Friday, March 09, 2012


This word has certainly gained a lot of attention in recent days here in the U. S. A. as we discuss politics at the national level.

Should the government provide free pills for females?

I am confident that most the readers here know that I am a male.  I have fond memories of my days in the U. S. Navy.  We were often shown movies that displayed the dangers of unprotected sex.  Should you desire to see images of what "syphilis" looks like you can perform a google image search and see the pictures for your self.  Many of them are copy protected so I will not display them here.

I would humbly suggest that the current debate can be quickly resolved by encouraging males who desire to be sexually active outside of marriage to use appropriate protection.  After all, who wants their body to look like any of the images you may have seen by performing the suggested google search.

By appropriate protection I am suggesting the use of condoms.  As long as this device covers any infected area or prevents the male organ from contact with an infected person the chances of acquiring syphilis is slim.

Studies have concluded that the use of a condom is properly placed on the male organ prior to sexual activity is almost 100% effective on prevention of unwanted children.  Thus condom use is about as effective as "the pill" because they have to be used in accordance with a schedule. 

Therefore the chance of an undesired child is about equal.  Besides that the condom is much more effective in preventing sexually transmitted disease/s.  So my concern today is:

Which is more appropriate from the viewpoint of the male species?  Trusting that she has taken her pills on schedule and risking exposure to dormant syphilis or simply placing a condom on the male organ and knowing that you are just as safe as regards preventing an unwanted child and having the security of knowing that you just may be keeping yourself healthy. 

In conclusion, the current debate is nothing but political posturing.  Unfortunately the contraception debate will most likely continue.  As regards the number one problem we have in the U. S. A - "The Economy" I would suggest that the focus of our current political debates/forums be focused on what our next leader/s need to do to bring the U. S. A. to the leader in the world economy.

I would not appreciate leaving this country to my offspring with the same outlook,  the same fate that the citizens of Greece are currently facing. 

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T McAdams said...

The debate is further evidence of the erosion of our Christian values in this country. The debate is more about conception and should be back to Christian principals about love and marriage. No one suggested to the lady from georgetown law to simply abstain from pre martial sex. We are more conserned in this country about enabling and paying for poor choices and how the government is somehow obligated to protect us from ourselves.