Monday, October 31, 2011

"Support Our Troops"

The Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity
Macon, Georgia

For the past four Sundays Members and Friends have delivered donations of candy, comfort items and health care items to this Table.

Today a Committee of Three packed the three Priority Mail Boxes and completed the required Customs Forms so that they could be mailed to our Heroes who are serving in Harms Way in the Middle East.

Because of the dedication of many we were able to send 21 pounds and eight ounces of "Care Package Items."  The value of all three boxes was $235.00.

When we mailed them at the Post Office we were informed that our Heroes should have these boxes in two weeks.

"God Bless America and Her Heroes and Their Families"

Wreaths Across America
December 10, 2011

The pictures featured in this Blog Post were taken in 2010 at Andersonville National Cemetery during the Wreaths Across America Event.

 Every since 1992 this program has been carried out at Arlington National Cemetery.  It was started because a Christmas Wreath Maker had excess inventory so he donated them to Arlington National Cemetery as a way to honor our Nation's Heroes.  To learn more about the 2011 program please visit:

Cadets from the Civil Air Patrol take part in the Event.  In addition the Boy Scouts also assist.  If you desire to honor a Fallen Hero please visit the WebSite above and obtain a Wreath.  The Wreath will be delivered to any Cemetery on the list that is also included in the WebSite for the Wreaths Across America event for 2011.

I cannot think of a more appropriate way to Honor any Hero of our Nation than to participate in the Wreaths Across America Program.  

Friday, October 28, 2011

Validate All


October 10, 2011 -  My Blog post that day was entitled "Validate All" wherein I discussed the need to allow our youth the opportunity to challenge themselves and to be involved in positive activities.  

We all know that our Education System is focused on Academics and Sport.  I would humbly suggest that there is more to life than Sport Activities.  Yes, inspite of the fact that I was involved in youth sports as a coach during the development days of my Sons; they were also allowed to participate in Scouts, 4-H and the Music Programs at their respective schools.

Recently I recalled how I was involved in a positive activity while I was young.  I was a member of the "Safety Patrol" at school.  This was a position of leadership and also trust.  I was selected because I suspect that my Teacher/s saw that I had potential.  As I reflect back on this opportunity I can realize that it did help me develop into a person that could be trusted.

I know that during the recent "School Building" phase of our Bibb County School System that everyone was often told that we needed more School Buildings at different locations so that more Scholars would have the opportunity to participate in the various extra activities that more schools would provide.

Yes, we have more Sport Teams and more Music Activities.  Yes, there is more opportunity for more Scholars to participate. 

Today I would like to suggest that another positive activity that we could have our Middle School Scholars participate in would be "Safety Patrol."  This activity is Sponsored in part by the American Automobile Association (AAA).

I understand that it is quite easy to implement and I suspect that it would receive the support of our Local Law Enforcment Agencies, both in the City and the County.  Additionally, it would give our Scholars yet another worthwhile activity to promote their own self development.  It would give Scholars who may not be interested in Sport or Music an appropriate venue/activity to learn Leadership.

I would suggest that the Teachers at these Middle Schools would also appreciate the opportunity to let their Scholars learn Leadership in a Hands On Manner. 

Therefore I am recommending that our Bibb County School Board give serious consideration to the establishment of a "Safety Patrol" Team.

The site on the world wide web is:

If you do not reside in Bibb County Georgia and care about providing appropriate Leadership Activities for your School's Scholars I would suggest that you contact your Local School Board.

We all know and realize that our Youth like being involved in a "Group."  We often hear that this is the reason that some seek out "Gangs" which do not provide wholesome activities for our Youth.  Yet "Gangs" continue attract youth who are looking to be accepted.

So, maybe this Safety Patrol idea has merit.  I would suggest that it is certainly something that should be considered.

After all, what we are currently allowing/doing in Bibb County appears to be developing potential citizens who are, in some cases, focused on violence.  From my point of view this is happening all too often with too many of our Communities Youth.

Neel Reid Homes
Macon, Georgia

I was fortunate to be able to participate in the recent "Driving Tour of Architectural Sites" which focused on the Homes Designed By Neel Reid who is known as an Architect who designed "Georgia Classic" homes. 

