as millions of U. S. Citizens before them were drafted or even volunteered since 1975, so that we could enjoy our way of life.
This dead Georgia Department of Transportation Worker simply went to work in the Friendly State of Georgia on April 22, 2008 and today he or she is being mourned by Family, Friends and Co-Workers. It just does not seem fair.
So the next time you are in a Road Work Zone in your town, your county, your State or even your Nation, remember that the lives of these workers are also important to their respective families, just as the lives of our Nation's Warriors/Heroes are important to their respective families.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flower Child Attends April 22, 2008 Braves Game

Because the Braves Home Game against the Washington Nationals had the potential to see Pitcher John Smoltz achieve 3000 Career Strikeouts the Flower Child took his Bride and His Granddaughter to the Braves Game at Turner Field. The image above tells it all.

Of course they also showed an image of the Pitcher on the Big Television at the Stadium.

Because the achievement of this record was quite possible many fans had signs and banners to aid in the celebration. Here you see the view of four loyal fans who had the largest Sign to signal the establishment of John's 3000 Career Strikeouts. It is unfortunate that the Braves lost to the Nationals 6-0, but it was an exciting game. Besides that, years from now Flower Child's Grand-daughter can say she was there. A Wonderful Evening at the Ball Park.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Butler, Georgia!!
Flower Child is Where???

Today the Flower Child traveled with a photography judging team to Butler, Georgia to judge the annual Strawberry Festival Photo Contest. They had three age divisions which were:
Youth - Sixth Grade and Below
Junior - Seventh through Twelfth Grade
Adult- Age 18 and Up
They had four divisions: Color Photography, Black and White Photography, Altered Images and Festival Photography. The skills displayed in the this photo competition were impressive.

Of course the Good Folks in Butler, Georgia provided an excellent reward for members of the Judging Team. This Basket was full, but once the Flower Child arrived home he just had to consume a few of these lovely, and yes tasteful Strawberries. Then it was time to take a photograph. You can be confident that the Flower Child will enjoy his Breakfast of Cheerios for a few days with these awesome berries as the garnish.

You can view this Strawberry Festival Photo Contest this Saturday, April 26th at Reynolds, Georgia. The Photo Display will be in the Depot.

This Festival has a website at:

Enjoy the Strawberries. I can testify that they are good, in fact great!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Flowers from the Gardens of Flower Child
April 18, 2008

A Lovely Iris

Clematis Flower

A Fringe Tree Bloom

also known as "Grancy Grey Beard"

One Miniture Rose Bloom

A delightful Hibiscus

The Azaleas are done and the Dogwood Blossoms are past their prime, so today the Flower Child took some pictures of the beauty that abounds in his Gardens. The Lenten Roses are well past their peak, but they still provide interesting beauty. The Oakleaf Hydrangea and the Mop Head Hydranges are setting bloom buds. Should burst forth soon!!!!!

Garden Club Service Project

Yesterday, April 17, 2008 the Flower Child was involved in a Garden Club Service Project. The Flower Child is a member of the Pine Ridge Garden Club in Macon, Georgia. The Club decided to perform a Service Project for the 100 residents of a local Nursing Home. We procured 100 pair of heavy duty socks. They were gift wrapped and placed in the bags shown above along with a neat bow and a Tag which read "For a Very Special Person." The Ladies at this Nursing Home will receive their Socks on Mother's Day and the Gentlemen will receive their Socks on Father's Day. The picture above shows but a small portion of the Gift Bags. A Fun Project and also a neat way of thinking about our Fellow Peoplekind.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Diesel Fuel - $4.01 A Gallon
Yesterday, as the Flower Child was conducting errands here in Middle Georgia I noted a Fueling Station with the Sign that stated that Diesel Fuel was for Sale at $4.01 a gallon.
Stop and think with me for a brief moment. What impact will that have on my life. Both of my vehciles burn regular 87 octane gasoline. No problem!!!
Then as I recall my tender young youth, I remember that most Farm Equipment burned Diesel Fuel. Even way back then. I am sure that most equipment now burns Diesel. This as well as the trucks that transport our food items to the local Supermarket. Wow!!!!! you say, the cost of my food items just my increase. With Crude selling at $113.00 a barrel yesterday, I am confident that we might just see more of an increase in Diesel and even Gasoline products.
Now that I have stopped to think for a moment, I recall hearing on the radio that only Presidential Candidate suggested that we halt collecting "Sales Taxes" on fuel products. Sounds nice to me. Certainly sounds as if this Candidate knows what is going on in the World about us. Far better than calling certain citizens "bitter" or "chasing down shots with beer."
The Flower Child would suggest that we all realize what it is going to be like in our future. While a Summer 2008 Ban on Sales Taxes may sound nice, it will not cure or resolve the problem. But at least this one candidate is thinking of and about the People.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Customer Service/Satisfaction
The Flower Child has fond memories of when Electric Power first came to Northeast Iowa in 1946. The first appliance his parents acquired was an Amana 11 Cubic Feet Deepfreezer. No more canned meat, and garden grown fruit and vegetables with a freshly harvested appearance. We would now be living in style.
The Flower Child has always been a dedicated Amana Appliance Customer, especially when it came to acquiring a Micro-Wave. When the Flower Child obtained a new home in 1992 they immediately obtained a new Amana which fit in to the space the builder had constructed. Of course, even Amana Appliances wear out when used frequently. Anyway, the second Amana Micro-Wave failed in January of 2008. On January 28 a new Amana was ordered. Because the vendor did not have the appropriate size, one was ordered. No problem, except that when it arrived we placed it into service immediately. Within a month it failed. A check by the local store's technician revealed that this New Amana needed a replacement Circuit Board. To make a long story short the situation soon unraveled. The Circuit Board may have come into the Vendor, but then other problems developed.
After a period of phone calls to the "Toll Free" non-responsive and uncaring phone technicians the local vendor finally ordered a New Amana to replace the one that was not being repaired, for whatever reason.
The replacement Amana Micro-Wave arrived on Wednesday, April 9th, 2008. It was picked up and brought home for installation and testing by doing our favorite Micro-Wave Food, Popcorn!!!!
The joy was short lived. Check out the photos below:

