Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Go To Guy
Go To Gal

Who do you contact when you are faced with a challenging situation?  Who can you trust to help you out when you need someone's viewpoint as you consider the options that you can exercise to received the best results?

We all need "Go to Guys" and/or "Go to Gals" in our lives.  No one person has all the answers to all the situations that a person must overcome.

If you do not have a "Go to Guy" or a "Go to Gal" to help you in your life I feel sorry for you.  I have several individuals that I trust for their honest opinion and comments.  They may not tell me what I want to hear; however they have usually provided me with wise counsel as I contemplate the various challenges that I have faced in my life and that I will also face in the future. 

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