Saturday, January 30, 2010

2010 Oratorical Contest
Black History Program
It was my good fortune to be able to attend this event sponsored by the following organizations:
Jack and Jill of America, Inc., Macon Chapter
100 Black Men of Macon Middle Georgia
The Historic Douglass Theatre
Twenty Nine scholars ranging from the age of 10 to 19 participated in this Oratorical Contest this morning at the Historic Douglass Theatre in downtown Macon, Georgia. The participants were from the following schools of Middle Georgia:

Allexander II Magnet School
Ballard-Hudson Middle School
Bloomfield Middle School
Central High School
Heritage Elementary School
Howard Middle School
William Hubbard Middle School
Mary Persons High School
Middle Georgia Christian School
Miller Magnet Middle School
Northeast High School
Jessie Rice Elementary School
Rutland Middle School
Rutland High School
Warner Robins Middle School
There were twelve participants in the 10-12 age group. This segment consisted of students who presented topics which were "Giving" or "The Past, The Present, The Future, The Dream." They each had from three to five minutes to present their prepared speeches in the "Speak Up! Speak Out" portion of the program. Most of the participants presented speeches on "The Past, The Present, The Future, The Dream" title. The first four presentors discussed their backgrounds and captured the hearts of the entire crowd in attendance. They had experienced extremely difficult child hoods. I was impressed. All twelve participants delivered exceptional speeches and certainly reflected well on the individuals and families who had fostered their development. Each can certainly be very proud of their accomplishments and the willingness to talk to all in attendance. In my notes regarding the performances of this age group I quickly wrote the word "Bravo" as the program moved to the next age level.
There were thirteen contestants in the Junior Teens group in the ages from 13 through 15. These contestants were required to talk on the "The Past, The Present, The Future, The Dream" topic. Like the younger participants, this group was required to give a speech at least three minutes duration, but no more than five minutes. I will share some of the quotes that I gleaned from these scholars:
  • I can achieve, I can maintain my high grade point average as I remember my past.
  • The holes in my pants that I may now have will turn into 0s on my pay check.
  • Let us all pray for Haiti

I also was impressed by the conduct of the contestants. As they returned to their seats on the stage their fellow contestants displayed gratitude and smiles to each other.

  • One contestant spoke of the challenges of the past and quickly reminded us that they were still standing. Then went on to list their specific goals.
  • Acknowledged the we face challenges
  • If I maintain a correct focus away from drugs, etc., I can achieve. My dreams are with Jesus.
  • I appreciate my Mother who cried, fussed and loved me.

I continued to be impressed with the attitude and the smiles shared among the contestants.

  • Education leads one out of the cotton fields.
  • Another speaker discussed great pride in their heritage as they looked to a terrific future.
  • I was the fuel that kept their fire going as the contestant focused on those in the past who labored under difficult conditions.
  • To those who think that the upcoming generation can not achieve greatness one contestant challenged the peers by stating this: "Let us prove them wrong. We can rise to the challenge.
  • Another contestant acknowledged that as a young adult to set high goals. Make something our of life. This contestant stated that the goal was to become a veterinarian by attending Georgia Tech and Cornell.

I must state that the above quotes may not be as delivered, but I think that my comments accurately reflect what they conveyed.

The final contestants were the Senior Teens in the 16 to 19 age group. There were four contestants.

  • The first speaker focused on the current situation. We were informed that while we now have a Black President, we still have far too many black men in prision. We were urged to set higher goals.
  • The next speaker acknowledged on the past struggles and stated that they suceeded because they trusted in God. They knew that one day they would overcome. We were all challenged to take time to get to know each other.
  • The third speaker presented a wonderful analogy of the past, the present, the future and the dream by comparing with the weaving of a garmet. The focus of the speech was the wonderful looking cloth of the future - a fancy weave. Reach for excellence.
  • The final speaker presented a dramatic speech. While we can appreciate our legacy, we must also be active in our future. An act as simple as voting was stressed. Be proud of our legacy and be ready to acknowledge that "I" am the future. The question was also asked: "How can I not?" with reference to using each individuals full potential.

