Friday, October 31, 2008

Joe the Plumber
Halloween 2008
West Bibb County, Georgia

The Flower Child has heard that "Joe the Plumber" does not even exist. Well I am here to inform you that he really does. In fact he appeared at the Flower Child's Home on Trick or Treat Night here in West Bibb County, Georgia. He appeared to be well fed and in no way does he appear to need a tax break.
He did say that we were lucky that he was able to get away from his plumbing business because of the recent wave of publicity, his phone has been ringing off of the hook and he has more job opportunities than he ever thought possible. He did say that he was enjoying the time away from Ohio and all the Media Coverage.

USS Kidd (DDG-100)

What you are viewing here is one of our U. S. Navy Guided Missile Destroyers operating in the Plane Guard position behind a U. S. Navy Aircraft Carrier. Destroyers usually steam behind a Carrier during the conduct of Flight Operations in case a Plane goes down or a Sailor is blown overboard. A Carrier must be steaming into the Wind at 25 knots so that the jet airplanes can be launched.
This Guided Missile Destroyer is over 500 feet long and is well equipped and manned to participate in any duty as assigned by our Commander in Chief. This ship is named after a U.S. Navy officer who was the First Flag Rank Officer to lose his life in World War II. What a great legacy for this ship and the crew.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A quick review of word meaning indicates that "decadence" is a decline in force or quality; a period of decline, as in morals, art, etc. - decay, deterioration.
As I consider this word I also think of the "G" word - greed which means excessive desire for acquiring or having. Also a desire for more than one needs.
"Self-Centered" is the next phrase that comes to my mind. My own idea of what this means is "focused on own needs." A check of the dictionary indicates that "self-centered" means "concerned only with one's own affairs, selfish."
Which brings me to the current situation that we are involved in. But first of all a brief review of our History.
We all have heard of the following while we studied History:
  • Egypt's Golden Empire
  • Roman Empire
  • Byzantine Empire
  • British Empire

Each of these governments enjoyed about 200 years of wonderful power and control before they commenced their decline. In summary, they became decadant. Their citizens became greedy and self-centered.

In our country today we are at year 232 since our Declaration of Independence from England. We have achieved great wealth and are regarded as the Leader in the Free World.

Are we becoming decadant? Are we as a society quite greedy? Are we as a society self-centered?

You can answer that question for yourself. We here in Middle Georgia have just heard of a fine school that has had it's reputation tarnished because a few wanted it all. They wanted to enjoy life to the fullest. Certainly a self-centered approach. No one can deny that fact.

On a national level we have a political candidate who is seeking the highest office in the land and he is campaigning to the greed of everyone. He is promising money to those who currently do not pay any taxes. He is promising a reducation in taxes for those who make less than one quarter million dollars. He has pledged to tax the rich.

All of these promises are generated to win the office of President of the United States of America. These promises certainly sound nice to the voters. But what will be the long term cost. Are we at the beginning of the decline of the United States of America because we are greedy? Are we at the beginning of the decline of the United States of America because we are self-centered? Some will say that the decline has already started. Maybe it has, but we certainly can work to turn around the decline if we do not buy into the promises. The idea of spreading the wealth certainly sounds great, but is it really? Go figure!!! What will be the long term cost.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Free or Low Cost Fun/Cultural Enrichment
Every few days I hear my peers decry the lack of entertainment at a reasonable cost. In the recent weeks we have all witnessed the "Meltdown" of the economic situation on a World Wide Basis. So what is a caring member of society to do to enjoy life? Please read on!!!!
So what is a caring member of society to do to enjoy appropriate activity and achieve happiness in life? I might even suggest that the Joy of Living requires outside pursuits that enlighten the mind and soul.
Today, I the Flower Child would like to give you a brief history of events that I have recently enjoyed here in Middle Georgia:
  • French Boy Choir - Saturday - July 19th, 2008 at Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Macon, Georgia. This event cost me a mere $3.00 for the lovely program. A real joy to hear these young singers perform a wide variety of songs by composers ranging from Georg Friedrich Handel to Irish Folk songs. An amazing concert.
  • Arts on Riverdale - Saturday - October 18th, 2008 on Riverdale Drive in West Macon, Georgia. This event is funded by sponsors and vendors who have an abundance of arts and crafts on display and on sale. Additionally, four groups provided the Jazz component for this festival, which I might also inform you just concluded the "Fifth Annual" run.
  • The Third Tuesday Organ Interludes - 2008-2009 Series. Tuesday, October 21st, 2008 at First Presbyterian Church. The newly refurbished Pipe Organ at First Presbyterian was played by Dr. Ann Caldwell. While I could not attend this performance, my Bride did; however you can be certain that I will be attending the balance of the 2008-2009 Season which is hosted by the Four Historic Downtown Churches:

First Presbyterian Church

Christ Church (Episcopal)

Mulberry Street United Methodist Church

Saint Joseph Catholic Church

The Concerts commence at Noon on the Third Tuesday of November, December, January, February, April and May. During the Cherry Blossom Festival they are held at Noon on March 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27th at Mulberry Street United Methodist Church.

You can attend these Concerts for free. The music is grand and you afford youself the opportunity to hear some great Pipe Organ Concerts in the Thirty Minute period of your lunch hour.

You can also enjoy the wide variety of musical performances at the Music Department of Mercer University. You can ascertain the schedule by visiting the Mercer University Web Site at:

The Howard Middle and High School Orchestras Performance - Thursday, October 23rd, 2008 at the Howard High School Bandroom at 6400 Forsyth Road at 7:00 P.M. This event is also Free

Day by Day - The Telegraph - published in Macon, Georgia is also an excellent resource to obtain information about events that you may enjoy.

Admittedly, I will be expending gasoline in my vehicle to attend these events. However the price of energy (gasoline) has recently decreased and I certainly am looking forward to the future events of the type that I have enjoyed in the past and that continue to be offered here in Middle Georgia, Bibb County and Macon, Georgia.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kazoo Day in Macon, Georgia
At attempt to break the Guinness World Record for a Kazoo Concert was held during the waning days of September 2008 at the Georgia State Fair in Macon, Georgia in the famed Luther Williams Baseball Park.
We all know that this event did not break any records, except that it certainly displayed a high level of apathy on the part of Middle Georgia Citizens.
This failed event was covered by a reporter and a photographer from the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) on Sunday, October 19th. The event was a front page item on the "Sunday Living Section" and was headlined "Macon's kazoo day: Boy, what a blast! In addition to a plethora of pictures the story went on to a continuation page and was sub headlined:
"KAZOO: Georgia's music city became weirdly windy city"
The entire story consumed a whole page in the Sunday Living Section.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bonus Time
U. S. Navy Reenlistees

(Oct. 13, 2008) Sailors recite the oath of enlistment during a mass reenlistment ceremony for 117 Sailors aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76). A total of $2.4 million in selective reenlistment bonuses is to be distributed among the Sailors. Ronald Reagan is deployed to the U.S. 5th Fleet area of responsibility. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Aaron Holt/Released)

