Saturday, February 28, 2009

Interesting Radio Commercials
How many times have you heard this Radio Commercial? Men, Do You Wake Up at Night to Urinate?
An interesting question. I would rather wake up a night to urinate in the Bathroom than to urinate in the Bed. My parents and I worked together to eliminate this problem when I was a toddler.
I do not remember the product that I could acquire to eliminate the problem, but I do know that if I keep my self hydrated during the day that it is indeed normal for me to wake up at night to go to the bathroom.
These Commercials are always so interesting. Some day I will keep a record of all the TV Commericals I view each evening and ask my Doctor if I should be taking this or that product to resolve a specific problem that I may not have.
Your comments please!!!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Central Georgia Challenge

As you can quickly ascertain the Flower Child has been out with his Camera again. Today I publish a Central Georgia Challenge. Anyone who knows the name of this building is encouraged to submit an answer in the comments section of this Blog. Please note the title of this Challenge. A few clues are also hidden in the picture. The deadline for submitting a comment is 2400, March 4th, 2009. As usual the person with the correct answer will receive a free lunch somewhere in Central Georgia as an award from the Flower Child. Good Luck!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Energy - Renewable and Clean. The U. S. A. must be the world leader.

Health Care - Affordable and available to all in the U. S. A.

Education - For Everyone and it does start in the Home. Every American must focus on at least one more year of education. Parents must be in the forefront of education for their Children.

These are the important areas for an improved America. We must not let these priorities fall by the wayside.

1682 Was A Great Year

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Thomasville, Georgia, I would encourage you to visit this tree. It was nothing but a nut in 1682. Here you see children playing with a soccer ball beneath this wonderful tree.

Just in case you are wondering about this delightful tree, the image above tells you all the facts. It was very exciting to visit this tree and I accomplished this trip on Georgia's 2009 Arbor Day, February 2009.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Global Warming Rally
As most everyone knows, I, the Flower Child have family connections in Iowa. I have just received this picture taken at a recent Global Warming Rally in Iowa. Although an official count was not obtained because of the cold weather you can quick ascertain that hundreds did attend this rally.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Many, many years ago I lived in Northeast Iowa. I was a member of a family that raised six children and owned 80 acres of prime grade "A" Iowa Farm land. I have fond memories of 1949 when my Dad acquired a 1949 Packard Clipper, Straight Eight Engine which developed 135 horsepower.
I was only nine years old at the time, but this 1949 Packard was the auto I used to obtain my driver's license. Years later I learned that the Packard Motorcar was a symbol of the rich and powerful. Well the truth as to why my Dad acquired this Packard is that it was cheaper than a Plymouth. If I remember corrently the 1949 Packard Clipper was sold for $2200.00. After World War II everyone who needed a new car placed their name on a list. As a young farmer with four children, with number five on the way, my Dad acquired this Packard from a new dealer who was just awarded the dealership.
The image above is a 1934 Packard and not quite like the 1949 model. I have since learned that the definition of "Power" or "Powerful" Family as regards farmers is the fact that in order to be powerful you have to own the land on both sides of the road.
The automobile pictures above currently resides on a Plantation in South Georgia where it has spent all of it's days since it was manufactured. The plantation covers thousands of acres so I would say that it's owner is a "Powerful Family."
As regards the Flower Child's Heritage, the Packard was the best buy for the money in 1949 and it is only recently that my Nephews in Northeast Iowa have obtained power. They now own farm land on both sides of Kale Avenue.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Linwood Cemetery Clean Up
Part Two

This is the L. A. Jones Family Plot at 12:45 P.M. Saturday, February 21, 2009.

