Tuesday, June 11, 2013

BP Gulf Oil Disaster - April 2010

Benghazi Attack - September 2012

I have been contemplating the situation of Leadership Styles by various individuals in recent history.

Back in June of 2010 the Chief Executive for BP Oil, Tony Hayward, was faulted for taking a weekend off to attend or possibly participate in an exclusive yachting competition.  Please remember that the Disaster had happened in April of 2010. 

People everywhere were upset that Mr. Tony Hayward took the time off.

Fast Forward to the night of the Benghazi Attack.  We here in the United States of America have not yet heard where our Commander in Chief was when the Attack reached a peak and our Ambassador and several others were killed.  It would be interesting to know where our Commander in Chief (President) was.  Some have reported that he was not in the White House Situation room.  There have been some references that he was in the Situation Room.  We do know that no matter what the case, that he may have been focused on a trip to the West Coast to generate Campaign Funds; because that is where he went the next day.

From my own point of view, I would hope that our Commander in Chief was in the White House Situation Room on the night of the Attack so that he could perform his duties.

As regards the BP Oil Disaster - the Chief Executive traveled back to England several months after the event.  Yet, here in our own country we have a Commander in Chief who may not have been on duty, as he should have been, on the very night of the attack.

I guess it depends on who is AWOL and for what purpose as to what matters.  For those who may not comprehend what AWOL means it is "Absence Without Leave."

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