Today the Flower Child salutes the Heroes who are serving our Country. The average reenlistment bonus for each of these Sailors amounts to $20,000.00. Before any reader here becomes upset with this amount please be aware that anyone who qualifies for Service in our Nation's Military could enlist. These reenlistees all have at least four years of training and duty to country. To replace them with new recruits is also an expensive procedure.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe - The Plumber
It only took a few days of fame before the Media established the fact that Joe - The Plumber, from Ohio owes the sum of about $1200.00 to the State of Ohio in back taxes.
After I did a bit of quick Internet Research I ascertained that Ohio has a Governor by the name of Ted Strickland who is a Democrat. Maybe that is why Joe - The Plumber is behind on his State Taxes. He lives in a State that is run by a Democrat Governor. That is not to say that Republicans do not sometimes become late on payment of Taxes due, but this Ohio situation certainly deserves some consideration.
I know for a fact that we cannot Tax and Spend our way our of our current financial mess. Just a few thoughts from the Flower Child on this lovely Friday Morning in Middle Georgia.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eating Out - Eating In
Many are now commenting on how the current economic crisis has impacted their lifestyle. I have read how Wait Staff at local eatries have experienced a decrease in "Tip" revenue and also heard and seen in the Electronic Media that people are spending less to dine out.
Just last week the Flower Child celebrated 36 years of marriage to the same woman. Instead of dining out we consumed a lovely meal here at our West Bibb County, Georgia Home. I even did the cooking/grilling.
As returned from our "looking back" trip around Middle Georgia to view our former Macon Homes I stopped at the new "Fresh Market" market on Forsyth Road to acquire the necessary items for a special meal. They had a special on "Grass Fed Beef" with a price of $7.99 per pound on Rib Eye Steaks. I purchased 1.88 pounds of these fine looking Steaks. As I departed the meat market area I viewed some great looking Baking Potatoes which enticed me to pick up two. Then it was on to the Mushroom Section. Even though my Bride does not enjoy Mushrooms I obtained some for my own Rib Eye Steak. The total cost for these items was $20.73. Admittedly, certain items to prepare a lovely meal were acquired from the Larder here at our home.
Upon arrival at our home I prepared the steaks and commenced the Baking of the Potatoes as well as making the Mushroom sauce for my Steak in accordance with sound cooking practices that I glean from a plethora of "Cook Books" that we own.
We both enjoyed a lovely Dinner on the Deck as the Sun was slowly setting in the West. After ward we both agreed that such a Dinner would have most likely cost about $60.00 at any local fine dining establishment. I post this to let you my dear readers know that it is possible to enjoy life, even though times seem difficult. Sure, we have to be creative; but the pleasure of this fine meal was an appropriate manner in which to enjoy and also celebrate our 36 years of wedded bliss!!!
As I close this Blog I recall that the rehearsal dinner for our small wedding way back in 1972 for six people, which included Matus Vino cost a total of $33.00. The $33.00 included the tip for the Wait Staff. Times have changed, that is a certain fact.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Outside the Box - Thinking Ahead
What will this Blog Post be About? Take some time today to think with me. We here in Middle Georgia continually hear about the need for new Jobs, new Opportunities and new Construction.
Outside of former Senator Sam Nunn, that last real Statesman we had in the Middle Georgia who really accomplished major changes was the Honorable Carl Vinson of the United States Congress. We all know his accomplishments which included the drastic changes to the village of Wellston, Georgia. Warner Robins Air Force Base and the City of Warner Robins owe their orgins to to the Honorable Carl Vinson. He was certainly a Statesman at the Local Level, the State Level, the National Level and well regarded in the International Arena. Today we have a Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier bearing his honorable name. This great warship is capable of projecting the most powerful and positive image of our United States of America in any area of the World.
All of the above stated to allow you to consider the potential of a new and improved I-75/I-16 Interstate Exchange here in Macon, Georgia. As you know I recently posted a Blog Entry about this project which is the subject of much distain among some local civic leaders, some well meaning movers and shakers, as well as some duly elected officials in the City of Macon.
What a shame!!! Here we have the golden opportunity to receive major infrastructure improvements which may well propel Macon and the balance of Middle Georgia in to a Tier One City in the Great State of Georgia.
We all know of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on the Southside of Atlanta, Georgia. Most of us know that it is the World's most busy airport in terms of passengers and the number of flights. What you may not know is that way back in the 1950s and 1960s that two cities in the Southeast had the opportunity to gain International Status with the enhancement of an Airport. In addition to Atlanta, Georgia I have heard that the City of Birmingham, Alabama essentially turned down the opportunity to have this new larger Airport. I have heard that the City Father's of Birmingham determined that a larger Airport in Birmingham was not appropriate. Well I do not need to tell you the rest of that Story. Atlanta is now viewed as an International City as well as the economic engine of the new South. In fact they even achieved the distinction of hosting as an Olympic Games in the Summer of 1996. I do not believe that would have happened had the City Fathers of Atlanta had not reached some decisions way back in the 1950s and the 1960s that allowed the City of Atlanta to grow.
Why do you need to know this history, you may be asking!!! Simple!!!! Atlanta and other areas of North Georgia have a major water problem. The demographic shifts currently underway in our great United States clearly displays the fact that a lot of Citizens desire to live in the South. In fact Citizens who previously thought that the State of Florida was the ultimate mecca are now relocating to South Georgia.
If we allow the infrastructure of the I-75/I-16 Interstate Interchange to be constructed we in Middle Georgia will be poised to take advantage of the growth that is destined for our State. A second Georgia Airport could be constructed in our Middle Georgia. After all we have a plentiful water supply. Such an airport would best serve a lot of citizens in the East, West and South Georgia Areas. Such an airport would also bring in more industries to Middle Georgia. But before an Airport can be developed I am confident that the appropriate planners will look at our land transport infrastructure.
Additionally a Middle Georgia Airport capable of handling major Airliners would be a boon to our U. S. Army currently operating at Fort Benning. In a time of crisis, the Civilian Contract Airliners could transport our Nation's Best to any area of the World if we only had a major airport to handle the big planes.
In addition to the Galaxy and Globemaster III U. S. Air Force Aircraft that could operate from Warner Robins these Civilian Contract Airliners could operate from our New Middle Georgia Airport if it is constructed with the appropriate runways. Additionally CAP Aircraft from our U. S. Air Force and U. S. Navy could operate out of Warner Robins Air Force Base to provide appropriate and adequate security for these Civilian Contract airliners as they engage in transport of our Nation's Best.
All of the above stated to clearly point out that all of us, duly elected leaders and civic leaders must think outside of the Box and strive for the appropriate and also adequate infrastructure to allow Middle Georgia to reach the full potential that all of us certainly deserve.
Think with me for a moment and engage your mind to consider how the City Fathers in Birmingham now can look back on the folly of the choices made by their former City Fathers of the 1950s and 1960s time frame.
Do you, our elected leaders here in Middle Georgia, the City Council of Macon, Georgia and the Bibb County Commissioners want to be viewed by the future generations as those City Fathers and City Mothers, Duly Elected Leaders of other Governmental Agencies and Civic Leaders who looked at the opportunity to allow Middle Georgia to grow and rejected that same opportunity.
If you are so inclined to deny this golden opportunity and look with distain and yes, even contempt toward an appropriate I-75/I-16 Interchange that looks to the future; maybe you should seriously consider moving to Birmingham, Alabama.
After all, I know that all of us want a prosperous Middle Georgia for our Grandchildren and the rest of the future citizens of Middle Georgia. Growth will come, that is certain, but will it happen in another area of Middle Georgia. That is the question that only you can answer. We deserve much better than what we currently have. The future can be bright, but not if you continue to install low wattage light bulbs. I urge you to go for the best!!!! Thank You!!!
Happy Birthday - U. S. Navy