This is the same plot at 10:30 A.M. Saturday, February 21, 2009. I started cleaning up this Family Plot on Saturday, February 7th, 2009. Valentine's Day Activities prevented me from doing any clean-up on February 14th. I suspect that by 2:00 P.M. Saturday, February 28th, 2009 that this plot will look much better. If you desire to see what this plot looked like before the Clean-Up on February 7th, please scroll down to the entry for that day.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Admittedly it is difficult to believe, but the Flower Child was born on this date in 1940. It would be twenty-two months before the United States of America became involved in World War II. The Flower Child's Parents were Farmers in Northeast Iowa, Clayton County to be exact.
In 1940 they were renting from My Dad's Father. In 1941 they purchased their first, and only farm near Ceres. My parents operated this 80 acre farm and at times rented additional land for crops and raised six children.
I have a vivid memory of the day that World War II was over. My Mom took us aside and informed us that the War is Over Today. We did not understand what was going on, but as we learned in following years this was a major event in the World.
The gift basket I received today is from a very dear Church Friend who currently lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Thank You Very Much, Dorothy.
"The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money." Margaret Thatcher is credited with uttering this phrase. After my Blog yesterday concerning the plight of America in the giving away of money and also the situation of our young generation being unqualified for Military Service a good Friend of Mine who resides in Florida sent the the quote published above.
From my point of view I certainly think that Margaret Thatcher had it correct. We simply cannot continue as we are currently doing. Some day the bills will become due. Then What?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Nation's Best

I recently read an article in "Legion" a publication of The American Legion which is the magazine for a strong America where the Managing Editor discussed recruiting for the Army with the Chief Recruiter of the United States Army.
The article mentioned "that over 70 percent of America's youth don't even qualify for military service. They are physically unfit, have behavioral of criminal problems, or never graduated from high school."
From my point of view this is shocking information. What we have defending our great United States of America is the top thirty percent of our up and coming citizens. They are all volunteers and certainly represent America well. They have made the correct choices thus far in their lives and I must also state here that they also were properly raised and/or mentored. But the fact remains that over seventy percent of our Nation's Youth are not qualified for military service. Which leads me to the next question. Are they even qualified for the multitude of high tech vocations that our country has to keep us on a par with other Countries in the World. We are in a global economy and it would appear that we as a society are doing a poor job of preparing our future citizens.
For a good number of years we have enjoyed the best economy in the World. We also enjoy our status as the "Land of the Free." Peoples from many nations have sought the opportunities that abound in America. But, are times changing?
It is a sad, but true situation that we can most certainly turn around; but it will take more than our current Government is doing at this time. We must expect more and also become involved by letting our duly elected leaders know that we expect them to work toward a better America. A better America is a land where individuals who prepare themselves well will have ample opportunity to excell. We do not need an America where the incentives for doing a job well are eliminated by leaders who seek to level the playing field. We need an America where those who do well will receive appropriate reward for their endeavors.
It is a shame that as we struggle through our current economic challenges that our duly elected leaders want to enslave the future citizens, our children and even their children to the point that they will be paying for the debt we are incurring today. Yet, these educated elected leaders are putting the future of America in serious jeopardy. Every citizen, young and old deserves a much better future for the long term versus the short term solutions that are being enacted every day by short sighted educated elected leaders.
America, We All Deserve Better. We have thousands of young men and women who volunteer every day to defend our great way of life when they enlist in the Army, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marines and Navy. They are doing their part, which is far more than we can say for those who are our our duly elected leaders.
I as but one citizen appreciate what our Nation's Heroes are doing for us. Does anyone know what the current confidence rating of our U. S. Congress is?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Devalue U. S. Currency
Print More Currency
Yes, we are indeed in troubled times. According to a recent News report I viewed, even the Country of Japan is experiencing financial difficulties.
I have memories of how the British Government handled the situation in 1967. I was stationed there and recall when the Pound Sterling was $2.80 in U. S. Dollars. Then on 18 November 1967 they devalued it to $2.40 in U. S. Dollars. A devaluation of 14.3 percent.
With all the recent events here in the United States of America and also around the World maybe it may be the best solution possible. Should we devalue the Dollar?
Certainly something to think about. Admittedly the faith other countries have in the U. S. Currency System will decrease, but I would submit that it is possible that the faith in our Currency System has already decreased.
Maybe it is time for all of us to face reality. I for one do not feel that we can borrow ourselves out of this situation. I am also confident that our Grandchildren will not be able to repay the debt that we are currently incurring to finance our "TARP" rescue system or the Economic Rescue Program.
As everyone knows the current situation is not just a Federal Government Problem, the current economic situation reaches into the Homes of every Citizen, the Local Governments as well as the State Governments.
Devaluation is a drastic measure, but so is the impact of the current solution recently enacted by our U. S. Congress.
Do we have the time to wait this one out? To learn about the British Pound you may visit:
It may be time for us all to remove our heads from the sand pile.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Tinus Virburnum

