Thursday, September 23, 2010

"We Can Do Better"
# 9

As I conduct my campaign I am often asked "What Is Your Platform?"

Every School Day the parents of over 24 thousand Scholars in Bibb County entrust the education of their children to the Bibb School System.  As a member of the Board I will strive for:

  • A World Class education for these Scholars so that they will be ready to compete for the employment opportunities of the future.

  • Managment of the financial resources to obtain the most education for the limited funds available.

  • The establishment of policies that insure a safe and secure setting for the safety of all our Scholars.

  • Policies that insure open and honest communication from the District to the Citizens of Bibb County.

  • Enforcement of the discipline standards which are currently established.
By working together, You and I, we can insure a World Class Education for our Scholars.

"We Can Do Better!!!!"  Vote for Alan Thiese in the General Election.  Thank You!!

Published by Alan Thiese
Candidate for Post 8, Bibb County Georgia Board of Education