This tour was conducted in Macon, Georgia and was a fund raiser for the Federated Garden Clubs of Macon, Inc.  I have decided that I will feature several of these Homes in a Blog Post today.  It is my goal to include more of these Neel Reid Homes in future Blog Post.

 This home is located at 1238 Jefferson Terrace and is currently being renovated by a new owner.

This is the South Side view of Commission # 110 and was constructed for Walter T. Johnson during 1910-1911.

 This is the South View of the home at 1256 Jefferson Terrace.  This is the view from Georgia Avenue.

 This is the South Side View of the home at 1256 Jefferson Terrace.  It was Commission # 180 for Mrs I. N. McNair in 1912.

 This is the home at 1278 Jefferson Terrace.  It was Commission # 144 by Neel Reid for E.D. Huguenin in 1911.
This is the South Side View of this home known as 1278 Jefferson Terrace.

Hills and Dales Estate
LaGrange, Georgia

Garden Club Field Trip
October 26, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 - Members of Pine Ridge Garden Club  and several of their Friends of Macon, Georgia participated in a Field Trip to LaGrange, Georgia to visit the Historic Property of  the Fuller E. Callaway Foundation

There was no photography allowed once inside this lovely Neel Reid designed home.  The above view is of the front entrance way.

This is a view of the "Ray" Garden.

The Gradens Tour also included a visit to the Green Houses.

A Bird Feature on the famed Gate to the Estate.

A view of the Terraces leading from the Home.

Just one example of the Garden Art which was featured at this Home.

This is a view of the Hills and Dales Home featuring the South Side.

If you have never taken the opportunity to visit this fine Neel Reid Home which is now maintained by the Fuller E. Callaway Foundation please be aware that it is a delightful place to visit any time of the year.  The 35 acre Gardens which include a Visitors Center is a visual treat that I am confident that you will enjoy.  Should you desire additional information I would suggest that you visit:

Impact Wrestling

Macon, Georgia

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It was my good fortune to call in quickly on Tuesday, October 25, 2011 to WMAC - AM 940 Radio and acquire tickets to the Impact Wrestling Taping at the Macon Coliseum.  Below please find several pictures that I was able to take.  We did not have ringside seating; however I am happy with the photographs that I was able to acquire with my Camera.  It was an evening of great fun and entertainment.

The drama of the participants was exciting to observe and to also hear.  I say "Thank You" for the free tickets.  Thank You AM 940!!!


We have all read/viewed a lot of commentary/video concerning the current "Occupy" anywhere movement here in the United States of America. 

First of all, I am also aware that some of the participants in these "Occupy Events" are actively employed and participate simply because they are concerned and also have the right to do so.  That stated I would suggest that the "Occupy" participants who are not employed and are simply mouthing the concept that "Big Business Is Evil, etc........" seek a real job where they are allowed to join a Federal Credit Union.  Then they will be eligible to participate in the management of their Financial Institution.  These people may not know, but a Credit Union Member is a share holder and thereby allowed to vote on who the "management is." 

I submit this post because I have heard that many who participate in the "Occupy" events are unhappy with the "Big Banks" and how these Big Banks ignore the customer.  Here is but one way they can escape the system.  Of course they could also use a "Local Small Bank" in their location and again, escape the "evils" of the Big Banks. 

As I conclude this Post, I suspect that many who are engaged in the Occupy Events are doing so because it is fun and/or interesting to be part of a group.

Finally, please take the time to "Thank A Veteran" this Veterans Day; because it is through their efforts that anyone in the United States of America even has the right to protest and also work to improve civilization. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"A Tale Of Three Houses"

Macon's Parade of Homes

October 22nd and 23rd
 This is the location and the sequence that the three houses will have once the moving infrastructure is removed and the appropriate walls are constructed.

This view allows you to appreciate the wheels and the steel placement under the houses so that they could be moved.

 These Truck Tractors are build for slow house moving duty.  Note the large wheels/tires.  I would hate to have to buy replacement tires for this equipment.

 Now we know why the back of the houses was at the other end of the steel beams that hooked up to the Trucks that pulled these houses to the new location.  The front porch now faces Oglethorpe Street.

This view allows you to see the cement foundations that were in place prior to the houses being pulled to this location.

A close up of the concrete foundations.  Each house is setting above these foundations so that once they are jacked up to remove the moving equipment they can be lowered to the appropriate height so that the walls can be constructed.