This shrub tolerates cold weather well here in Middle Georgia. I have one on each side of the Garage and they stand six feet tall. They bloom well in later Winter. This image was taken well after sunset to clearly show the small clusters of white flowers. This plant can be pruned to control size and performs well in semi shade.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

February 17, 2009

I do not recall the date that I first heard about that dreadful day in our future concerning the future of analog television transmission. I do know that for many months now I have heard all about this day known as February 17th, 2009. I realize that everyone has a need to know about the methods that they will need to emply to receive television transmissions. But, already, enough is enough. I applied for my Coupon to acquire a Converter Box on 5 January 2009. I received the coupon on February 3rd or 4th. Because the dreaded day was fast approaching I traveled to HH Gregg on Friday, February 13th to acquire my conversion box. After I wrote a check for $13.67 I was handed the box with the Converter. I asked if all the necessary cables were included and I was assured that they were. Additionally I asked if I needed any special expertise to install this system. Again, I was assured that I would be able to perform the necessary connections.

I proceeded to my home and hooked everything up and it did work as advertised. I had to let the system scan the over the air stations that broadcast in High Definition Digital. Here you can see me enjoying the Digital Signal from one local electronic media outlet.

I dread the fact that our government has now saw fit to delay the implementation of this new system. Does that mean that I, as well as everyone else who adhered to the well published schedule will now be subjected to more crawls on our TV screens and even more verbal announcements about the conversion to digital transmissions? Unfortunately, we will most likely have to watch and listen for additional information until the June 2009 deadline is past. I for one feel that our Government has given everyone adequate time to make the switch so none of us should have to be subjected to an additional four months of special announcements.

Of course I could shut off my Television until June 12, 2009.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Speaker of the House of Representatives has just completed the work required to pass the Economic Stimulus Bill and it is now being forwarded to the U. S. Senate. From what I understand this had to be enacted today because the Speaker had a Flight booked to Rome, Italy.
Once I heard this I quickly recalled the old tale of "Rome Burned While Nero Fiddled." I determined that this may not have been the case after I visited this site:
Rome did indeed burn in 64 A.D., which would have been some 1946 years ago. I looked this up because I quickly thought that our Honorable Speaker is abandoning the Country now, after this Stimulus Bill is passed in the House. What will happen if the Senate rejects it? Will our Honorable Speaker shorten her stay in Rome to keep the U. S. A. from Burning?
An interesting question!!!!! From my point of view, a real leader would stand by the situation until it is totally resolved and not abandon the project in mid-stream. But then I guess the paradigms have changed from when I was a Sailor. I was taught, and I think rightfully so, that one does not give up on the project until it has been totally completed. I am afraid that while times have changed, we have lost all vision of what made our Country great in the first place. Our Founders must be wondering what is going on.
Thank You!!!!!
Middle Georgia Challenge

Please be aware that there is no free lunch connected to this Middle Georgia Challenge. That stated, the reward will be knowing that you were the first to provide the correct answer (the street address) to this Challenge. The deadline for entering your answer in the comments section of this Blog will be Midnight February 19th, 2009.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bibb County, Georgia
Home of the Caring Criminal
Most of the readers of "The World This Week" know that I try to keep informed of what our Local Governments are Doing. I firmly believe in the concept of "We The People." It was and should remain the foundation of any government that we allow to function in our United States of America.
With that concept in mind I attended the Heart to Hart meeting at the Bibb County Court House this evening. As you might suspect the major topic of discussion was the "Bibb County Court House" situation.
What I learned during the course of the evening is that our current Judges are really out of line when it comes to concerns about security in our Court House. Many in attendance appeared to think that what we have is really O.K. I do not know about you, but from what I read and also view on the electronic media has allowed me to know that we do have criminals in Bibb County and some use weapons in the conduct of their crimes. But after hearing some of my peers this evening I certainly feel that Bibb County, Georgia is the Home of the Caring Criminal. We really have nothing to fear!!!!!!
Of course this is an interesting concept and I would encourage our Media to publish this information so that we will not be misled into thinking that we need a Secure Court House for the benefit of the law abiding citizens of our Bibb County.
As always, I invite your comments to this Blog Entry.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The World This Week
News You May Not Have Read or Seen

