Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Crisis
in the
United States of America

I frequently hear that one in five children go to bed hungery each day.  I have also heard that one in six families cannot feed their children.

I have also hear that the Supplemental Nutrittion Program (SNAP) has well over 40 million participants in our country.

Just the other day I read and/or heard that our present government is promoting the SNAP to illegals who live in our country. 

Then we also hear how our government recently imposed cost restrictions on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) which caused a slow down in the airline industry. 

Are we in a crisis or is our government manufacturing a crisis to simply allow everyone to suffer so that our duly elected leaders can have their way with us?

Certainly something to consider and also allow us to realize that maybe our duly elected leaders are misleading us to the point that we will simply let them do as they choose.

I certainly hope not!!!!!  Are the hungery children currently residing in homes where the parents are enrolled in the SNAP program?  If we are having such a shortage of funds why is our government promoting the SNAP to illegals? 

I cannot understand why!!!!!   Maybe I am not supposed to understand!!!!    But certainly something for us all to think about and hopefully realize that we can do better during the next election cycle!!!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Savannah, Georgia
April 20, 2013
I recently traveled to Savannah, Georgia as part of a Garden Club Field Trip to view Hidden Gardens.  In recent times I had heard of Leopold's on some television program, thus I took the opportunity to enjoy some "Leopold's Ice Cream."

I was impressed.  We arrived a few minutes after the official opening time of 11:00 A.M. and had no difficulty in obtaining lunch.  Of course lunch for me was the double dip cone.  The service was great and the ice cream was super delicious.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Savannah, Georgia
Historic District
a visit
April 20, 2013

 I recently visited Savannah, Georgia and was most impressed with the Historic District.  I even learned a lot of History.  The last pictures on this Blog Post contain marker/memorial plaques as well as views of the memorial to the events/peoples of Haiti who helped our great country during the Revolutionary War.  Read the plaques. 

No matter how many times one visits a location there is always more to learn.  I enjoyed the visit and also the opportunity to learn even more about the founding of our great United States of America.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Go To Guy
Go To Gal

Who do you contact when you are faced with a challenging situation?  Who can you trust to help you out when you need someone's viewpoint as you consider the options that you can exercise to received the best results?

We all need "Go to Guys" and/or "Go to Gals" in our lives.  No one person has all the answers to all the situations that a person must overcome.

If you do not have a "Go to Guy" or a "Go to Gal" to help you in your life I feel sorry for you.  I have several individuals that I trust for their honest opinion and comments.  They may not tell me what I want to hear; however they have usually provided me with wise counsel as I contemplate the various challenges that I have faced in my life and that I will also face in the future. 

A BBQ Report
The Southern Most Eating Establishment
in Georgia U.S.A.
The Shack by the Track
St. George, Georgia

Recently I visited a friend who lives in Northeast Florida.  Yes, I admit that I do travel to Florida once in a while.  He took me and My Bride to "Shack by the Track" for a dutch treat meal.  This southern most eating establishment in Georgia happens to be in Southeast Georgia.

After we watched the trains travel through Folkston, Georgia on 6 April 2013 during  Railwatch 2013 we were told to get ready to consume the best BBQ.  Sure I stated, but I am now able to confirm that "The Shack by the Track" produces the finest BBQ Ribs that I have ever consumed.

As you can quickly ascertain this cooker is about four feed across.
I would also say that it is about twelve feet long.

Monday, April 15, 2013

A recent news article in "The Telegraph" here in Macon, Georgia discussed the fact that the Bibb County School Board needs to talk more about the current financial situation.  While that appears to be a fine thing to do, I would suggest that each of the members of the school board put their personal agendas aside and seriously consider what is needed to educate the children.

I have always subscribed to the mantra that "Talk is Cheap."  Actions speak louder than words and at this time, the time for talk is far past.  Our duly elected school board representatives must take action.

I am aware that actions of any type will have an impact on some special interest group.  I am also aware that actions must be accomplished.  The recent history of our Bibb School Board indicates to me that they have not developed the skills to manage a budget and that they place entirely too much trust in the "hired hands" of the Bibb System.

It is no secret that the tax digest is shrinking, the sales tax revenue is decreasing and that far too many homes in Bibb County are upside down.  The School Board has a lot of challenges and must implement serious cost cutting measures now because it will not get any easier if they continue to kick the can down the road.

I also know that we are reaping the results of who we have elected in the past.  In that regard, I am sure that these elected members of the school board are also aware that some of them may desire to seek relection.  I recently read a review that indicated that several of our school board members are traveling to hopefully learn how to improve their effectiveness.  Sounds great, but I am confident that there are many cost effective means of learning how to be effective without traveling.  Or, do these school board members need to see things first hand without having to read a report?  If that is the case, they are failing us and simply serve to enjoy the  benefits of their elected position.  What a shame!!!

Of course it would not be fair to simply pick on our duly elected school board here in Bibb County.  Almost every day I read of, or even hear of organizations that perform a lot of talking without the benefit of measureable results.

