Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fire Station 110
Heath Road
West Bibb County
Ground Breaking
Friday, June 28, 2013

 Conversation prior to the Ground Breaking Ceremony.  Firemen and one Bibb County Commissioner.
 Fire Chief Riggins and the Chairman  Hart of the County Commission share their observations about the site.

 Of course the appropriate signage must also be in position so that everyone can see how this station is funded. 

 The soil was easy to break.  It had been hauled in especially for this event.  I was able to capture four shovels of dirt in the air.

The task is complete.  The new station is expected to be in operation in late 2014.  It will follow the same design as other recent new fire stations in Bibb County.

Senior Expo 2013
Macon, Georgia

Once I had my documents shredded I attended the Expo.  They did not check my age, but I do appear to be mature enough to attend this type event.  In addition to a delightful breakfast of coffee, orange juice, fruit and breads there was a plethora of information available for everyone. 

I did not count the booths, but everything that a Senior Citizen could desire information about was represented.  There must have been at least 60 information booths.

I did gather a packet of information and will take the time to read all of it tomorrow afternoon.  I am certainly glad that I participated in this informative event.

2013 Senior Expo
Macon, Georgia
June 28, 2013.  The Macon Police Department, The Bibb Sheriff Department and the Macon Better Business Bureau along with other organizations sponsored the 2013 Senior Expo.  For those who arrived between 8:00 A.M. and 10:00 A.M. the opportunity was available to have documents shredded to prevent identity theft. 

I took two shopping bags of documents and they shredded them in about 30 seconds.  This series of pictures is presented here for your information.  

There was no fee for this document shredding.  Thank You to the Senior Expo Sponsors.  Well Done!!!
A Gallery Display Featuring
The Craftsmanship
Matthew McCollum

Adam's Remorse


Rooster (Close Up)
Matthew's Chainsaw art is currently on display at the Middle Georgia Art Association Gallery located at 2330 Inglesdie Avenue, Macon, Georgia.

For Gallery information and hours please visit: 

There are a total of eleven sculptures on display.  There is something of interest for anyone.  The titles are:

Abstract Dancer
Turtle I
Turtle II
Tree Spirit I
Tree Spirit II
Asian Figure
A Summer Swim
Adam's Remose

Matthew began his Chainsaw sculpture work a mere eighteen months ago.  You are encouraged to visit this interesting and also memorable display.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Celebrate Art....  Celebrate Life
2013 Celebration of Life Art Exhibit

The Cancer Life Center of the Medical Center of Central Georgia and the Middle Georgia Art Association are currently sponsoring an exhibit focused on art dedicated to demonstrating the curative forces of creativity and celebrating the courage of all those whose lives have been touched in some way by cancer.

The exhibit consist of ninty-one entries.  The artist have also submitted a statement about their respective entries, which is available for you to read.

Gallery Location -  2330 Ingleside Ave, Macon, GA 31204

Phone:(478) 744-9557


Tuesday Noon to 5:00 PM
Wednesday Noon to 5:00 PM 
Thursday Noon to 5:00 PM
Friday Noon to 5:00 PM
Saturday  Noon to 3:00 PM
Sunday Closed
Monday  Closed

This exhibit will be on display until June 28, 2013.  Take the opportunity today to view this art.

BP Gulf Oil Disaster - April 2010

Benghazi Attack - September 2012

I have been contemplating the situation of Leadership Styles by various individuals in recent history.

Back in June of 2010 the Chief Executive for BP Oil, Tony Hayward, was faulted for taking a weekend off to attend or possibly participate in an exclusive yachting competition.  Please remember that the Disaster had happened in April of 2010. 

People everywhere were upset that Mr. Tony Hayward took the time off.

Fast Forward to the night of the Benghazi Attack.  We here in the United States of America have not yet heard where our Commander in Chief was when the Attack reached a peak and our Ambassador and several others were killed.  It would be interesting to know where our Commander in Chief (President) was.  Some have reported that he was not in the White House Situation room.  There have been some references that he was in the Situation Room.  We do know that no matter what the case, that he may have been focused on a trip to the West Coast to generate Campaign Funds; because that is where he went the next day.