GULF OF ADEN (Feb. 09, 2009) A Russian Helix KA-27 helicopter assigned to the Russian destroyer Admiral Vinogradov (DDG 572) passes over a cargo ship while cooperating with the guided-missile cruiser USS Vella Gulf (CG 72) as they inspected a fishing trawler nearby in the Gulf of Aden. Vella Gulf is the flagship for Combined Task Force 151, a multi-national task force conducting counterpiracy operations to detect and deter piracy in and around the Gulf of Aden, Arabian Gulf, Indian Ocean and Red Sea. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communications Specialist 2nd Class Jason R. Zalasky/Released)
Unfortunately there is not enough time for the Cable News Programs and/or the Network News Teams to cover a lot of things that are happening in our World. Here you see a Russian Helicopter as the Russian Navy and the U. S. Navy perform joint operations to combat piracy operations in the waters of the Middle East. Our Guided Missile Cruiser USS Vella Gulf (CG-72) is the Flagship for this cooperative venture. To learn more about the USS Vella Gulf please visit this site:
Thank You!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sailors Return

The day a deployment ends is always a happy one. Here you see Sailors embrace their loved ones on their return from a four month deployment. This ship is homeported in Hawaii.

"What really makes America"
On Sunday, February 8, 2009 Mr. Bob Hereford of Waycross, Georgia wrote a powerful Viewpoints article in "The Telegraph" published in Macon, Georgia.
He wrote of a proud Father whose Son had returned from Iraq to be with his Family as they prepared to bury his other Son, also a Iraq War Veteran. The other Son did not die as a result of a hostile act in Iraq. "He came home to no help - and died alone in his home, perhaps at his own hand."
As I read this powerful Viewpoint by Mr. Hereford I could not help but think of the many Vietnam era Veterans who came home to an ungrateful Nation (for the most part) where they were often spit upon.
I would submit that this recent event of the other Son is not an isolated incident. We have heard reports that 24 Army Soldiers may have also taken their own life in January 2009 compared to a total of four in January 2008.
I am sure that there are many, many reasons for these tragic events. I also know that it is very difficult to serve a Nation under stressful circumstances such as our Heroes currently do as they defend our United States of America in the War on Terrorism when they hear our powerful, elected leaders at the National level decry our nations role in this War on Terrorism.
I would submit that some of these self annointed spokespersons also have blood on their hands. From my point of view, far too many "Leaders" had spoken incorrectly regarding our Countries involvement in the War on Terrorism. Some even go so far as to state that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction. While I am not too briliant, I can certainly state that without a doubt that it would not have been impossible to load these devices on boats, barges and freighters and haul them out in the ocean and dump them. I cite but this one example to clearly display the hurtful statements that some, not all of our Duly Elected Leaders have expoused in recent history.
These statements are most certainly very damaging to the Morale of our Heroes.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Linwood Cemetery
Macon, Georgia
Clean Up - Every Saturday in February, 2009

Please click on the triangle to view the L. A. Jones Plot which was part of my Clean-Up on Saturday, February 7, 2009

Everyone is encouraged to participate in these Every Saturday in February 2009 Clean-Up Events. The hours are from 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. Of course, if you desire to arrive earlier and work at your own pace before it gets to warm you may certainly do so. I know I plan on arriving earlier, especially if it is anticipated that it will be a warm day.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Norfolk, Virginia. October 12, 2005. A U. S. Marine Corps Sgt. Daniel Hersey, a trumpet player from the Armed Forces School of Music, plays Taps during the 5th anniversary memorial ceremony for the Sailors killed during the infamous attack on the guided missile destroyer USS Cole October 12, 2000. The ceremony was held at the USS Cole Memorial to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the bombing in Yemen, which claimed the lives of 17 crew members. Photo by Journalist Seaman Christopher Okula (Released).

