Monday, August 29, 2011

The Garnavillo, Iowa

Fourth of July Parade


 The Senior Queen from Macon, Georgia Participated
 The Senior Queen, Cherry Blossom Festival
waves to the crowd which was estimated to be
about 5000
 This is the float from the Church I attended as a Young
Citizen of Guttenberg, Iowa

 The Garnavillo Boosters
This group produces the Annual Parade

Quite the Fire Department for a town of 700 people.  Of course these Volunteers also serve the surrounding Country Side.

Each town in Clayton County has their own Volunteer Fire Department and each department prides itself with having the best equipment that they can afford.  Often is is gently pre-owned equipment from larger cities which the volunteers rehab.

I hope that you have enjoyed these two entries about the annual Parade in Garnavillo, Iowa.  This is America at it's very best.

Thank You!!!

The 2011 Garnavillo, Iowa
Fourth of July Parade

Every year for over twenty years this
small town of 700 Citizens
Host a Fourth of July Parade.

Citiens from all over Clayton County Attend.

The viewers gathered on U. S. Highway 52
an hour before the Parade

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Iowa Tractor Boy Report

 One of my Nephews was able to give me a guided tour of the Farm Operations that He and His Siblings operate.  This picture was taken on 2 July 2011.  I have memories of my Dad always telling us that if the Corn was knee high by the Fourth of July that there would be a good crop.  This appears to be well on the way to a bumper crop.

 In addition to growing Corn and Soybeans the Nephews are "Beef Farmers."  As you can see here and in the following pictures, these cattle know how to keep cool in the intense heat of an Iowa Summer.

 This is a picture of the Farm House that My parents constructed in 1951 or 1952.  I was eleven or twelve years old.  My Brother and I as well as our two oldest Sisters did a lot of the work, such as handling lumber and concrete blocks to assist in the construction of this three bedroom home with indoor plumbing. 

My Youngest Sibling now resides in this House and also owns the Family Farm of 80 acres on Kale Avenue in Clayton County, Iowa.

No purple mountain majesty here, nor amber waves of grain.  It was too early in the growing season to have the grain field ready for harvest.

Guttenberg, Iowa

The Flower Child's Home Town

 It is always nice to visit one's Home Town.  I took this picture because this is a Monument to all of the Citizens of the Guttenberg, Iowa area who have ever or are now serving in the Military of our United States of America.

 If you look close you can see the Mississippi River in the background.  This Monument is placed near the Clayton Ridge High School and is also across the street from the Church I attended as a young citizen of Clayton County, Iowa prior to my enlistment in the U. S. Navy in 1961.

This is "Trinity Lutheran Church" in Guttenberg, Iowa.  It was established in the late 1930s and the construction was performed by Church Members.  My Dad and My Uncle always informed me that they had a major part in the building of this Church.  They are both gone now, but every time I visit my Siblings we all Worship at our Home Church.