From my own point of view, I would hope that our Commander in Chief was in the White House Situation Room on the night of the Attack so that he could perform his duties.

As regards the BP Oil Disaster - the Chief Executive traveled back to England several months after the event.  Yet, here in our own country we have a Commander in Chief who may not have been on duty, as he should have been, on the very night of the attack.

I guess it depends on who is AWOL and for what purpose as to what matters.  For those who may not comprehend what AWOL means it is "Absence Without Leave."

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Electronics Recycling
Macon, Georgia
8 June 2013

Today the following organizations teamed up to conduct a "Free Electronics Recycling Event" at the Macon Area Habitat for Humanity, 690 Holt Avenue in Macon. 

LG Electronics USA
Macon Area Habitat for Humanity
Keep Macon Bibb Beautiful
Vintage Tech Recyclers

I took several items for this event and after I had completed my donation I took the opportunity to capture a few images for this Blog Post.

The event was well organized and the process went very quick.  The team consisted of Habitat Home Owners, Future Habitat Home Owners, Boy Scouts, Interested Citizens who also Volunteered, Keep Macon Bibb Beautiful Volunteers as well members of the local Garden Clubs.

As a pallet was completed it was wrapped for
shippment to an Electronics Processing Center, Vintage
Tech Recyclers.  I think this organization is
located in Chicago.

I did observe all of the happy volunteers. The
individual on the right was the one who unloaded my
donations as I went through the line.
Certainly a great event to help keep our Community Beautiful.  I overheard one of the coordinators indicate that the event exceeded expectations and this was about 10:00 A.M. just one hour after the event started.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A Sad Situation!!!!!

Many months ago the organization which owned this piece of heavy equipment transferred the ownership of this machine and several others to a different organization.  In addition to the equipment transfer the Foreman/Crew Leader for the equipment was also transferred.

Some of the equipment is now in operation and doing quite well.  However some of the equipment is now being rebuilt so that it can serve a useful purpose.  Some of this rebuilding is taking longer than some expect.

The equipment you see above is non-operational.  The Foreman is getting paid, after all that is the proper thing to do.  Informal information indicates that the equipment shown above has an engine that is seized up.  Therefore it can not be started and operated to serve the intended purpose.  The people who meet from time to time in the structure behind the equipment are now complaining that this is not proper.  In fact these people who meet from time to time are now airing their displeasure in the local media.  The question one would have to ask is why was the equipment shown above in such a state of repair that it could not be operated when it was turned over? 

Meanwhile the new owner is attempting to rehab the machine, while still paying the Crew Foreman.  It is rumored that it may take some time and that the earth moving improvements scheduled for this Summer may not be accomplished because the rehab may take until much later this year.

What makes this situation even more unpleasant is that the folks who have next of kin buried in the "Hart Family Cemetery" just down the road from this structure with the heavy equipment parked in front are also unhappy about this situation.
What can be done?  Yes, this is a sad situation!!!  I know for a fact that the machine such as shown above cannot be repaired quickly and in fact parts may also be difficult to acquire because of the machines age.  In summary, after years of neglect how can anyone expect a miracle to be accomplished overnight?  I think not, especially when everyone is now relying on rebates, grants and government assistance from others!!!

Monday, June 03, 2013

Sunday School
The Lutheran Church of the
Holy Trinity
Macon, Georgia

I teach Sunday School at my Church to a group of First through Fourth Grade Students.  We started with the Creation of the World in Genesis.  We read and discuss the assigned lesson and then each Student draws a picture that is appropriate to that lesson.  Some Sundays I also participate in the coloring.

Eve taking an apple from the Tree of Knowledge of
Good and Evil.  Eve and Adam both ate of this forbidden

The Great Flood - Noah, his Family observe the Rainbow
when God Promised to never destroy the whole earth again.

Abram Rescues his Nephew, Lot.

Abram constructs an Altar of Thanksgiving to God after
he follows God's Word to sacrifice his Son, Isaac.
God provides a Ram for the sacrifice.
We discussed the Now and Then of the Altar.

God Calls Abram, changes his name to Abraham and Abraham
then feeds God and two Angels.

I enjoy the opportunity to teach this class and it also causes me to study so that I know what I am discussing with the Students.