USS Cole (DDG 67)

Terrorist Trial Abandoned

Did Heroes Die in Vein?

Have Survivors Been Betrayed?

VALLETTA, Malta (March 9, 2008) The guided-missile destroyer USS Cole (DDG 67) USS Cole pier side in Valletta. U.S. Navy photo (Released) Please note the bouys which are the top of a security shield placed in the water to protect this U. S. Navy ship as he visits Valletta, Malta during a 2008 deployment.

Norfolk, Va. (Dec. 6, 2006) - Guided-missile destroyer USS Cole (DDG 67) pulls into port after returning to Naval Station Norfolk. Cole, part of the Iwo Jima Expeditionary Strike Group (IWO ESG), returned after completing a six-month deployment to the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) 5th Fleet and U.S. European Command (EUCOM) 6th Fleet areas of responsibility (AOR) to conduct Maritime Security Operations (MSO) and assist in the evacuation of American citizens out of Lebanon. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Lolita Lewis (RELEASED)

Another image of this great Warship as she returns from a deployment as described above. This proud ship and her crew certainly deserve our Thanks and Gratitude for yet another job/deployment Well Done!!!!!

Gulf of Aden (Aug. 29, 2006) – The guided-missile destroyer USS Cole (DDG 67) underway patrolling the Gulf of Aden as part of the Iwo Jima Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG). Cole deployed from her homeport of Norfolk, Va., beginning a regularly scheduled six-month deployed in support of maritime patrol operations and the global war on terrorism. U.S. Navy Photo By Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Christopher L. Clark (RELEASED)

During my time in the U. S. Navy those who captured photographs to document the work of our Heroes were designated as Photographer's Mates. With the advent of technology they are now known as Mass Communication Specialist.

Gulf of Aden (Aug. 29, 2006) – Aviation Warfare Systems Operator 3rd Class Kevin C. Marks from Deland, Fla., observes the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Cole (DDG 67) underway while conducting flight operations from the amphibious assault ship USS Iwo Jima (LHA 7). Iwo Jima recently deployed from her homeport of Norfolk, Va., beginning a regularly scheduled six-month deployed in support of maritime patrol operations and the global war on terrorism. U.S. Navy Photo By Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Christopher L. Clark (RELEASED)

As you can quickly observe from this view U. S. Navy Destroyers are known as "Small Boys" by the Sailors who serve on Aircraft Carriers and other Large Ships which are escorted by the Destroyer Type vessels.
As I observed the Electronic Media report that our President had directed that the Terrorist Trials for the suspected leader of the Attack on the USS Cole (DDG-67) be suspended/abandoned I could not help but to become upset about this action. Surely the lives of seventeen brave Sailors who volunteered to serve our Country deserve more than this.
The USS Cole was severely damaged in 2000, yet she has been restored and her current crew serves with pride and valor. My concern today is how can the survivors of those who lost their lives during the attack on the USS Cole on October 12th, 2000 be made whole, their hearts restored when our President takes this type of action.
It is my prayer today that future events will correct this great injustice. I know not the method, yet that remains my prayer.
May these dedicated Sailors rest in peace and their Families find comfort in the fact that their Sailor performed in the highest traditions of the U. S. Navy. Each of these Heroes did in fact die while serving their Country, the United States of America.
God's Blessings to these Mourning Families and also a Grateful Nation that respects what these Sailors have done for their Country.

Somebody Has To Do It!!!!!

