Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A Sad Situation!!!!!

Many months ago the organization which owned this piece of heavy equipment transferred the ownership of this machine and several others to a different organization.  In addition to the equipment transfer the Foreman/Crew Leader for the equipment was also transferred.

Some of the equipment is now in operation and doing quite well.  However some of the equipment is now being rebuilt so that it can serve a useful purpose.  Some of this rebuilding is taking longer than some expect.

The equipment you see above is non-operational.  The Foreman is getting paid, after all that is the proper thing to do.  Informal information indicates that the equipment shown above has an engine that is seized up.  Therefore it can not be started and operated to serve the intended purpose.  The people who meet from time to time in the structure behind the equipment are now complaining that this is not proper.  In fact these people who meet from time to time are now airing their displeasure in the local media.  The question one would have to ask is why was the equipment shown above in such a state of repair that it could not be operated when it was turned over? 

Meanwhile the new owner is attempting to rehab the machine, while still paying the Crew Foreman.  It is rumored that it may take some time and that the earth moving improvements scheduled for this Summer may not be accomplished because the rehab may take until much later this year.

What makes this situation even more unpleasant is that the folks who have next of kin buried in the "Hart Family Cemetery" just down the road from this structure with the heavy equipment parked in front are also unhappy about this situation.
What can be done?  Yes, this is a sad situation!!!  I know for a fact that the machine such as shown above cannot be repaired quickly and in fact parts may also be difficult to acquire because of the machines age.  In summary, after years of neglect how can anyone expect a miracle to be accomplished overnight?  I think not, especially when everyone is now relying on rebates, grants and government assistance from others!!!

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