The lower right front panel was not aligned to the Micro-Wave.
The top of the Micro-Wave Door did not align to the heating space.
This is a view of the defective Micro-Wave.
A quick check of the packing material revealed that the shipping box must have been dropped during shipment to Macon, Georgia. At this point a quick phone call to the local vendor to ascertain if a full refund could be obtained. Yes, Yes!!!! The defective applicance was returned to the local Vendor and a full refund was obtained.

A quick stop at an other appliance dealer revealed that other Companies produce Micro-Waves. We knew we did not want another Amana or even a Whirlpool in as much as Amana is now owned by Whirlpool. No need to subject us to future poor customer service from Whirlpool. We had already endured enough of that to last a normal person's lifetime.

We were able to obtain a larger Micro-Wave with more power for less money than the first Amana we acquired on January 28, 2008. It is a shame that the formerly good folks of Amana and the follow-up owner, Whirlpool do not employ decent standards of "Customer Service/Satisfaction."

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

World War II Event
April 9, 1942: United States Troops and Filipino Troops Surrender. The "Bataan Death March" begins.
When the Flower Child was a Young Sailor onboard the USS Ranger (CVA-61) in 1962-1964 he as assigned to work in the Operations Department Office. The Operations Officer was a survivor of the "Bataan Death March." He had a great attitude, inspite of his personal history. In fact the leading Yeoman in the Operations Office was a young man with a Japanese heritage.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

United We Sing

The Department of Fine Arts of the Bibb County School District presented "United We Sing" on Monday, April 7, 2008 at the Macon City Auditorium. Over 450 Bibb County Students presented a great Concert.
This Concert was billed as the "Cherry Blossom Children's Concert" and the Program featured patriotic music. The Children performed with excellence. The most moving segment of the Concert was when the Central Fine Arts Magnet High School String Orchestra directed by Patricia McCall performed "Ashokan Farewell" by Jay Ungar. Four students moved through the Auditorium and presented the Prisoner of War (POW) Flag while the String Orchestra performed. A fine tribute to our POWs.
Near the Conclusion of the Concert the Elementary Chorus consisting of over 300 voices performed "American Tears" by Teresa Jennings. The Chorus provided a lovely back-up group for the Soloist, TeKeyah Martin of Westside High School. A very emotional performance.
The entire concert was well executed and certainly displayed the fine talent that we here in Bibb County enjoy. A Great "Thank You" from the Flower Child. The finest evening of the 2008 Cherry Blossom Festival. Each and every student and the music department certainly deserves a "Well Done" for this magnificant event. Additionally, the performances of "Cherry Blossom Time" arranged by Dr. Turner M. Gaughf generated fond memories of the first performance of this music here in Macon. The Flower Child recalled many great memories of when his own Sons performed while they attended the Bibb County Schools.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Pouring Vessels: Ceramics
April 4th - Macon Arts Gallery
The Flower Child and his Bride visited the First Friday events in Macon, Georgia. We attended the "Pouring Vessels: Ceramics display which was a true delight. This display is but a minute preview of the "Fired Works" Pottery display which will be held later in April of 2008 at Central City Park also in Macon.
The two pouring vessels above are works of Joy Raynor of Houston County, Georgia.

These three unique vessels were made by Heather Davis. The entire galley was filled with Pouring Vessels which were all very interesting. Admittedly it is quite difficult to obtain quality photographs during a opening reception, however the Staff was most cooperative and I was able to capture these images.

This display will be on exhibit through April 30, 2008.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway
Dedication, March 28, 2008
Macon, Georgia
County of Bibb

The Official Party at the Ed DeFore Sports Complex, Macon, Georgia listens as the Consul General, The Republic of Korea speaks to the attendees from across the entire State of Georgia. Kwang-jae Lee spoke of the U.S.A.s involvement in the Korean War. He also reminded us that the Republic of Korea has stood by our Country in every War and Conflict since the Korean War. Mr. Lee expressed his gratitude on behalf of his Country at this Dedication Ceremony.