(Jan. 5, 2009) Sailors play video games at the newly-renovated Liberty Center at Naval Support Activity Bahrain. This game room was upgraded with new flat-screen monitors and game chairs as part of a Morale, Welfare and Recreation $100,000 renovation project.
I am extremely glad and also happy to see that our Nation's Warriors in the War on Terrorism have opportunities to enjoy a break from their duties. Here you see a group of Seabees enjoying some time away from duty.
Thank Goodness we have young people willing to Serve our Great Nation in this War.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Current Events
United States of America
For some time now, the Flower Child has published this Blog and usually the focus is on one event for each post. Today we will alter that basic concept.
U. S. A Budget Deficit Elimination Program
Today our President nominated yet another Federal Income Tax Cheater for a high position in the Government of our Great Country. As I understand it the spouse of the nominee took great effort to pay back taxes, some as old as sixteen years, just hours before the Senate was to take up confirmation hearings.
From my point of view, this just may be our New President's method of reducing the deficit or at least garnering funds for the current Economic Stimulus Package being debated by our Honorable Senators even as I post this Blog entry.
A unique approach, but if our New President nominates enough Tax Cheaters we may just witness a viable solution to the money problems our Federal Government is facing at this point in time.
CFL Bulbs
This evening as I watched a local electronic media news program I was educated about the disposal of CFL bulbs. We have all heard that these marvels of saving energy do contain a small amount of mercury which is not good for our environment.
Because I am a home owner I can dispose of these bulbs, once they expire in my trash. Now if I own a business the expired bulbs have to be recycled and can not be placed in the trash. This is an interesting concept. Household CFL bulbs can go to the landfill. The manager/director of the Macon Landfill was quoted as saying that there is no danger in as much as the landfill is some 200 feet high and any mercury would have to filter through three layers to reach the bottom of the landfill. This is interesting information and appears to be quite out of place. If mercury is dangerous how can we in good faith dispose of it in a landfill?
The other side of this new information I heard about commercial/business organizations having to recyle these bulbs was equally interesting. I am not very brilliant, but almost all commercial/business organizations have owners and/or employees. I can just see the owners/employees taking the expired CFL bulbs to their private homes and disposing of same in an approved manner. This is a real farce!!!
From my limited background as a member of the human race it would appear most prudent to required our duly elected Lawmakers at a National level to required the firms that produce these dangerous blubs to have a recycling system in place before they can be shipped to wholesalers and/retailers.
I would encourage our duly elected Lawmakers to enact appropriate laws to require the "big box stores" that sell these dangerous CFL bulbs to have an inhouse recycling program. Thus the consumer could buy these energy efficient CFL bulbs and be confortably knowing that they could be disposed of in a proper manner once they expire and/or are broken in an honest accident.
As a citizen of this planet I would expect nothing less. How do you feel this dangerous mercury situation should be handled. Please, for the sake of each of us, leave your comments here.
Middle Georgia Challenge
January 29, 2009
Ladies and Gentlemen - No one even replied to the recent Middle Georgia Challenge which I posted on January 29, 2009. The deadline for any answer has now passed. What you are viewing above is the setting of the Dogs. The image I posted in the Challenge was cropped.
During my time as a Volunteer "Rolling Reader" in the Bibb County School System I always read on Tuesday mornings. After I completed my reading I often visited Baldinos on Spring and Walnut Street in Downtown Macon. Because I valued my Red Ram and the paint on it, I always parked on Walnut about one half a block up from Baldinos. These dogs reside on the first house steps to the West of Baldinos.
Please take the time to enjoy Macon and the beauty we have!!!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Who Is In Charge?
Here in Middle Georgia we have a Talk Radio Show where the common statement concerning far too many issues is something like this: "I used to think that the adults are in Charge."
This is a valid concept that has served our society well in past generations but now appears to be so out of touch that it is no longer expected for adults to act as adults.
As a society we are all overburdened with appearing "Politically Correct" in every word and action we take. As a society we do not have high expectations of the next generation that will assume the mantle of Leadership notwithstanding the fact that they are possibly ill prepared.
As a society we have allowed our Education Infastructure to become the focus of our expenditures. Yes we need buildings, but more important, we need dedicated Teachers and Staff to educate our future citizens. Additionally, we need parents who are invested in raising the next generation to be responsible individuals. Recently we have tasked our religious and educational organizations with raising our Children.
Where are the parents? This is often the question that is asked when young people are involved in tragic events.
Only when adults start acting like adults will we see a turn around in the behavior of our next generations. Admittedly, I have not led a perfect life, but I can certainly say that I have been involved with the development of our future citizens.
In my short span of life on this Planet it has only been recently that I have been informed that there areas in our expectations that are not clearly black or white. There are grey areas. I submit that we have allowed ourselves to be poluted with this type of thinking. It is clear to me that there is a right way to do something/anything or an incorrect way to do something/anything. When we start allowing minor infractions to go by the wayside because everybody is doing it we set ourselves up for failure.
As an U. S. Navy Admiral informed the Chief's Mess on a destroyer that I served in after he inspected the Chief's Mess Galley and found debris under the Reefer, "You get with you inspect, not expect."
I would submit that we are now receiving what we have allowed to happen versus what we desire. Our Society has become so relaxed that anyone can usually accomplish their own self centered goals without being challenged by their peers and the adults around them.
It is certainly time for us all to expect "Leadership" from all Adults. Leadership involves doing what is correct and also being able to do what one expects from others. In this regard the term "Servant Leadership" is very germane. A true Leader is a public servant for the good of the people.
We can all quickly point out these leaders, but we can also quickly identify those leaders who are in their roles for the sole purpose of feeding their own egos or improving their personal situation as regards power, finance or influence.
So, the question remains: "Where are the Adults?"
Morale Booster
GULF OF OMAN (Feb. 1, 2009) Players and cheerleaders from the NFL football team the New England Patriots observe flight operations aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71). The players and cheerleaders made a visit to Theodore Roosevelt for a performance before Super Bowl XLIII. Theodore Roosevelt and embarked Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 8 are operating in the 5th Fleet area of responsibility. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Antwjuan Richards-Jamison/Released)
Yesterday you were able to view an image of the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) which is currently on deployment. As a former U. S. Navy Sailor I can appreciate what our Military Organizations are doing to improve the morale of our Airmen, Soldiers, Marines, Coasties and Sailors who are deployed around the world serving the security needs of the United States of America.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

