Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Macon Bibb Challenge

Another Challenge

It has been a considerable period of time since I published a challenge for the readers of this Blog by the Flower Child here in Middle Georgia.  

This picture was taken in Macon Bibb and was placed in a Park on 3 June 1911.  The Monument  is quite visible to all who conduct business and/or entertainment in Macon Bibb.

The first person who correctly identifies the location will receive a free lunch at an establishment selected by the Flower Child.

The deadline for your response is Midnight, 14 June 2014, which is Flag Day.

Happy Hunting!  There are at least two clues as to the location referenced in this Blog Post!

1 comment:

Alan said...

At 4:57 P.M. on Wednesday 4 June 2014 Heatherly submitted the correct answer of:

Corner of First and Poplar in the little walk-between of the one way street-obelisk among the roses.

Heatherly has earned a Free Lunch.