Monday, June 03, 2013

Sunday School
The Lutheran Church of the
Holy Trinity
Macon, Georgia

I teach Sunday School at my Church to a group of First through Fourth Grade Students.  We started with the Creation of the World in Genesis.  We read and discuss the assigned lesson and then each Student draws a picture that is appropriate to that lesson.  Some Sundays I also participate in the coloring.

Eve taking an apple from the Tree of Knowledge of
Good and Evil.  Eve and Adam both ate of this forbidden

The Great Flood - Noah, his Family observe the Rainbow
when God Promised to never destroy the whole earth again.

Abram Rescues his Nephew, Lot.

Abram constructs an Altar of Thanksgiving to God after
he follows God's Word to sacrifice his Son, Isaac.
God provides a Ram for the sacrifice.
We discussed the Now and Then of the Altar.

God Calls Abram, changes his name to Abraham and Abraham
then feeds God and two Angels.

I enjoy the opportunity to teach this class and it also causes me to study so that I know what I am discussing with the Students.

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