As I contemplated this event the following comments are germane:

  • Many experienced difficult situations in their past but they learned from them and proceeded on with their lives because of actions by adults and/or their Church Family.
  • Many shared personal experiences during their speeches. Always an effective method of delivering the point.
  • Given the ages of these participants and contestants, each of them is to be saluted for their willingness to participate in such an event.
  • Several of the presentations brought tears to my eyes.
  • I appreciate that not one speaker presented the required topic in what I anticipated would be a "Cookie Cutter" speech. Each one covered the assigned topic in a new, refreshing way.

All of the participants and contestants displayed great poise. I, as an attendee was impressed. I do not think that during my Junior School High and/or High School days that I could have presented any topic with the clarity, background and knowledge that these 29 scholars displayed this morning. Their conduct certainly reflects well on themselves, their families, their educators, their church families, their schools and their communities.

Well Done!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death"
An early patriot, Patrick Henry concluded a speech he gave on March 23, 1775 with this famous quote. He had spoken about the impending "Revolution" involving the Colonies as they struggled to obtain freedom from the King of England.
Well, we all know the rest of the story. Our United States of America went on to become a new Nation that focused on Liberty and Freedom.
As I listened to our President's State of the Union Message last evening I did not hear much, if anything about Liberty for all Citizens or our continued enjoyment of the Freedoms that our Forebearers struggled so hard to achieve.
I trust that as "We The People," continue to monitor the actions of our duly elected leaders that we remind them that they serve us and that as a County we are not willing to give up our freedoms.
Thank You!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"The Mile High Club"
Matt Rutherford Novel
William Rawlings
I, the Flower Child have been serving on Jury Duty this current week. Yesterday, January 26 I was able to read the complete book as I awaited selection to a panel to be considered for a Jury of Twelve. I, along with many others were in a Court Room and I was not selected to perform Jury Duty. The book is an easy read, but a most compelling one. Once you commence reading you can not put it down. Of course I had to to participate in one Jury Selection Process. The author resides in Sandersville, Georgia and is a physician. It is a fiction work focused on life in Georgia as practiced by some that I would call "High Rollers."
There is an abundance of leads in this mystery novel and the conclusion is very interesting. I was spell bound and am very glad that I was able to complete this book in a day. The use of local information, including the City of Macon keeps you very interested. While it is fiction it is also quite possible that events such as spelled out in the book could happen.
Summary: A very interesting and compelling book.
Constitutional Authority
The other evening I witnessed one of the Bibb Delegation's Lawmakers explain that the Governor's recommendation to require our Lawmakers to take furlough day/s was Unconstitutional. If I understand it correctly, the Republican leadership of Georgia's General Assembly also supported the Governor's recommendation.
I find it most interesting that a member of the Democrat Party would decry any action because it was unconstitutional. But I can certainly support his concept of good government. I salute any lawmaker that wishes to abide by the Constitution, be it State or Federal.
I am proud of Representative David Lucas. He appears to have a valid understanding of the C0nstitution of Georgia.
What I can not now understand is how the leading Democrats at the Federal level can even consider their concept of Health Care when so many other citizens have publically stated that the current Health Care Reform Bills are unconsititutional.
I would suggest that we need more duly elected leaders such as David Lucas at the National Level. The first to come to my mind is Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. I just wish that Citizens such as David Lucas were in the U. S. Senate and the U. S. House of Representatives.
We certainly need his style of leadership in Washington, D. C.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Good Food - Southern Style"
That was the title of a November 2007 article in Southern Living Magazine. My Bride collects pages from various publications just in case we are ever in a certain area. Late last week as we prepared to deliver a Photograph to the Contest Chairperson of the 2010 Southeastern Flower Show in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, January 23, 2010 she showed me the article about the "OK Cafe" at 1284 West Paces Ferry Road in Atlanta. In as much as this location was just but a few miles away from the photo drop off location we enjoyed a delightful lunch at the "OK Cafe." The wait staff wore crisp white uniforms and were very efficient. The hosting staff wore black uniforms with the OK Cafe logo. The food was a real dining pleasure and the service was terrific. Not over your shoulder, but very effective in insuring that everything was up to standard.
Should you desire to visit this excellent establishment and desire to learn more about the "OK Cafe" please visit:
This establishment is has been meeting the dining needs of many for 22 years. If you are ever in the Atlanta area and are near exit 255 of I-75 treat yourself to a lovely meal.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A New Day in the U.S.A.

