Thursday, September 17, 2015

2015 Deck Rehabilitation
During the Summer of 2015 we conducted a major rehabilitation of our Home in Weatherby Plantation, Macon, Georgia.  The last major project concerning the exterior of our Home was the rebuilding of the Deck.  The former Deck was constructed when the House was build in 1990 or 1991.  We purchased the House in February 1992 and have lived here ever since.  The Contractor for this Project was the Home Owner, Alan, who also publishes this Blog.
This is the old deck boards which were hauled away!

All of the joist were in good shape except two, which were

The Ledger Board, which was bolted to the house lacked
support post which were installed!!

The orientation of the deck boards was changed so that there
would be no splices.  Lowe's Choice Deck Boards were selected
because they are a composite board which should last
a very long time!!

The project was started on 16 August and except for the "Cap" Boards
and the "Molding" where the deck meets the brick wall the project was
completed on 16 September when the new Outdoor Rug arrived and
was placed.

The total funds expended for this project, including the Outdoor Rug with Pad was $2200.00.  The furniture shown is not included in the cost because, if and only if we ever sell our home we can take the furniture with us.  The Choice Deck was installed with special clips so there are no nails or screws visible. 

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John Guy said...

If only I had your energy Alan! Looks really nice!