Saturday, August 30, 2014

Labor Day Weekend
30 August 2014

This is the weekend when we are all exposed to a plethora of Paint Sales on the Electronic Media that we all enjoy.  Well today I feature several projects that have been completed as we prepare for Labor Day 2014 on Monday, September 1, 2014.
This is a photo display that features three
generations of my heritage.  My Mom's and
Dad's pictures as well as My Parent's
Wedding Picture.  Then in 1973 they
had a picture of us all taken when I
was in Iowa for a Holiday.
You will note the framed certificates on the
bottom row.  These are the baptism and confirmation
certificates of my Parents.
In addition to having them behind non-glare
glass I have also placed a brief information
tag on the reverse of each picture so that
future generations will know who is in
the pictures and what the certificates
are about.

These pictures were taken in 1989 for the
Celebration of 50 years of marriage of my Parents.
They had six children and each of us
had to bring a family picture to the event.
After the celebration we had ours
framed.  Additionally we had individual
pictures of us printed and framed.

Now, for the real Labor Day Weekend
activity.  I finally got around to cleaning and
also painting the Breakfast Room Door exterior
that leads to the Deck.  Do not become
concerned.  I plan to paint the interior side
of this Door on 1 September 2014 as
we celebrate Labor Day 2014.

This picture and the one above it show what
I have also accomplished this week.  The
weather was dry so it was the perfect
opportunity to wash the windows.  I was
able to clean both the exterior and interior
of all the Windows on the North Side
of our home.  It now actually looks like
someone lives here.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Middle Georgia Challenge

Several days ago I posted a Challenge Photograph.  As you can ascertain from the photos below, Otis is looking at the Walkway Railing on the River Walk.  The section of Railing in the Challenge was under the Bridge which crosses the Ocmulgee River.  M. L. King Blvd is right above the Walkway Railing.  Sorry that no one submitted the correct reply.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Peach Pie 
Excellent Crust

This pie baking pan was acquired from
Robinson Home here in
Macon, Georgia.

Almost Oven Ready.  I had to slash the
top crust before I placed it in the oven.

This crust was really great.  Very light
and flaky.  I used real lard to make the
crust.  I also used fresh Georgia Peaches.

We enjoyed this pie with ice cream this evening.  Life is Good!!!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Macon-Bibb Challenge
Once again I publish a Challenge.  This picture was taken within the confines of Macon-Bibb.  That is the only clue available at this time.  If you are the first person to correctly identify the location where this picture was taken, either on this Blog Post, Face Book or by E-Mail to me you will receive a free Lunch for one at a place I select within Macon-Bibb.

You must complete this challenge prior to 2400, Monday 18 August 2014.

College - Oglethorpe
15 August 2014

The Mayor of Macon-Bibb welcomed all who
came to be a part of History with the
opening of the First Round-A-Bout in

President Underwood drove the Mercer Pick-Up through the Round-A-Bout
as part of the opening ceremonies.
President addressed the crowd, which I estimate
to be over 100 people before he drove the
beautiful Orange Pick-Up.
It is now officially open.  This type of intersection is not really new.  While it may be new to Macon-Bibb the citizens of England have been enjoying these Round-A-Bouts for years.  I should know, I used them during my time in England in the late 1960s.  
Free Enterprise
The American Way
During my travels in Macon-Bibb I often price check what the various Merchants charge for services that most of us use when we need them.  I have passed these two business firms several times during the last few weeks and I noted the prices for Air Conditioning Checks.  Today I took the opportunity to take a picture of these two signs.

This is an interesting situation, but it is the results of our Free Enterprise System, which I support.  However we as the consuming public need to be aware of what various Merchants are charging.   Thus this post:

This "Tires Plus is
located on Forsyth Road.

This "Tires Plus" is
located on Thomaston Road.

Monday, August 11, 2014

2014 Holiday to the Holy Land
Janice and Alan
As you read this post you may get the impression that we enjoy eating.  This is most certainly true.

Our first meal stop was the OK Cafe in
Atlanta, Georgia

Over the years we have discovered interesting
places to enjoy food.  This Bakery is in
Paducah, Kentucky.  We stop for Coffee and
Pastries each year.

During our Visit to Saint Louis we enjoyed
excellent Food at Michael's Bistro.  In the interest
of full disclosure, this establishment is
operated by our Son.

Our next stop was at the
Altoona, Iowa Bed and Breakfast
owned and operated by the
Griffin Family.
Here you see the Host and Alan as
the honor the Flags.  Marv and
Alan, both from Iowa served in
the great Aircraft Carrier - USS Ranger
(CVA-61) during a Western Pacific Deployment
in 1963.  We did not know each other
at the time, but have since connected
via the USS Ranger Reunion Web Site.

When we visit Altoona, we also visit the "Freedom Rock"
West of Des Moines, Iowa.  This memorial is
painted each May to honor our Nation's Heroes.
To learn more about the "Freedom Rock" simply perform
a Google Search.

This was the first year that we took a trip to
visit Madison County, Iowa.  You may recall
that several Years ago there was a Movie
made about Covered Bridges in this County.

We also visited the Neal Smith National Wildlife
Refuge East of Des Moines.
 While we were in Altoona we also took the opportunity to Worship at Christ the King Lutheran Church.  Additionally we attended an Iowa Cubs Baseball Game. 

After our visit in the Des Moines area we traveled to Northeast Iowa.  We have also developed the habit of enjoying Dinner (Farm Country term for the Noon Meal) at the Ox Yoke Inn in Amanna, Iowa.

Norma's Bed and Breakfast located in
Guttenberg, Iowa. Norma's Bed and Breakfast is a
delightful Cottage one row of house from
the Mississippi River.
 The town was  the end destination
for the Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa
(RAGBRAC) so the whole town was decorated
with Bicycles.  

No visit to Northeast Iowa is complete unless
you visit the "Field of Dreams" near

Here you see both Alan and Janice at the
Iconic Picket Fence which was also on
the Set of the Field of Dreams.

We enjoyed a mini Family Reunion at the
"Irish Shanti" in Gunder, Iowa.  This Pub is famous
for the one pound Gunder Burger (I did
enjoy one) and a fine selection of Beer.
I enjoyed the Guiness and Sam Adams Ale in
addition to a generous serving of Potato Salad.
 While we enjoyed our stay in Guttenberg, Iowa; which is Alan's Home town we enjoyed Side Trips to the Galena Antique District, the Turkey River Mall as well as exploring the Little Switzerland of North America (Clayton County).  

Additionally we Worshiped at "Trinity Lutheran Church" in Guttenberg, Iowa.  This is the Church where Alan's Parents worshiped and he was Confirmed in 1954.
As we returned home we took the opportunity to
enjoy a wonderful meal at the Loveless Cafe; which
is Southwest of Nashville, Tennessee.  We enjoyed
the wholesome and generous portions and even
had plenty of left-overs for an ample meal
once we returned to our Home in Macon, Georgia.

Of course I had to conclude this Post with
a picture of myself in the Field of Dreams.
I will never forget one of the great lines in this epic
   "Is This Heaven?  No, This Is Iowa."
Now, you know why I refer to our Annual Holiday Travel as a visit to the Holy Land.  

Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Beauty
On 16 June 2014 I published a post entitled:  Macon-Bibb - "The Good and The Bad."  Today I am happy to inform you that the subject of that post, the landscaping around the City Auditorum has been developed.  Enjoy these wonderful pictures and we all can certainly be proud of what has been accomplished.  Well Done!!!!

Again, Thank You for all who accomplished this task of making Macon-Bibb Beautiful.