Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

The Flower Child is ready. Enjoy Halloween 2007. Hope to see you this evening. Have a Great Day and Evening.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

United States Navy History
October 29, 1814. The first steam powered ship for the U.S Navy was launched. You will note from the above image that they also equipped this vessel with sails, just in case. The Flower Child thought you would like to know this bit of Navy History. As you may note from the scale on the base of the picture, this vessel was about 150 feet long.
Image from the World Wide Web.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Flower Child's Delightful Gardens

A Yellow-Orange Angel Trumpet

A Pink Angel Trumpet

A Confederate Rose Bloom

If you desire additional information on the lovely Confederate Rose which has many color stages please visit:

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall 2007

The Flower Child finally got around to the proper seasonal decor for his home in West Bibb County, Georgia.

Friday, October 19, 2007

"Many in U.S. can't afford basics"
This was a headline on page 10C of "The Telegraph" here in Macon, Georgia this past Monday, October 15th. A few comments and observations from the Flower Child appear to be in order and also appropriate.
  • Back during the days of my involvement with the U. S. Navy, a wise old Chief informed me when I was a tender Seaman that no Sailor had any business getting married until he had achieved the rank of E-5. I adhered to that statement, and it was still a challenge to provide for my young family.
  • Needs (basics) and Wants are two entirely different sets of objectives when we consider what it takes to have a satisfying life. Consider for a brief moment, that we here in the United States of America have achieved the higher standard of living for our citizens than any large country on the Planet.
  • The headlined article stated that one in five Americans in working families can not afford basic needs. We need better wages and mandates for employers to provide more and better benefits. A great concept, indeed.
  • But before we rush out to implement more programs to enhance the lot of our one in five, maybe we should also consider why this has happened.
  • Have these needly citizens prepared themselves for the "High End" employment opportunities that abound in our Land? Did they take their Primary and Secondary Education opportunities seriously?
  • Just recently I read that a mere 28 percent of our Nation's Youth in the prime target age for military service are considered mentally/morally/physically qualified to defend our way of life. That is indeed a sad situation.
  • I know that in my own life, that my Military Service allowed me to achieve greatness. After all, there are not enough Farms in Iowa for all the Farmer's Sons.

For those who may be concerned about my last statement above, I have greatness because I am satisfied with my lot in life. I have needs and they are being met. I have wants, but I have also learned to live within my means. My mantra in life has always been "To enjoy life." I am happy in my own skin. It is true that I could be more wealthy, I could be more well known; but in the end, I am happy in my own skin. Yes, I stated this fact twice. But I think you can appreciate what I mean.

I certainly feel that we, as a society have let our future citizens, our current students down. We must develop future generations that appreciate what they have and they must also learn that they are indeed responsible for their own future. I state this, not to detract from the importance of "Faith" and "Religion," to to clearly say that one must dedicate some time in their youth to preparing themselves for the dynamic future that is available to anyone who even attempts to do well.

We can not always rely on our good, old "Uncle Sam," to enable us forever. Those who are currently working to support our way of Government and our duly elected Leaders must carefully consider the impact of what they are currently doing. Basics, Needs and Wants will always be with us all. We must all learn what is really necessary and we must all learn what we can to achieve our goals. Ask anyone involved in Middle School and High School Sports about working hard to achieve goals. They, to a person will quickly inform you that preparation is essential to achieving greatness.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

What Is Great About America?
Forty-three 4-H club members made home made Ice Cream during the Noon Hour today at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia. Here you have the opportunity to see about one-third of the contestants. Each participating member developed their own recipe for the Ice Cream. After the Ice Cream was frozen the contestants raised their hand to signal the Judge to obtain an evaluation sample. After that each contestant was free to hand out samples of their product to the people watching this fun contest. The Flower Child sampled about twenty of the great Ice Cream recipies and enjoyed every one of them. I am just glad that I did not have to be the Judge. A great opportunity to witness great kids in action in a worthwhile project. Each contestant was very proud of their Ice Cream and was most happy to give out Samples. My personal "Well Done" to each of these 4-H Members.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Macon, Georgia Convention Hotel. A time worn topic to be sure. Recent datelines:
  • June 19, 2007 - Tuesday. Editorial Page of "The Telegraph" where the Editorial Page Editor, Mr. Charles Richardson publishes a column entitled "Stupid is that Stupid does." The column relates to an upcoming vote by the City Council of Macon, Georgia concerning the proposed Convention Hotel. A proposal that had been the subject of many months of activity.
  • June 20, 2007 - Wednesday. Page 1, Headline in "The Telegraph" proclaiming "Council OKs Hotel Plan." 9 voted yes and 6 voted no.
  • July 18, 2007 - Wednesday. Page 1, Headline in "The Telegraph" proclaiming "It's Reichert in a Landslide" announcing the winner of the Democrat Primary in the Macon Mayoral Race. Political pundits expoused a theory that the Hotel Issue may have wounded some of the candidates for Mayor and even some in the City Council races.
  • August 15, 2007 - Wednesday. Page 1, Headline in "The Telegraph" proclaiming "Paris routs incumbent in runoff." Candidate Paris voted no to the Macon Convention Hotel Plan. Again political pundits suspect her vote may have helped her win the Ward IV, Post 1 seat.

