Monday, August 31, 2015

Iowa Adventure
2015 Concluded
 Every Year during our Annual Trip to the Holy Land (a.k.a. Iowa) My Sibling Brother John Paul and I conduct a Field Trip.  When we arrived in Guttenberg, Iowa on 1 July I visited Lock and Dam Number 10 on the Mississippi River because that is where My Brother Works and I suspected that I would get to seem him there.  When we arrived there was a Tow getting ready to enter the Locks going South.  My Brother was on duty!!
John Paul Looking!!

My Brother and the Lock Master!!

The Army Corps of Engineers Workers checking out the Tourist!!

The Barges leaving the Locks proceeding South!

 On 6 July My Brother and I conducted our annual Field Trip limiting ourselves to Clayton and Dubuque Counties.  This is the road to the Cassville, Wisconsin Ferry.
 This is the Power Plant at Cassville with a Pusher and Barges traveling South!!
 A rolling hills of Dubuque County Farm Stead in Dubuque County!!
 Another view of the rolling hills.
 A Paddle Wheel at the entrance to the Mississippi River Museum in Dubuque, Iowa.
 Of course My Brother had to Model the Paddle Wheel!!
 After a lovely Lunch at Applebee's we traveled U. S. Highway 52 toward Guttenberg, Iowa.  Here is another view of the rolling countryside!!
 This is what remains of an abandoned Farm Stead near Millville, Iowa.  A lonely Silo stands watch!
I had My Brother stop so I could take this picture of a Honey Bee Farm near Millville.  A great day complete with Sibling Bonding Time on 6 July 2015.

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