Thursday, March 22, 2012

"The Reading Room"
The Library
The Flower Child

 Recent renovations in the Library have included the placement of appropriate pictures which highlight the twenty-one year career in the U. S. Navy.  The photo above is of the Shellback Certificate I earned while stationed in the USS Ranger (CVA-61).  We crossed the equator in May of 1964 and the appropriate initiation was conducted.  
 When I was transferred to U. S. Naval Forces Europe Staff I had the option to travel from New York City to Southhampton, England via the SS United States. The four smaller pictures displayed above are pictures of the four Sea Duty Ships I served in:

USS Ranger (CVA-61)
USS Sellers (DDG-11)
USS John Paul Jones (DDG-32)
USS Hull (DD-945)
Of course I have always appreciated this U. S. Navy Recruiting Poster so when I had the opportunity to acquire a copy I purchased it immediately.

I enlisted in the U. S. Navy in 1961 and retired from the U. S. Navy in 1981.  I enjoyed my travels and the many shore duty stations which included:

Washington, D.C,
London, England
Macon, Georgia

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