Monday, September 19, 2016

August Holiday to the Holy Land

Janice Marie and Alan's Visits to Iowa
August 2016
We visit Iowa (a.k.a. The Holy Land) each year.  This year we visited in August so that we could also attend the wedding of one of Alan's Nephews.

Our first stop is usually Altoona, Iowa which is the home of
very dear friends from Alan's USS Ranger days in the U. S. Navy.
This year, as always we visit the "Freedom Rock" which is
West of Des Moines.  Each year the artist paints new
scenes during the Month of May to Honor our Heroes  with
new images on Memorial Day.  Enjoy the following views.

Here you see our very dear friends and ourselves at the
Freedom Rock.  This image on the rock honors the
Pearl Harbor Heroes.

We did not stop here for Lunch. 

The Iowa Veterans Cemetery is on a very peaceful hill and is
quite new.

We enjoyed a delightful Dinner at the Machine Shed which is
on the Living History Farm located in Urbandale, Iowa.

Of course the corn grows large in Iowa.

A wall mural inside the Machine Shed.

No visit to Iowa in August would be complete without a stop
at the famed Iowa State Fair.  This model of a John Deere Track
Tractor sells at well over $600,000.00

An avenue of Flags at the Iowa State Fair.

We enjoyed and also appreciated the annual "Tribute to Veterans
Concert" at the Iowa State Fair.  The next picture shows to young
Iowa citizens also enjoying the Tribute Concert.

On our way to Northeast Iowa, specifically Clayton
County, we dined at Taylors Maid-Rite in
Marshalltown, Iowa.

The rolling country side in Clayton County.  This view was captured
as we traveled to Gunder, Iowa for a Family Dinner
at the Irish Shanti.

After a wonderful meal at the Irish Shanti all of Siblings posed
for a Family Picture.

This picture includes those who have married into the Family.

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Jenny Bonds said...

Great photos as usual. Love keeping up with and your bride!