Monday, August 29, 2011

Dyersville, Iowa
Dubuque County

Saint Francis Xavia

If you ever have the opportunity to travel the roads in West Dubuque County you will always notice the twin steeples in the distance.  These steeples which exceed 200 feet in height are part of Saint Francis Xavia Basilia.

As a young child I was always impressed with this Church.  I was born and raised in Clayton County which is just North of Dubuque County but I have fond memories of when my parents shopped at the A&P Grocery in Dyersville.

During our recent trip to Iowa I took the opportunity to once again visit this Church and I acquired this picture.  It was a clear sunny day with no clouds in the sky.  To learn more about this Church and the history please visit:

If you took the time to read the above link you now know that construction of this Church was started in 1888.  I believe that is also the year that construction commenced on Saint Josephs Catholic Church here in Macon, Georgia.

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