Tuesday, September 22, 2015

128 Weatherby Drive

Macon, Georgia  312120-8234

22 September 2015


Today I post a complete report on the exterior renovation of our Home.  This project commenced on 15 May and is essentially complete as of this date.  Admittedly I have a few more hours of labor to conduct before the Deck Renovation is totally complete.  The following is a summary of events with dates.  It must be stated that during the period of late June through mid July My Bride and I were enjoying our Annual Holiday to the Holy Land.


15 May            Henry Leslie at 747-2872 repaired the top of the Chimney and placed concrete at the                      top.  Once the concrete was dry he sprayed a sealer on the cap to prevent any future



20 May            Ordered Window repair kits for seven downstairs from Warner Robins Supply.  The

                        old windows had rotted and in some cases the springs to allow the up and down

                        movements were broken.  The contact was Paul at 953-4100.


21 May            Covenant Plumbing installed a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater.  Contact is the owner

                        Dennis at 745-7436


2 Jun                Covenant Plumbing replaced all of the defective supply line plumbing with “PEX.”

                        The task was completed in two days and we enjoyed running water except for a brief

                        period when it was changed over.  The removed the old water heater and the exposed

                        water lines in the attic.


13 Jun              Gerald Madison at 808-8343 completed the patching and repainting of the holes that

                        were made to install the new plumbing lines.  Gerald was recommended by Dennis of

                        Covenant Plumbing.  Dennis made this comment:  “Gerald makes me look good.”

 From my point of view, Gerald Madison did a perfect job.


17 Jun              Macon Tent and Awning at 743-2684 installed a new awning over the front door.  The

                        Previous awning was over fifteen years old and the stitching was weak so the decision

                        was made to replace it.


19 Jun              Warner Robins Supply at 953-4100 installed the seven window repair kits and the 14



19 Jun              Blues Painting and Pressure Washing at 956-0830 – Point of Contact:  Mark.  The

                        Pressure washing was performed on 2 June.  The exterior trim wood and rotten wood

                        was replaced and painted.


27 Jul               Blues Painting and Pressure Washing completed the exterior painting and received the

                        final payment.  The replacement window sashes installed on 19 June were replaced

                        with non-energy efficient sashes so that they would match the rest of the house.  Thus

                        the final exterior painting was completed in July.

Early Aug        A David “S” recommended by Marshall Lumber completed the repair of the wood

                        At the base of the front door frame.  David can be reached at 361-3971.


12 Aug             Stinson Heating and Air replaced the upstairs Air Conditioning Coil and the outside

                        Compressor with an SEER 14 unit built by Amana.  The contact number for Stinson

                        is  742-4311.  This was not an anticipated project; however when a Compressor is

                        worn out, it must be replaced.


9 Sep               Gerald Madison at 808-8343 completed the interior painting of the window sash grills.

                        He also repainted some of the Dining Room wall that was damaged when the Tankless

                        Water Heater thermostat was installed in the garage.  Covenant Plumbing covered the

                        repair and repainting of the dining room Wall.


22 Sep             The final project for the exterior renovation was the Deck Board project.  I, Alan with

                        some help from My Bride completed this project with a total expenditure of only

                        $1995.00.  The decision was made to use “Lowes Choice” Composite Deck Boards

                        and the special clips so that there are no splices, nails or screws visible.


Please note that I would encourage anyone anticipating such a project in the future to get the various vendors lined up well in advance.  It is also realized that many of the vendors that were used in this project are so well regarded that they often cannot perform the required task on the Home Owner’s schedule.  Thus, I learned to be flexible.  Both My Bride and I are extremely happy with the results that were achieved. 



Thursday, September 17, 2015

2015 Deck Rehabilitation
During the Summer of 2015 we conducted a major rehabilitation of our Home in Weatherby Plantation, Macon, Georgia.  The last major project concerning the exterior of our Home was the rebuilding of the Deck.  The former Deck was constructed when the House was build in 1990 or 1991.  We purchased the House in February 1992 and have lived here ever since.  The Contractor for this Project was the Home Owner, Alan, who also publishes this Blog.
This is the old deck boards which were hauled away!

All of the joist were in good shape except two, which were

The Ledger Board, which was bolted to the house lacked
support post which were installed!!

The orientation of the deck boards was changed so that there
would be no splices.  Lowe's Choice Deck Boards were selected
because they are a composite board which should last
a very long time!!

The project was started on 16 August and except for the "Cap" Boards
and the "Molding" where the deck meets the brick wall the project was
completed on 16 September when the new Outdoor Rug arrived and
was placed.

The total funds expended for this project, including the Outdoor Rug with Pad was $2200.00.  The furniture shown is not included in the cost because, if and only if we ever sell our home we can take the furniture with us.  The Choice Deck was installed with special clips so there are no nails or screws visible. 

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Are You Ready?
All too often we are not prepared for an emergency or even a difficult situation!  Today I share my plans for being ready.
It helps to have fitted floor matts in your pickup.  My 1998 RAM
had vinyl matts.  This RAM from 2011 had carpet.  I quickly
acquired Weather Tech to keep the new RAM (for me)
looking good.  I was also impressed that these
were made in the U. S. A.

I have always carried a First Aid Kit in all of my vehicles, in
addition to the one in the House.  Here you also see the
lug wrench (far superior to the one provided in any
vehicle); a block of wood to place a Jack on and of course
Jumper Cables.  I can not begin to recall how many times I
have helped our fellow motorist who needed a Jump.

Every vehicle needs a proper flashlight!  This one was
a gift many years ago from My oldest Son.

The Summary Picture.  This RAM is ready for the road!!!