As I gathered my daily Newspaper this morning I was impressed with this view which I observed from the driveway of my West Bibb County Home.
I am proud to be an American and appreciate all that our Defense Department is doing to assist the citizens of Haiti during these difficult times.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"We The People!!!!!"

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Proud to Be An American!!!!
I have fond memories of my Elementary School education in a rural school in Clayton County, Iowa in the late 1940s and the early 1950s.
Then, in the early 2000s I stood tall with pride whenever the Mr. Lee Greenwood song was performed. "God Bless the U.S.A." became a great hit after the tragic September 11, 2001 Crisis. Americans everywhere took great pride in their country.
The line, which I quote that means the most to me is: "I'm Proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free." This sentence certainly states in a simple manner why we appreciate our United States of America.
I commenced this post be stating my early education background. I learned that way back in 1775 a young man from Massachusetts took a ride at night to warn his fellow countrymen of a British invasion that planned to acquire the weapons that the citizens of Massachusetts had stored in Concord to be used for their own protection. I was always fascinated how one person, in this case, Paul Revere, could save his kindred.
I would invite you to visit this website to learn more about Paul Revere, the Messenger:
The Minutemen were young patriots of the late 1700s era who were under the age of 30 and also desired to protect that they have established in "The New World."
To learn more about the Minutemen I would suggest that you visit:
By now I am confident that you may be wondering why I am promoting these History Lessons for you reading pleasure. In fact, it is my desire to encourage everyone to remember what they learned in Elementary School no matter where they grew up.
My Elementary School Education promoted the "Be A Patriot" concept in me. I am still Proud to be an American.
As I summarize this post today, it is my hope that the citizens of Massachusetts will recall with great pride their part in the History of the Colonies which later became the United States of America as they vote in the U. S. Senate Elections on Tuesday, January 19, 2010. The bedrock of pride in America can correctly be found in Massachusetts. Role models such as Paul Revere and the Minutemen carry the legacy and are part of the heritage that we all now enjoy. To destroy the concepts that made America great way back when by voting for the Democrat who is seeking to take the Senate seat created by the death of Senator Ted Kennedy will certainly hasten the further development of a Socialism in our United States of America.
The voters of Massachusetts have an opportunity next Tuesday to take a step toward to maintaining a "Republic" in this great land. I would urge every voter in Massachusetts to recall the history of our Nation and the vital part their State played in the creation of the U. S. A.
Now, more than ever, every American will be watching the voting results from the great State of Massachusetts after the Polls close on Tuesday evening.
To the Citizens of Massachusetts, you indeed hold the future of the U.S.A. in your hands. Just as the light/s in the North Church in Boston did so many years ago; you can be a part of history. No matter the outcome of the election, Tuesday, January 2010 will be a turning point in the History of our Country.
Thanks to Paul Revere and the Minutemen who assisted in the founding of this great Country. It can be stated that the future of this great Republic rest in Your Hands, the voters of the State of Massachusetts.
Thank You!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Relief

U. S. Navy

In addition to U. S. Navy Relief for the Citizens of Haiti, I understand that Soldiers from the 82nd Airborne stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and Marines are also enroute to assist.
I just learned by watching Television that a U. S. Navy Hospital Ship is also expected to arrive in Haiti by January 20 - 22.
I think that we, as Citizens of the U. S. A., can be very proud of our young men and women who are in our Services. I am also aware that citizens of many relief agencies from the U. S. A. and around the World are also arriving or will arrive soon to assist the citizens of Haiti as they cope with this great tragic event.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The U. S. Navy to Assist the Victims in Haiti
I just completed an internet search on Haiti and read several articles. A U. S. Coast Guard Cutter was the first to arrive on scene. The article went on to say that the USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) is now enroute to Haiti to provide assistance.
For those who may not be aware, our Aircraft Carriers have a complete Medical Staff on board and are most able to provide assistance.
A U. S. Navy Pit Stop
Four Years Long

