Friday, March 30, 2012

The Flower Child's Garden Gate

Recently I have been very busy in the Gardens that surround my home here in West Bibb County Georgia.  Today I will take you on a photo tour of the North Gardens which are on the back side of the house.  I have been raking up trash from the past Winter and placing "Long Needle" Pine Straw to make the place appear as if someone actually lives here.

 Here you see a seating area where it is possible to pause and reflect on the beauty that God has provided us. The ferns in the foreground are natural and they came with the property when we acquired this home way back in 1992.  This bench is placed to allow a view of the house and the ferns.

 This is a view of the walkway from the deck toward the parking area.  You will note "The Lady in Red" Hydrangeas on the lower right end of this photo.  You will also note that some planters are void of beauty because there are plants yet to be acquired.  This calls for a field trip to a garden center.

 Here is a view through the Garden Gate, which is actually an arch.  You will note that the Pittosporum to the top left are displaying small flower blooms.  Right after we moved into this home we planted a natural fence to replace a board fence between the neighbors.  These plants have done an excellent job of screening and they do not need an annual painting/staining.
 A close up of a planting with Japanese Holly Ferns in the background.  Again, you will note that there is a planter with a plant yet to be acquired.  That aspect is what makes gardening enjoyable for me.  I always attempt to acquire new beauty every year in the annual plants.  Please note the dry stacked bricks in the foreground.  These "used" bricks were acquired from the former "Bibb Mill" when it was torn down.  Therefore I have a bit of local history in the Garden.

Many years ago, My Bride, who is a member of the Garden Club of Georgia installed the Officers for a local Garden Club here in Macon.  They presented her with this Shamrock Plant as a "Thank You" gift.  I recall that we have had this plant at least thirty years.  
"October Baby"

March 29th My Bride and I visited the local cinema to view the movie "October Baby."  I had read a brief article about this movie three weeks ago and based on what I read I was determined to see it.

This movie certainly highlighted the values that are essential for our Society to continue.  There were several moments of sorrow and many moments of emotional feelings generated by the circumstances of life.  It is not my purpose in this post to relate the story line of this movie; but I would encourage everyone who  appreciates life that this movie is a "must see." 

To those who would say that this movie is too warm and fuzzy, I would submit that a refocus on traditional values may just be the solution of the current crisis facing our civilization. 

In summary:  I am very glad I viewed this movie!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Flower Child's Challenge

It has been quite a period of time since I posted a challenge in this Blog for the readers to let me know the location.

First of all, I can tell you that this picture was not taken in Middle Georgia.  For now, that is the only clue I will give you.

If you know the location where this image was taken please leave a comment below.  The first correct answer will receive a "Lunch On Me" at a Macon Area eating establishment.  The deadline for this challenge is Midnight, April 1, 2012.

I will share this challenge on face book so you can also respond there.  The Best of Luck to You.  

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Looking To The East
On the afternoon of March the second I took this series of shots while standing in the East Garden at my home.  I took many shots with different vantage points.  These three were the best and I share them with you today.  I enjoyed the blue sky and the white clouds as well as the structure of the trees.

"The Reading Room"
The Library
The Flower Child

 Recent renovations in the Library have included the placement of appropriate pictures which highlight the twenty-one year career in the U. S. Navy.  The photo above is of the Shellback Certificate I earned while stationed in the USS Ranger (CVA-61).  We crossed the equator in May of 1964 and the appropriate initiation was conducted.  
 When I was transferred to U. S. Naval Forces Europe Staff I had the option to travel from New York City to Southhampton, England via the SS United States. The four smaller pictures displayed above are pictures of the four Sea Duty Ships I served in:

USS Ranger (CVA-61)
USS Sellers (DDG-11)
USS John Paul Jones (DDG-32)
USS Hull (DD-945)
Of course I have always appreciated this U. S. Navy Recruiting Poster so when I had the opportunity to acquire a copy I purchased it immediately.

