Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day 2014 - Honoring Our Heroes

Actions Speak Louder Than Words
What We Do Is More Important Than Our Words
I am confident that we all know what Memorial Day Means in our Country.

Yet we have those among us who fail to understand who makes all this possible and how we finance our Nations Government.  Today I will focus on an event that happened just Yesterday, May 23, 2014.

My Bride is currently at home recovering from a Partial Knee Replacement.  Home Health Care was ordered for the initial period of the recovery.  No problem, however the organization responsible did not measure up to normal standards of service.  Failure to call in a timely manner, when they stated they would and then failure to communicate when the therapist would arrive.  Thus the decision was made to commence Out Patient Therapy at the Doctor's Office.  Therefore Home Health Care was terminated.  During a brief phone call with the Home Health Care Organization My Bride was informed that our Insurance would not be billed for the improper bandages that were sent, but that Tricare would be billed for the two Home Health Care Staff Personnel who did visit at our home.

The statement was made that the insurance would be billed and we would not have to pay anything.  Well, what small minded, uninformed individual would even make such a statement?  I did serve our Nation for a few years (21 to be exact) and I continue to pay Income Tax to the Federal Government.  Thus I pay, just as millions of other citizens of this Country also pay their taxes each year.

I include this picture in this post today to remind everyone, including those who may be tempted to say something inappropriate as regards who pays for any services our Governments provide.  In the end, the tax payers pay.  

So, while we all enjoy Memorial Day 2014 I take this opportunity to remind everyone that the bottom line is that nothing our Governments provide us is free.  Somehow all Government funded payments become the responsibility of the Tax Payers!!  No one can deny that fact.  

Please take time to celebrate Memorial Day in an appropriate Manner.  Attend a Memorial Day Event and yes, even visit a Cemetery and Decorate the grave of a Hero!!!

Just never tell a Veteran or any member of his or her family that the Government will pay for it!!!

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