In the meantime we have all heard the rumors that the Mayor of Macon may seek to win the Democrat nomination for the District 8, U. S. Congress seat currently held by a former Mayor of Macon, Mr. Jim Marshall.

  • October 9, 2007 - Tuesday. The Mayor of Macon announces during a FOX Files TV broadcast on Channel 24 that he will not sign off on the Bonds required to allow the "Proposed Macon Convention Hotel" to be constructed.
  • October 10, 2007 - Wednesday. The Mayor of Macon announces during a morning "News Talk" Show on AM-940 WMAC that he will not sign off on the Bond Issue for the Macon Convention Hotel because of the interest rates and/or the financial market considerations that are applicable at this time.

An interesting chain of events as we all hear of the latest developments concerning the "Macon Convention Hotel." So today, the Flower Child's question is: Is the famous column that simply stated: "Stupid is that Stupid does," finally achieving the impact that it should have received way back on June 19th, 2007?

As shocking as this news is, it finally appears that reason may be the scheme of things as the Mayor of Macon evaluates his potential to unseat Democrat Congressman, Mr. Jim Marshall. After all it is well known that our Nation's Lawmakers have funded the erection of a Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska. Is it possible that Macon's Mayor is considering the impact of erecting a Hotel which is at the wrong site and may not even be used because no one can even see it?

Politics is strange and the actions of candidates may be even stranger. All of that stated to simply point out that the right site and the right reasons may yet prevail and Macon, Georgia will be the winner with a fine looking "Convention Hotel" at the right site.

So, in Summary, "Is it possible that correct thinking is the order of the day?" The Flower Child sincerely hopes so.

Continue to Have a Great Day!!!!

A Middle Georgia Challenge

Where are these symbols/plaques in Middle Georgia. If you think you know, please leave your answer as a comment to this Post. As you know, the Flower Child actually participates in providing the Lunch Event to the person/persons who get the correct answer. Of course, your comment is dated and timed as to when you reply so it is quite easy to ascertain who submitted the earliest correct answer. In order to win this challenge, you must post the correct answer for each of the images posted above.
The Winner will participate in a free Lunch at either "Five Guys - Burgers and Fries" or "The Pig in The Pit."
Life - A Joyous Journey
We all know and realize that Life is often filled with challenges and some events are disappointments. With that stated, today the Flower Child would like to take some time and relate that when one considers the total spectrum of life for any one person, that there is always room to be content.
On October 2nd, a child was born in Dublin, Georgia. She is the Grandaughter of the Flower Child and was anticipated. The Flower Child was at the Hospital as the day of birth unfolded. At 3:56 P.M. this lovely looking girl was delivered. She was able to go home with her Mother and Father on Thursday, October 4th along with her Grandmother. On Friday, the Flower Child traveled to Dublin to again visit this new child, as well as pick up the new Grandmother. As I entered the home it really hit me. This child is real and her parents even have a car seat in the back of their Car. I walked past this car as I entered the house. Even though I was at the Hospital on the day of birth, and I saw this Baby, it was really brought home to me when I walked past this car with the Child Seat. This is for real.
Thus the Title of this Post. Life - A Joyous Journey. When I reflect on the total spectrum of my life there have been far many more joyful days than bad days. It all depends on how one looks at the total time frame. The span of a lifetime here on this Planet is but a Nano-Second when compared to the total spectrum of time that will unfold in eternity. A Joyful Journey indeed. I have had the good fortune to have lived during some very exciting times in my brief time on this Planet. What a Joyful Blessing!! Thank You!!!!!
Life - A Joyful Journey!!!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

In The Show Ring!!!

Developing Future Citizens

Waiting for the Show Ring!!!!

The Judges Comments and Award Time!!!

Several recent Post by the Flower Child have focused on the bad things that we all hear about on a daily basis. Today's Post will feature some of the many good things that are happening in our Society which we very seldom read or hear about. This past weekend I attended the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia and focused on the good things that our Youth are participating in. As a young Iowa Farm Boy I was involved in 4-H which had the following as a motto: "To Make The Best Better!!!!" Therefore I am always interested in seeing what our young 4-H members are currently doing. The series of three pictures that are included in this post clearly display a wonderful and also newsworthy event.

I recall my own 4-H project days and quickly remember that in order to show any animal, you had to work with that project animal for at least six months before show day, so that you could display your skills in showmanship and also show the animal to the best possible advantage. There is a lot of grooming, feeding, discipline and love that goes into preparing any animal for show. The pictures above only show the results. Being ready for show and displaying your project with pride, showing the animal to the judge, with a group of your peers from around the State as was the case in the event I attended at the Georgia National Fair, and finally standing with great pride in the award lineup as the Judge carefully explained why you and your project were chosen to win an award.

