Thursday, August 13, 2015

Home Maintenance Tips

Air Conditioning System
Septic System
Yesterday, 12 August 2015 as I observed a Local Heating and Air Conditioning Firm install a new Compressor and the Cooling Coil for the second story of our home I asked business Owner about Air Filters and keeping the bottom of the Cooling Coil clean.  I asked because years ago homeowners were advised to purchase tablets and place them in the water collection area of the Cooling Coil Tray.  This sounded great except it required access to the Cooling Coil water collection area.  Not an easy task to access.
The new method and more homeowner friendly is to purchase a can of Disinfectant Spray and use it as follows:
  • Each time you change the Air Filter simply have the fan running on the air handling equipment and with the filter removed spray the disinfectant for about ten to fifteen seconds into the area behind or above where the filter is set.
  • Once you have sprayed install the new Air Filter.
The  first picture below shows the filter.  As we discussed the keeping the Air Conditioning System Cooling Coil clean the next subject I learned about was using the proper Air Filter.  I was informed that recent advances in Air Filters has resulted in various Laboratory Test.  The results were that the use of a cheap filter allows the air to circulate much quicker and thereby catching the dust almost as well as the more expensive Air Filters.  The key is to change the filter monthly, especially during the Cooling Season. 
I purchase these economy filters by the case so I always have
filters available to change out every month!!!

This product which sells for about $5.00 a can
is just as effective as one that some Heating and
Air Conditioning Contractors will sell to you
for about $30.00 a can.

Now for the low cost information on Septic Tank Maintenance.  During a recent campaign for the Local Authority I visited the Sewerage Treatment System.  During the course of the information sharing I indicated that My Home had a Septic Tank.  I was informed that I could use the Tank Maintenance systems currently sold to the public on a monthly basis.  However if I really desired an effective Septic Tank Treatment at much less cost I could simply pour one gallon of Buttermilk in the System once a year.  You can be sure that I am currently doing just that. 
I continue to be educated on how to be a cost effective Home Owner.  All one has to do is ask.  Today I share this information so that you also may know!!

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