Thursday, June 19, 2014

Macon-Bibb Arts Advocacy Breakfast

Second Annual
Arts Advocacy Breakfast
June 19, 2014
at the
Historic Douglass Theatre

I enjoyed the opportunity to attend this event for the second year.  The Visual Art was student work from the following organizations:
Vineville Academy
Middle Georgia Art Association
Tubman Museum
Creative Alternative

All of the art work displayed was well executed and certainly reflects on the efforts of the above listed organizations to promote the visual arts in our Community.

The performing arts were from the following organizations:
Macon Music Teachers Association
Macon Symphony Youth Orchestra's Woodwind Qunitet
Middle Georgia Youth Ballet
Spirits- Riverside Cemetery
Theatre Macon

All of the performers certainly displayed top notch effort and were well received by those in attendance.  Of course you had to be in attendance to appreciate the efforts of these Artist ranging from about six years of age to mature adults.  Well Done to these organizations for showcasing what we have available right here in Middle Georgia.

From my own point of view, we must all promote the Visual and Performing Arts in our Community.  I noted a lack of diversity in the performers.  Certainly a real challenge as we proceed forward.  I know for a fact, having attended many Bibb County School Events over the past forty years, that we have many talented citizens who live among us.  We need to encourage and assist in the development of these artist and performers.  

The Keynote Address by Chris Allers, PhD, who is the Executive Vice President and Senior Consultant, Georgia center for Nonprofits gave us encouraging words as well as challenges as we strive to improve the living conditions right here in Middle Georgia.  

Several of his key phrases were:

What Will Be Our Legacy?
Schools/Employment/Place - all work together
to improve the Community!
Diversity in a Community is Vital if
we are to have an engaged Society
that is focused on the well being of all!
The Visual and Peforming Arts must be
aligned to the Community.
All of us need strong partnerships for the
Arts Organization which will
allow for a Community that promotes 
the well being of all citizens!!

Dr. Allers concluded his presentation with these words from a former President - L. B. Johnson:

"Art is a precious resource.  Where there is no vision people perish?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Macon-Bibb "The Good and The Bad"

During a recent visit to our downtown I observed the lovely restoration of the brickwork that has been completed on the Auditorium.  This structure was constructed in 1925.  I was not there for the construction; however I have memories of the restoration of the interior that was completed in the 1980s.

I am posting two pictures today to show the exterior renovation.  The detail in the brick is wonderful.  The flower beds near the sidewalks need attention.  Of course I am not suggesting that anything be completed now during the heat of the Summer; however I am suggesting that plans be formulated so that the actual plantings can be completed during a more appropriate season.

 This potential flower bed is perfect for an abundance of low growing plants which would certainly enhance the whole environment surrounding the Auditorium.  If my observation is correct there is water valves available for a sprinkler system to keep the plants well watered.

I realize that 2025 is eleven years from now; but between the Auditorium's 100 year anniversary and and the current time a spot of beauty at the Auditorium would be appreciated by all who visit our Beautiful Macon-Bibb.
This is a view from the Cherry Street Side and certainly is a great site for group photos.  

I post this Blog entry to share my thoughts on good things and things that need improvement.  Have a wonderful day and go explore Macon-Bibb and let your duly elected officials know of your suggestions of what needs to be improved.  Of course, also let them know of the good that is currently happening.

Have A Great Day In Macon-Bibb!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Alan - 15 June 2014

My name is Alan Thiese.  On this Day, Father's Day 2014 I desire to state that I am very proud of all my Children and what they have accomplished.   

Carolyn Ann born 1967
Susan Lynn born 1969
Shield Lloyd born in 1972
Michael Alan born in 1976

Each of you are what makes this day very special to me.  Thank You!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2014


A Beer That

The other day as I was conducting the Marketing I observed this brand of Beer at my local Market here in Macon, Georgia.  It did cost about $1.00 more than the regular brands available, but I could not help myself.  I purchased this because I was raised, along with five siblings on an 80 acre Iowa Farm in the 1940s and 1950s.

The Tractor in the picture was the major farm tractor in that era.  This excellent tasting "Hoppy Wheat Beer" is brewed in Kansas City and has an excellent taste.  I have really enjoyed this beer, especially after performing the task of mowing the Gardens here in Macon, Georgia.  Just the label picture generates pleasant memories of my youth as an Iowa Farm Boy.  This product has been in production since 1989, but this is the first time I ever observed it at my local market.

Little Libraries - Macon, Georgia

Little Library
at Cherry and Spring
Macon, Georgia

 I recently read about this project in Macon, Georgia.  The other day I visited one and was impressed.  I like the concept of "Take A Book - Leave A Book."

Certainly a very effective way to encourage reading and also develop a sense of Community where these Little Libraries are located. 

2014 - Large Gardenia Flowers


Recently a friend of mine posted a large Gardenia Flower picture on a social media website.  I also believe that this year the gardenias are presenting blooms that are larger than normal.  What do you think?

Macon-Bibb Challenge Revealed

Macon's Memorial
Dedicated to the 
Memory of the
Women of the

 On 4 June 2014 I published a Challenge which asked for the location of this Memorial.  The correct location was on Poplar Avenue and First Street in the Park formerly known as the Avenue of Flags in Macon, Georgia.

The Challenge was quickly and correctly answered by a local Citizen who works nearby.  Please take the time today as you view this Post to study the close-up images on this Memorial dedicated on 3 June 1911.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Macon Bibb Challenge

Another Challenge

It has been a considerable period of time since I published a challenge for the readers of this Blog by the Flower Child here in Middle Georgia.  

This picture was taken in Macon Bibb and was placed in a Park on 3 June 1911.  The Monument  is quite visible to all who conduct business and/or entertainment in Macon Bibb.

The first person who correctly identifies the location will receive a free lunch at an establishment selected by the Flower Child.

The deadline for your response is Midnight, 14 June 2014, which is Flag Day.

Happy Hunting!  There are at least two clues as to the location referenced in this Blog Post!