Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Beauty
House Plants
Please take the time to enjoy these lovely flowers which are now ready to help Me and My Family Celebrate Christmas 2016 here in Middle Georgia.  God's Blessings to all of the readers here at "The World This Week."  Thank You.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

2016 USS Ranger (CVA/CV-61) Reunion

2016 USS Ranger (CVA/CV-61) Reunion
Charleston, South Carolina
The Reunion is now over and My Bride and I enjoyed the event.  The highpoint of the event was the Patriots Point's Institute of History, Science and Technology presentation  of "Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things" From Boat to Boots and Beyond held onboard the USS Yorktown on Friday 30 September 2016.  This presentation included the story of Lt. Col. Lan T. Dalat's rescue on March 20, 1981 when he along with 137 other Boat People were rescued by the USS Ranger (CV-61) somewhere in the South China Sea.  He had been adrift for many days and it was a most challenging situation.  Finally they were rescued.  He retold this emotional story to us Ranger Reunion attendees as well as over 75 students of Sterling Elementary School in South Carolina.  All in attendance were spellbound as he related the story of His life and how he is now a Lt. Col. in the United States Army.
While we were in Charleston we took the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful breakfast at "The Early Bird Diner" on Highway 17 in Charleston.  It was a great meal.  Our Ranger Friends from Iowa were with us.

This is a picture of our USS Ranger Friends from Iowa along with Lt. Col. Lan T. Dalat.  They are holding a 3 inch by 5 inch section of the Ranger Flight Deck which was presented to Lt. Co.l Dalat.

In addition to the usual reunion activities which allow plenty of time for Fellowship with former Shipmates and others who served on this great Warship we enjoyed many opportunities for tours in the Charleston area.
My Bride and I enjoyed and also learned a lot about Tea while visiting the "Charleston Tea Plantation" which is the only tea plantation in the United States.  Of course we visited the gift shop and returned to Macon with several selections of their tea.
In addition to visiting the Tea Plantation we visited the Deep Water Vineyard.  We enjoyed the opportunity to taste five wines and again, while exiting the tasting room we had the opportunity to obtain their products.  I could not make up my mind, so I acquired a case of their products. 
In summary, a Wonderful Reunion and a great opportunity to learn about Our Nation's Heroes and also an exposure to the fine products of Carolina's Low Country.

Monday, September 19, 2016

August Holiday to the Holy Land

Janice Marie and Alan's Visits to Iowa
August 2016
We visit Iowa (a.k.a. The Holy Land) each year.  This year we visited in August so that we could also attend the wedding of one of Alan's Nephews.

Our first stop is usually Altoona, Iowa which is the home of
very dear friends from Alan's USS Ranger days in the U. S. Navy.
This year, as always we visit the "Freedom Rock" which is
West of Des Moines.  Each year the artist paints new
scenes during the Month of May to Honor our Heroes  with
new images on Memorial Day.  Enjoy the following views.

Here you see our very dear friends and ourselves at the
Freedom Rock.  This image on the rock honors the
Pearl Harbor Heroes.

We did not stop here for Lunch. 

The Iowa Veterans Cemetery is on a very peaceful hill and is
quite new.

We enjoyed a delightful Dinner at the Machine Shed which is
on the Living History Farm located in Urbandale, Iowa.

Of course the corn grows large in Iowa.

A wall mural inside the Machine Shed.

No visit to Iowa in August would be complete without a stop
at the famed Iowa State Fair.  This model of a John Deere Track
Tractor sells at well over $600,000.00

An avenue of Flags at the Iowa State Fair.

We enjoyed and also appreciated the annual "Tribute to Veterans
Concert" at the Iowa State Fair.  The next picture shows to young
Iowa citizens also enjoying the Tribute Concert.

On our way to Northeast Iowa, specifically Clayton
County, we dined at Taylors Maid-Rite in
Marshalltown, Iowa.

The rolling country side in Clayton County.  This view was captured
as we traveled to Gunder, Iowa for a Family Dinner
at the Irish Shanti.

After a wonderful meal at the Irish Shanti all of Siblings posed
for a Family Picture.

This picture includes those who have married into the Family.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Alan's Entries in the 2016
Photographic Society of America
Photo Travel Division
Mini-Essay Competition

In May I entered this Competition.  You could place up to 20 images in the contest.  I chose these thirteen and entered them with this title:

"Macon's Architectural Heritage" 

The Contest was Judged in August and here are the comments I received for my entry:

"Thanks for entering the Photo Travel Division's new mini-essay competition.  Although your essay was not given an award, I would like to share the judges' comments with you.  They felt the mansions were well photographed, but said that in architectural photography, the verticals should not converge towards the top."

I am glad I participated in this competition and am already looking forward to my 2017 entry.  

Monday, July 11, 2016

Music and the Arts at Vineville United Methodish Church, Macon, Georgia

Music and the Arts
Vineville United Methodist Church
Macon, Georgia

During the past year My Bride and I have enjoyed the monthly concerts at Vineville United Methodist Church. 

The most recent concert was on Sunday 26 June 2016 and it featured the "American Rhapsody" with the Annie Moses Band.  It was a terrific event.

I would encourage everyone to attend these monthly concerts which are usually free.  For information concerning the upcoming season please visit:

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Middle Georgia Camera Club Field Trip 25 June 2016 to Jasper County, Georgia

Church and Cemetery Field Trip

Nine people participated in a Camera Club Field Trip today.  These are but a few of the 156 shots that I took.  Admittedly, it was a hot day, but we traveled the back roads and most of the time we were in the shade.