Friday, August 29, 2008

Flint River - Georgia, U.S.A.
Admittedly this Blog entry does not involve the World Situation. I, the Flower Child have been following a situation that appears to be developing and even gathering momentum here in Middle and even Southwest Georgia.
Way back on Wednesday, July 2, 2008 "The Citizen Georgian," the legal organ for Macon County, City of Montezuma, City Of Oglethorpe, City of Ideal and City of Marshallville published a front page story about as the headline read: "Paddlers celebrate trip's end at Oglethorpe gym." The subheading for this was "Organization forms to protect Flint" and it was written by Roger Ann Davis, Editor, Oglethorpe. Additional articles on the front page were: "Paddle Georgia 'a great trip' for 81-year-old" and "People need to be educated about the river" as well as "Preparing dinner for 400 people and a former president."
I developed the impression that a grass roots organization was being formulated to protect the Flint River.
Then on Monday, July 28, 2008 "The Telegraph" of Macon, Georgia featured an article on the Local & State Page with this heading: "Carter's fight against dams a familiar one." The article was written by Greg Bluestein of the Associated Press. The article discussed that there is a current movement to build several dams on the Flint to provide water for drought-striken Georgia. The article went on to explain that this concept was broached many years ago and that again there would be a fight to "Save the Flint."
The Flower Child is of the opinion that our 2009 Georgia General Assembly will again discuss this project which also appears to fall under the control of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. It is not my purpose today to encourage the dam building or even hinder the dam building, but to simply point out that the overall needs of Georgia's Citizens need to be considered as this project again is broached by respective Government Agencies and our Georgia Lawmakers.
It is my personal opinion that if the dams are build that they should be configured to also generate hydro-electric power. No matter who wins out in this situation there will be those who will be unhappy. Some will say we need the dams to provide water for the farmers and future urban development in this region of Georgia. Yet others will say that we should let the Flint River run free because they fear that the Flint River will cease to exist, it will simply become a ditch.
Let us sincerely hope that cool heads prevail as this project becomes an issue. Georgia and the entire population of this State need to be considered. Farmers need water to grow our food. We all enjoy eating fresh produce and it is also far more healthful than consuming produce that is imported from countries where there is no control or even asssurance that the proper health safeguards are even implemented.
While we the People think Green, we also need to remember that we also think hungry and also healthy.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Fresh Market - Macon, Georgia
Grand Opening - August 27, 2008

This Market celebrated the Grand Opening with a delightful open house and breakfast for all attendees before 9:00 A.M. which is when the check-out clerks commenced working. The Welcome included all Staff Members in their respective areas that featured displays of the merchandise available.

This vegetable produce display certainly captured the "Flower Child's Eye" as he toured the entire store after enjoying a delightful breakfast.
Above the food display counters there were vignettes that featured memoriblia from days gone bye. The decor of the store and the presentation were excellent. The deli and meat market areas captured the heart of the "Flower Child."
Everyone was given a "The Fresh Market" tote bag for the transportation of their food products. Shown here is an empty tote bag, but you can be certain that the "Flower Child" or His Bride will enjoy the fine selections available at Macon's newest Food Market.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Time for Immediate Action!!!
What Can All Americans Do?