Another view of these three houses.  They will be in the 1000 Block of Oglethorpe Street.  This block is between Ross and Calhoun Streets. 

Please be aware that these pictures were taken on Monday, October 24th by the originator of this Blog, the Flower Child.

I suspect that as the construction phase of this project progresses that you will see more Blog Post.

An Historic Home
Macon, Georgia

Every reader of this Blog is aware that I have been focused on Macon, Georgia in recent days.  While I was out and about capturing images for the College Hill Bear Train I noted this House on Adams Street which runs on the West Side of Tattnall Square Park.

I do not know who owns this house or who lives in this home; but I am publishing this Blog Entry to simply let the readers know that their is real beauty in Macon and especially in the Historic District.

I suspect that most will not know what this stone was used for.  I have been led to believe that this is the Carriage Stone that was placed along the curb so that people could step out onto this stone as they departed the carriage.

Middle Georgia Challenge

Several years ago I implemented a series of Challenges for the citizens of Middle Georgia who read this Blog - "The World This Week."

I can tell you that this scene was taken within the City Limits of Macon, Georgia.  The first person to respond with the correct location in the Comments section of this Post will be treated to a Free Lunch at an establishment that the Flower Child determines.  If you do not have a Blogger account you will have to post your comment, however, please place your name or contact number in the comment.  Do not worry, I will not publish any last names or phone numbers in the comment section.  I must approve all comments.

Of course the first person to correctly identify the location of this scene by Street name/Intersection address will earn the free lunch.
College Hill Bear Trail


On 20 October 2011 I posted the first two Bears on this Blog.  They were located in Washington Park in Macon.  At that time I did not know if there were other Bears in Macon.  Over the weekend I learned of other Bears.  Today I will post images and locations of three more Bears that are also a part of the College Hill Bear Trail.

This Bear is located in Tattnall Park very near the intersection of Adams Street and Coleman Avenue.  It is in the Southwest corner of the Park.

This Bear is located almost across the street from Alexander II Magnet School.  It is in the Northeast corner of Tattnall Square Park. 

Here you can see an upclose image of a Symphony.  I appreciate the detail on this Bear.  Well Done to the Artist!!

This Music Bear is located at the corner of Forsyth Street at Orange Street.  You will also note that there is one mis-spelled work on the plaque for this Bear.

I would appreciate it very much if anyone knows of additional locations for these Bears.  Of course I will pay them a visit and post their images and locations here.  What a wonderful project to promote Macon, Georgia. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mercer/Macon Symphony Youth

Monday, October 24, 2011

 It was my good fortune to attend the Concert presented at the Neva Fickling Music Hall on the Mercer University Campus.  I arrived early enough to obtain pictures of the Concert Hall prior to the set up for the Concert.  This Music Hall is a real treasure.
 I always obtain a center seat about five rows back from the Stage.  I appreciate Organ music and I have fond memories of attending several Organ Concerts in this Music Hall. 
During the "Warm Up" without the Director present on Stage I snapped this picture of the young performers.  I counted a total of 22 music makers.  I understand that these musicians come from all over Middle Georgia. 

During the performance I noted a String Bass player with an instrument that had two tags on it.  At first I thought of Minnie Pearl and how she always had a price tag hanging from her hat during her Nashville Country Music Performances.  Then I thought, most likely the Musician had broken the instrument where the tags were located with the cost of the repair on the tags.  Of course this was to remind the performer that it cost real money to repair an instrument.  During the performance I also noted one proud parent focused on this player with a video recording device.  After the Concert I inquired of the proud parent to tell me the story about the tags.  I was informed that the tags indicated that the String Bass was a loaner from Bibb County Central High School and that the performer was a Central High School Scholar who played the String Base.  Of course this generated a flash back for me when I recalled that one of my Sons also played String Base in the Central High School Orchestra several years ago.  I did talk to this performer and I wished him well with his Musical Studies.

The entire Concert was a real joy to listen to and to also view.  There were a total of 22 performers and they all displayed great enthusiasm for their craft. 

We were also  treated to an Oboe Quintet  performance, who performed one selection. 

 Each of these Musicians can be proud of their accomplishments and I look forward to their end of the year performance next Spring.