October 13, 1775. The date which has been established as the Official Birthday of the United States Navy. Please read this information from the World Wide Web:
Navy Birthday Information - 13 October 1775
The Chief of Naval Operations has stated that the Navy Birthday is one of the two Navy wide dates to be celebrated annually. This page provides historical information on the birth and early years of the Navy, including bibliographies, lists of the ships, and information on the first officers of the Continental Navy, as well as texts of original documents relating to Congress and the Continental Navy, 1775-1783.
The United States Navy traces its origins to the Continental Navy, which the Continental Congress established on 13 October 1775 by authorizing the procurement, fitting out, manning, and dispatch of two armed vessels to cruise in search of munitions ships supplying the British Army in America. The legislation also established a Naval Committee to supervise the work. All together, the Continental Navy numbered some fifty ships over the course of the war, with approximately twenty warships active at its maximum strength.
After the American War for Independence, Congress sold the surviving ships of the Continental Navy and released the seamen and officers. The Constitution of the United States, ratified in 1789, empowered Congress "to provide and maintain a navy." Acting on this authority, Congress ordered the construction and manning of six frigates in 1794, and the War Department administered naval affairs from that year until Congress established the Department of the Navy on 30 April 1798.
Not to be confused with the Navy Birthday or the founding of the Navy Department is Navy Day. The Navy League sponsored the first national observance of Navy Day in 1922 designed to give recognition to the naval service. The Navy League of New York proposed that the official observance be on 27 October in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt, who had been born on that day.
In 1972 Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt authorized recognition of 13 October as the Navy’s birthday. In contrast to Navy Day, the Navy Birthday is intended as an internal activity for members of the active forces and reserves, as well as retirees, and dependents. Since 1972 each CNO has encouraged a Navy-wide celebration of this occasion "to enhance a greater appreciation of our Navy heritage, and to provide a positive influence toward pride and professionalism in the naval service."

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Flower Child's Former Macon, Georgia Homes

Yesterday, October 7, 2008 you were able to view the Flower Child and His Bride leaving the Church where they were married way back in 1972. As we celebrated our Anniversary yesterday we traveled to the sites of our former Macon Homes. Our first home was in Jones County at a Mobile Home Park. We did not take a picture there because the place is so overgrown with weeds and so run down that we did not want to remember the place. Besides the Unit we lived in is no longer there. The picture above is a current image of the home we lived in from 1973 through 1975. It is located at 2345 Willis Court in East Macon and is right off of Millerfield Road. It appears to be well cared for by the current owners.