January 12, 2010 - The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) departs Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia. Carl Vinson is underway following a four-year refueling and complex overhaul to take part in Southern Seas 2010. After completing Southern Seas Carl Vinson will change homeport from Norfolk, Virginia to San Diego, California. (U.S. Navy photo released)

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Recommendations from Middle Georgia Citizens
The Friday, January 8, 2010 issue of "The Telegraph" published in Macon, Georgia contained two great Viewpoints Letters.
The first one was from Bill Paschall of Warner Robins, Georgia and it was titled "Shaping up?" Bill discussed how the intelligence in this country needs to shape up. He went on to say that we are our own enemy when we have a President who is going to prosecute three Navy Seals who allegedly hit a poor misguided terrorist in the stomach. Bill's viewpoint points out that our President is enabling these Terrorist by establishing policies that allow terrorist the benefit of U. S. Law versus treating them as terrorist.
I can certainly agree with Bill Paschall's comments and desire to point out that I have also recently read that our President is taking this route so that his standing with our foreign friends and yes, even our enemies will not be degraded.
From my point of view, this is a shame and also a slap to all who serve our Country, the United States, in the CIA, the FBI and the entire U. S. Military Establishment.
The second letter was from Helen Benedict of Macon. It was entitled "Shelter." Helen bravely suggested that the Coliseum could be opened up to provide shelter for the homeless during this period of extremely cold weather. I, the Flower Child, can certainly support that concept.
I can also go one step further. As most of you know, I attend a local Church. I, as but one member of that Church will pledge one dollar for each of our members as a donation to the City of Macon to be used exclusively for paying to open the Macon Coliseum for the Homeless this Cold Spell. Of course my pledge will not provide sufficient funds to do this, but it will be a start. How about every Church pledging one dollar for each member and donating it to the City for this worthy cause.
Together we can provide a "Change in Macon." Thank You Helen for your suggestion and for also thinking outside of the Box.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Top Stories from 2009

These young girls from Warner Robins, Georgia achieved the World Title in Little League Softball. The accomplished in 2009 what the boys accomplished in 2007.

Although the 2009 Warner Robins Little League Boys did not achieve the National Title or the World Championship, they certainly represented their Families, their Community, their County, their State and the Southeast very well.

Well done both of these teams and their coaches. 2009 was a wonderful year for Youth Sports in Warner Robins, Georgia.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hawkeye Country
For those who may not know it, this is a scene from Hawkeye Country. Some may know it as the great state of Iowa. Tonight, Tuesday, January 5, 2010 the Iowa Hawkeye Football Team will be participating in the Orange Bowl in Miami Florida.
I post this entry now to simply let the readers know that Iowa is a very proud state with a rich history of Winning in every endeavor that the citizens there attempt.

This Veterans Memorial is in a small Iowa Town on the banks of the Mississippi River in Clayton County. The black stone tablets here must contain at least 600 names of Heroes who have served our Nation in a branch of the U. S. Military.
You may be wondering how these Iowa pictures have any impact on the fact that the Iowa Hawkeyes will be playing Football tonight against a Team based in Georgia known as the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech. I have been told that this educational institution is located in Atlanta Georgia in the vicinity of 10th Street Northwest and 14th Street Northwest. We all have heard of the Varsity in downtown Atlanta which is located on the East Side of I-75. Georgia Tech, if I am correct is on the West Side of I-75. I have also heard Georgia Bulldog Fans describe Georgia Tech as that Trade School in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia.
A bit of History concerning the Football Program in Iowa City, Iowa, the home of the Iowa Hawkeyes would be appropriate at this time. Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City is the home Stadium of the Hawkeyes. It was named after Nile Kinnick who was the 1939 Heisman Trophy Winner. His statue at Kinnick Stadium displays the only Heisman Trophy Winner who is carrying a Book Bag. Iowa Football players then, as well as now are Scholars. I find that fact a very fitting tribute to the Hawkeyes.
I also am aware the the Heisman Trophy is named after a famed John Heisman who has a reputation as a College Football Coach. In fact he coached at Georgia Tech during the period of 1904-1919. His legacy lives on and is remembered each year when the Heisman Trophy Winner is announced in New York City.
The University of Iowa is a leader in Scholarship for the students who attend. It achieved the distinction of having 37 winners in the first year of the Distinguished Scholar Awards, which is a program of the Universities involved in the Big Ten (11).
All of this stated that the fine young men from the hills and fields of Iowa, plus scholars from other states that meet the standards will take the Orange Bowl Game tonight with a Win over the Georgia Tech Team. I do not know the point spread, but I am confident that Iowa Hawkeyes will win. In a little less than two hours the Game will begin.
Go Hawkeyes!!!!!