The Electronic and Print Media covered the unveiling of the "Korean War Veterans Highway Marker." Additionally the Republic of Korea assisted with funding of three Memorial Markers which will be erected on U. S. Highway 80 which runs through Georgia. The Markers will be installed near the beginning of this Highway at Tybee Island, East of Savannah, one in Macon, Georgia, near U. S. Highway 80 and the third marker near Fort Benning, Columbus, Georgia as U. S. Highway 80 crosses into Alabama.
The Official Program for this event also contained "A Resolution" issued by the State of Georgia in connection with this Dedication and the establishment of U. S. Highway 80 as the "Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway." The Resolution stated that hundreds of thousands of men and women served in the Korean War and over 34,000 died and over 100,000 were wounded in combat.

This Dedication and establishment of U. S. Highway 80 as the Memorial Highway is viewed as a very appropriate and fitting Momument to these brave Men and Women who served their Country with Valor and Honor.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

What Should The Flower Child Do????
Here we are, just seven months away from the Presidential Election in the United State of America. How am I going to Vote? There are many considerations that must be evaluated before anyone can take this responsibility and also vote effectively. What have we heard from the three Campaigns? Today, as I read the news and also watch the news I am confused!!! What are these three Senators running for President going to do once elected? More importantly, I feel, is what have they done in their current position as a Senator representing the peoples who elected them. Additionally what have they done for the good of all humankind here in the United States. I have fond memories of this lesson from my fifth grade civics class. The U. S. Congress has house members who represent the peoples of their respective District. The U. S. Senate has two members from each State in the Union. It is the Senator's major responsibility consider the impact of their actions on all the humankind that live in the United States of America. Senators were to have the "good of all Peoples" on their minds when they enacted laws, etc. So I ask the question again: What has each of these Senators accomplished that is for the benefit of all Humankind living in the United States of America? I can think of a few areas where our Senators need to act now. They do not have to wait until they become the President of the United States of America.
As I, the Flower Child observe our Society here in the United States there are a few items that need to be resolved now, not later. What are our esteemed lawmakers going to do during the Balance of the Current Congress. My list, which I will also use to evaluate each Candidate includes the following:
  • Where do we stand on a "Airline Passenger's Bill of Rights" that will cover the operation of all Domestic Airlines operating in the U. S. A. What provisions do we have to also insure that U. S. Citizens are able to be fed and cared for while in an International Airliner, which may not be able to take off in a timely manner from a U. S. Airport?
  • What has our U. S. Congress, both the House and Senate accomplished to show the World that we are working to resolve our dependence on Foreign Oil? Do not even tell me about using "Ethanol" because we can not grow enough grain to make a dent on our energy needs. The current "Ethanol" craze is just that. Our Food prices are skyrocketing, etc.
  • What about the "Identification Theft Crisis" that has such a horrible impact on the lives of far too many U. S. Citizens?
  • While our U. S. Senators have formulated a policy regarding the gathering of intelligence to protect all U. S. Citizens from terrorism, our U. S. House of Representatives has filed to even act in a timely manner. Yet, In the Nightly Film Clips of the Three Campaigns, there is no mention of how our U. S. Representatives are failing us all. After all, each of the Three Campaigners is seeking the Office of President. One of them, when elected, will have to function on the behalf of all of us to protect each of us, yet they remain mute on this critical and vital subject.

Each of the above mentioned concerns has a direct impact on the lives and the welfare of each and every U. S. Citizen, yet we are now having individual states taking up the mantra of leadership simply because the good folks in "Washington, D.C." do not want to make an issue of these vital concerns because it is an election year. I say, come out of the closet, each of you, running for the Office of President of the United States. Come January 2009, one of you will most likely be sworn in to protect and defend the "Constitution of the United States of America." I would submit that today is an excellent time for you to voice your concerns about problem resolution. In fact yesterday, was too late for any of you to introduce any meaningful legistation to at least attempt to resolve the issues I identified above. As a U. S. Senator, each of these presidential hopefulls has a task to accomplish. First and foremost, they should be displaying their leadership skills so we "The People" can make an informed choice. Campaign soundbites are not enough. "We, The People," do indeed deserve better. I know that Senators Clinton, McCain and Obama are too busy trying to become President to answer this Blog or even post a comment here; but you can be sure that I will send the contents of this Blog to their respective Campaigns. Additionally, they will also receive it at their U. S. Senate Website.

Now, before you even think that I forgot to discuss the "Home Mortgage Crisis," please be aware that I consider this problem one that was enabled by the Home Loan Industry to write loans that were not adequately vetted by the respective brokers. Of course there is also plenty of blame for those who may not have accurately stated their incomes, etc, when they applied for their respective loans. Plenty of Blame to Go Around to everyone involved. A sad situation to be sure. And, Yes, I am aware that our current President has also stated that at no time in our Nation's History, have so many citizens owned their own home. Yes, I have a home loan, but I do not feel that my peers, my fellow Americans should be forced to make my payments. Enough stated about that problem. The Home Mortgage Industry can best resolve this short term crisis. I am confident that it will be short term, unless the Federal Government takes it on and it becomes a lingering crisis.