We left Macon in 1975 because of U. S. Navy orders. Upon our return to Macon in December 1978 we purchased this home at 3004 Claridge Court which is very near Rosa Taylor Elementary School. We chose this area because we had children of Elementary School age. We lived here through February 1992 when we traded this home in for our current residence in West Bibb County, Georgia.

Now you know a bit more about the Flower Child. Items you most likely did not need to know, but as we all know it is nice to realize what a person is all about. Have a Great Day!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

World Wide Challenge

In the past I have posted Middle Georgia Challenges. Today we have a World Wide Challenge. The first person to correctly identify the location by street address where this event happened will receive a "free" Lunch from the Flower Child. The deadline for this Challenge is Tuesday, October 14th, 2008.

Please leave your response in the Comment Section of this Blog.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Rights and Responsibilities
Everyone has heard about going Green. A very good idea to be sure. However, today I, the Flower Child will be concerned about our Rights and Responsibilities.
Last Saturday, October 4th a good number of citizens of the sub-division I reside in conducted a work day at the entrance. Of course it helped that the Homeowners Association provided a "Free Lunch" for all who participated. What is so great about this situation is that here in the United States of America, we are all free to purchase homes where ever we desire. That stated, we also have a responsibility to participate in the process of keeping our respective home gardens neat and orderly. In addition to maintaining our own propertities, we all joined together to clean up our entrance way. Of course we pay Association Dues for the bulk of the maintenance work throughout the year, but the Annual Work Day allows us all to keep our Dues within reason.
Today, October 6th the Flower Child participated in the Macon-Bibb County Annual Influenza Vaccine Program. As a citizen I feel that it is imperative that I remain in a healthy condition. While I have the right to ignore prudent medical procedures, I also have the responsibility to maintain my health in the best possible condition.
Today, October 6th is also the last day to register to vote in the State of Georgia for the 2008 Presidential Election which will be held on Tuesday, November 4, 2008. We have all been made aware of the 2008 Elections for at least the past two years. The campaigning has been long and exciting, yet there are those who have not yet registered to vote.
How can this be, you may be asking yourself. A quick review of our Nation's History will inform anyone that thousands have perished to allow us all to have the right to vote. What a shame that everyone who is over the age of eighteen, and also eligible to vote has not already registered. Those who are not eligible to vote are certain lawbreakers who have lost their right to vote. The rest of us, if we respect our fellow people kind should most certainly be already registered. It is difficult for me to comprehend why anyone would not be registered to vote and not looking forward to the responsible course of action to actually go to the polls on Election Day. Every family I know has had a member serve in our Military, either in War Time or in times of Peace. Yet I know of citizens, yes they are citizens, who have not registered or do not even plan to vote. They are certainly a disgrace to their own family members who have served, who now serve, or even will serve in the future. Even more critical is the fact that the non-voters are a total disgrace to all who have perished in defense of this United States of America.
We have a great Heritage and also a great Legacy given to us by our Creator and secured by those who have served.
There is an old adage that my Dad taught me many years ago - "You can lead a Horse to Water, but you cannot make him Drink!!!"
So, come November 5th, 2008, I will view with total contempt those who have not participated in the Election Process and they will most likely tell us all that the wrong person was elected. Duh!!!!!!! These non-voters are indeed part of the problem. By not voting, which is their choice, they are simply dishonoring their own kinpeople who have served with valor. Those of us who care enough to exercise our rights by voting should avoid these "citizens" and gently laugh them off as they rant and rave about the bad things happening in the United States of America.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Yellow Gold Report from the Upper MidWest
United States of America
Soon the giant combines will rolling across the vast praries of the Corn Belt of our great country. Although there was serious flooding in this area last June, some report that we are looking at a bumper crop. Please review this article based on U. S. Department of Agruculture reports:
Corn prices are down 36% from their June peak, but despite the U.S. government’s claims of a bumper corn crop this year, the current dip in corn prices is just a temporary abatement, as higher demand and a potentially smaller-than-estimated total crop are poised to push corn prices higher.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced yesterday (Tuesday) that the U.S. corn crop could be the second largest in history, despite savage floods that decimated corn-producing regions in the Midwest.
The USDA increased its forecast for this year’s corn harvest to 12.3 billion bushels, up from last month’s estimate of 11.7 billion bushels as “perfect” weather and an aggressive planting schedules helped farmers to recover from June’s floods. If the crop comes in as estimated, it would be just 6% lower than last year’s all-time record crop of 13.1 billion bushels.
The increased forecast helped continue corn’s ease from an all-time high of almost $8 per bushel reached six weeks ago. Corn for December delivery gained 11 cents to settle at $5.28 per bushel in late afternoon trading on the Chicago Board of Trade. The USDA report projects that corn will average $5.40 a bushel for the marketing year that begins September 1.
Now to engage in some serious dicussion of the current political situation in the United States. I have heard those who should know that once they are elected anyone who makes over $250,000.00 can look forward to more taxation because these individuals are considered the rich.
Think with the Flower Child for a moment and look at some real facts:
  • A tract of prime farm land on the Garnavillo Prarie of Iowa recently sold for $7500.00 an acre. The tract contained 125 acres which means the purchase price was $937,000.00. A mere $63,000.00 from one million dollars.
  • Let us suppose that a Young Farmer starting out rents a major portion of his corn acreage from older retired farmers. He needs to cultivate corn on 1000 acres to be effective as regards machinery and his investment.
  • Let us suppose that on this 1000 acres that the yield is 180 bushel per acre. That would be 180,000 bushels.
  • Let us assume that the price based on the information reported above is $5.40 a bushel for a gross income of $9,720.000.00.
  • The Flower Child is not in a situation to compute or even know the cost of production of a bushel of corn, but I think you can quickly ascertain that this small time farmer is generating quite a bit of gross income, well over the $250,000.00 that some say is a rich individual.
  • We all know that diesel fuel is quite expensive. We all know that fertilizer to grow corn is quite expensive as well as the chemicals used to control the weeds and insects.