Recent media coverage of Campaign 2008 which is focused on two candidates for President of the United States of America has caused me intense concern. As you all know, the Flower Child is a firm believer of the Political Process that we all enjoy here in America.
It seem that one of the current candidates has a spouse who has eight homes. This is of course a great unjustice. I have done some research to ascertain that a former candidate for the office of President of the United States of America had a spouse who had only six homes. Thus this message today in my Blog: "The World This Week."
I am requesting that everyone who is a "God Fearing American" boycott the Ketchup product shown above. You are hereby strongly urged to acquire "Heinz Ketchup" on your next marketing outing. We simply need to rally around the Kerry Family so that, even though he lost his bid to become the President of the United States, they should not have to suffer any longer. No Presidential candidate in the current race, or for that matter any former race, should have to suffer this type of injustice. I sincerely believe that if everyone boycotts the Ketchup product shown above that we can all assist the Kerry Family in achieving equality.
There, I feel much better already as I post this Blog to assist those who are less fortunate!!!! Just please remember that I do not intend to post a Blog requesting that the male readers here father a "Love Child!!" We have enough of them already.
Thank You and continue to have a Great Day.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Customer Service - Duh!!!!!!
The following is a dialogue that I originated in my quest to locate a place to turn in "Pull Tabs" in support of the Ronald McDonald House Charities. It clearly reflects the out moded concept that some of us older citizens regard as "Customer Service."
A Message to McDonalds Corporation
Pull Tabs from Drink Cans
Raise Funds for the Ronald McDonald Houses

On Wednesday, August 20th I sent this message after two McDonalds Fast Food Stores here in West Bibb County Georgia informed me that they no longer take Pull Tabs from Drink Cans to support the Ronald McDonald Houses:

Today I sent Jennifer of the McDonald’s Corporation on the Corporate Website the following message regarding Pull Tabs in support of RMHC.What a shame that your stores no longer support this donation scheme. The message is quoted here:"Dear Jennifer, Today, August 20th, 2008 I visited the McDonald's Store on Zebulon Road very near I-475 in Macon, Georgia. I had a house full of pull tops to place in the donation box. To my shock the box was gone. I inquired of the staff and I was told that we no longer do that. That was shocking to hear. Here we have a McDonalds Store that is not taking the pull tabs from soft drink cans for Ronald McDonald House Charities. Later today I visited the McDonald's Store at the WalMart Super Center on Zebulon Road here in Macon, Georgia. The register person there told me to take the pull tabs to the other McDonalds Store over by I-475. I replied that I have already visited that Store and the employees there were so busy holding hands that it took some time before anyone asked me what I wanted, only to be told that they did not any longer take the pull tabs. So the concern today is, who takes the Pull Tabs to support the RMHC?"Of course I would appreciate a reply. Thank You!!!!
The Response I received from the McDonalds Corporation
regarding my comments to them
about the Pull Tabs
Hello Alan:
Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald's. We truly appreciate customer feedback and welcome this opportunity to share some information with you.
Ronald McDonald's Children's Charities was formed in 1984 in memory of Ray A. Kroc. In 1995, the name was changed to Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). To date, RMHC has donated more than $440 million to non-profit organizations. RMHC "lifts children to a better tomorrow" by supporting Ronald McDonald Houses in communities around the world, and by making grants to other not-for-profit children's programs. Grants are awarded in three main areas: Healthcare and medical research; Education and the arts; and Civic and social services. Non-profit organizations selected for grants must demonstrate an ability to respond to real problems in a definitive, "hands-on" manner and show measurable impact.For more detailed information about RMHC grants and funding, please refer to the Community Section of our website at, or the RMHC website at
Again, thank you for contacting McDonald's. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.

McDonald's Customer Response Center
As you can quickly ascertain from Sarah's response I am left to wonder if anyone at this Response Center can read. Sarah certainly missed the point of my message which discussed where I should deliver "Pull Tabs from Drink Cans" to help raise funds for the Ronald McDonald Houses.
Or, should all of us older citizens simply give up on expecting "Customer Service" from any major, multi-national corporation.

Enjoy Life - The Flower Child's Review

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

World Wide Photography Day
August 19th, 2008

I did this photograph at about 8:45 P.M. this evening in celebration of World Wide Photography Day. I set my new Olympus for Night Time Photography and was totally impressed with the clarity I was able to obtain in this photo. The home featured above is where the Flower Child and his Bride reside and it is located in West Bibb County, Georgia.

