Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Are You Ready?
All too often we are not prepared for an emergency or even a difficult situation!  Today I share my plans for being ready.
It helps to have fitted floor matts in your pickup.  My 1998 RAM
had vinyl matts.  This RAM from 2011 had carpet.  I quickly
acquired Weather Tech to keep the new RAM (for me)
looking good.  I was also impressed that these
were made in the U. S. A.

I have always carried a First Aid Kit in all of my vehicles, in
addition to the one in the House.  Here you also see the
lug wrench (far superior to the one provided in any
vehicle); a block of wood to place a Jack on and of course
Jumper Cables.  I can not begin to recall how many times I
have helped our fellow motorist who needed a Jump.

Every vehicle needs a proper flashlight!  This one was
a gift many years ago from My oldest Son.

The Summary Picture.  This RAM is ready for the road!!!

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