Saturday, August 30, 2014

Labor Day Weekend
30 August 2014

This is the weekend when we are all exposed to a plethora of Paint Sales on the Electronic Media that we all enjoy.  Well today I feature several projects that have been completed as we prepare for Labor Day 2014 on Monday, September 1, 2014.
This is a photo display that features three
generations of my heritage.  My Mom's and
Dad's pictures as well as My Parent's
Wedding Picture.  Then in 1973 they
had a picture of us all taken when I
was in Iowa for a Holiday.
You will note the framed certificates on the
bottom row.  These are the baptism and confirmation
certificates of my Parents.
In addition to having them behind non-glare
glass I have also placed a brief information
tag on the reverse of each picture so that
future generations will know who is in
the pictures and what the certificates
are about.

These pictures were taken in 1989 for the
Celebration of 50 years of marriage of my Parents.
They had six children and each of us
had to bring a family picture to the event.
After the celebration we had ours
framed.  Additionally we had individual
pictures of us printed and framed.

Now, for the real Labor Day Weekend
activity.  I finally got around to cleaning and
also painting the Breakfast Room Door exterior
that leads to the Deck.  Do not become
concerned.  I plan to paint the interior side
of this Door on 1 September 2014 as
we celebrate Labor Day 2014.

This picture and the one above it show what
I have also accomplished this week.  The
weather was dry so it was the perfect
opportunity to wash the windows.  I was
able to clean both the exterior and interior
of all the Windows on the North Side
of our home.  It now actually looks like
someone lives here.

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Alan said...

I did not have to purchase the paint. It was already in the storage room.