In order for this to be even possible, the 4-H Member must be dedicated to the project, work long hours in preparation and finally possibly receive an award for the project. I am impressed with the logo on the back of the young person showing the goat in the final picture. This Young Girl from Wilcox County certainly embodies the concept of "Making the Best Better!!!" She is standing with pride and also displaying her animal project for the whole world to see. There must have been at least 400 people in the stands at this livestock judging arena to watch the various classes of Goats being judged.

We can all be proud of the future citizens that 4-H Club work is producing. Of course I could not be complete with this post if I did not mention the Future Farmers of America (FFA). As a High School Student, I was also involved in the FFA which also involved agriculture related projects, just like 4-H. At the High School level we were required to keep accurate records on our projects, as well as compose a project Story, just like a 4-H Club Project.

Not only do these Youth learn about themselves, they also learn to respect others and develop a deep appreciation for the animal projects that they work with each year.

It is always refreshing to enter post such as the above, rather than always discussing Crime

Friday, October 05, 2007

Angel Trumpet Flowers
If you visit this Blog often you may have the impression that the Flower Child is the only one who has the lovely, sweet smelling Angel Trumpets in the Garden. Far from it!!!!! This lovely flowering plant is enjoying a resurgence in the Gardens of America. A recent article in "The Telegraph" here in Middle Georgia highlighted this plant. The picture above is from the Gardens of a friend, also in Middle Georgia. As you can see these flowers have a more pink color than the ones I have posted in previous Blogs with images from my Garden.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

During a recent conversation with a member of my peer group the discussion turned to the high number of murders in Macon, Georgia. Additionally we discussed why is this happening. This informed peer quickly told me the root cause of the problem. He quickly stated the the increased killings, thefts, and other sordid behaviors are the result of far too many laws enacted by States and even the Federal Government that rewards "bad behaviors!" We have lawmakers stumbling all over themselves to give anyone with a problem the care and comfort they need to get their lives in order. Rewarding this bad behavior has become a way of life for some elected officials who desire to be re-elected. They then appear to be kind-hearted and displaying compassion for the most unfortunate among us. They are actually buying votes from the people who continue to "enable" the lawless and those who conduct criminal activity. We reward bad behavior when we provide programs to continue supporting the plethora of people who desire to not conform to the laws of our great States and Nation.
Justice needs to be served, instead of providing yet another program/s which generally enables the "bad behavior" to continue. When people, our fellow citizens have to suffer the consequences for bad behavior or their stupid actions most members of our society will see the need to change their ways. Not all, but a good number will.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Contempt or Respect
We all have traveled through Road Construction Projects where there are warning signs in abundance prior to the area where the equipment and workers are performing the construction or repair of our Interstates, our U. S. Highways, our State, County and Local Roads. These construction/repair zones are usually well announced and also have speed restructions.
Today the Flower Child will focus on what appears to be a society of road users who have total contempt for the lives of their fellow human beings. I think of these workers when I am tempted to speed through a construction/repair area and how each of them has a Mother and Father. I also think that a good number of these workers also has a family, a spouse and maybe even children. Some have girl friends or boy friends. It would be a shame if any speeder drove through these construction/repair areas and caused an accident that required hospitalization, or even worse, a death or deaths.
I can not think of one reason for anyone to speed through these areas where work is in progress, yet, we all observe our fellow citizens, also members of our society speed through these areas. What a shame. I can not think of any reason to speed in a construction/repair zone which make take the life of a fellow human being, or even cause injury.
In addition to contempt regarding speed limits in work areas, there is also a need to be extra alert when operating a vehicle in these areas. In fact it is quite evident that one should always be alert when operating any equipment on our Interstates, U. S. Highways, State Roads, County and Local Roads. Just the other day, right here in Middle Georgia the operator of a truck in downtown Macon was turning a corner and he ran over a lawn mower operator and caused a needless death. What a shame. Surely the dead lawn mower operator was a part of some family. I would think and certainly suspect that the truck operator wishes that they could relive the scene. You can be certain that they wish they had been more alert.
As we all rush through our lives, I think that it is imperative that we take the time to consider the impact of our actions, all of our actions and how they may impact on the life, lives or even the death of other members of our Society. Once we take the time to consider the impact, I am confident that we will realize the we can slow down and possibly save someone from injury or even death.
Contempt was the first word in the title of this Blog. I think that we all can learn a new mantra. Respect for each other. That would be very nice and also very pleasing for all our Mothers, Fathers, Spouses and Children. No one should have to suffer because we did something stupid while operating a vehicle. In fact no one should have to suffer, ever, because your or I did something stupid. Respect!!!! That is the Flower Child's mantra when traveling through life.