Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Waddell Barnes
Botanical Gardens
Middle Georgia State College
Macon, Georgia
I recently was told that there was a grove of Cherry Trees at Middle Georgia State College.  I took the opportunity on 14 April 2015 to visit this treasure, established by Chris R. Sheridan & Company.  Admittedly none of the trees were in Bloom, but I enjoyed the opportunity to view this wonderful asset to the Botanical Gardens.  You can be confident that I will visit again during the prime time for these trees to be in Bloom.  

This is a view of the Cherry Tree Garden from
the West End.  
 I started my visit on the East end of the Garden, which is close to I-475.  I did not take the picture of the Sign for this section of trees.
Taiwan Flowering Cherry
Prunus Campanulata

I was not aware that there are so many varieties of blooming cherry trees.  This proves that it is possible to learn something new each day!!!!

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