U. S. Navy Aviation Heroes
I just finished viewing an Aviation Documentary on the Discovery Channel. It was a show about a U. S. Navy Aviation Hero of the World War II Era. His name was John Thach. The show was impressive and in the end the narrator stated that U. S. Navy Pilot Hero of World War II went on to serve his country and concluded his duties as an Admiral. He passed away in 1981.
Recalling that during my tour of duty on the Staff of U. S. Naval Forces Europe (CINCLUSNAVEUR) in London the Admiral in charge was a John S. Thach I did a quick Internet search to ascertain if he was the same U. S. Navy Officer I knew when I was first attached to Navy London. Yes he was!!!
An interesting side note to the Career of Admiral John S. Thach is the fact that he worked for a Four Star Admiral named John Sidney McCain in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Upon his retirement from the Navy, also in London, Admiral Thach was relieved by Admiral John S. McCain, the son of the Admiral he had served with during World War II.
Of course we all know another John McCain. He is a former candidate for President of the United States of America and currently serving in the U. S. Senate.
I thought You Would Like to Know this bit of History. Admiral John S. Thach is credited with developing Naval Aviation tactics which allowed our Country to defeat the Japanese at the Battle of Midway. One of the tactics he developed is known as the Thach Weave. You can read more about this Hero at:
Guardian of Freedom

