Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Middle Georgia

Recently I acquired a new clothes dryer for our Home here in Macon.  I picked it up from the retailer and removed the old dryer which sounded like a freight train.  It was going to quit very soon.  The new dryer was installed and is working well.  In the meantime I relocated the old dryer near the garage.  Yesterday I finally tired of seeing it so I conducted some research to learn about recycling.  There are several firms here in Macon that are in this business but I decided on "Newell Recycling" at 4460 Broadway.  This is just North of Guy Paine Road on the Northeast quadrant with the intersection with Broadway.

I arrived, they processed me and weighed the pickup and made a copy of my Driver's License.  I proceeded to the recycling area and they removed the dryer and I went back to be weighed.  I was told to park and go into the Office.  They took my picture and gave me a check for $7.00 for the scrap metal the old dryer had.  I can support this procedure simply because it hopefully will help reduce the number of metal, especially copper thefts here in Middle Georgia.  I post this today to simply remind everyone that you can acquire some funds by properly disposing/recycling your broken and/or unused stuff.

Thank You!!!

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