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

Page 4A of "The Telegraph" of Macon, Georgia announced a Hearing today. The Headline for the article read "Bibb holding public hearings on school tax increase today."
The article went on to clearly state that the Bibb County school system will hold two hearings today about its proposed tax increase. Because I am a product of Public Education and most of the citizens in the United States of America are, I am always ready to voice my concerns regarding education.
I attended the 10:00 A. M. hearing and delivered the following testimony:
"I respectfully submit that you should raise the 2008-2009 Bibb County School Millage rate to the ceiling of 20 mills."
This .21 mill increase would generage an additional $720,000.00 or a possible $29.00 for each student in the Bibb System."
"With so many unknown, unpredictable cost such as APY transfers to name just one item for the coming year I think it would be prudent to plan ahead and set the millage rate at 20 mills."
"A mere $29.00 of additional funds for each student is a small price to pay if it allows our system, yours and mine, to do a better job of educating our future citizens. I would also add that proper prior planning should be our mantra as we all look to the future. Thank You!!!!"
There were two citizens from Bibb County at this hearing. The other spoke against the Millage increase. He also thanked Board Member, Mr. Gary Bechtel for voting against the recommended Bibb County School Budget propsed for Fiscal Year 2009. I may be incorrect but it is my understanding that Mr. Bechtel voted against the recommended Bibb County School Budget because of "Chain of Command Concerns" within the administration and relations/contact between System Employees and members of the School Board.
From my point of view we simply can not afford to short change our citizens of tomorrow. Everyone knows that fuel and food will cost more in the future so it would appear to me that the prudent thing to do is the difficult thing to do. Additionally I might add that the projected school budget for Fiscal Year 2009 was going to draw down the cash reserves of the system almost $7,000,000.00 (that is Seven Million Dollars). I am not an accountant but I would certainly think that such a drawdown in the face of known increases in operating expenses in the future will position the Bibb System in a precarious position for Fiscal Year 2010.
It will be interesting to ascertain the comments of my fellow citizens here in Bibb County as they also participate in the Budget Hearing that is scheduled for 6:00 P.M. this evening as well as the required third hearing next Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 5:00 P.M. I will be looking forward to reading the future editions of "The Telegraph" to acquire this knowledge.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Middle Georgia Challenge
America, America, America
Since August 8th we in the United States of America have become avid "Swimming Fans" of one young Man on the U. S. Olympic Team. You know him as Michael Phelps. Yes, he has made us all proud to be Americans.
I, the Flower Child, am also proud to be an American. That is why I publish this Middle Georgia Challenge today. It is a scene taken from a Macon Street/Road and certainly reflects the attitude of some of our Fellow Citizens. What a shame. I would say that this appears to be an illegal dump, which is in the City of Macon, Georgia. From my point of view this is a disgrace which should not be allowed and it is not activity that anyone who is proud to be an American would be involved in.
All of this stated to certainly bring this scene to the attention of our duly elected officials here in Middle Georgia. A know for a fact that this illegal dumping activity is not restricted to locations in Macon, Georgia. It must also be realized that you do not have to be a Citizen of Macon to conduct illegal dumping activities in the City of Macon. That is not my mission today.
The Mission today is to request that we all become involved in reporting this type of activity. You can be sure that this dump site was not established in daylight hours.
For anyone who desires to participate in this "Middle Georgia Challenge" please be aware that you have until midnight, 2400 hours on Sunday, August 24, 2008 to post a "comment" as to the location of this dump site in order to receive a "Lunch For One" provided by the Flower Child.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Korean War Veterans Memorial
5530 Thomaston Road
Macon, Georgia
This Memorial was dedicated on May 29th, 2008. To visit this Memorial travel West on Mercer University Blvd which becomes Thomaston Road (also known as Georgia Highway 74). After you cross over the I-475 Bypass of Macon, Georgia the Memorial is about one half a mile on the left side of the Road at the American Legion Post Three Headquarters.
If you are traveling on the Interstate System take the I-475 Bypass of Macon, Georgia and exit at the Georgia Highway 74 exit and proceed West about one half mile to the American Legion Post Three Headquarters.
This Monument to the brave heroes who fought in the Korean War would not have been possible without the gratitude of the Citizens of the Republic of Korea.
Please note that the quotes from four individuals who played key roles in the History of our United States of America are displayed in the "Obelisk" in the center of this Memorial. The last picture is of the entrance and appropriately displays the United States of America and the Republic of Korea Information.