Yet we have individuals seeking high office who desire to tax the rich because they generate an income of over $250,000.00. I do not know if the higher taxes is on gross or net income as currently discussed, but I do know that young farmers also must obtain their own health insurance, unless they are fortunate enough to have a spouse working for an industry that provides such coverage.

Yet we have those seeking high office who desire to tax the rich. Maybe they have not been to a Publix, Kroger or Piggly Wiggly to know that food does not simply come in boxes. Someone, somewhere must produce the raw materials that grain processors use to manufacture our food stuffs. To tax them out of business is simply foolhardy.

Besides, most young farmers are also generating their own families. Everyone has heard how much it cost to raise a young person to the age of eighteen. One source I visited on the World Wide Web stated: Here's what you're likely to spend to raise a child:$234,694. I entered the age range from 0 to age 18 for a family with an annual income of $68,000.00 a year. The figure stated above was computed in 2006 dollars.

Again, I say, taxing these productive members of our society out of business is simply foolhardy at best and in my own personal opinion, simply stupid.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Paradigm Shift
During the past ten days we have all witnessed history in the making. The housing crisis with the Fannie and Freddie situation receiving a lot of media attention as well as the AIG crisis and more recently the Government's Bailout proposals.
You and I, the citizens of this great land are being looked at as the possible solution. The Government can bail out these failed institutions and the Government will be using our money. No problem. Yeh!!!!
I can already see two segments of our society as victims of this crisis. Real Estate Agents and Home Interior Specialist (a.k.a. decorators) will be among the first to suffer. For years we all have been encouraged to move up and also improve our housing by remodeling, etc. Real Estate Agents enjoy commissions every time they sell a home to a new owner. The faster we as citizens sell and move up the more potential for these commissions. Then to top this all off, the home we desire to sell must have the latest kitchen counter, etc.
No wonder the average price of a home in the United States has become so high. Everyone is moving up and improving the current home with an eye to moving up soon.
So, the paradigm may soon be shifting. I look forward to the day when we can appreciate a house because it has a workable kitchen. Does the counter top have to be granite? Does the woodwork have to have the latest color? Do the appliances have to be the most up to date?
When and if I ever have to place my home on the market I think I will upgrade with onyx countertops in the kitchen and all the baths. This along with gold plated faucets should allow my home to sell very fast.
So the paradigm shift may well be underway, maybe that is what all of us really need. As for the Flower Child, I have fond memories of enjoying great meals prepared by my Mother on a Wood Fired Stove. Of course that was before television and we thought we were living well. That was also in rural America, where the cost of farm land is computed based on plowable acres versus the counter tops in the kitchen of the farm house. In fact most farm land being purchased today is devoid of buildings. Who needs them? The real profit comes from having soil that can be farmed.
Just a Thought!!!!