The System Works!!!

Most of the readers here know that late on New Year's Eve I posted an entry with several pictures relating to the mess/trash along side of Tucker Road here in West Bibb County Georgia.
Within ten minutes of my E-Mail to the appropriate officials I received a response from the District Three County Commissioner, Mr. Elmo Richardson. He assured me that the mess would be cleaned up early next week.
Yesterday, January 4, 2010 was the early next week day. I obtained these pictures this morning as I completed my errands.
Yes, the System Does Work. Thank You to all involved.
I believe that when problems are presented and there is open and honest communication that the problem/s can be quickly resolved. This is how governments at all levels should react to valid concerns.
Yet that was not the case with the underwear bomber a few weeks ago. At first we were informed that the system functioned as required. Then the very next day it was admitted that the system did not function properly. I understand that they are still discussing what went wrong.
Simple, we have become so politically correct that our Federal Government is currently processing three U. S. Navy Seals for actions as they captured a known terrorist. From what I understand these three Heroes may have given this Terrorist a gut punch. Now they face disciplinary action.
How can any of our government organizations function if they fear that they will be brought to trial for activities that most view as appropriate. A gut punch for a Terrorist and the Heroes are going to be disciplined. This trap will simply render our intelligence agencies impotent and the Terrorist are happy with that aspect of our approach.
It is a shame that we no longer respect actual Heroes and must enable our enemies. I would suggest that we all actually become involved in stating our concerns with our duly elected politicians who now appear to only seek power and fame at the expense of a decent future for American Citizens. You, I and our Children and their Children certainly deserve much better than what our power crazed leaders are enacting/working on at this very moment.

A Double Five-Year Program
Recently I have heard that a Council Person on the Macon, Georgia City Council has proposed a ten year plan to consolidate the City of Macon with Bibb County Georgia. That would equal two five-year plans which I recall were first established by the Soviet Union to improve their industrial capacity/production. I also recall a five year plan which was implemented by the Soviet Union to improve Agricultural Production.
Did these programs work? From what I understand they did achieve some success, however the Soviet Union later established these schemes as Seven-Year Plans.
Should you desire to learn more about these schemes and their success please read:
Can you imagine the City of Macon desiring to emulate the Former Soviet Union by recommending a double five-year plan toward consolidation of Macon and Bibb County? Then if it does not happen in the anticipated ten years they can establish a seven-year plan just as the Soviets did when their five-year plans did not achieve total success.
From my point of view as a young farm boy way back in the late 1940s and the 1950s the Soviet Five Year Plans to enhance Agricultural Production were a joke. We all knew that if you wanted more of a crop that you should simply apply sound farming practices and improve the efficiency of your equipment by acquiring new more powerful John Deere and Farmall Tractors which could operate bigger equipment.
What we did not realize is that the Soviet Union did not employ the sound principles of capitalism and freedom which allowed the Farmers in the United States of America to produce more food stuffs very efficiently. The socialism mantra did not allow this type of challenge.
Now we have a Macon City Council that will be considering a Consolidation proposal to improve the government of the people attempting to achieve greater economic efficiencies. I would submit that a double five-year plan is foolhardy at best.
Yes, consolidation will be a difficult event to implement, but the consequences of not doing so in a rapid, yet thought out manner will be the only thing that can eliminate the same consequences that have emerged in Richmond County Georgia and the City of Augusta. This consolidation was ordered by the State of Georgia because each of these governmental organizations failed to act in a timely manner. They simply ran out of money.
I would submit that given the current economic climate in Our Nation, Our State, Our City and Our County that consolidation for the City of Macon and the County of Bibb should be implemented as rapidly as possible.
I am sure that there will be those who oppose this concept because they will loose power and influence right here in Bibb County Georgia.
In conclusion, our duly elected officials must do what is best for "We The People," without out regard to their current status. In the end, the lack of funds will require a Consolidation of Macon and Bibb. I humbly submit that if we do it now we can starve off the same grief that the Citizens of Richmond County and the City of Augusta had to cope with.
I think that we, We The People, can simply do better than our peers to the Northeast.