Most readers of this Blog know that I visit the U. S. Navy Website every day. Yes, I have a proud legacy and I appreciate it very much that I still reside in the Land of the Free.
I would encourage everyone to visit this site to learn more about our great U. S. Navy:
"Bad Corporations"
Last evening as I was observing the "Georgia Public Television" Lawmakers program I learned that it is possible that we have a lack of funds to support the current Homeowners Property Tax relief because of the tax breaks we have given to corporations.
I would like to go on record here with this statement. The State of Georgia should encourage all corporations to leave the State of Georgia immediately. Our Georgia Chamber of Commerce should also encourage all corporations to seeking information about Georgia to Look Elsewhere.
Our fine lawmakers certainly have our best interest at heart. We do not need any evil corporations doing business in Georgia. After all, our lawmakers can enact programs that will care for us all. None of us need any employment!!!!!
As I considered the previous two paragraphs I realized how unfair it is to give any tax breaks to corporations who desire to locate to Georgia. After all it is these corporations who provide the jobs that most Georgia Citizens desire.
I really do not think that the Government of the State of Georgia can provide for all of our needs, much less wants. It would be a real interesting situation, and a first in our Nation, if all the residents of Georgia were employees of the State.
That stated, I certainly feel that tax breaks for corporations my indeed allow us all to have employment. I would encourage our Bibb delegation to consider the "real world." The purpose of this entry is to remind our Bibb Delegation that while you may not always agree with each other, the discussion by Senator Robert Brown on Georgia Public Television last evening certainly did not reflect what Georgia Citizens need to know or realize. His discussion was certainly inflammatory. After all, we can not have any home owner property tax relief because of the tax breaks we have given these "Bad Corporations." Please note that I, the Flower Child added the word Bad.
This whole discussion allows me to recall a social event where I heard the spouse, a female, decry the action of her husband regarding a small insignificant event. He promptly replyed, "Bad Husband." "Bad Husband."
Problem solved. The Wife immediately disengaged from her comments.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Air Supply
This sounds like an interesting title for a Blog Entry today. I just turned off the "White House Press Secretary's Briefing. The abundance of air was overwhelming. It sort of reminded me of when many years ago, about fifteen to be exact, when my youngest Son would attempt to mislead me with a stack of lies. I would confront him directly by stating that he was beginning to sound like the "Lead Singer for Air Supply." In other words, nothing but a large amount of hot air.
Recently I posted a Blog entry about our New Secretary of the Treasury and also the Peanut Processing Facility in South Georgia. I decried the fact that ethics seems to be something that is missing on the American Scene.
Just this past week-end we all learned about the Health and Human Services nomination, a former U. S. Senator. He discovered that he had underpaid his Federal Income Taxes. Yet he is considered such a superior person for this job that our President is standing by him. Let me think about this for a minute. Millions of pounds of tained Peanut Butter Products have been distributed thoughout the United States of America with only eight deaths. A small number when compared with the vast amount of Peanut Butter we consume. Just as a few people overlooking their Federal Income Tax obligations. A small number. Sure!!!!!!!
Millions of citizens pay their Federal Income Tax obligations. The average "Joe the Plumber" or "Joe Six Pack" steps up to the plate every Spring to pay his required amounts. Yet our new leaders selecte the one in a million who have "overlooked" their responsibilities. We are told that both of these fine upstanding men are uniquely qualified and therefore need to be ratified by the U. S. Senate for the postions they have been selected for.
So, they will be ratified as we can all expect. After all some of the people (Senators) in charge of vetting them may possibly be guilty of overlooking their own responsibilities to our Federal Government. So it is possible that we have the classic "The Fox is Guarding the Hen House."
A deplorable situation, indeed; but one that we need to appreciate. After all, as the press secretary indicated, this is a small, minute percentage of Americans who live in the United States of America.
Or, was he talking about the small, minute percentage of "earmarks" that are in the House Approved stimulus package that is currently before our U. S. Senators for ratification. These same Senators are the ones we have charged with guarding the "Hen House."
All of this set against a background of "We must ratify this package because of the desperate need to get America back on track." Sounds nice enough, but to me it is also a lot of "Air." I would respectfully submit that the first step to getting America back on track is to require that everyone in our Government be totally Honest with We The People. I may be old fashioned, but in the end it is integrity, honesty and trust that allows our financial system to prosper.
This post is not intended to discredit or slander the musical group known as "Air Supply." To learn more about "Air Supply" please visit:
To help insure the integrity of the future of the United States of America please visit this site and submit your comments and concerns to your U. S. Senator:
By taking the time today to let your Senator know how you feel about our current situation, just maybe "We The People," can help restore the United States of America. This is not about anyone person, we are all much larger than that. We need to restore America for our own future, but even more vital is the restoration of America for our Children and their Children.
God Bless America, but we all also must do our part. We were not created to just sit by and observe the desecration of our Country. Thank You

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl Forty-Three
I did not know Daisy was dating. From my point of view this was the best commercial. Which one did you think was best?