I enlisted in the U. S. Navy in 1961 and retired from the U. S. Navy in 1981.  I enjoyed my travels and the many shore duty stations which included:

Washington, D.C,
London, England
Macon, Georgia

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Central High School Book Club

Melissa Fay Greene

March 13, 2012

 A Central High School Book Club Member introduces the speaker, Author Melissa Fay Greene, a Macon Native.

Melissa Fay Greene kept us spellbound for over an hour as she discussed her outlook on writing non-fiction.  The first picture shows her entire family.  She has written five books:

Last Man Out
Praying for Sheetrock
there is no me whthout you
The Temple Bombing
No Biking in the House Without a Helmet

You can be confident that I have already signed up to attend the 2013 Public Central Book Club event.  Certainly a wonderful evening.

Friday, March 09, 2012


This word has certainly gained a lot of attention in recent days here in the U. S. A. as we discuss politics at the national level.

Should the government provide free pills for females?

I am confident that most the readers here know that I am a male.  I have fond memories of my days in the U. S. Navy.  We were often shown movies that displayed the dangers of unprotected sex.  Should you desire to see images of what "syphilis" looks like you can perform a google image search and see the pictures for your self.  Many of them are copy protected so I will not display them here.

I would humbly suggest that the current debate can be quickly resolved by encouraging males who desire to be sexually active outside of marriage to use appropriate protection.  After all, who wants their body to look like any of the images you may have seen by performing the suggested google search.

By appropriate protection I am suggesting the use of condoms.  As long as this device covers any infected area or prevents the male organ from contact with an infected person the chances of acquiring syphilis is slim.

Studies have concluded that the use of a condom is properly placed on the male organ prior to sexual activity is almost 100% effective on prevention of unwanted children.  Thus condom use is about as effective as "the pill" because they have to be used in accordance with a schedule. 

Therefore the chance of an undesired child is about equal.  Besides that the condom is much more effective in preventing sexually transmitted disease/s.  So my concern today is:

Which is more appropriate from the viewpoint of the male species?  Trusting that she has taken her pills on schedule and risking exposure to dormant syphilis or simply placing a condom on the male organ and knowing that you are just as safe as regards preventing an unwanted child and having the security of knowing that you just may be keeping yourself healthy. 

In conclusion, the current debate is nothing but political posturing.  Unfortunately the contraception debate will most likely continue.  As regards the number one problem we have in the U. S. A - "The Economy" I would suggest that the focus of our current political debates/forums be focused on what our next leader/s need to do to bring the U. S. A. to the leader in the world economy.

I would not appreciate leaving this country to my offspring with the same outlook,  the same fate that the citizens of Greece are currently facing. 

Monday, March 05, 2012

2012 Cherry Blossom Festival

 Today I placed our Cherry Blossom Festival Poodle Display in our Gardens.  We are ready.  This is the poodle from 2010.

 This is a poodle from 2011.  It is smaller than the previous year.  It is also looking forward to welcoming the 2112 Cherry Blossom Festival.

Of course this is our youngest poodle.  She is adorned with the symbol for the 30th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

This is the completed display.  The previous three pictures are posted here so that if the poodles should stray away, they can be returned. 

Saturday, March 03, 2012

West Bibb County, Georgia

One of my resolutions for 2012 is to keep a record of the rainfall that happens at my home.

So far this year we have had 2.75 inches on seven different days in January and 2.65 inches on five different days in February.  Thus the total of 5.4 inches of rain so far this year

Thursday, March 01, 2012

USS Ranger (CVA-61)

U2 Special Operations

May 1964

Today I finally acquired pictures of the U-2 Spy Plane that operated from the USS Ranger in May of 1964.  We left Alameda, California with a few planes of our assigned Air Wing.  Once we were at sea several U-2 plans landed.  We conducted Special operations for about a week.  Once we realized that we had crossed the Equator it was determined that a Shellback Initiation should be conducted. 

I have the framed certificate and it states that the Initiation was conducted on May 20, 1064.  This Plane is on display at the Aviation Museum  at Warner Robins Airforce Base, Warner Robins, Georgia.  The wingspan of this plane is 80 feet.