Friday, March 30, 2012

The Flower Child's Garden Gate

Recently I have been very busy in the Gardens that surround my home here in West Bibb County Georgia.  Today I will take you on a photo tour of the North Gardens which are on the back side of the house.  I have been raking up trash from the past Winter and placing "Long Needle" Pine Straw to make the place appear as if someone actually lives here.

 Here you see a seating area where it is possible to pause and reflect on the beauty that God has provided us. The ferns in the foreground are natural and they came with the property when we acquired this home way back in 1992.  This bench is placed to allow a view of the house and the ferns.

 This is a view of the walkway from the deck toward the parking area.  You will note "The Lady in Red" Hydrangeas on the lower right end of this photo.  You will also note that some planters are void of beauty because there are plants yet to be acquired.  This calls for a field trip to a garden center.

 Here is a view through the Garden Gate, which is actually an arch.  You will note that the Pittosporum to the top left are displaying small flower blooms.  Right after we moved into this home we planted a natural fence to replace a board fence between the neighbors.  These plants have done an excellent job of screening and they do not need an annual painting/staining.
 A close up of a planting with Japanese Holly Ferns in the background.  Again, you will note that there is a planter with a plant yet to be acquired.  That aspect is what makes gardening enjoyable for me.  I always attempt to acquire new beauty every year in the annual plants.  Please note the dry stacked bricks in the foreground.  These "used" bricks were acquired from the former "Bibb Mill" when it was torn down.  Therefore I have a bit of local history in the Garden.

Many years ago, My Bride, who is a member of the Garden Club of Georgia installed the Officers for a local Garden Club here in Macon.  They presented her with this Shamrock Plant as a "Thank You" gift.  I recall that we have had this plant at least thirty years.  

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