Friday, October 29, 2010

"We Can Do Better"
On Tuesday, October 26, 2010 I was one of 94 Georgia Citizens who participated in the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education 18th Annual Bus Trip Across Georgia where we learned of some "Best Practices" employed by educators to have their respective schools achieve great results.

The theme of the Bus Trip focused on "flexibility" which was embraced by all the schools we visited.  We visited Charter Schools and Traditional Schools and at every stop, all seven of them, we learned that in order for a School to achieve great results; everyone involved must be engaged in Education.

At the conclusion of the Bus Trip we were all given the opportunity to summarize the experiences of the previous three days.  My comment was:

Flexibility, Yes!!!; however also using the available resources to provide/achieve the best possible output/results with strong support from the entire community. 

In this regard, the entire community includes the business firms, the civic leaders, the parents and yes, the stakeholders or all the citizens of the area. 

Published by Alan Thiese
Candidate for Post 8
Bibb County Georgia School Board

Monday, October 25, 2010

"We Can Do Better"
I had the good fortune to attend the "Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline Forum" held at Centenary United Methodist Church on Saturday, October 23, 2010.

This day long event, which was one of several being conducted throughout the State of Georgia was the subject of an article by Andrea Castillo in "The Telegraph" on Friday, October 22, 2010.  Ms. Castillo's article was entitled "Forum to explore discipline in public School" which caught my eye.  As a candidate for the Bibb County Georgia School Board I determined that I must attend this event.

I feel very fortunate that I was able to attend and appreciate the information that was shared during this day long event.

There were four topics presented.  The first session focused on a data book entitled "2010 Kids Count" which allowed us all to learn of the situations concerning Georgia's Children.

The second session was specific data concerning Bibb County Georgia and everyone was shocked to learn of the number if discipline problems that are handled each year in the two suspension programs which are in school suspension and out of school suspension.

The third session focused on the current rewriting of the Georgia Juvenile Code and was led by the Project Director of JUST Georgia.

The fourth session was entitled "When My Child is Disciplined at School" and each attendee was presented a handbook which contained appropriate information for Parents and/or Other Involved Adults to use when their Child/Children is/are disciplined at School.

The Working Lunch focused on a discussion with State Senator Robert Brown who focused on the topic "Organizing Your Community."

As a Candidate for Post 8, County Wide for the Bibb County Georgia School Board I learned a lot and was provided an abundance of resources which will assist me when elected.

Published by Alan Thiese
Candidate for Post 8 (County Wide)
Bibb County Georgia Board of Education

Friday, October 22, 2010

"We Can Do Better"

Several months ago I learned about the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education Annual Bus Trip Across Georgia.  As a Candidate for the Post 8 Seat (County Wide) Bibb County Georgia Board of Education I determined that it would be an excellent opportunity to learn about successful schools in Georgia and to view "Best Practices," which is a topic that most individuals seeking School Board Post often talk about.  I am taking this trip to see first hand the Schools in Georgia that are successful and to also discuss Education Matters with all of the Trip participants.  I think that I can learn a lot during this three day trip.  I know that I have talked the talk, now I have an opportunity to walk the walk; which I will continue to do when elected to the Bibb County School Board.

Seven schools will make up the 2010 Bus Trip Across Georgia:

•Da Vinci Academy at South Hall Middle School, Hall County Schools
•Norcross High School, Gwinnett County Schools
•Sawyer Road Elementary School, Marietta City Schools
•KIPP South Fulton Academy, Fulton County Schools

•The New Schools at Carver, Atlanta Public Schools

•Charles R. Drew Charter School, Atlanta Public Schools*

•Smokey Road Middle School, Coweta County Schools
*Charles R. Drew Charter School subject of Atlanta Journal-Constitution article

*Da Vinci Academy subject of Gainesville Times article
Theme: Georgia's Public Schools: Greater Flexibility, Greater Focus on Results
Why Go? Which was the question on the Application Website.  This is the answer:

The Annual Bus Trip Across Georgia is a wonderful experience. It both offers an opportunity to praise achieving schools for the great work they are doing and affords influencers from around the state a chance to see and share best practices.

Published by Alan Thiese
Candidate for Post 8 - County Wide
Bibb County Georgia Board of Education

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"We Can Do Better"

WMAZ - TV here in Macon recently gave all local Candidates the opportunity to compose a message of no more than 90 seconds that they would broadcast to the community during the 5:00 P.M. news.  My spot ran last Friday, October 15, 2010.  My message for the broadcast entitled in "Their Own Words" follows:

"I am Alan Thiese.  I have the work experience that will allow me to present the 'Common Sense Solutions" that represent the citizens of Bibb County."

"I will work to improve the Education of all of our Scholars.  I have the courage to do what is correct.  'We Can Do Better.'"

"Our future adult citizens deserve a 'World Class Education' so that they can perform as productive employees for the challenging employment opportunities of the futue.

"Vote for Alan Thiese to serve "We The People" for the Bibb Board of Education."

"Together we can accomplish the task that will be required."

"Thank You!!!"

Published by Alan Thiese
Post 8 - County Wide
Bibb County Georgia Board of Education
"We Can Do Better"

I recently developed a limited TV Commercial to highlight the Campaign to Elect Alan Thiese to the Bibb County School Board.

The message in this Commercial is:

"I am Alan Thiese!!"

"As you vote for the Bibb County School Board you need to ask:  Do We need another Educator on the Board?"

"Vote for Alan Thiese, a concerned citizen to serve on the Bibb County School Board."

"Thank You!!!"

Published by Alan Thiese
Candidate for Post 8
Bibb County Georgia Board of Education

Friday, October 01, 2010

"We Can Do Better!"

I recently saw this message on a Church Sign Board here in West Bibb County.  It certainly stresses the fact which I support, that Education begins in the Home.  It is essential that we expect that Parents and other Family Members know and also expect their Children to be ready to learn and to also obey the rules when they enter school.

Published by Alan Thiese
Candidate for Post 8, Bibb County Georgia Board of Education