Monday, January 04, 2010

How Times Have Changed?
The United States of America
I have fond memories of my early days in the U. S. Navy. Additionally I have find memories of a time when the citizens of America were challenged to excell. Today I am recalling the events of 1961 when a New President by the name of John F. Kennedy became our President. I am sure that most everyone has heard this quote from his address to the World after he was sworn in as our President on Friday, January 20, 1961:
"And so, my fellow Americans ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country."
Should you desire to read President Kennedy's complete address please visit:
As I view the recent news and read the printed media I often yearn for the days gone by. I get the impression that now we are all looking to the Federal Government to solve our problems. In my humble opinion this is quite the opposite to the challenge that President John F. Kennedy presented us with as he took the Office of President of our great Country on January 20, 1961.
So I challenge all of my readers today. What has happened and is happening in the United States of America. During the 1960s we placed humans on the moon. During the current decade we have placed the future of our economic welfare in serious jeopardy. We are placing our Children and their Children in a dangerous situation. Will they be able to pay for all the programs that have been launched in the past ten years and continue to be launched by a Federal Government that is enticing us all to a life of ease while we ignore the future consequences. Surely some day, someone, everyone will have to pay the price for our expenditures of Federal Funds that we currently do not have.
Not a very brilliant future, but we are all being lulled into a false sense of security at the expense of future generations. Not a very good situation. When will this nonsense stop. When will we fall back and start living the challenge that our President John F. Kennedy gave us on that snowy day in January 1961.
From my humble point of view, yesterday was too late, but I certainly feel that if we all expect better leadership from our Congressmen and women and our President today that we can resolve any situation that we are currently facing.
President John F. Kennedy, I wish you had left a copy of that speech in the Oval Office.
Honor for a Hero
A Hero from World War II
America's Greatest Generation

Today I had the opportunity to attend the Funeral of a Hero who served our Country during World War II. She passed away at the age of 91 years. She saw service in England during World War II. She was in the U. S. Army and was assigned to the Supply Department that issued materials to her fellow Army Soldiers.
After a Service of Worship in Thanksgiving to God for this Hero the procession proceeded from The Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity on Tucker Road in toward Macon Memorial Park via Mercer University Drive. An Officer from the Macon Police Department led the procession.
I was impressed by the fact that all the drivers stopped for the Funeral Procession and paid their respects to this Hero. I am sure that they did not know that the remains of a World War II Hero was in their presence, but they all paid their respects. Certainly noteworthy.
The Graveside events at Macon Memorial Park were fitting and a detachment of U. S. Army Soldiers from Atlanta folded the U. S. Flag and presented it to the Family.

Of course, no graveside ceremony for a Hero would be complete without a Bugler. A very emotional time to be sure. As I post this entry I am able to say without a doubt that the Citizens of Middle Georgia certainly paid their respects to this Hero by their actions on Tucker Road and Mercer University Drive as the Procession proceeded to the Cemetery.

Well Done, Middle Georgia!!!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Welcome 2010 - U. S. Navy Style

North Arabian Sea (January 1, 2010) Sailors celebrate New Years in the ship's hangar bay aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68). The Nimitz Carrier Battle Group is on a routine deployment to the region. Operations in the U. S. Fifth Fleet area of operations are focused on reassuring regional partners of the United States commitment to security, which promotes stability and global prosperity. (U. S. Navy Photo by Mass Communications Specialist 3rd Class Matthew Patton/Released)

Friday, January 01, 2010

A Wonderful Start to 2010
I just finished viewing the 2010 Rose Bowl Parade from California. This was certainly a grand way to usher in the New Year - 2010.
I have watched many of these Rose Bowl Parades in the past, but this one with the finale of a Tribute to America was certainly the best.
It is with real joy that I post this Blog Entry now. We have so much to be proud of in our United States of America. This Parade highlighted some of the organizations and individuals who certainly make America Great.
Thank You!!!