Wednesday, April 29, 2015

One Thousand Eight Hundred
April 29, 2015
Today I share a plethora of pictures just to give all the viewers here an idea of what the Editor and Publisher is all about.  This series of pictures is not a complete concept of what Alan is all about, but a mere sampling so that you may draw your own conclusions.

Since I started this Blog on 4 June 2006, which is  some nine years ago, I have enjoyed the task.  

In summary, "Life is Good" so please enjoy the opportunity to view Alan in several states of his life.

Macon, Georgia

Recently I performed some Community Service as a Volunteer at the Fired Works Exhibition and Sale in Central City City Park.  I am impressed with the recent restoration of the Round Building at the Park.  This exterior and the windows make this the "Show Piece" of Macon.  

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Middle Georgia

Recently I acquired a new clothes dryer for our Home here in Macon.  I picked it up from the retailer and removed the old dryer which sounded like a freight train.  It was going to quit very soon.  The new dryer was installed and is working well.  In the meantime I relocated the old dryer near the garage.  Yesterday I finally tired of seeing it so I conducted some research to learn about recycling.  There are several firms here in Macon that are in this business but I decided on "Newell Recycling" at 4460 Broadway.  This is just North of Guy Paine Road on the Northeast quadrant with the intersection with Broadway.

I arrived, they processed me and weighed the pickup and made a copy of my Driver's License.  I proceeded to the recycling area and they removed the dryer and I went back to be weighed.  I was told to park and go into the Office.  They took my picture and gave me a check for $7.00 for the scrap metal the old dryer had.  I can support this procedure simply because it hopefully will help reduce the number of metal, especially copper thefts here in Middle Georgia.  I post this today to simply remind everyone that you can acquire some funds by properly disposing/recycling your broken and/or unused stuff.

Thank You!!!
Waddell Barnes
Botanical Gardens
Middle Georgia State College
Macon, Georgia
I recently was told that there was a grove of Cherry Trees at Middle Georgia State College.  I took the opportunity on 14 April 2015 to visit this treasure, established by Chris R. Sheridan & Company.  Admittedly none of the trees were in Bloom, but I enjoyed the opportunity to view this wonderful asset to the Botanical Gardens.  You can be confident that I will visit again during the prime time for these trees to be in Bloom.  

This is a view of the Cherry Tree Garden from
the West End.  
 I started my visit on the East end of the Garden, which is close to I-475.  I did not take the picture of the Sign for this section of trees.
Taiwan Flowering Cherry
Prunus Campanulata

I was not aware that there are so many varieties of blooming cherry trees.  This proves that it is possible to learn something new each day!!!!