Maybe that is what our Society is becoming on a more frequent basis.  In summary, I will always be most impressed with actions versus simply talking about a problem.  I suspect that a good number of my taxpaying peers also feel as I do.

Your comments, please!!!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Challenge

The source for this item can be found all over the World, where there is land.  If you know what this is please leave your comment with your name.  If you submit prior to the deadline of 2300 or 11:00 P.M. on Monday, April 15, 2013 with the first correct answer you will earn a free lunch from the Flower Child.
The only clue for this Challenge.  You have to think outside of the box to have the correct answer. 

"The Four Chaplains"
The United States Army Transport
For many years I, as a member of the American Legion here in Macon, Georgia, have heard of the "Four Chaplains" and how they gave their lifejackets to others as the Troop Transport Dorchester was sinking near Greenland.

The ship was hit by a German torpedo on February 3, 1943 in the cold waters of the North Atlantic.  As the ship sunk the troops and crew jumped to their certain deaths in the cold waters.

The 2013 Program at the American Legion Post highlighted the backgrounds of the four chaplains and also listed two books which were used as the sources for the program.  I acquired these two books and have just finished reading them.  The books are:

"Sea of Glory" by Ken Wales and David Poling
"No Greater Glory" by Dan Kurzman

As I read these accounts of this event I was impressed with the backgrounds of each of the four chaplains and their love of country, as well as their respective families.  The books contained interesting information about each of the four chaplains and how they were raised and where they studied for their vocations.

In addition to the main emphasis on the Chaplains there were often side accounts about the survivors of this tragic event.

One that was most interesting to me was relayed by Roy Summers, a gunner who had placed his faith in God when he survived the sinking of a previous vessel, the Chatham.  Roy summed up his situation as he decided to jump off of the Dorchester without a lifejacket by telling himself that "God would probably want to be consistent."

In summary, these books are an excellent read and an accounting of a great tragic event.  I would suggest that these four chaplains understood the concept of "Servant Leadership," as they handed their life jackets to others as they knew that they would perish aboard the Dorchester.

Every Middle School Student in the United States of America should have to read at least one of these books.  You can obtain a copy of "Sea of Glory" in like new condition for $2.99 plus shipping. 

The four chaplains were:

George Fox - a Methodist Minister
Alex Goode - a Rabbi
Clark Poling - a Reformed Minister
John Washington - A Roman Catholic Priest

Each of these books are drama filled and transfer the emotions of the situation to the reader very well.  As a U. S. Navy Veteran of the Cold War I was very humbled to read each of these books and often found my eyes tearing up as I read the pages.

A pair of powerful books that relate history as told by the survivors of this tragic event as well as the family members of the "four chaplains."

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Railwatch 2013

Folkston Funnel

April 6, 2013

Here are the links to the four videos I captured during this exciting visit to Folkston, Georgia on April 6, 2013:




I enjoyed the opportunity to visit Folkston.  Enjoy the trains.

"Aging with Grace"
David Snowdon, Ph.D.

I have just finished reading this informative book and amazed with the information it contained about the diseases that impact mature citizens.  In summary it informs the reader of research that has been conducted regarding "alzheimer's disease" and how some are never touched by it.  Dr. Snowdon has learned a lot during his research/study entitled "the Nun Study."

This book was first published by Bantam in May of 2001.  I would urge everyone who is growing older to get a copy of this book and to read it now!!!!!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013






Coming Friday, April 12, 2013 to a Movie House near you.  I would encourage you to view this one on the big screen.  

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Education is Critical

Yes, we all know that Education of our Citizens is critical.  In fact we have elected school boards who are responsible for that task here in Georgia!!!!!

That stated I find it very interesting that a number of Candidates as they announce their campaigns for the "New" Macon/Bibb County Government Commission Seats that they will stress Education.

This sounds good, but maybe they should wait and consider running for the Bibb County Board of Education where they really can make a difference.

If these individuals think that by saying "Education" in their campaign pronouncements and literature that they will have a leg up on their opposition I would remind them all that I really feel that the majority of voters in Bibb/Macon will want to hear how the "New" Government and the duly elected leaders will enhance the local economy and improve the infracture as well as protect the public.

I would humbly suggest that our candidates also focus on "Servant Leadership."  What they can do to improvement of the local situation versus what we the people can provide for them.  I say this now because in the recent past we have seen and yes even heard some of our elected leaders suggest that they needed a pension. 

I would suggest that the time for "real servant leadership" is now!!

Secret Gardens
Savannah, Georgia

Admittedly, some may not know that I am a member of a Graden Club here in Macon, Georgia.  I am.  On April 20, 2013 we will be hosting a Field Trip to Savannah, Georgia to participate in a Secret Gardens Tour.

This picture happens to be a garden that I took a picture of during my recent trip to Savannah.  I do not know if this garden is on the tour; however I do know that it is a nice looking garden.

If you are interested in this Field Trip please contact me at (478) 477-6507 for details before April 8, 2013.

Thank You!!!!