It is the humble opinion of the author of this Blog that the Quote from Abraham Lincoln is most fitting and also an appropriate tribute to the Heroes of our United States of America.

"A Nation That Forgets Its Past Is Doomed To Repeat it."

Scroll down to view the rest of this Fitting Memorial. To view each image in greater detail simply click on the picture. You are encouraged to leave a comment regarding this Memorial.

The Korean War Veterans Memorial. The Korean War was during the period of June 1950 - July 1953. This Memorial is constructed of four stone tablets with a total of eight sides and contains the facts and historical data concerning this War. To read each stone easier you may simply click on the image to enlarge it.

The final four sides of the Korean War Veterans Memorial on Highway 74 in Macon, Georgia. Please note that by clicking on the picture that you can enlarge the image for easier reading.

Certainly a fitting tribute to the Heros of who fought in the Korean War.
Angel Trumpets

A few years ago the Flower Child became fastinated with the Angel Trumpet Flower. I do not recall where! I did a Google "Image" search and found a source for this plant. I ordered one and the rest is history. I have taken cuttings from the plant and placed them in the East Gardens!!

They grow well with a heavy mulch cover to allow them to survive over our mild Middle Georgia Winters. This particular planting has already provided a flush of blooms this year. They are doing well and I am looking forward to one more batch of blooms this Fall. It just depends on how the weather cooperates. Just to insure blooms each year I have retained the original plant in a pot which I winter over in the Garage.

This is the same image but converted to Black and White. I also sharpened it and adjusted the contrast slightly.

I, the Flower Child, appreciate the Digital Age of Photography. It allows one to capture images and see them almost immediately.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Western Loop - West Bibb County, Georgia
The Flower Child attended the "Western Loop" presentation at Sonny Carter Elementary School last evening. The proposal appears to have many valid points that certainly merit serious consideration. The path of this road improvement program project will have a major impact on the traffic patterns in West Bibb County, Georgia for years to come. I can recall when there about three church congregations in the area that this project will be routed through. If I have counted correctly there are now thirteen or fourteen church organizations who have meeting houses on the Bass/Foster/Tucker/Heath/Fult0n Mill corridor which is what the "Western Loop" will involve. Additionally, I might add that the school traffic in this area has simply exploded with the private schools and the new public schools that have been built in this area. With the multi-lane approach of four lanes in some areas and three lanes, including a turning lane it appears that serious consideration has been given to allowing the motorist to ingress and/or egress the various organizations, businesses and learning centers without excessive delays to fellow motorist. This can only help decrease the use of fuel for everyone who travels this area on a daily basis.
Yet, when I arrived home from the presentation I was shocked to see that "Caution Macon" is already up in arms about this project. Too Wide, Too Fast, yada, yada. May I humbly suggest that "Caution Macon" involved themselves with assisting Macon die. Those who live in West Bibb County who travel the roads involved on a daily basis can appreciate the potential fuel savings that this project will allow. Additionally there will be less congestion as motorist, and yes, citizens attend worship services, provide their children transportation to schools and also do their weekly marketing.
No one has to tell anyone that West Bibb County has seen tremendous growth in the last twenty years. I, the Flower Child, appreciate the efforts that have been expended to plan this Western Loop.
Or, maybe, if Caution Macon has there way, we can all look forward to the progress that is currently being enjoyed in the City of Macon. I say, we need progress for the betterment of this area.
Certainly something to consider. Do we the people of West Bibb County, Georgia want to emulate the City of Macon? May I humbly suggest that progress can be painful, but we all deserve better than the future that is currently facing Macon, Georgia.